Daddy’s Belt! a poem by Indica

Daddy’s belt!

I gulp hard, and grab my butt
Rosiness burns upon my cheeks
The belt slides gracefully out of the loops
I sense my knees go weak.

Clicking and clanking of his sliver metal buckle
will make my insides shiver.
My hands are shaking, as I stand head bowed,
I know the pain he will deliver.

The belt comes down upon my skin
Each one getting tougher.
I cringe with every punishment stroke,
my Daddy is getting rougher.


Maria & Joshua

Fiction: M/f Maria & Joshua
Part 1

Maria stood on the balcony of her dorm room, looking at the sun set over the hills. The pinks and yellows glowed down on her outlining the buildings of the college campus. Her parents had helped her move in for orientation and they had just left that morning. She smiled to herself, of course being a daddy’s girl she already had the school’s yoga pants and a pink shirt with the letters to wear as she stood out on her porch. Looking down at the outside table set her mom had insisted on since her mom had loved to go outside and read her school books while in college.

Maria turned on her heels and went back into her dorm room, happy that her daddy had gotten her a single occupancy room. She twirled around in her room and smiled at the habitat for humanity, second hand couch that they got to move in so she had something more than the bed and desk that came with the room. Stopping a moment she thought of trying to call Joshua but she had seen him earlier when he helped her daddy move the couch into the room.

Finally after being apart for two years since they dated in high school, she finally was going to be able to be on the same campus as her high school sweetheart. Of course he told her that now that she was 18 he was going to look out for her as she deserved. Her heart melted at the thought, not truly knowing what it meant but it sounded sweet, and he was her first true love. So she would trust him, and follow his lead as he was going to introduce her to the faculty. Her heart fluttered momentarily just of the thought of him, he was her knight in shining armor, and the only man that could make her feel like a princess like her daddy did.

Hearing the tea kettle she poured herself a cup, feeling a slight chill she went and closed the balcony door and pulled the shades closed. She went to her bed and smiled at poohbear, the stuffed bear her godfather gave her when she was born. It was a medium sized bear saying baby’s first teddy over its heart. She smiled inside because it was her first and only teddy bear she had in her life. Sipping her tea she looked at the clock and laid down to watch some TV before going to bed. Joshua told her that her bedtime would be at midnight, and even though she thought she was in college and didn’t need one, he explained to her why It was important. So on school nights she was going to be having a midnight bedtime and that was fine with her. She smiled and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, happy that first thing in the morning she would be able to see Joshua. She reached over and picked up poohbear, and snuggled with him as she watched TV and fell asleep.


Maria woke up with the sun already shinning down on her, she woke up startled and cursed under her breath. She had forgotten to set the alarm the night before, she looked around for her phone and had a moment’s panic when she saw it was half past eight. She was supposed to be meeting Joshua in thirty minutes, ready to meet a professor after they get breakfast at the cafeteria. She knew she was busted, but maybe, just maybe she could salvage something out of this by getting there on time. Knowing she didn’t have time to take a shower and have her hair dry she quickly went to the bathroom and began to wash her face and brush her teeth. She pulled back her hair into a ponytail hoping it cover the fact that she was late, she put on lipstick and some eye liner and headed out the door.

At the last minute as she was heading out the door with some flats on she forgot Joshua had told her to dress somewhat nice, so she scurried back into her room and out of the closet picked up an egg shell blouse buttoning and tucking it in with her shirt into her pants and tossed a black coat over it and smiled at herself in the mirror. It wasn’t dressy but it was presentable. Anyways she had a runner’s body from soccer, and at 5’2″ she was one hot tamale. Her daddy had always told her that big things come and small packages and as a former high school cheerleader she believed it. She twirled a moment and smiled. She knew that, her looks alone was often enough to get her by so far, and she smiled and scampered down the stairs towards to the cafeteria.

Maria checked her phone and gasped realizing she was half an hour late, which she had gotten lost in time and she moved as quickly as she could. She spotted Joshua at a table with his fraternity friends and smiled at them and sat down besides Joshua taking his hand in hers. Once he squeezed her hand she looked up to him and saw the look on his face and immediately got butterflies in her stomach. She squirmed in her seat, she had always known what that look was for and it always involved her in her pajamas getting a spanking. She blushed as one of his friends mentioned her pink college shirt and thought how would they know until she looked down and saw the lettering was clearly seen through her blouse. She shifted, she knew this meant she had to go back to her dorm room to change and that meant she was going back with Joshua in tow. She looked up and smiled shyly at him and buttoned her jacket so no one would see the lettering and asked, “So Josh? When is our meeting with the history professor?” She piqued up, hoping to have a pressing appointment that she could possible put this off.

She gulped as she met his eyes and knew she was in trouble. “I had to cancel my appointment, I told Dr. Walker that we were going to meet with him tomorrow. You had to see your parents off this morning.”

She shifted in her seat as her stomach sank knowing what going to come next. She excused herself and went to go get some eggs. She knew if she didn’t eat now she wasn’t going to be hungry later so she got up and went to get breakfast. After getting some French toast and some eggs she went and sat down besides Joshua again just as his friends departed. She looked down at her food and up at him briefly, “I am sorry Josh, It won’t happen again. I got to bed on time but I forgot to put my alarm on.” She smiled weakly at him, truly sorry that she had forced him to cancel an appointment designed to help her by her tardiness.

“Maria, that is no excuse, I told you about this meeting a week ago. You had a week to set your alarm, after breakfast, we will be going back to your room to discuss this further. It appears we need to have the first `chat’ of your college career so I can show you what the difference is.” She felt like a child, like when she would be scolded by her daddy but smiled when he kissed her. She smiled inside, she knew she was going to be sore, but he was not mad at her after all. She was going to be getting in trouble, but he still loved her, and that made all the difference in the world to her. She finished eating and looked up to Josh and took his cheek in her hand and kissed his lips and whispered that she loved him. She smiled inside when she heard him respond in kind, and even though she knew she was in trouble she smiled at the thought that they were having their first breakfast at the college together, just the two of them and no matter what came next this was special to her.

After breakfast they walked back to Maria’s dorm room. Even though it would have been more private to go to Joshua’s apartment she had class that afternoon and so they chose to stay on campus. Walking up the stairs to her dorm room Maria chewed on her lower lip, she had spoken to Joshua and knew what was going to happen. Now that she was over 18 she was no longer going to have the protection that her pajamas had provided her, she was going to be spanked on her bare bottom like only her daddy had done before. She knew he was setting this meeting up not just for to get to know her professors but to help her with networking and making sure she was successful in finding work. She knew this and she knew he was right to have to guide her so she can be more careful in the future. This was especially true in this case since it was an appointment he set, therefore it looked bad on him rather than reflecting poorly on her. So she knew she had a price to pay for it.


Joshua stepped into the room following Maria and closed the door behind him. Standing a foot taller than her and with a broader frame of a former high school football player and current rugby player he had the built of a protector. That is how he saw himself, as Maria’s protector and guide in her life, especially here in college. She was wearing his high school ring, on a necklace around her neck, never taking it off. It meat more than just that they were going out, but they were secretly engaged at the moment. She had wanted to get married out of high school, but he wanted to wait until after college, when he could have a job that would help support them living on their own. Furthermore Joshua was traditional and wanted to ask Maria’s father for his blessing before they were officially engaged.

Joshua locked the door and walked with her to the couch, they both knew why she had asked her father for the couch. The bed was for them to hold one another and watch movies and hang out while the couch was more of their “office” where her guidance would take place on campus. He had an apartment that she was planning to spend every weekend, and to spend the evenings together cooking and spending time. He would allow her to have a glass of wine or a beer with him but he wanted to keep her away from the parties, she was a gorgeous girl and somewhat naïve in the way the world worked. He wanted to make sure that she was not going to be slipped any drug and taken advantage of.

Joshua went to sit on the couch as Maria walked up to the closet and put both her dress jacket and the blouse back on hangers into the closet. Joshua looked up to Maria and smiled to her, “Go and wash your face, we don’t want your eye liner to run from your eyes during your spanking and to stain your couch.”

Stopping in her tracks Maria’s mouth gaped slightly in surprise and slowly she closed it, “Yes Sir” and she went to complete the task instructed of her. After exfoliating her face Maria went back to the closet and pulled from it the paddle shaped like a heart, that he said was the family paddle a friend for him. It was quite hefty and she hated the impression it made but knew it was a necessary evil in their lives and walked up to Joshua and handed it over to him.

Joshua took it and smiled to his fiancée “Thank you, my love. Now go and close the drapes tight and come to stand by my right side.” Maria smiled briefly and then went to close the drapes more fully glad he was aware of that situation. She had forgotten, but she knew that he would think of her first, and he had always in the past put her needs first even when it came to discipline.

Joshua then pulled Maria to his side and squeezed her hand gently. Placing his fingers in the waistband of her yoga pants he brought them down to her knees. “Maria, did you forget that even if you put on a button down shirt and a coat that you still have the college’s name on the back of your yoga pants?” He looked into her eyes and saw instantly that she forgot about the lettering on the back of her pants. He moved on and put his hands in her panties and started to talk them down and pulled her over his knee. Hearing her gasp as her panties came down and her bare bottom was presented to him. He had seen her in her birthday suit a few times before when they were in high school but those were different circumstances, this was the first time her bottom would be bare for discipline.

He wrapped his arm around her waist, placing his right leg over the back of hers he began to spank her bottom, beginning on the top left of her bottom and moving across to the top right. Each smack of his hand against Maria’s bottom was followed by a gasp and her slightly wiggling against him. Joshua moved down her bottom, moving from side to side until he reached the lower right of her bottom. He rubbed her bottom gently, tenderly and looked down to her, “Maria that is just the arm up we will now end with a dozen from the paddle… that is where the discipline lies, this is more of the warm up.”

Marie looked back pleading with her eyes, “Please Sir, I will try to do better, I have learned my lesson already….” She knew she could take more, she knew that while her bottom stung quite a bit, Joshua had wanted to drive the point home, that is why he told her they would need the family paddle. Even though their engagement was a secret she thought of him as her husband and was happy that she had found him, she still would plead to get out of it, but she knew he wouldn’t listen. Joshua knew what was right for her, and even though she would plead to get out of it, she knew that she had to get the paddling to learn the lesson.

Joshua lifted up the paddle and on the top left of her bottom brought down two strikes in quick succession and did the same with the top right of her bottom. She lurched forward as he calmed her with soothing words, telling her it was for her own good. Maria was proud of Joshua, not for listening to her pleas and not letting her off because he left sorry for her. He was following through, in the manner that her daddy did with her and her mommy. She knew how important it was to be in a home of consistent and loving discipline and was glad that she finally found the right man to lead her down that path, to not only lead her correctly but to do it out of love. She quickly bite into the pillow as the quick succession of paddling came across the middle left of her bottom and middle right… she started crying.

As tears slipped from Maria’s eyes, her chest heaved and she waited for the impending final four whacks against her bottom to signify the discipline was over. But as he had often done before Joshua surprised her, he was rubbing her back, calming her. She knew her discipline was far from over but he was making sure she felt safe before going on and she calmed herself, feeling safe within her heart. Thankful to God for sending her a man that would guide her as she had dreamed of all her life, to look out for her as her daddy did. Then she lurched forward with each of the last strokes whimpering as they came knowing that she was safe over his knee, that Joshua would always take care of her. She looked back with tears in her eyes and said, “I am sorry for letting you down Joshua, I will try to do better next time.”

Joshua looked down to her and with love and admiration for his fiancée in his voice said, “You never have, and never will let me down. I forgive you and you have a clean slate”. With that he rubbed her bottom and lovingly caressed it, making sure she felt safe and right at home. He held her in his arms and fell in love with her all over again, not only was Maria the love of his life, but she helped him feel more alive. He knew that for the first time in his life he didn’t always have to be strong, he was strong when he was disciplining her. But he had finally met the one girl he could let his guard down with, he finally met someone that made him feel safe and truly loved. They both believed that the other had gotten the best part of the deal, and with that they were truly in love with each other. They had finally met their own soul mate, and each of them knew that this was more than just the first discipline spanking after she turned 18 a few weeks earlier, but this was the beginning of the rest of their lives.

A Brutal Day in the Woods

A Brutal Day in the Woods

This story is set in the summer of northeastern Indiana. Carl Jensen is a young man who is about to turn 18 years old. On the outside, Carl looks little different than many other young men in the Midwest. But only a few months earlier, Carl had spent three months in the county jail for child sexual abuse. He had been caught having sexual contact with a pre-teen boy a few months before. Even before this incident, there had been whispers within his church warning people not to leave Carl alone with their young sons. What no one knew was why Carl started having a sexual interest with young boys.
It had started five years earlier when Carl had been sent by his parents on an ecumenical peace camp in the Middle East that had been sponsored by the church conference. At this camp, there were children from many different religions including Christians, Jews, Muslims and even Buddhists. One of the young Muslim teenagers saw Carl standing alone and started up a conversation. This young Muslim came from a wealthy and powerful Arab family. Wahlid was confident, charismatic and spoke English with an educated British accent. It was obvious that he had studied extensively overseas.
Before long, Wahlid and Carl were fast friends. Initially, they talked about mundane subjects about each other’s families and homelands before exploring more personal subjects. Wahlid even gave Carl his first cigar to smoke. They would soon begin sneak to where none of the counselors were at, sit around smoke cigars and talk for hours. Then, carefully Wahlid began to ask Carl about the girls�and the boys in America. Carl was fascinated by what this sophisticated Muslim had to say. Wahlid told Carl that in his world, young boys were meant for a man’s sexual pleasure and that this did not mean that a man was a homosexual for this. Wahid also told Carl that women were dirty, selfish creatures whose purpose in life was to make babies and also to suffer for the enjoyment of real men. Wahlid told him about how in his country, all young women were forced to submit to their clits being cut off so that they would not be tempted to whore around like a bitch in heat.
After Carl told Wahlid about his sister Anna, Wahlid told Carl about an incident back in his home where one of his teenage half-sisters was being very rebellious. Wahlid and his brothers took matters into their own hands with her. First, they locked her in a room and took turns raping her. Since women are so proud of their breasts and nipples, Wahlid and his brothers then began to burn his sister’s nipples and cut into her breasts until they were mutilated beyond repair. Two of Wahlid’s brothers then finally took the sister out of the house sobbing in terror. She was never found again, but the family’s honor was restored.
At first, Carl was repelled by these alien concepts, but before long he found himself strangely drawn towards them. Something about the way that Wahlid spoke just seemed to make sense, especially with the relationships that Carl had with his peers, the young boys that he saw at church, even with his own older sister Anna. Carl had always been a bit uncomfortable with the girls in school. He wasn’t a small young man, but wasn’t particularly handsome either. By the time that Carl left the peace camp, he was obsessed with exploring intimate relationships with younger boys and also with the rape and torture of young women.
Carl wanted to visit a Muslim mosque to learn more about the religion. From what Wahlid told him, it was the kind of religion that would allow Carl to enjoy the things that a man should enjoy. But there was no mosques nearby.
Carl started with watching young boys from a distance and collecting pornography online. He then began to progress to carefully touching a few unwary boys whenever no one was looking, pretending that it was all just a game. But a few parents started to notice, especially when their sons started to talk. Carl’s mother started to find Carl’s collection of porn on the family computer as well. She confronted him and began deleting the images, but Carl would simply go right back and download more photos. This went on for nearly four years until one boy’s parents found out that Carl had been sexually intimate with their son. The parents filed formal charges against Carl. At first, Carl was forced to go to counseling. A few months later though, a judge ordered Carl sent to the county jail.
Carl’s sister Anna Jensen had noticed the changes in Carl almost immediately after his return from the peace camp. Anna soon was quite afraid of her younger brother. Carl had already shown tendencies of violence and aggression towards her. He had once pinned Anna against the wall and grabbed one of her breasts. Anna quickly slapped Carl and threatened to tell their mother if he tried to assault her again. While Carl was nearly 5’10, Anna was a very petite, pretty young woman who was barely five feet tall.
Throughout all of this, Carl’s mother tried to support him while at the same time working to get him help to break this perverse sexual addition. Carl’s father was very busy with his job and had little time for Carl. In addition, Carl’s father spent what little free time that he had doting on Anna. This made Carl even more angry with his sister. Now that Carl was out of jail and officially registered as a sex offender, deep inside he felt that he had nothing to lose anymore.
Carl’s sister Anna was now twenty years old and had just returned home from college for the summer. At the same time, a tall slender young fifteen year old girl from Russia named Veronika Mikaelovich who was visiting relatives in town for the summer. She was pretty but distant towards Carl. She had been visiting the area for the past three summers. When Veronika was younger, her boyish figure attracted Carl. But now, she was sexually maturing with a lovely firm 34b bust that promised to be at least a C cup before she was fully mature.. She had shoulder-length light brown hair and a very pretty face with full sensuous lips.
Carl started to develop a plan to leave America and live out in the Middle East where his interests were more accepted according to Wahlid. At the same time, he wanted to do something wild before his departure as a final gesture of defiance. Carl carefully emailed Wahlid and asked him if he would like to add to his ‘special’ collection of videos and photos of tortured young women. Wahlid responded. �Yes. Of course.�
Carl then laid out his plan. Wahlid quickly made arrangements for a one-way ticket to his homeland for Carl. Unknown to the judge, Carl still had a valid passport. No one had bothered to ask since Carl was still a juvenile. Then Carl began to gather the tools that he would need and make the other arrangements.
Carl had purchased a bottle of ether from the local auto parts store. He was going to use it to subdue his targets. Carl had an old Chevy Blazer four wheel drive that his parents had given him on the sixteenth birth. It wasn’t a sporty car, but for Carl’s purposes the vehicle had two saving graces. It had a large cargo area and could drive just about anywhere.
Carl already knew where Anna would be and when his parents would be out of the house, leaving the two of them alone there. He simply had to find a way to catch Veronika alone.
Unfortunately for Veronika, she liked to jog in the afternoon on the secluded rural roads near her grandparents’ house. Carl found out about this by carefully following her for a few days. Next Thursday, would be the day that Carl would act on his plans. It would give him plenty of time to have his fun, eliminate the evidence and make it to the airport for the flight to meet with his friend.
There was a lonely stretch of road where few cars passed and even fewer houses were that Veronika liked to run in the morning before it got too hot. Carl decided to park his car along the side of the road, lift up both the hood and hatch as though he was having car trouble and wait for Veronika to jog by.
Carl’s patience was soon rewarded when less than fifteen minutes later, he saw Veronika jogging towards him. Carl smiled as he looked at the tall, pretty Russian teenager. But next to him, he had already prepared a cloth soaked in ether to subdue her.
�Hello, Veronika. I didn’t know that you jogged on this road.� Carl lied with a smile.
Veronika replied with a pronounced Russian accent as she slowed to a walk while approaching Carl’s apparently disabled car.
�Hello, Carl. Is everything alright?�
�My damned truck broke down here and my cell phone won’t work. I’m trying to figure out what is wrong so that maybe I can fix it. Please come take a look.� Carl answered while pointing under the hood of his Blazer.
Veronika walked over to where Carl was pointing, not seeing him carefully pick up the cloth soaked in ether. He had placed the cloth so that it looked like a shop rag for him to wipe the grease off of his hands.
�See down there. I think that this might be the problem.� Carl said to his unwitting victim as he pointed again to a spot under the hood.
Veronika looked down for a moment, not noticing Carl slipping behind her until he reached from behind her, wrapped her up with one arm while using his other hand to press the rag over Veronika’s mouth and nose.
�Mmmmfffff.� Veronika’s muffled voice said as she struggled against Carl’s grip. But within a few moments, she began to feel light-headed before passing out completely.
Carl laughed with his first success as he dragged Veronika’s limp form inside the back of his Blazer. He quickly hogtied her hands and feet behind her back before gagging her and throwing a tamp over her to conceal her. Then he slammed the hatch lid shut, ran to the front of the SUV to lower the hood and quickly started his car to drive home. He knew that Anna would be at home reading while their parents would both be away at work for another few hours. Carl also put the ether soaked rag into a jar and closed the lid. He didn’t want to be overcome by the fumes like his victims would be.
Ten minutes later, Carl backed into his parents’ driveway all the way inside of the garage. He then closed the garage door and opened the lid to the car trunk. Veronika still appeared to be unconscious but Carl didn’t want her to wake up before he was ready for her. So he pulled out the ether rag and placed it over her face again for a few moments. Carl checked to make sure that while his victim was still unconscious, that he didn’t overdose her on the ether.
�Good. She’s still breathing alright.� Carl quietly said to himself before entering the kitchen from the door to the garage. He quickly looked around and saw the back of Anna’s head as she sat in a chair in the dining room. Fortunately for Carl, she was facing away from the kitchen with her usual book in her hands and wearing the earbuds for her iPod.
It was easy for Carl to slip in behind Anna with the ether rag behind his back. Anna started to notice the smell from the ether, but before she could turn around, Carl had already grabbed her from behind and forced the rag over her mouth and nose. Anna didn’t even know who was there before she succumbed to the effects of the ether.
Carl quickly tied up Anna and gagged her just as he had done to Veronika before carrying Anna and throwing her into the back of his trunk next to his other captive. Carl then made sure to eliminate all evidence of a struggle to include turning on a fan and opening the windows to eliminate the smell of ether from inside the house.
Carl drove nearly half a hour to a place in a nearby forest well off of the beaten path. There was a small dirt road that had once been a logging road before it had been abandoned years before. Carl had been preparing the site for the past week. There was a fire pit that he had lined with rocks and already placed wood at for a fire. Carl had gathered half a dozen tree limbs that were about three or four feet long and about two inches in diameter as well as kindling and several larger logs. Carl had a very special purpose for the long, slender tree limbs. The fire pit was near a pair of young oak trees, each with a diameter of about eight to ten inches. Carl had already placed ropes and driven stakes at the bases of those two trees.
About ten feet away from there, Carl had dug a large pit that was nearly six feet deep and about the same diameter. It had taken him the better part of a day of very hard digging to create that pit where he would hide the evidence of his plans. There was also a large log from a fallen tree lying nearby. Carl took Veronika and Anna and placed them face-down over this log with their asses sitting high. Carl quickly took a knife and cut away both victims’ clothing, putting the torn fabric into the fire pit and setting it on fire to get the rest of the wood in the pit burning.
Seeing those pretty pink assholes staring up at Carl had him hard as a rock.
�Change of plans.� Carl said to himself as he stripped off his trousers and quickly thrust his hard cock deeply into Veronika’s tight asshole and began to rape her.
Veronika grunted in pain even though she was still unconscious. Carl had initially wanted to wait to do this until both girls were conscious so that they could experience his cock raping their assholes, but he just couldn’t wait. A few minutes later, he came like a volcano inside of Veronika’s ass.
Carl was still hard as a rock as he carried Veronika’s limp form to the nearer of the two young oak trees, pulled her arms behind her to either side of the tree and tied them there. He had already hammered a large nail in the tree so that he could secure the rope between her wrists to prevent her from sagging to the ground. Carl then tied a rope to each of Veronika’s ankles and pulled them apart to ensure full access to her cunt. He then tied each ankle rope to a stake to secure it.
By the time that Carl had finished securing Veronika to the tree, he was ready to cum again. He then raped his sister’s asshole just like he had done to the teenage Russian girl before carrying Anna to the other young oak tree and securing her there in a similar manner. Because Anna was only about five feet tall, Carl took a couple of large flat stones and put them under her feet to raise her higher for better access. Carl’s eight inches of hard, thick cock was thoroughly covered with their shit and blood by the time that he was finally finished sodomizing them.
Both of Carl’s captives were positioned so that they could see everything that was done to the other as well as what was being heated in the fire. What they could not see was the pit that Carl had dug to put them in after he was finished with his fun. It would take another thirty minutes before the two girls started to regain consciousness. Carl had brought smelling salts with him just in case he needed to wake a girl up after she fainted though.
Carl had the blades of several large hunting knives already heating up in the fire while he waited for his victims to wake up. Carl was in no hurry as he calmly smoked one of the half dozen large cigars that he had brought along. They were so deep in the woods that Carl was confident that no one would ever hear the girls’ screams. Carl quickly set up a pair of tripods. Carl had brought along his father’s digital camcorder to catch everything that was being done to both girls. In addition, Carl had brought his own digital camera to focus on what was happening to one particular girl�even one particular tit or cunt as needed. Each camera was mounted on one of the tripods.
When he was done with Anna and Veronika, Carl planned on burying them in the freshly excavated hole along with all evidence of their presence. Carl was going to take a shovel and cover the bodies with the hot ashes from the firepit before filling in the rest of the hole and covering all other traces. Then Carl was going to take the cameras, disks and memory chips and drive across the border into Canada. Finally, Carl would leave his truck behind, take his prizes and use his plane tickets to fly to Wahlid’s country. But now it was time for Carl to have his fun.
Carl thought about fucking Veronika’s cunt with his cock still coated with the blood and shit from both girls, but decided to wait for a little while instead while the knives heated in the fire. He then took a paper towel, wiped off his cock and threw the towel into the fire pit. Carl then lit one of his cigars and patiently smoked it while waiting for Veronika and Anna to wake up. He wanted to have enough cum ready to fuck both girl’s cunts several times before he was done with them.
Veronika started to wake up first, moaning softly and then beginning to squirm when she discovered herself standing there tightly bound to a tree. At first, Veronika mumbled something in Russian before her eyes focused on Carl. By then, Carl had already smoked a quarter of his thick cigar’s 8� length.
�Carl. Why are you doing this? Please let me go. � Veronika pleaded. She saw the fire and the knives’ blades heating in the glowing coals of the fire pit.
�Oh, I am going to eventually untie you, but not before I have a little bit of fun with you, Veronika.� Carl said as he walked towards Veronika. Carl had gone ahead and removed his trousers and underwear, but still wore a dark t-shirt and a pair of running shoes. Veronika shivered in terror as she saw that Carl’s cock was fully engorged to its full 9� length. She had noticed as she woke up that her asshole was very sore. What she could not yet see was the tiny trail of blood that ran down her leg from her ravenged anus. Veronika quickly realized what had already happened�and some of what Carl was about to do to her.
�Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. Just don’t hurt me any more�please.� Veronika pleaded.
Carl was still holding his cigar in his left hand when he walked up to Veronika and roughly kissed her. His tongue pushed past her lips and deep into her mouth. He had thought about forcing Veronika to suck his cock, but he actually preferred that being done by a young boy instead. It would also be so much more trouble to have to untie and retie the young Russian girl just to have her give him head. Her suffering would be far more delicious instead.
Carl then bent down and grabbed Veronika’s left breast with his free hand and put her nipple in his mouth. He licked her slightly puffy, quarter-sized light pink aureola and then sucked hard on her quickly stiffening nipple bud. He would then take her tender bud between his teeth and squeeze until Veronika began to scream in pain. Carl then took his right hand and slipped it between Veronika’s labia and began to finger her clit. The helpless girl began to moan before long in spite of her fear.
�Oh, I can tell that you are a real slut while your clit is being played while, Russian whore.� Carl told Veronika while continuing to fondle her clit and before beginning to suck on her right nipple. That tender pink erection found its way in between Carl’s teeth and he began to slowly bite down.
�AAARRRGGHHH!!!� Veronika screamed and gasped before cumming herself.
�Please stop, Carl�.I beg you. I will tell no one. It will just be our little secret.� She said while ignoring Anna’s naked form bound to the tree next to her.
Carl couldn’t wait any longer. He straightened up, used his free hand to open Veronika’s labia further and roughly thrust his hard cock inside of her. Veronika had been a virgin, but Carl’s throbbing cock tore through her hymen instantly as she screamed in pain. More blood began to stream down Veronika’s leg as Carl thrust deeply inside of her.
Carl continued thrusting inside of Veronika’s soaking wet cunt but looked down at her lovely pink erect right nipple, took a puff from his big cigar and pressed it firmly against the tip of that nipple.
Veronika screamed something in Russian at the top of her lungs as the cigar burned her tender precious nipple and much of the surrounding aureola. At the same time, cunt muscles suddenly tightened even further around Carl’s thrusting cock, causing him to spurt his seed deep inside of her.
�Awesome!� Carl said as his throbbing cock kept pumping cum deep inside of Veronika’s cunt. He could smell the fresh aroma of newly burnt tit along with the acrid smell of his cigar. He loved it and wanted so much more.
�What’s going on here?� mumbled Anna as she finally began to wake up. Apparently, Veronika’s screams of pain were able to pierce the ether-induced fog in Anna’s consciousness.
�Well�.’little’ sister. You are here so that I can have fun with you and your friend Veronika. I am enjoying this very much, though I am far from done.�
�Carl. Stop this right now before you go any further.� Anna harshly spoke with her usual ‘big sister’ tone of authority. But Carl was having nothing of it.
�You know, Anna. I have had just about enough of your attitude looking down at me even though I am almost a foot taller than you.� He said after pulling his cock out of Veronika’s abused cunt. His erection had subsided somewhat, but Carl’s cock was coated with a fresh layer of Veronika’s cum and blood.
Carl stepped back for a few moments and looked down at the two captive young women. Veronika was looking down at the ground and crying profusely, while Anna looked angrily at her younger brother. Carl smiled as he looked at Veronika’s burnt right nipple. It was now an angry red, swollen with a black rimmed circular edge on the aureola where the cigar’s burn ended. Almost two-thirds of the entire surface of Veronika’s right aureola had been covered by the burning end of Carl’s cigar. But Veronika’s nipple still sprang up erect again after Carl’s removed the lit end of his cigar from it. Carl knew that this would definitely not be enough torture for that tender teat..
�Now, I want you both to listen carefully to me. If you decide to go to sleep on me without permission while I am having fun with you, I am going to wake you back up and punish you very badly. I’m only going to warn you two sluts this once.� Carl coldly told his captives.
When Carl was fondling Veronika’s clit, her thick bush of light brown pubic hair kept getting in the way. He looked over at Anna and saw that her strawberry-blonde pubic hair would pose the same problem as well. He was determined to do something very soon to do about this.
Carl walked back to the fire and pulled out a three foot long piece of tree limb that was about as big around as a man’s thumb. The end of the limb that was in the middle of the fire was still burning when he turned and started walking towards Anna. She could see that her brother was looking down at her labia as he approached, the bright yellow flame on the end of the limb being aimed right between Anna’s thighs.
�Oh, please no�..please no�.Carl, I beg you�..NO�.NO�..NO�..AAARRRGGGHHH!!!� Anna screamed as the flame started to set her pubic hair on fire and lick over her tender labia.
The smell of burnt hair filled the air while Carl worked the end of the burning limb directly under Anna’s cunt lips and even as far back as her asshole to burn away every bit of her pubic hair
Anna was so terrified and in so much pain that she lost control of her bladder. Piss ran down her legs and almost extinguished the burning limb. After he finished burning off Anna’s pubic hair, he briefly put the limb back in the fire for a few moments to dry the urine off of it and rekindle the intensity of the flame on the end of it.
When Carl was satisfied with the intensity of the flame on the end of that piece of wood, he pulled it out, walked over to Veronika and repeated the process of burning off all of her pubic hair. Her screams of pain in a mixture of English and Russian were like music to Carl’s ears. He then returns the tree limb to the fire, taking care not to insert it too deeply. He has more plans for it later.
Carl takes his hands and brushed off the grey ashes that remained from the burnt hair on both girls genitals, revealing two pair of red, blistered and swollen labia. Carl then stood in front of his sister. Though Anna was very petite, she still had a lovely 34C inch bust. Her light pink silver dollar-sized aureola are barely darker than the rest of her full, firm, pale-colored breasts. He lifts up her right breast and begins to lick and suckle on her nipple. Anna’s tender nipple bud quickly became erect and as large as a pencil eraser while her breathing became ragged with arousal.
Carl repeated the process with Anna’s right nipple even as his free hand slipped down between her scorched and denuded labia. Anna winced in pain Carl could feel that Anna’s clit was already aroused as well as noting that her hymen was still intact, just as Veronika’s used to be.
�Well, ‘little’ sister. I see that you have continued being a prude because you still have your virginity. Of course, you won’t have it for very long. But unlike your friend here, you’re not going to get to enjoy it at all because I’m going to take your clit away from you first, you self-righteous little bitch.�
Carl turned around, walked to the fire and pulled out one of the large hunting knives that had been heating in the fire. Then Carl walks up to Anna, his cock once again fully erect, and begins to open up her labia in preparation to remove her clit. But first, he held the knife blade up so that Anna could see that the blade was hot enough to glow dull red.
�You bastard! Don’t you dare do this, you son of a bitch.� Anna screamed in Carl’s face as she started to feel the heat within her labia from the approaching blade.
The sizzle of Anna’s flesh could be heard for an instant before it was drowned out by Anna’s piercing scream as the hot blade began to cut through the base of her clit. After he removed the tender morsel of clit flesh from between Anna’s labia, Carl pressed the hot blade against the bleeding wound before showing Anna her severed sexual organ and then tossing it into the fire.
Carl placed the knife blade back in the fire, lit a fresh cigar and then returned to Anna’s helpless cunt.
�Now, it’s time for me to take something else very dear to you, ‘little’ sister.� Carl said with a sneer as he positioned his hard cock at the entrance of his sister’s virgin cunt. Anna pled with her brother to stop but to no avail as he took a puff from his cigar, blew the smoke in Anna’s face, moved the cigar to his left hand and then forcefully thrust his cock in between her abused labia. Carl tore through Anna’s hymen and buried his cock deep inside her cunt while she screamed in agony.
Carl furiously thrust inside of his sister’s cunt like a crazed animal, each thrust causing him to press against Anna’s burnt labia and the wound where her clit used to be. After several minutes of raping Anna’s tight cunt, Carl decided to make his sister’s right nipple match Veronika’s, so he firmly pressed the glowing end of his cigar directly on the tender end of Anna’s lovely light pink nipple.
�AAARRRGGGHHH!!!�..You’re not my brother. You’re nothing but a sick, fucking monster.� Anna cursed as she felt her own involuntary contraction of her vaginal muscles and Carl’s sudden squirt of cum into the opening of her womb.
�Such language from Ms. ‘Goody Two Shoes’. I’m so shocked.� Carl laughed and said with a mocking tone. He then withdrew his cock from inside of his sister’s cunt, took his right hand and began to open up her labia again.
�Let’s see if you like this ‘hard and hot’ thing inside of your cunt instead.� Carl sneered as he started to insert the lit end of his cigar deep inside of Anna’s cunt. The combination of brother’s and sister’s juices extinguished the cigar, but not before it reached nearly all the way to the opening of Anna’s cervix.
Anna loudly screamed for a few moments before passing out from the pain.
�You didn’t have permission to go to sleep, sis. You are going to have to be punished very severely for that, I’m afraid.� Carl chided as he looked at Anna’s head hanging down limply over her chest.
Veronika’s eyes grew wide in shock as she saw Carl walk back to the fire, pull out another knife with a glowing red tip and begin to walk towards her.
�Oh, please no more, I beg you. What are you going to do?� She begged, tears running down her eyes.
�I let you have your fun the first time, but now I have to take that fun away from you too.� Carl coldly said as he began to take his free hand and open Veronika’s abused labia. In a flash, he had the red hot blade cutting through that young sensitive Russian clit, severing it from her body in only a couple of seconds and leaving a blackened, bleeding hole in its place.
Veronika was literally screaming herself hoarse as her femininity was being slowly taken from her. She was barely hanging onto consciousness as she saw Carl walk back and pull out some smelling salts from a backpack. Veronika breathed a sigh of relief because Carl was walking towards Anna this time, though the Russian girl reprieve would be short-lived.
�Wake up, ‘lil sister. It’s time for you to face some more of your punishment.� Carl gleefully said as he held the smelling salt’s under Anna’s nostrils. She started to move, slowing opening her eyes and beginning to moan in pain, while Carl walked away for a moment.
Anna soon began to shudder when he saw Carl coming back with another one of those small burning tree limbs in his hand.
�It’s now time for some tit cooking. I wonder what it will take to make yours, let’s say medium well done?� he taunted before bringing the limb up to Anna’s left nipple and allowing it’s yellow-red flame to envelop that tender, erect, pink bud of flesh, licking over the nipple and surrounding aureola in its fiery caress.
Anna screamed in pain and frantically tried to move her nipples out of the way of the flame, but Carl just kept moving the burning tree limb to keep her tit flesh burning. From time to time, Carl would pull the flame away to examine his handiwork but would then continue his fiery torture of both of his sister’s nipples until they were a nice crispy brown instead of their previous tender light pink. They also weren’t quite as long as they used to be either.
After putting the end of the tree limb back in the fire, Carl walked back to Anna, lifted up her left breast and put her freshly burned nipple in his mouth in spite of her cries of pain.
�Ahhh�..nothing quite like the taste of freshly cooked teat.� Smiled Carl as he sucked, licked and nibbled on his sister’s crisply cooked remnants of her nipples. He was disappointed that Anna hadn’t been lactating for a baby. �It would have been nice to see how much burning it would take to dry up those nipples of hers.� He thought to himself.
Carl looked over at Veronika and wondered if her nipples would also taste better cooked as well. So he pulled out the burning tree limb, walked over to Veronika and repeated the process on her precious nipple flesh.
�Nyet�.Nyet�..Nyet��AAARRRGGGHHH!!!� Veronika screamed as Carl began to burn her tender pink left nipple with the burning stick from the fire pit. But Carl didn’t completely stop until her nipples matched Anna’s in color and condition. Carl was quite pleased also with the flavor of young cooked Russian teat as well, he found.
After a few moments of her maimed nipples being licked and sucked on, Veronika looked up at Carl, said something in Russian and then spat at him. Carl didn’t know what she said but he was certain that it was something particularly vile that deserved retribution for.
�Don’t look so disappointed, ‘lil sister’. I’m far from finished from being done with your punishment for falling asleep on me.� Carl sneered.
For a few minutes, the girls had a little respite for Carl’s sadistic attentions while he changed out disks on the camcorder and temporarily took the digital camera from the tripod to take close-up photos of burned nipples, mutilated genitals and the pain-filled faces of the two tortured young women.
Carl returned to stand in front of Anna. This time though, he had one of the heated knives in his right hand.
�Do you remember what I said when I warned you not to pass out on me, ‘lil sis’? Well, it is now time to pay the piper.� Carl told Anna.
Carl’s sister murmured. �Please no. Haven’t you done enough already?�
Her voice was raw and weak from having screamed so much in agony over the past few hours. But when Carl took his knife and began to plunge it deep inside the side of her left breast, midway between her armpit and her aureola, Anna couldn’t help but to scream once again. The intensity and volume of the petite strawberry blonde’s screams certainly didn’t match her earlier efforts, perhaps because she was already beginning to go into shock.
The glowing red tip of the large hunting knife ended up right in the midst of Anna’s milk gland clusters, cooking her lovely full tit from within. After a minute, Carl pulled the blade out. He saw with a smile that small bits of flesh had cooked and stuck onto the blade’s surface. Within a few minutes, the entire tit was swollen and red from the latest atrocity committed against it.
Carl’s cock was once again fully erect. He felt like he could fill someone’s cunt once again with his seed. He looked over at Veronika and smiled.
�It’s time for another fucking, my sweet young Russian cunt.� He said as he walked up to Veronika and shoved his cock deep inside of her vagina with little ceremony short of tasting her burnt nipples in his mouth again. Carl fucked Veronika long and hard once again before feeling his seed squirt deep inside of her cunt.
Veronika didn’t say much during this latest rape, but after she felt him cum inside of her again, she started to mutter.
�Please God. I don’t want to get pregnant.�
Carl looked at Veronika with a sadistic smile.
�So you really want to avoid getting pregnant, my little Russian whore?� he asked.
�Yes, sir.� The helpless, agonized teenager replied.
�Good�..and you will surely get your wish.� Carl answered gleefully as he turned back towards the fire and returned with one of those burning tree limbs. Veronika’s eyes grew wide in shock when she saw this and realized what Carl was about to do.
Carl didn’t even bother using his free hand to open Veronika’s labia before shoving the burning end of the limb into Veronika’s cunt as far as it would go. The entire length of her vagina was badly burnt including the opening of her cervix. Veronika passed out almost immediately after she felt her cervix begin to burn from the hot wood pressing against it.
Carl was pissed off that Veronika passed out before he was ready to pull the wood out of her cunt and show her the burnt cunt flesh sticking to it. She was going to pay for this too. He went back to his backpack, grabbed some smelling salts and waved them under Veronika’s nostrils until she began to stir to consciousness.
When Veronika woke up, she felt the intense pain inside of her vagina once again and began to wail, mostly in Russian, tears streaming down her face as she knew that she would never have a baby.
�So you are going to cry on me, huh? Well, I’m going to give you something to really cry about now, bitch.� Carl snarled.
Carl went back to the fire, grabbed another one of his heated knives and stood in front of Veronika. Without any further fanfare, he grabbed her left nipple, lifted her breast up by it, then cut off the entire nipple, surrounding aureola and a couple of inches of tit above it. Carl could see the severed ends of nearly a dozen milk ducts that led to the milk glands of Veronika’s breast. Mother’s milk would never flow through them to feed a baby now.
Carl then threw the severed tit flesh into the fire. Veronika still had a left tit, but it was now an A cup in size and would never be an object of sexual beauty or pleasure ever gain.
The hot metal of the knife cauterized most of the gaping wound on the end of Veronika’s left tit. But Veronika was also going into shock as she passed out once again.
Before Carl could begin to cut off Veronika’s right nipple, he heard Anna begin to faintly speak.
�You bastard. You are never going to get away with this. You leave that girl alone. She never did anything to you.�
�She was never showed me any attention either�acting like she was too good for me. She’ll never get to do that to anyone ever again. As for you, this is the last time that you are going to interrupt me, ‘lil’ sister.�
Carl got a freshly heated blade walked up to Anna, grabbed her right nipple to lift up her breast and quickly cut off her entire breast. Carl held the severed breast in his hand and observed the milk clusters that Anna had hoped would be the nourishment for her future offspring. A few of the milk gland clusters dangled out of the ruined breast, attached only by the slender milk ducts that connected them to the back of Anna’s right nipple.
Anna immediately went into shock and passed out. Carl wasn’t done with his sister just yet, so he grabbed a burning limb and began to cauterize the gaping wound in Anna’s chest while holding her head up and out of the way of the flame.
�You always did say that you wanted to breastfeed your babies someday. Do you think that you can do now that you have just one maimed tit, Sis?� Carl said to Anna with a malevolent smile on his face.
Carl tried to revive Anna to consciousness with the smelling salts but was unsuccessful. He figured that she had gone into shock due to blood loss.
�Oh, well. I’m not quite done with the little Russian bitch.�
Carl had one knife in the fire, glowing red and ready for use. He pulled it out and was standing in front of Veronika in preparation to cut off her remaining tit when he heard a man’s voice.
�Freeze! Park Ranger! Slowly put down that knife, step away, put your hands on the back of your head and get down on your knees.� Yelled Park Ranger Steven Michael as he trained his pistol at the sadistic young man.
The park ranger had been doing a foot patrol in this remote part of the woods when he saw the smoke from Carl’s fire a mile or so away. Ranger Michaels went to investigate the fire but instead saw this scene of horrors. Carl had carefully placed his site in a hollow in the woods so that the sound of the screams would not carry as far. But he didn’t count on the smoke from his fire being seen.
Carl wasn’t about to go to jail again, nor did he want either of his prizes to survive what he had been doing to them. He already figured that Anna would not survive. Now Carl was determined that neither would Veronika, especially since he was unlikely to get away.
Carl lifted up the knife and began to lunge towards Veronika. The Ranger immediately fired his .40 caliber semiautomatic Smith & Wesson pistol twice at Carl, hitting him both times.
Carl felt two heavy blows against the side of his chest as he lunged for Veronika. He was aiming his knife for her heart, but the impact of the bullets pushed him to the side so that the blade instead pierced through the middle of Veronika’s right breast and plunged into her chest. The young girl was only faintly aware of the red hot tip of the blade penetrating into her right lung before passing out again.
Carl fell to the ground at Veronika’s feet, feeling his own life quickly slipping away. He would eventually learn that his mother was right about Judgement Day after he closed his eyes for the last time.
�Ranger Base. This is Ranger Michaels. I have an emergency here at this location. I have three people down and in immediate need of medical attention and evacuation. Please send help immediately. It looks like a damn slaughterhouse here.�

Carl was declared dead on the scene by the arriving EMT’s. Veronika and Anna were both quickly taken by ambulance to the nearest trauma center where they were treated for their injuries. Both were in critical condition for more than a week before their conditions were stabilized. Ranger Michaels was given a commendation for saving Anna and Veronika’s lives.
Veronika stayed in an American hospital for over a month before being flown back to Russia, never to return to the United States. The last that anyone from America heard about Veronika was that had become addicted to Afghan heroin in an attempt to deal with the nightmares.
Anna was in and out of hospitals for the next year and finally had her right breast reconstructed with an implant. Anna and her parents eventually moved away and resettled somewhere in the remote western US. Anna continued to be under therapy for many years later even though she claimed to have had a religious conversion experience as a result of enduring the trauma. She met a man at her church, married him and had two children though she was never able to breastfeed either from the mutilated breast that her brother had left her with.

The county detective got Wahlid’s email address off of Carl’s computer. After reading the exchanges of email between Wahlid and Carl, the detective decided to take advantage of the situation. He wrote Wahlid an email of his own.
�Hello, Wahlid.
Your friend was not able to send you the images and videos that you wanted. However, I am able to follow through with the arrangement for the right price. Here is an example of what I have.�
The detective had attached one of the digital photos that Carl had taken of his sister after he had started to mutilate her breasts. It apparently got Wahlid’s attention because he replied back via email less than twenty-four hours later. The detective soon had a deal with Wahlid within a couple of days.
Five days after the detective uploaded several large zipped video and photo files to the email address that Wahlid gave him, he got a call from the bank. An international money order in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars was now waiting on him there. For the rest of the year, the detective had a very good time with the money that he made on that little deal.
Back at Wahlid’s home, a freshly burned DVD-R was placed in a jewel case and filed in cabinet full of other video disks with such titles as ‘Private Jessica Lynch Torture and Mutilation Disks One through Five’. Wahlid was going to enjoy watching Veronika’s and Anna’s torture scenes for a long time too. Wahlid had little to worry about because his family’s wealth protected him from even the Russians who had been very upset about what had been done to Veronika.

Of course, the detective kept a copy of his own for his private collection. This was one of his little side benefits of the job�.the opportunity to enjoy life’s ‘little pleasures’, especially those gained at the expense of pretty young women.

Meeting the Headmaster By Abel

Meeting the Headmaster
By Abel – Dec 25, 2009 – From Spanking stories

The girl, neat in her new uniform, shifts nervously from foot to foot as the Headmaster behind his desk flicks through the pages of the manila file. She knows what he’ll find inside – the records from her former school showing not only her successes (good grades, academic prizes, starring roles on the stage and the lacrosse field), but also her failures. Those forms, completed meticulously each time by her then housemaster, after she’d stood and straightened her skirt, once he’d put away the plimsoll. Those sheets of shame.
She wants to protest before her new Headmaster jumps to the wrong conclusions. “I do try to be good, I promise. And I’ve not been in trouble for nearly a year. Please don’t think badly of me.” But instead, she waits, the butterflies rioting inside her tummy.

He places the file carefully on the desk, and peers over his spectacles. “So, young lady: a fresh start, here in our sixth form…”

He looks at her, as if expecting a reply. “Yes, sir. I want to do well. I’ll do everything I can. I promise.”

He pauses, weighing her up – this slight, pretty lass, shaking like a leaf. “And we shall do everything we can to help, of course. We’re very proud of our high standards, Miss Conroy; I think they’ll be just what you need. Academic… and disciplinary.”

She stares at the carpet. She mumbles an embarrassed “Yes, sir”, to this man who now knows such shameful secrets from her past.

“Have no doubt, on the latter front, that we stand for no nonsense. Strict, but fair.”

“Yes, sir.” She knows of his reputation already, of course; the other girls in the dorm regaled her with their stories last night, once they’d heard of her impending appointment. Loved, they said, but feared too. Feared more than loved. Nightmares had followed.

He stands, walks around his desk, and puts a friendly arm around her shoulders as if in support and solidarity. “Then we understand each other, it seems. If you need help, my door is always open – as indeed is your Housemaster’s. Now: go and make me proud of you during your time with us, Miss Conroy.”

Make him proud? How hollow a phrase that seems, two weeks later, as she obeys his order to fold her blazer and skirt neatly over the arm of the chair, then to touch her toes. Not the plimsoll, as at St. Christina’s: she’d known that before he’d taken the cane from its hiding place in the corner of his study.

Nor the protection of layers of clothing: his instruction to her to remove her knickers was no less terrifying, humiliating for its anticipation.

“I did think we had an understanding, Miss Conroy,” he tells her as he takes up his position behind her, to the side. “You’ve disappointed me. Very few girls find their way here to be punished, and yet you’ve been sent to me less than a fortnight after promising me your best endeavours.”

Her contrition is genuine, even without the fear of what’s about to happen. “Four strokes,” he tells her: at least it wasn’t the six the other girls had predicted, amidst their cruel fascination.

He makes her wait for her first taste of the cane: letting her contemplate, reflect (“How could I have been so stupid? If only I could turn back the clock…”).

To dread. To cry, already.

The blow, when it strikes – the precise moment unexpected – nearly knocks her off balance. She rocks forwards onto her toes, then backwards, then starts to try to process the pain as it burns, grows, overwhelms. She resists, somehow, the need to reach back and clutch her backside, to try (no doubt in vain) to quell the agony.

They didn’t tell me it would be *this* bad…

He watches her discomfort; not unsympathetic to her plight, but knowing his duty. He always makes the first stroke hard: to deliver the false prophet of a gentle introduction would scarcely be fair, given what was to follow.

To follow… He bides his time, waiting until she is still, is ready, is focused. And then he cuts the second stripe directly below the first, its raised, parallel tramlines tracking and mirroring the first.

He counts to twenty, slowly, silently, carefully timing the third instalment of her punishment, administering it with a precise flick of his wrist.

She sobs. Loudly. But the hug she craves is nowhere near. She won’t be back – this much he senses. He wills the final stroke to be precisely that – her last ever, a guarantee of future good behaviour – as he whips the cane down hard, hears her gasp, tells her to stand straight away so that she can dance, hold, soothe. He tells her to sort out her uniform: quickly, urgently she complies, wiping away tears as her fingers tremble on zips and buttons.

When she is ready, his hand appears supportively on her shoulder, as it had done at the end of her previous visit. “I’m so sorry, sir,” she mumbles softly, as if the caning has drawn all of her energy.

“So am I.”

And then he too has a form to complete, just like the housemaster at her previous school. For her to sign, confirming her guilt and her misery. He dries the ink on his blotter, and passes the paper to her. “Could you give this to my secretary on your way out, please? For your file. And so she can send a copy to your parents.”

“Please, sir: don’t tell them.”

He pauses, looks up, hears the pleading tone in her voice, and holds out his hand. She looks puzzled.

“Pass the punishment sheet back here.”

He takes it from her. “Shall we keep this between ourselves?” he asks, sympathetically. And, with a soft smile, he crumples the form and drops it into the wastepaper basket behind his desk. “You won’t let me down again, will you?”

She swears that she won’t, this time knowing her vow to be true. She apologises; thanks him – and, as he opens the door – stumbles out, dazed and sore, to face the outside world and try to do better. To make him proud. Whilst he walks back to his desk, praying that she will, as calm returns to his study.

Back to School

Back to School 27

I would have stayed over with Jenna and Cat Saturday but after two nights of non-stop playing I needed some down time. Both girls were beautiful and delicious pieces but too much of anything can be too much. I did manage to get a great night’s rest and woke up feeling refreshed. I got cleaned up and had some lunch.

I sat down at the tube.

Football was over and there was nothing on so figured there was only one thing to do on a boring afternoon. I was going to see Cathy that night so I called Nichole. She was surprised to hear from me and thrilled to come over. Nic was one of my students and one of the hottest, best looking babes I’d ever had the pleasure to play in a long time.

I had held off her advances most of the year but when she turned 18 I couldn’t help myself. Even though I had warned her not to tell anyone she had brought one of her friends along last weekend. I had told her as punishment I wouldn’t see her this weekend but I was overruled by my stiff thingy. Nichole showed up happy and horny. “I’m so glad you called, ” she sighed as she melted into my arms. Our tongues met as we devoured each other’s mouths.

“I know how mad you were, ” she added, “I was afraid you might really cut me off for the rest of the year.” “And do without this perfect body?” I grinned, rubbing her perfect soft place.

I put on the stereo and sat down. “I’d love it if you’d do a striptease for me, honey, ” I told her. “No problem, ” she smiled. Swaying back and forth to the music she slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She took her time, tantalizing me with her body. She finally got her shirt off. She tossed it aside while playing with her white lace bra. She reached around and unsnapped it. She caught it before it fell, rubbing her tits with it. She came over to me, wrapped it around my head and used it to pull me into her perfect, full tits. She shook them back and forth as I held out my tongue, toying back and forth between her nipples, trying to catch one between my teeth. She danced away before I could catch a nipple. I watched as she started to unbutton her pants. She could tell by the massive bulge in my pants what effect she was having on me. She finally lost her pants and turned around, slowly humping an imaginary partner.

She had a perfect, tight body without a hint of fat anywhere on her. She pushed her perfect, round soft place out at me, turning around and smiling while toying her cute, full lips. She turned back around and humped her way over to me.

She rubbed her perfect, firm tits in my face again.

They weren’t as big as Cathy’s or Jenna’s but they were perfectly round and firm pale white, tipped with dark, round areolas. Her nipples were longer than most. She turned around and backed down, rubbing her crack against my throbbing length which was bursting to get out of my pants. I reached around and grabbed her firm, young tits, pinching her nipples while nibbling on her neck.

She rose up and reached under her soft place to undo my pants and pulling down my zipper. Pushing my pants down to my knees she sat back down, rubbing my length into her slit while gyrating back and forth. Her softness was nice and wet. I grabbed her tits again while kicking off my pants.

I held her tightly as, rubbing my length against her personal place, she started to cum. Her softness was hot and wet but I wasn’t ready to play her just yet. When she finished cuming I picked her up and sat her down on the couch, falling to my knees between her legs.

The first time we’d played l had gotten her so hot she had squirted cum all over me. I wanted to see if I could do that again. She wrapped her legs around me and raised her softness to my lips, anticipating what was to come. I didnt disappoint her as I slid my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, ending at her personal place, sucking and pulling on it with my lips. She was primed and ready to go as she began thrusting her softness up and down my face. I held my tongue out and let her do the work, positioning her softness where it felt best for her. She worked it to her advantage, riding my tongue up and down and all around her softness and personal place. She ended with her softness centered on my tongue as I thrust in and out of her sweet, wet softness. She grabbed the back of my head and started cuming as she squirted cum all over my face.

I reached up and patted her personal place while toying up as much of her sweet, sweet cum as possible. When she finally finished cuming I ran my tongue up her body to suck her tits, teasing cum as I went. Nichole held me tight to her bosom as I toyed and sucked her now cum covered tits. Youre too good, baby, she moaned as I sucked her tits, lets go into your bedroom. I helped her to her feet.

We rubbed our bodies together and kissed for several minutes. “OK, ” I finally said, “let’s go.

” As she turned I caught sight of her beautiful soft place and stopped her. “Hold on a second, ” I said.

She did so. “Now bend over and grab your ankles, ” I ordered. “Have I been a bad girl again?” she asked as she waved her soft place back and forth in front of me. “Fortunately you’re always bad when you’re around me, ” I replied, whacking her across the soft place cheeks with my length, “but that wasn’t what I had in mind.

” Just as she started to ask what I did have in mind I slid my hard, ten inch length all the way into her softness.

“Oh, ” she moaned as I grabbed her tits and started playing her, “I like that.” “I thought you might, ” I replied as we slowly played our way into the bedroom. I had to hold Nic up by her tits as her knees buckled several times. When we finally made it I leaned her over the bed and really started driving my length in and out of her trembling softness. She was crying out, begging me to play her harder and faster. As her body convulsed with orgasm after orgasm I thrust my length in extra deep and started filling her softness with shot after shot of good, hot cum. She screamed even louder as the shots of cum hit the back of her softness and we played until both of us were spent. She sat on the bed and toyed the cum from my length while I massaged her tits. Would you like a shower before you go? I asked with a grin. I hated to send her home with her body covered in cum. Sure, she smiled, but Im not going to fall for that soap trick again. No? I asked as we headed to the bathroom. OK, she admitted as I turned on the shower, I might.

Thats better, I replied as we climbed into the warm shower. We held each other and made out as the water fell down over our bodies until I grabbed a bar of soap and let it fall to the floor.

I got it, she grinned. Only this time instead of facing away she faced towards me as she bent down. She got to her knees and took my length into her mouth. It took only a few moments for my length to grow back to full strength as she sucked.

I was thinking earlier when I was toying you clean, she said with a grin, how youve never given me a mouth full of cum yet. Well lets see if we can rectify that, I replied, stroking her hair as she took my length back between her lips. She wasnt the best lengthsucker Id ever had but she was certainly good enough. With the warm water running over our bodies it didnt take her long before she had me on the verge of orgasm. I closed my eyes and played her mouth until I felt myself start to cum. Nichole clamped down on my length and sucked up every last drop of cum I had to give her.

She took my length out of her mouth and looked up and grinned as she swallowed my load.

That was delicious, she said as I helped her to her feet. We finished washing each other off and got out. When can I see you again? she asked as we were getting dressed. Youre a horny little slut, arent you? I grinned. Once Ive had the best its hard to go back to the boys my age, she replied. Im not sure what my schedule is, I told her, well have to play it by ear. OK, she said, kissing me goodbye. She had been a terrific way to pass a boring afternoon and the best part was I didnt even have to change the sheets on my bed. I got dressed and opened up a bottle of wine.

She had wanted to meet at my place.

She was prompt I didn’t have to wait long.

I invited her in for a glass of wine.

Im so glad you wanted to see me so soon, she said as we sat down with our wine. She was wearing a skirt and a top similar to the one shed worn the previous night except this one had tiny straps holding it up. She had beautiful shoulders and tits and the top showed off her body without being too suggestive. Im glad you wanted to see me, I replied, I had a lot of fun.” “Nichole tells me youre between boyfriends right now. Guilty, she grinned, how about you? A guy as hot as you must have dozens of girlfriends. I have a few friends, I replied, but, like Nichole, theyre not in a position to get into a relationship. Are all your girlfriends married? she asked. A couple of them, I replied, others are just not interested in being tied down. And you? she continued, are you looking to be tied down? Ive never tried it, I grinned, but if you bring the rope Ill be happy to try it. If we had more time, She laughed, we could try it right now. Too bad we have to go, I agreed. I helped her up and into her jacket. We drove to the restaurant and met Nichole and Jeff. I was curious to see if Jeff remembered me from the wedding now over a year ago. Cathy introduced me. Jenna acted like she was just meeting me for the first time and, from his reaction, Jeff didnt remember me. Dinner was fun. The baby behaved pretty well. Jeff was pretty cool, if a bit of a smartass. “I like this guy a whole lot better than the last dweeb you dated, ” he said at one point.

“Me too, ” agreed Jenna, tossing me a quick wink. I didn’t know whether to be flattered but we all laughed about it.

“What did you think of Jeff?” Cathy asked on the way home. “He seemed alright, ” I said.

“I can’t stand him, ” she said, “he wasn’t so bad tonight but he usually treats her like crap. She was talking about dumping him before she got knocked up. Now she’s stuck with him.

” “I’ll try not to be like him, ” I replied, trying to change the subject, “speaking of pains in the soft placees what do you do for work?” “I’m the branch manager down at Land Bank, ” she said. “Cool, can I have a loan?” I told her about my teaching gig and by that time we were back at my place. I asked her up and she agreed.

“Maybe I can tie you down, ” I joked. “You really know how to show a girl a good time, ” she giggled. She stopped and retrieved an overnight bag. “I came prepared, ” she grinned. “You’re pretty confident, ” I remarked.

“Last night I had to share you, ” she replied, “tonight I want to take my time.” We made it inside and sat on the couch with a bottle of wine. We shot the shit while polished off the bottle of wine. “Well, ” I asked, “are you ready to get tied down?” “You bet, ” she grinned. She grabbed her bag and followed me into the bedroom.

She ducked into my bathroom.

“I’ll be out in a second, dear, ” she said. A few minutes later she poked her head out the door. “Can you hang this up for me, honey, ” she asked, handing me her outfit, “I have to wear it to work tomorrow.” I went into the closet and hung it up, taking the opportunity to strip down to my boxers. I grabbed a handful neckties and sat on the bed, waiting. I didn’t have long to wait. She came out wearing a black fishnet body stocking, stopping to pose for me. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed, “you look good enough to eat.” “Do you really think so?” she grinned as she reached down and rubbed a finger up her softness. I took her in my arms, sucking on her finger before kissing her. She really was quite hot as she rubbed her body against mine.

“Have a seat, ” I told her, helping her to lie down on the bed. “Are you going to tie me down?” she giggled as she spread her arms and legs wide. Her outfit was crotchless and her freshly shaved softness was looking awfully tasty as I tied her wrists to the headboard and her feet to the footboard. “What are you going to do now?” she asked as I stood at the foot of the bed, admiring her hot, eminently playable body.

I dropped my boxers and took out my ten inch erection. “I was thinking I might watch some TV, ” I told her as I climbed into bed. “Very funny, ” she replied as I dragged my length up her body, “why don’t you play me instead.” “Ill play you when Im good and ready to play you, ” I told her as I rubbed my length around and around her tits, until then shut the play up or Ill have to put a gag over your mouth. She didnt say anything but she grinned as I paid particular attention to her large, hard nipples poking through her fish net. I rubbed up to her face, patting her cheeks and nose, keeping it just outside the reach of her darting tongue.

“Come on baby, ” she pleaded, “give me your length.

” “What did I tell you, bitch? I asked as I straddled her face, “shut up and suck my balls like a good little whore.” She opened her mouth wide as I tea bagged her.

She toyed and sucked with just the right amount of pressure making my balls tingle.

After several dozen dips I slid forward slightly, saying, Lick my sensitive place, slut. She dutifully complied and she didnt hold back.

It was all I could do to hold back my cum as she toyed around the rim of my sensitive place and slid the tip of her tongue inside. I let her toy back and forth between my sensitive place and balls for several minutes, savoring the pleasure. I think youve earned a little taste, I finally told her, sliding back and placing the tip of my length in reach of her tongue. She eagerly toyed my length as I gave her more and more of it, plunging into her mouth several times before pulling out and moving back down to her tits.

The were pressing up against the material, begging to be freed so I reached down, grabbed the material on each side of her right nipple and tore it apart, allowing her entire tit to poke through. Play yeah, baby! she cried as I tore the other tit free, suck my tits! What did I tell you about talking, whore? I said as I squeezed her tits.

Im sorry, she replied. Thats it, I said, hopping down off the bed, time to shut your playing mouth. I grabbed my boxers off the floor. Wadding them up I stuffed them in her mouth and tied them with a necktie. She struggled as I tied her mouth shut but I could see in her eyes she was loving it. Are you going to be a good playing whore now and shut up and play? I asked as I climbed back down to her tits. She shook her head yes. I let my length rub against her slit and personal place as I squeezed her tits together and started sucking. She closed her eyes and started dry humping me as I bite into her nipples, working herself into a nice orgasm. She was gasping for air so I untied her mouth and pulled my boxers out.

Are you going to shut the play up now? I asked. She grinned and shook her head yes. Good, I said as I sat on her face again, you can toy my sensitive place some more then.

She eagerly tongued my sensitive place while I reached down and played with her tits. I finally climbed off her face and made my way back down her body. I stopped briefly to suck her tits some more before moving my tongue slowly down towards her waist. Her outfit was crotchless so I slowly drifted my tongue down one thigh and up the other. She was already wet but I wanted to make her wetter as I teased her with my tongue, avoiding her softness and personal place.

This isnt working, I said. I untied her feet and pushed them up over her head. Hold them there, I instructed her. She held her feet over her head as I tied each foot to the head of the bed. Now she was locked in a position with her softness up in the air and spread wide open. Much better, I said as I stood above her and dragged my balls up and down her wet slit.

I wasnt ready to play her yet so I jumped back down. This time I ran my tongue all the way up her slit from the rim of her sensitive place to her quivering personal place. She couldnt help but cry out as I squeezed her personal place between my lips and gently bit down.

Her entire body shook as she started to orgasm.

As she did so I plunged my tongue in and out of her sweet, tasty softness, lapping up her cum. When her orgasm passed I leaned over and laid across her softness as we kissed long and deep. I ran my tongue back down to her softness, dipping it in and out of her slippery, wet softness.

As I tongued her softness and personal place she started breathing heavy again. Her cute, little sensitive place was pointing straight up at me so I ran my tongue down and gave it a few toys. Cat started to cum again as I slid my tongue over and around and into her sensitive place. As I tongued her sensitive place her orgasm grew in intensity until she was thrashing her soft place back and forth, straining to get free from her bonds. I toyed back and forth from her sensitive place to her softness as she came and came.

Are you ready to play, bitch? I asked. She knew better to reply. She just grinned and shook her head. I stood up and straddled her crosswise above her well positioned soft place.

I rubbed the tip of my length back and forth from her sensitive place through her softness to her personal place.

The problem Im having, I said, is I dont know which warmth to play. What do you think, slut? She just looked up and smiled from ear to ear. Maybe even this one, I said, kneeling down and shoving my length into her gaping mouth. She clamped down with her lips and did a good job on my length as I slid it in and out. I pulled out and slid the tip of my length back to her slit. I cant decide, I sighed as I slowly slid my length into her slippery, wet softness. I gave her five or six long slow strokes before pulling out and sliding it into the indentation of her sensitive place.

Her eyes were on fire and she was moaning deeply as I slowly eased my length into her tight, slippery sensitive place. She started to cum again as my length slowly filled her sensitive place.

I poked her a few times in the sensitive place before pulling out and drilling her in the softness again. She was crying continuously as I plunged into her softness then into her sensitive place, cuming with multiple orgasms. I built up a pretty good rhythm as I played back and forth from softness to sensitive place. Play me baby! she screamed as her body shook and she pulled at her ties, Play me! Play me! Play me! So you didnt learn your lesson yet, you playing slut, I said as I pulled my length from her softness and knelt over her face. Lets see if this shuts you up, I added as I shoved my length into her gaping mouth.

She was still cuming but she clamped down on my length and started sucking. I leaned over and drove my tongue in and out of her softness and her sensitive place while she kept cuming. At the height of her orgasm I felt my balls release and started filling her mouth with hot, sticky cum. Even though her body was still shaking with orgasm she kept sucking as I exploded into her mouth until she had drained every last drop. I reached up as she swallowed and untied her hands and ankles. Play that was wonderful, she moaned as we cuddled together, rubbing our bodies together, I havent cum like that in years. Thank you so much. My pleasure, I said as I gently rubbed her tits, Im glad you liked it.

We fell asleep for awhile. I woke up some time later with Cathy fast asleep on my chest. Much to my surprise as I considered her beautiful, naked body I found my length getting hard. I gently rolled her over on her side and slid my length back into her slick softness. Her eyes fluttered open as I gently started to slide my length in and out of her softness. More length? she asked with a huge smile, you feel so good inside me.

Your softness feels great, baby, I replied as we played ourselves back to sleep. I woke up the next morning with a nice stiff thingy.

I rolled over on top of Cat and woke her again by sliding my length into her warm, wet softness. “Good morning, sweetheart, ” she smiled as I started sliding my length in and out of her softness, “I love morning sex, don’t you?” “You’re just my type of girl, ” I said as we kissed. We quickly played each other to a nice mutual orgasm before climbing out of bed and getting ready for work. “When can I see you again?” she asked as we shared the bathroom. “I’m free all week, ” I told her. “Super, ” she grinned, “I’ll be over after work.” She came over after work with a few things and somehow never moved out.

It wasn’t all bad the sex was great and she didn’t mind sharing me with Jenna. Fortunately I still played in the band every now and then and we had a practice loft downtown. I convinced Cathy that we practiced twice a week. Nichole and I met usually once a week and I met Pat there a couple time a month. All things considered it was a great winter and spring.

Dominant Women and Submissive Men: The Unfortunate Imbalance

Dominant Women and Submissive Men: The Unfortunate Imbalance

There are Many More Submissive Men than Dominant Women….

By Ms. Courtney of Cock Control

If you browse through the “alternative” adult personals, you will find far more male submissive personals than Female Dominant ones. As a matter of fact, it has been said that for every dominant woman, there are four submissive men.

For the submissive man in search of a Dominant woman or Domina, this is an unfortunate imbalance, indeed, although, from a societal perspective, it is hardly surprising.

Why Aren’t There More Dominant Women?

Is the Lack of Dominant Women A Case of Nurture?

First, let’s examine the “nurture” side of the coin. Little girls are taught from a very early age that in order to be attractive to the opposite sex, they must be demure, adoring, unassuming, nurturing, and giving, to name a few.. These are all typically submissive traits. Our culture is riddled with examples of pretty, submissive women being rescued (or ravaged) by strong, dominant men. It is such a clich矴hat it has even become accepted as the norm and is rarely questioned.

Female role models and archetypes play right into this belief. Heroines, protagonists, cartoon characters, even religious and historical figures, echo this notion. Women are taught that in order to have value, they must be desirable and attractive to men, and in order to attract men, they must be submissive. Many women, who may well be naturally dominant, stifle this desire in order to conform. Our society is so fearful and disdainful of dominant females that we have a litany of pejorative names and phrases assigned to them such as “bitch,” “ball-buster,” or “the one who wears the pants,” to name but a few. The contrasting list for submissive men is even longer: spineless, henpecked, milk toast, pussy whipped, mealy mouthed, etc. Is it any wonder, if language is the mirror of a culture, that not only are women encouraged to be submissive, men are resolutely discouraged from it.

Or Is the Lack of Dominant Women a Case of Nature?

On the flip side of this coin, there is the “nature” argument. Women may also be hard-wired to be submissive in addition to being socialized as such. Primarily, there is the undeniable physicality of women. Not all women are physically weaker than all men, but enough are that we can claim this as a biological truth. Since women are, physically speaking, the weaker sex, they have, since the dawn of time, relied on men for protection and sustenance. If a woman is pregnant, she needs protection and sustenance not only for herself, but for her unborn child, as well. Theoretically, the survival of the species depends on that balance.

However, it is interesting to note there are more unattached women in society now than there ever have been.. This simple fact alone proves that men (or moreover, the strength of men) are no longer an integral part of survival. Not to mention, that the kinds of prehistoric potential dangers that women faced in the centuries BC, rarely occur in modern times. Finally, the act of procreation is itself an act of domination on the part of the man. In a missionary sense, the man enters the woman. Typically, she lies on her back and spreads her legs, just like a frightened, beta-dog will do. Even for the most submissive men, this act is very empowering and dominant. Which is precisely why non-consentual sexual violation is considered a crime of power, not passion.

Why Are There So Many Submissive Men?

Is it that submissive men are so plentiful? Or that the imbalanced ratio creates the illusion that it is so? Even though men are no longer required to hunt big game and wield a club to sustain and protect their families, there is still the ever-present pressure to be manly. Submissive men are seen as so vile, that outwardly, the majority of men whole-heartedly rebuke any hint of submissiveness or femininity. However, when there exists a constant and unreasonable pressure to perform, there will always be the desire to rebel against those irrational demands. This is even truer when one’s survival does not depend on the defiant behavior. As a matter of fact, women are so capable that many men, if asked, would say that their female counterparts run circles around them in the accomplishment department. Most women work outside of the home, and, care for the home and family. Why not give over your power to the person who is the most proficient? It makes complete sense when examined as a means of survival. In addition, when one is constantly called upon to be the “alpha and omega,” it can often be a huge relief to just sit back and be the “beta.” Is it any wonder that giving up control, particularly to an attractive, capable and dominant woman, is among the most popular fantasies of men? Perhaps it is the pressure to perform, or simple supply and demand. Whatever the case, there are far more men who crave being submissive, than there are dominant women to fulfill those desires.

Can a Submissive Woman Ever Become Dominant Woman?

Interestingly enough, one the most common fantasies among women is being “taken”. It is the act of ultimate submission. If this is the case, can such a woman ever flip a switch in her psyche and become dominant? Fortunately, yes she can! With the advent of the Internet, BDSM has become more and more prevalent and acceptable. Of course, there is an art to introducing your seemingly submissive wife or girlfriend into domination. The introduction should be slow and gradual, in order to have the best response. The initial dialogue should not include anything extreme, as this may turn off a submissive woman from ever deciding to try her hand at domination. Start slowly and toll the benefits of having a willing, submissive male partner! Paint a picture of what life would be like during your play sessions. You prepare an elegant meal and do all of the dishes. You give her a massage. You provide oral sex to her, asking nothing in return. Subtlety is the key. If you take the notion to an extreme right away, you may kill any vestiges of domination in your woman. Let her know that it is all about pleasing and serving her. Once you have had a few of these tamer sessions, then you can begin introducing, in a light and playful way, more intense forms of play. It may even behoove the wannabe submissive male, to not even reference the terms “dominant woman” and “submissive man.” Once the groundwork is laid, then you can incorporate increasingly more extreme forms of BDSM play. In the end, she will no doubt appreciate her submissive husband and all he does for her, and you will have the dominant wife you have always longed for.



My neighbors humiliation.

By Hank Beemer

My slutty neighbor’s wife thinks he’s totally straight. Of course, she’s a stupid blonde. He leaves the blinds open so I can watch when he’s fucking her. Hey, she’s a trophy and I’d return the favor, so try not to judge.

But he likes getting kinky when she’s out with her friends, and he comes over for some ball busting and ass play. Ha, one time I even tied his balls to a doorknob and made him stand on his tiptoes while my cousin Sammie sucked his cock. Better yet, when he started to come, I slammed the door and made him scream like a bitch.

Then I made him stand there crying while she sucked my dick. But I don’t fuck him. I ain’t about that shit. I have a collection of dildos that I use to abuse him. And I make him beg me to shove them up his ass. Sometimes, Sammie’s sister Elena comes with her, and I let them gang bang him with strap ons.

One time, Elena made him eat her pussy while Sammie fucked him with a porn star dildo and I fucked her up the ass. Talk about a fucking pile up; that was a good one, even though Sammie said her ass hurt for days. I’m pretty sure she was lying, cause I know uncle Larry is tapping that shit. She’s eighteen and his stepdaughter, so it’s all good.

Would you believe this guy stood there for fifteen minutes while Sammie and Elena took turns kicking his balls? But that’s another story. I used a rubber glove and fisted his ass while they kicked. It was fun for all of us, even him.

Anyway, one day I was swatting his balls with a stick and I decided to make him beg me to fuck him. He did. He was all like, “Please fuck me, Master.” And I just kept swatting his balls and watching him cry. But he kept begging.

So I had Sammie jerk him off to a ruined orgasm. Then she rubbed the cum all over his asshole while I got the dildo, it was a porn star dildo that was huge. Only I didn’t know at that time he was an anal virgin. I made Sammie tie his mouth with a gag made out of her bra and I slammed it in.

Good thing he had the gag in cause he screamed. And I laughed and kept pounding it in until he fell on his stomach and tried to close his legs. So I drug him to the bathroom and tied him in a kneeling position over the toilet. I asked if he was going to be a good slut and he nodded. So I rammed it back in with no lube and he just took it all, still crying like a little bitch and I let Sammie stand over him and piss down his ass crack to lube him up.” When my arms got tired, I let Sammie strap on the dildo and she fucked him for like, an hour. Seriously. He took it up the ass for an hour.

Then I took him off the toilet and hogtied him on the bathroom floor. We got the duct tape and taped his eyes open so he could watch Sammie suck my dick. When I came, it was on the bathroom floor, and I made him lick it up.

I walked behind him and saw that his ass was a little bloody, so I told him I’d clean it up. I pissed in his ass crack while he was crying, squirming and licking my cum off the bathroom floor.

It’s good to have slutty neighbors. If you want, you can come over and fuck mine. He likes it now.

Megan and Rachel

Dirty Ice Cream

His sister-in-law’s visit was almost over. Max really didn’t mind having his wife’s younger sister Tammy and her two kids stay with them for a week. The Hall family had a pool and with the warm July weather that is where they stayed all day. Tammy’s husband Tom was still in the service, so Max felt like he was helping out by giving his wife and kids a place to vacation while he was deployed. Donna and Tammy were very close growing up in Florida, getting into plenty of trouble together. Donna always claimed that she had taken several paddling that Tammy had earned, but Tammy’s stories seemed to have a different take on it. The sisters almost looked like twins – tall, blond and athletic. Both had their mother’s blue eyes, substantial bosom and belief that child rearing required a sturdy, wooden backed hairbrush. Having two Southern women in his house meant that Max was well fed, that the kids were well behaved and everything was in order. The added benefit was two well built blonds by the pool. Max tried to remind himself that one was his wife’s sister, but at times that just added fuel to his thoughts. It didn’t help that Tammy could be flirtatious, a habit that Donna claimed had earned her sister a few serious spankings even as a teen. It was Saturday. Max had planned on mowing the lawn and his plans were confirmed when he heard Tammy and Donna having issues with the kids. “Megan and Rachel, if I have to tell you one more time to quit pestering each other, its going to be the paddle. Understood?” The ten and eleven year old cousins were so similar that after a week they were getting on each other’s nerves and it was only a matter of time before one or both ended up with sore bottoms. Max decided it would be quieter out front. It took about an hour for Max to mow the front lawn. It was only 11:30 but he had earned a beer. He headed into the house, but stopped short as he entered the kitchen. There was Tammy, a flurry of motion in a white bikini. If the sight of his tanned, toned sister-in-law hadn’t caught Max’s attention, then the two girls with their bikini bottoms pulled down, hands on the kitchen island would have. Megan and Rachel had apparently failed to head their mothers’ warnings, because both seemed poised to get a reminder of what Southern discipline meant, even if given in Colorado. “Maxie, be a dear and help me find that spoon your wife was telling me about.” Tammy was digging through drawers and cupboards, pulling utensils out as she went. And now that she was bending over, going through a lower kitchen drawer, Max couldn’t help but notice how Tammy’s bikini was barely covering her bottom in this position. “Max, did you hear me?” Tammy was now standing with her hands on her hips. Max came to and realized that his sister-in-law was referring to what Donna called the “spanking spoon.” “Let me look.” Max walked into the kitchen as Tammy found a candidate – more like a spatula than a spoon. She took it and stood to the side of her daughter, eleven year old Rachel, whose black bikini bottom was pulled just below her cheeks. “Not sure this will work.” Tammy gave Rachel some solid swats that jiggled her cheeks and left some redness. Rachel squealed and Tammy told her these were just a “test.” She then grabbed a wooden stirrer that had come with a rice cooker and walked over to Megan. There was no question about Tammy’s authority to spank her niece and Megan received twenty stinging licks with the utensil. But Tammy was not satisfied. “I am going to find something to really teach you girls a lesson.” The response was subdued, but clearly Rachel and Megan wished that she was not successful. By this point, Max remembered where the spanking spoon was kept and grabbed it out of a pantry cupboard. “Here you go, Tammy.” Max handed over a large wooden spoon, made of hard wood and with some heft to it. Tammy called Max a “dear” again and took the spoon over to Rachel, standing to her left side and measuring the distance to her bare bottom. Pulling the spoon back, she snapped it into Rachel’s left cheek, then right, alternating stinging swats. “Keep your hands on that counter” was Tammy’s response to her daughter’s slight movement as the spoon went back and forth, causing what had once been a very white bottom to turn red. Tammy’s spanking technique was impressive, thought Max, as were her long, tan legs. Max wasn’t sure he had ever seen a bikini clad woman so determined. Rachel was sniffling and had tears in her eyes as her mom announced that her “warm up” was over and moved over to Megan. Tammy had to use a well manicured finger to adjust Megan’s suit down a bit, and then began a rhythmic lesson on her niece’s bottom. Once both cheeks were red and Megan was crying softly, Tammy walked back to her own daughter. “Both of you were told to stop arguing, stop fighting and watch your tone. Neither of you listened. Now you are both getting a real spanking and you are going to apologize.” With that, the heavy wooden spoon made solid contact with Rachel’s bottom, leaving a darker red oval shaped mark. Tammy spanked hard and fast, pausing to ask her daughter to say she was sorry, to her cousin and the rest of the family. Rachel was crying now, but resisted the request. Tammy’s jaw clenched and Max knew his niece was in trouble. Tammy grabbed hold of the bikini bottoms that were still gripping Rachel just below her buns and gave a sharp tug. Rachel was now bare from the waist down and her mom wasted no time smacking her daughter’s upper thighs with the spoon. A high pitched scream was the response, as was an overall reddening of Rachel’s brown legs. “Momma, please, please I am sorry” came out between sobs. Tammy gave a number of additional swats to make sure the lesson was learned. Back across the kitchen, Megan awaited her fate, knowing that she had better say she was sorry. Aunt Tammy tattooed her bottom as well and, to be fair, pulled down her bottoms and spanked her thighs too. Max was impressed – that woman could spank. And standing to the side of Tammy, the view of her cleavage was as impressive as her discipline. Donna walked in as the spankings were ending. Two very red bottomed girls, bare except for bikini tops, still had their hands on the countertop. The contents of multiple drawers were strewn across the kitchen. And her husband appeared to be staring as her sister adjusted her top and bikini bottom. “Nice show?” Donna asked as she gave a playful swat to her husband’s butt. Tammy noticed what was going on and in her most innocent way said that it wasn’t her fault. “Never is, sis, never is.” Donna laughed. At least someone was having a good time in that kitchen.

The Kaidia Chronicles 6: A Warrior’s Return

The Kaidia Chronicles 6: A Warrior’s Return

Kaidia, Rose, Kit, and Myth made their way across the dark, grassy terrain toward the ruins of which Kai had spoken. The ruins turned out to be a single, large, stone building of some long forgotten race. Whoever they had been, architecture had been their strength. The building was ancient but sturdy. The doors were made of a tarnished, silvery metal. Kai shoved them open, ushered the others in, and then closed them. A bright light burst into life in the warrior’s hand and she flung it up to the ceiling, lighting the whole room.

The place was dingy and barren. There was nothing. Myth grumbled. “You three lay together, share body warmth. I’ll keep watch.” Kai instructed. Rose, Mytheria, and Kit, too tired to argue, moved to the back of the room, laid down, and cuddled together while Kaidia sat in the middle of the room between the door and the three cuddling girls with her arms and legs crossed, the protective matriarch of her little clan of misfits.


The morning dawned bright and warm. For a little while, Kai just sat and watched the three girls sleeping. Myth and Rose hadn’t slept well, the dread of the coming morning weighing on their minds. Kit, who’d slept between the girls and Kai as a second line of defense, had slept soundly all night. Kai sighed lightly nudged Kit with a boot. The neko mewed, opened her bright eyes, and looked around and then focused on the warrior woman.

“Wake them.” Kai said with a gesture to the sleeping Rose and Mytheria, who had snuggled together in the night and remained that way now. Kitiara looked at the redhead and the black haired girl with a smirk, her own dark brown bangs hanging in her eyes. “Now aren’t they cute?” she asked rhetorically before gently shaking the girls awake. “Rise and shine, you two!” the neko said with a cheer the thief and serving wench obviously didn’t share.

Kaidia, wanting to get the business over with so they could all get on the road to Vortha, cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. “Let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way so we can get back to our travels. Come along.” the still rather pissed warrior said before turning and shoving open the front doors of the building and walking out into the glaring light of the morning sun. Myth and Rose followed with Kit bringing up the rear… and looking at all the lovely rears in front of her at that.

Behind the abandoned building was a grove of trees both young and ancient. The younger trees were the ones Kai was interested in. There were plenty of switches to be had and Kaidia intended to make good use of plenty of them.

When they got to the edge of the grove, Kai turned to the others and eyed the pair of thieving girls. “Do you both still have those daggers I gave you last night?” she asked. Both girls gave silent nods of affirmation. “Good. They’ll be very useful. You’ll be cutting your own switches.” Kai responded curtly. She then glanced up to Kit. “Kitiara. You know what a decent switch looks like. You keep an eye on Myth and make sure she cuts appropriate ones. I’ll do the same for little miss Rose. Stay in sight.” Kai instructed. Kit blushed a little and nodded. “Of course.” was her only response.

The mercenary took Rose’s hand in her own. Kit did the same with Mytheria and each pair moved into the grove of trees. Over the next several minutes, which were agonizingly long for the bar maid and the thief, switches were cut and prepared. Once each girl had a nice bundle of them by the time the four women exited the grove. Kai lead them all back to the building. Once everyone was inside, she closed the doors and turned to the others.

“Kitara, you will handle Mytheria’s punishment. Remember, she’s human, you’re a neko. Be harsh but not abusive… or you’ll be over my lap so Myth can watch you get a taste of some harsh attenion.” Kai said sternly. Kit swallowed hard. “Y.. yes, Ma’am.” she managed to reply before gently ushering the redhead to one side of the room.

The warrior turned her attention to Rose and smiled faintly. “That means you’re mine to deal with.” she said with just a hint of humor before guiding Rose over to the opposite end of the room from Kit and Myth. Rose was wondering if she’d rather have the seemingly invincible warrior switching her behind or the extra strong neko. Either way, she was sure it’d not be enjoyable.

Kai gently but firmly pushed Rose to the wall. “Bend over, pretty flower. Hands against the wall, bottom out.” the mercenary instructed in a low but stern voice. Rose blushed but obeyed. Hands against the cold, stone wall, pushing her leather clad bottom out to Kaidia. A position she would normally enjoy with Kai. But she wasn’t presenting her bottom for anything tender and sweet like she often imagined doing. The warrior reached around Rose’s waist, undid the girl’s leather pants, and unceremoniously jerked them and those blue panties down to tangle about Rose’s ankles. The dark haired girl blushed as red as the petals on her namesake.

Across the room, Mytheria found herself in a similar position, blushing the color of her fiery hair as her skirt was pulled up and tucked into it’s own waistband before her panties were dragged down and dropped to the floor. Kit and Kai glanced to one another, Kai nodded, and they both turned back to the business at hand. Each woman plucking up a switch from the piles that had been dropped to the floor upon entry.

There was another glance shared between the neko and the warrior before they both turned and took aim with their switches. Kai struck first, igniting a thin line of fire across Rose’s bottom, a startled cry coming from the bar maid. Kit’s first strike was across Myth’s sit spots and brought a squeal from the redhead. Kai brought the switch down across the backs of Rose’s thighs, drawing a yelp from the already sorry girl. Kit’s next lash of the switch fell across the center of Myth’s bottom, causing the redhead to gasp sharply and jump.

Kaidia and Kitiara both fell into a steady rhythm, their lashes to the girls’ backsides falling in between one another, alternating, and echoing in the stone chamber. The cries of the tavern wench and the thief also echoed out in the room, much louder than the snaps of the switches. Lash after lash of the switches fell, painting the girls’ bottoms with angry red welts. Each girl regularly went to her tip toes as the switches fell over and over.

Occasionally a switch would break and one of the errant girls would get a momentary rest while her disciplinarian picked up a fresh one. But then the cries and howls would begin anew as the fresh switch bit into tender, striped skin. Over and over those switches raised welt after welt on Rose’s bottom as well as Mytheria’s. Kai and Kit were both strong and thus, both Rose and Myth were bawling, hiccuping, and crying well before the final switches broke across their reddened bottoms. So many stripes had been laid across those two pert rears that they all seemed to blend together on each miscreant’s backside.

Once Rose sensed that her ordeal was over, she turned, buried her face in Kaidia’s chest, and wrapped her arms around the bigger woman, crying into Kai’s cleavage. The warrior, of course, wrapped her arms around Rose and held the girl close. “Shh. There there, little one. It’s all over and done with.” she whispered soothingly.

Kitiara found herself in a similar embrace from the redheaded thief and tentatively hugged the girl back, glancing over to Kaidia to see what the mercenary was doing so she could mimic it. She purred softly to Mytheria, hoping the sound would calm the sniffling girl.

Eventually the two punished girls calmed down and stopped their crying, though neither seemed to want to let go of their respective punishers turned comforters. Though eventually Kai picked Rose up and carried her over to where Kit and Mytheria were nestled together. She sat down on the floor, tenderly settling the sore bottomed Rose into her lap. “I hope you two have learned your lesson about stealing.” Kai said. She got a pair of nods in return. “Good. If I ever have to repeat this lesson, neither of you will sit for a month.” the warrior stated firmly. Both girls paled a bit. “Understood?” Kai asked. “Yes, Ma’am.” the girls replied in unison.

The warrior nodded, then stood up with Rose, and set the bar maid on her feet. She then knelt and gently pulled up Rose’s panties and pants, being as careful as she could of the girl’s sore bottom. Kit, once more, mimicked Kaidia, stood Myth up, and tugged the thief’s panties up over her reddened backside before letting her skirt slip back down.

“Now, we have a bit of a walk ahead of us. I’d use my abilities to transport us all there but it’s dangerous with more than two people and exhausting to go back and forth to take you all one at a time. Besides, walking is good for you.” Kaidia said, ending it with a smirk. The foursome, having nothing to gather and their weapons already on them, headed out of the ruined building and started south for the city of Vortha.

The day of walking passed without an issue. With a break taken near noon where the collective skills of Kaidia and Kit brought down a deer for lunch. Mytheria, not used to preparing her own food or even being around when her food was prepared, nearly passed out during the skinning process. This brought a fit of laughter from everyone else and lightened the mood a bit.

It was growing dark when the four women finally approached the gates of Vortha. The guards stopped them at the gate. It was standard practice after dark. Though once the guard Captain on duty brought the light of a torch near Kaidia’s face, he paled, and his eyes went wide. “Miss Valengaard!” the Captain exclaimed. “None other.” she responded with a faint smile.

“Open the gates, you great twats!” the Captain shouted at the guards. As the guards pushed the gates open, Kai pointed to Kit, Rose, and Mytheria, who were all gawking at Kaidia with a bit of wonder. “They’re with me, Captain.” she stated flatly. “Of course, Miss.” came his reply. She nodded to him and the other guards as she walked through the gates, her little band of misfits trailing behind her. “What in the blue demon fuck are you? Royalty??” Rose asked with a bit of awe.

“Close. I’m a noble. And I kind of saved the city during the last war.” the warrior replied over her shoulder. Rose just blushed and wondered how the hell she got into this. Not that it was bad for her, just overwhelming. “How did you save the city?” Myth asked. “That is a story for another night, Mytheria.” the mercenary replied.

The small group made their way quietly through the streets. Kit, Rose, and Myth looked around as they walked. They had never been here before. The streets were mostly empty, though they passed several taverns that were well lit and had open windows that let boisterous noise drift into the otherwise calm night.

Kai led the little group to a more residential area of town. A rather affluent neighborhood. They came upon a dark house in the corner of the neighborhood, surrounded by a large yard and trees. Someone had been taking care of the place but it obvious no one had been living there. There as just that feeling in the air around the building. Kaidia walked up the walk, her little family of outcasts following. When the warrior reached the front door, she put her palm to it and a flash of blue light burst out silently from where the door and Kaidia made contact. Then the door simply swung open, admitting Kaidia and her small group.

Once everyone was inside, Kaidia closed the door, and waved a hand. Her gesture lit every torch, candle and fireplace in the house, bathing the interior of the long dormant house in light. Everyone glanced around and it became immediately apparent where everything that had vanished at their previous home had gone. It was all here, everything in it’s proper place and looking as though it had always been here.

“Alright, I’m tired. I want some sleep before my family inevitably arrives tomorrow. Let me show you where you’ll be sleeping.” Kaidia said as the girls looked around. The warrior started up the stairs. This house, being larger than the last, had more rooms upstairs. Larger rooms at that. Kit, Rose, and Myth all followed Kai, who turned left at the top of the steps and went to the end of the hall where she pushed open a door, revealing a rather splendid guest room with opulent furnishings and a fire crackling in the fireplace. The bed was large enough to accomodate two people, easily. “Kitara, Mytheria. You’ll be sleeping here.” Kai said and gestured to the room. The neko and the thief stepped into the room and looked around, looked at each other, then back to Kaidia. The mercenary smiled faintly. “Sweet dreams.” she said lightly, then closed the door, took Rose’s hand, and headed to the other end of the hall, passing a few closed doors along the way.

At the other end of the hall, she pushed open another door, this one revealing an even more lushly furnished bedroom with elegantly carved chairs and a couch, all with nearly overstuffed cushions, along with a four poster bed that looked like it matched the couch and chairs. A bigger fireplace burned in one end of the room, a chest occupied the space at the foot of the bed, and a wardrobe stood against the wall opposite the bed. “Wow.” was all Rose could get out for the moment.

Kaidia just chuckled at Rose’s reaction. “And I thought your last place was nice.” the bar maid said, a bit of awe still in her voice. “Thank you.” Kai replied softly and then gestured to the bed. “You will be sleeping with me unless you have some sort of objection to that.” the warrior said with a little smile. “None at all.” Rose said with a bit of a blush.

“Good. Now come here.” Kai ordered as she stepped toward the bed. Rose came over with a questioning look. The mercenary wrapped her powerful arms around Rose’s smaller form and drew the girl in close. “My past few days have been longer than I care to recall.” Kai informed the tavern wench. “And?” Rose asked. “And I need some stress relief. That is where you come into the picture.” Kaidia replied.

It took the bar maid a moment to figure out just what that meant. By the time it registered, she was pushed to kneel on the chest at the foot of to bed, her hands on the mattress to brace herself, eyes looking at the covers that concealed a firm but comfortable mattress. In the next moment, both Rose’s pants and panties had been jerked down to her ankles, revealing her still rather dark pink and striped bottom to Kai’s gaze.

“Lovely.” was all Kaidia had to say to make Rose blush scarlet. The warrior strode over to her wardrobe, opened the doors, then crouched down to open a box in the bottom. “About a year ago, just before I settled in the town in which we met, I took a job in the elven forests. A wonderful people, the elves. Very polite, very accepting, and very beautiful.” Kai said while remembering the time she spent among the elves. “What um.. what’s your point, Kai?” Rose asked hesitantly.

The warrior took something out of the box and walked back toward Rose’s rather exposed form. “In the elven forests, there is a city called Aslesiona. It is entirely populated by female elves, all lesbians. Those elves came up with a nifty little toy for themselves.” Kai said as she stepped around to Rose’s side and held out the object in her hand for the bar maid to look at.

It was an ornately crafted, smooth, wooden phallus. Polished and varnished to an extreme with leather straps attached. Rose’s eyes went wide and her cheeks blushed a deep crimson. She opened her mouth but nothing came out so she just closed her mouth instead of staring slack-jawed. Kaidia laughed. “That is the reaction I was hoping for.” she said, still chuckling lightly.

The warrior strapped the thick, somewhat lengthy toy about her hips. The shaft pointing out proudly from her pelvis as she walked behind Rose. “It is enchanted as well. All the pleasure a man would feel from sex will be channeled to me and you, of course, will get what you’d expect from being taken, pretty flower.” Kai said, the smirk on her lips easily heard in her voice.

Rose could only spread her legs a bit in answer, her voice lost for the moment. She bit her lower lip and offered herself to the mercenary. The offer was far from lost on Kai as she stepped forward and pressed the tip of the carved length to Rose’s pussy lips, eliciting a little gasp from the tavern wench. That gasp turned into a groan as the warrior pushed forward and forced Rose to accept the thick, wooden length into her slick cunt. “I figured you’d be wet, little one.” she said with a smirk. Rose blushed deeper yet.

The smoothness of the phallus and the slickness of Rose’s pussy made it easy for Kai to bury the toy deep inside the bar maid. Kaidia groaned softly, the enchantment of the toy taking effect. The mercenary started pumping slowly and deeply, allowing Rose a few moments to get used to the size of the toy. The thrusts almost immediately started gaining speed, even if at a gradual rate. Kai’s strong hands took a firm hold on Rose’s hips as the thrusts grew harder and quicker. Rose could only groan, squirm and gasp as Kaidia’s hips slapped against her sore, tender bottom with each thrust of the toy.

The wet noise of the toy slipping in and out of Rose’s cunt mingled with the grunts and moans of the two women. Rose was blushing as much from exertion as from embarrassment at this point. Suddenly, Kai pulled the toy from the tavern wench’s pussy. “Time to make you completely mine, Rose Haelstrom.” Kaidia said with an aggressive growl whilst moving one hand up to grip Rose’s hair. Rose, in a bit of a sexual haze, didn’t quite understand what the warrior was talking about and hardly noticed the fingers grabbing the hair at the base of her skull. A moment later, it was made crystal clear as Kai pushed the tip of the wet toy to Rose’s asshole. The smaller woman hardly had time to gasp before her dominating lover shoved the thick length into her ass.

Kai moaned aloud as the toy sank into Rose’s tight little hole, stretching it. Rose had never felt so submissive in her life. The mercenary proved to be the impatient type as she simply started pounding the thick phallus into Rose’s ass, out and out fucking the bar maid.

“You’re mine, Rose.” was all Kaidia said as she continued to thrust into the tavern wench’s tight little ass. “Y-yes, Ma’am.” Rose managed to reply, her tone demure and her voice breathless. The enchanted toy caused Kaidia to feel so much pleasure that she was moaning with every shove of the carved length into the bar maid’s ass.

Rose could hardly believe it when she felt the rush of an orgasm burning through her body. At the same moment, Kai moaned aloud and buried that toy as deep as she could into Rose’s ass and had her own mind numbing orgasm, her fingers gripping the bar maid’s hip and hair tightly, causing a near breathless hiss to escape the smaller woman.

It took minute or two for the two women to catch their breath. Kai let go of Rose’s hair and slowly pulled the toy from the girl’s bottom. The warrior undid the straps and slid the toy off. She set it aside, took Rose’s arm, and pulled the tavern wench to a standing position whilst simultaneously turning Rose to her. The shorter woman blushed as she looked up and locked eyes with her warrior lover. Kaidia leaned down and pressed her lips firmly to Rose’s in a deep, possessive kiss. The bar maid kissed back, momentarily forgetting that her pants and panties were tangled around her ankles.

The kiss was interrupted by a thud, a yelp, and a hiss from down the hall. Kai’s lips jerked away from Rose’s and the mercenary looked irritated. “What in the nine hells are they doing now?” she asked no one in particular as she let Rose go and headed for the bedroom door with a growl.