“Benny” By levena

This was the moistest fucking cake you would of ever eatin..

The phone rang continuously on the greasy wall behind the bar. It was a blistering August afternoon. The heated interior of Roozies’ Biker Club was stuffy, and smelt of smoke and liquors. The stupid phone had been ringing, since I’d opened the doors at noon. It was unbelievably hot behind in bar, and Mr. Trevino was still refusing to have the air conditioner fixed.
Bike riders were entering the club, drinking iced soda, or cold beer and then returning to their bikes to ride. The wind must have felt refreshing, and inviting to anyone, who might be wearing sweat upon any nude skin they might be showing.
Since Mother Nature had absolutely no breeze to offer Mid-Michigan however that day, I would continue to suffer, sweating and working in the walls of the foul-smelling club. I was wearing my smallest black cotton shorts and the lightest baby tank I found hanging in my closet. No bra today, to fucking hot. I didn’t give a shit, makes most of those weak bikers delighted anyways, and I needed the money for my car payment.
I ignored the phone.
“Mmm that looks good Girl!” “I can see the sweat beading up on the back of legs” Ben said.
Ben was a regular biker who came into the bike club every Saturday, and frankly drove me entirely insane. He seemed to like to stand slouched at the end of my bar, and make comments about anything and everything, that came into his perverted demented mind. Apparently, even if the weather could melt your face off, Ben would still have something disgusting on his mind and would voice it loudly. He slowly would drink his beers, and make conversation with me and other customers all day.
Most of the time, I did enjoy Ben company. Saturday afternoons were usually slow around this time of year. Bikers only stopped in for a drink or two, at least until after the sun went down. Then most of them fuckers would bring their sun and wind logged attitudes, along with their bitches up into my club.
“Ben worry about your own fucking sweat” I smarted back at him.
“Come here let me wipe it off.” he smirked.
“Wipe the leer off your face, or I will deny your next beer.” I piped at him.
“You wouldn’t.” said Ben.
“I would, I can, and you know it Ben.” I said chuckling while opening a beer, for the new lady who just set up to one of my empty bar stools.
Ben moved over and sat next to the new redheaded lady, “Looks like our bartender needs her attitude adjusted today.”
“BEN, you better stop.” I snarled at him.
“Drink your beer and gamble would you.”
Of course Ben didn’t stop running his mouth. It continued upchucking remarks all fucking day. Ben had a problem with my ass, he wanted it, and I wasn’t about to give it up every Saturday to him. Occasionally, maybe.
He claimed Saturdays were his day to come to Roozies’, and watch sports and gamble.
Funny thing was, I never put sports on the Televisions, and gambling, he did almost every day of the week.
“I hear the Detroit riders are stopping in here this afternoon?” Ben said to me.
“I thought I heard that to.” I replied.
“I sure do hope so.” “This place is so damn slow when the temperature is like this.”
“Their run started at 10am, they should be here soon.” Ben remarked. “Sure wish they would hurry up this game is getting harder to watch.”
“WHAT game?” I said looking and shaking my head back and forth right at Ben. There was no game on; I put music videos on the TV’s when I opened.
“The one I am watching right here behind the bar.” Ben laughed. “That fight your black cotton shorts are having with your ass, the cotton seems blameless when you bend over; stretches around that butt, and then I have to watch it get overpowered and submerged into your sinful ass crack when you rise.” Ben’s mouth just kept going.
“Ben you’re going to consume that beer can forcibly down your throat here in a second, if you don’t stop.”
“Bartender you’re going to eat my…”
“BEN!” I stuck my finger right up into his bearded face, “You will regret it today, and I’m telling you it is to fucking hot for your mouth to be producing such heated breathe of babbles.”
“I got your babbling sweetie, and gagging.” Ben continued, he wouldn’t quit, and I would just have to put him on my ignore list, at least for the moment, and concentrate on the amount of bikers that had just pulled in the parking lot.
The club went from empty to almost every seat full, this would happen on Saturday, sometimes three times in a shift. Most local bike clubs had their weekend runs, and this club was a normal scheduled stop on many of their routed destinations. It was all beneficial for me, the money was excellent, and the magnitude of diverse guys and girls were exciting to serve, and chitchat with.
The bikers kept me busy with drinks for about an hour and a half. The girls all used the restroom, and I made sure to take some clean bar towels in there for them to soak them with cold water. They enjoyed being able to get the sweat off their faces and necks, then running the cold cloth down their chest and under their breasts were the warmth had hit sizzling record highs. The guys would loiter outside the bathrooms, they loved to listen, and was enchanted with the shrieks’ and squeals coming out of the ladies room as a cold cloth would hit the sultry hot skin of a girl, who were experiencing the touch of a refreshing cold cloth
Time would fly bye during a busy surge of bikers, it however, would return back to the 20 or so regulars, that hung in the club every Saturday afternoon, playing pool, gambling, bugging the bartender like Ben seem to never stop doing on Saturdays.
The sun had gone down, and the thunderous booming of the rock band started playing in the club. The customers were coming through the door in groups. Time to get the party started. The walls were bouncing with the beat of drums, and the shredding sounds of the guitar player ripping in people ears was euphoric to the ratio of sun logged buzzed females in the club. The crowd would typically get crazy, and it was still so fucking hot outside peoples sweaty bodies were covering every inch of the dance floor sweating all over each other. I was happy right where I was, I didn’t want no part of the DNA being passed around out there beyond my bar.
The sun going down only meant it was time to stop straddling a two wheeled monster bike, and start dancing, and showing tits for most of the ladies in bar. The guys, set back and watched, spending their money on any pretty lady they hoped to see tits and ass from.
I watched my bar closely every Saturday night, and never had much fear of getting in some ones ass for acting like hot headed fuck face in my club. That meant whether you were male or female. I would kick you out, bar you from the club, and remember your fucking face. Most idiots just got out when they were told to, some would need a little help though. If they needed help, I always had the right way of handling it. Usually it was Brock my bouncer, but then, it was usually a jealous Alpha fight that had started to brew, or that had already erupted.
I noticed one large male biker looking like he was going to front on other biker, but what really caught my eye was the two females off to the left, now they looked like they were bursting with attitudes themselves. I stopped making my Johnny Walker, and stared for less than two seconds, when I noticed the brown headed little girl in her red jean daisy shorts start kicking off her black high heels.
“OH SHIT!” I yelled, and looked to my left, then back to my right, realizing I was going over the top of my crowded bar instead of either end exits out; the ends were covered with babbling drunken individuals .
Putting my foot on the liquor well, I leaped my ass up on the bar, and swung my legs hard to the left, spinning my firm ass around so I could leap between the nice red-headed lady that came in earlier, and the gentlemen she had found fun talking with.
My feet hit the hard bar floor on the opposite side of my domain, and I went stomping straight for the stupid ladies trying to get beefy with each other in my club.
“LISTEN HERE BITCHES, take it in the middle street.” I said while gathering a following. I walked straight up to the little bitch, which had now kicked both her black heels off.
The little bitches’ mouths were babbling about how the other girl needed to keep her dick licking mouth shut. Blah blah blah kept coming from both of those cunts mouths. Back and forth they kept at it, and it was escalating between them fast, but its bigger issue was the two men standing there getting ready to defend something within them self because of their women. Those bitches were going to have to shut the fuck up and take in the street, or I was going to shut those little fucking cunts up myself.
“GET OUT MY BAR.” I bellowed as I got right up in between them.
“Angel, I am going kick this little bitches ass, if she don’t stop running her mouth.” said a female regular, by the name Mandy.
“YOU’RE NOT KICKING ANY ONES ASS IN HERE MANDY, GET OUT.” I pointed my finger for the second time that night, and this time I mean, “GET OUT.” That’s when that little brown headed cunt thought she was going to pull something just so reckless. I still have no clue what drug she was on before coming up into the club, and starting that shit. She tried to punch Mandy’s face and missed, hitting me right in the side of my shoulder, grazing my neck.
I grabbed that little nasty cunt and brought her to the ground like a simple dirty bar rag, shoving her face into the dirty beer and cocktails spilled all over the cement floor, as I put pressure with my knee into the small of her back, I held her head with huge handful of her brown hair, and kept her flat face in the vulgar liquid. I screamed in her ear, and shoved her face harder, moving it back and forth three or four time, making sure I wiped nasty liquid all over her foul talking face hole, “LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE CUNT, I WILL MAKE YOU LICK THIS FLOOR AND STILL BEAT YOUR FUKING ASS. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR.”
Oh I wish, I could have just took that little bitch and kicked her insolent ass, I swear she was lucky I was on some ones else’s time clock, or I would of beat her senseless. I released my grip on her face and lifted my knee off of her back; she stood up, looking at me with intense unfortunate displeasure of having her face wiped in filth.
“GET OUT” I pointed again. “You to Mandy, GET THE FUCK OUT.”
The little bitch who ate floor, she left without even grabbing her heels, I noticed the crowds throwing the heels around somewhere near the end of the night, and laughed about it myself.
Mandy started to protest, and I about lost it again, however I turned and looked at the two dumb founded bikers.
“Do these dumb skanks belong to you two?” I asked them walking away. “Well if they do, you need to take the ill-mannered bitches’ home and whip the piss out of them. They need to learn to keep their foul offensive attitudes to their self and out a this club.”
The crowd that gathered for the scene yelled, “HELL YEAH, GET EM ANGEL!”
I left and went back to my bar, and Brock the bouncer continued removing the ass fucks from the club. The four of them left quiet, and actually the rest of the evening went rather well. Nothing big happened the rest of the night, except all the liquid continuing to hit the floor. The hustling of people, dancing, and moving themselves through the crowded club, would always leave the floor a vulgar trashcan party of dirty alcohol, which would make anyone get poisoning thinking about its ghastly stench.
The girls and I finished cleaning the club around 3:15am; they all left through the back door, and the owner Mr. Trevino and Ben came out of Trevino’s office. Trevino and Ben were extraordinary friends. I had finished my totals and had just finally taken my apron full of quarters off my sore hips, and threw it up onto the bar.
“Shit it was so hot today Angel, I could have made a “Medderterain flapjack on your stomach.”
“OH SHIT!” Mouth is back, I thought. Turning my head and pulling my dark brown hair out of a rubber band, which I had used to make a ponytail earlier. I jumped my ass up on the bar, took the Patron bottle, and poured a shot and a half right straight out the nozzle and into my mouth and swallowed hard; I looked right into Ben’s eyes.
“What’s a Medderterain flapjack?” I had to inquire.
“It’s when I cum on your belly, and we let it dry in the sun, it peel off just like a flapjack baby.”
“BEN YOU’RE SICK MAN!” I said while laughing my ass off.
I took the Patron bottle and gave myself another round in the throat, shivering as it went down my pipe. I swung my legs up so I was sitting with my knees into my chest, right on top of the bar, staring at Ben. He was staring at my crouch all tightly packed up and tucked between my thighs.
“You know Angel, I should get to heat that ass up, for making sure Mr. Trevino didn’t catch wind 8 beers were stole from your ice cooler this evening, all while you were not paying attention to your bar.”
“Ben what are you talking about prick?”
“I stole eight beers from your cooler; I know your count was off by at least 8. One for everybody, sitting up at the bar this evening, when you were rubbing Miss Mouth’s face into the floor” Ben explained.
“SO what.” I said.
I felt the Patron hitting my blood stream, so I took just one more round. As I put the bottle down on to the bar, I felt Ben wrap his large hands around my tiny ankles, and with graceful force pull them enough out from underneath me to flipping me backwards onto my back.
Staring at the ceiling now, which had hundreds of nasty dusty sweaty bras hanging from the pipes and decor of the bike club I squealed, “OUCH BEN.” Even though, I was not hurt in shape.
“Ouch, you say?” Ben brought my legs up over my head and swatted my ass hard. “OUCH, you say?” and another swat landed even harder.
I squealed, and tried to move fast, however, I didn’t make it far. I fell to and was brought down to the floor behind the bar. Ben snagged a hold of my hips and flipped me onto my back right on the freshly mopped floor, and brought his entire muscular body in between my legs, grabbing each one of legs lifting them up and over my own head, and keeping them there with the force of his left arm and shoulder; he was blocking me from being able to move, or change positions.
“Again Angel, you said OUCH what?” Ben asked has he smacked my lower sit spot again and again with the blistering strength of his right hand. I started trying to slap his slaps away, but he kept slapping my ass; and I kept missing his hand.
It was too late, Ben had me right where he wanted, my pussy was hot from the cotton shorts climbing up it all day, and now the smacks had made the blood flow to my sex. The Patron was kicking high speed now, and all I could do was think of how energizing Ben was at getting me off. I went with his desire, and finally cried, “OUCH BEN the spanking hurts, please, pretty please stops it.” I playfully begged Ben to stop the spanking and he didn’t. He kept the smacks raining down with his right hand as he reached for the box cutter sitting by the cash register, before I realized it, or could even scream in fear he was going to cut me, he had a hold of center of my black cotton covered crouch, and cut them wide open. I gasped; my pussy had nothing covering it anymore.
“Now that’s a hot totty.” Ben remarked in his distinct growl of lust. The assaults to my upward stretched ass cheek had stopped thankfully; my bottom was already warmed enough. Ben grabbed the bottle of Patron and stared into my eyes with his hazel looking gaze of thirst, he lifted the bottle up and poured at least three shots over my belly button and pussy, filling both cavities, I jumped with even the refreshing room temperature liquid hitting my sticky sweaty skin. Ben grabbed my tee, and lifted it so high it completely came off over my head, displaying my breast; Ben continued pouring one more shot over my small white hills.
“Now this is nice looking shot, I have been waiting all day for this cocktail. Let’s see we’ll call it “BENNY’S FISHBOWL”.” Ben went straight for the navel; he sucked my belly button cavity hard, and then started licking my stomach with his tongue. His two inch beard around the bottom of his lip caused me to tremble every time he moved his head in a backward motion. I quivered, and tried to twist, but I couldn’t help but giggle like a little girl.
I would continue to twitch with the pleasure of Ben’s tongue licking its way over my tummy and up my breasts. I only hand a small handful of tits, and Ben cupped them one by one as tight as he wanted; he licked the Patron forcefully off my tits, occasionally biting my nipple and asking me questions like, “You liked shoving that cunts face in the floor?”
I whimpered with his clench teeth round my stiff nipple, “Yesss”, I would say.
“You should have beaten her ass Angel, she hit you.”
“I wouldn’t dare on Trevino’s clock.” I spoke back with trembles and waves of awkward shivers running up and down the inner part of my thighs; the Patron was pooled in my vagina and was starting to sting. Ben had just started on my other breast.
“So, Trevino wouldn’t have cared, that cunt swung and connected with you.” Ben said taking my other nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, then moving over the mound and licking underneath, making sure he licked all the liquor of every inch of my tit. Ben raised his head and looked at me in my face again, landing one hard crack on my ass with his right palm.
“You should of have beat the piss out of her yourself Angel.”
I screeched with the impact of the slap and bucked my ass hard for fear Ben would land another crack. He didn’t, instead Ben came around the top of my head and straddled it with his knees, still holding my legs raised above my head; he would not want to lose his hot shot of Patron out of my sex hole for anything.
He held loosely to my legs, knowing I would not technically try to get away from him at this point and demanded me to reach up and un-buckle his leather belt for him. My hands reached with my trembling fingers, and grabbed his belt were the silver simple buckle was attached. I pulled it sideways to release the pin that was keeping the leather fasten together. I then started to simply whine and couldn’t hold my fear inside any longer.
“Pllleasssee Ben, do not whip me, not this time?” I begged, whine like a little brat. I didn’t want to be spanked; I wanted his tongue deep inside my hole, sucking his perverted cocktail dry.
“Well, I don’t know sweet tart, seems you need lesson in how an ass should get beat.”
“No Ben, I just, I didn’t, I should have, I, I. OHH Ben you know I couldn’t of took the time and beat her ass, you were already up here stealing from my bar anyways, if I would of took the time to pull that bitch outside and beat her ass, you would of gave round and round of beer to people.”
Ben laughed, “TAKE MY COCK OUT FOR ME.” I did with pleasure.
Ben’s teeth returned to my skin with little bites to the inner part of my thighs, he tongue traveled with intense ridged strokes moving his way to the center of my body split. His tongue hit my ass crack and sent mild earth quacks through my entire body, after stopping for a brief moment at the rosebud muscle, he cupped his mouth over my vagina and sucked with force, sucking hard at the same time his rough beard would rub hard against my clit, sending my eyes back into my head and my legs desperately trying to stay wrapped around Ben’s entire upper body.
I started to purr and moan, as I myself started to lick Ben’s balls, that were hanging in my view, his cock was so hard. I reached and grabbed Ben’s ass, holding onto to his cheeks. I needed something to squeeze, and his ass fit perfect into my hands. I took his left ball into my mouth and sucked it with just enough pressure to make Ben raise his head, and release his own sucking of my hole. He moaned loud and grabbed both legs at the upper part of my inner thighs. His thumb hit my clit and he pinched it between his thumb and pointer finger. I squeezed harder to his ass, and released my grip to his ball. He lifted his body enough and I opened wider to accept his cock into my mouth.
I would move my tongue up and down his solid throbbing cock, as he moved his hips in a upward motion, then I would relax my entire body and throat as his returned back downwards, Ben didn’t like me gagging, he knew just how far to go, and how long to keep his cock in my throat before returning upward again. We got the rhythm quick and Ben returned to his own sucking of my cavity and clit.
He would return back to my rosebud and tongue it hard, stopping to thumb and probe my pussy. I finally couldn’t help it any longer and started to shake with intense waves of heated flashes through my entire body. I moaned over and over again, and listen to Ben tell me how he was going to fuck me in my ass, as soon as my pussy oozed juices from it. That was only seconds away.
My nude violated skeleton shook with electrical waves flowing through my nerves, I felt my orgasm fluid seeping fast, and anything left from the Patron crept out and flowed down my crack now pooling inside my tongued stretched ass muscle.
“AHHH, good girl.” Ben muttered. “You’re going to regret not beating that chicks ass.”
Ben got up off his knees, and with my legs still in his hands, he overlapped my legs, and flipped me over to onto my belly. I yelped, and squirmed a bit, but his hands reached up under my hips and got a hold of sex. Ben brought me up so my ass was high as my frame would let it go; he held tight to my pussy with his left hand, rubbing my clit with his palm hard. I was going to cum again fast, and Ben knew it, so he rubbed extra harder and faster, stopping to shove his thumb up my twat, thrusting it hard, seven or eight times, before returning, and rubbing more friction to my sore clit. Again I trembled hard, and couldn’t stop myself from screaming in extremely orgasmic pleasure.
“BEN, Ohh .“I grumbled. “AHH, plleaassse, I,I.”
Every inch of my body tightened and started quivering with his voice asking me a question of such humiliation. Ben loved it though. Make you admit, that your ass is going to get fucked. Making me say it was Ben’s fun.
Ben’s roughness usually was hallucinating to me; he spoke nasty and cruel, and actually meant what he said. However, he would never actually disrespect me, and I knew it.
I stood up and turned looking up at Ben, the neon green Jaguar sign shined off the silver hair he wore in his trimmed mustache and beard. I pulled his pants down father, kneeling bring them down well past his knees.
Oh, I hated his callous ways of making someone feel shameful; I bowed my head and gazed at my feet, and started to speak, but Ben took my chin in his hand and said, “NO, look right here.” He pointed into his eyes.
I had no choice now with my face resting in his hand, and I wouldn’t of turned back anyways and spoke with the most meekest humiliated voice, “Please Ben, I prefer the pleasure of you fucking my bottom, instead of the cruel leather belt, satisfy yourself with it my bud muscle instead please?” I begged this in question form; it honestly was a ritual that Ben liked to play with me.
I got my wish, and felt myself get lifted and moved to the bar stool, that set beside the register. Ben had a fancy fetish with that stool, and thanks heaven for me, its thick padding and smooth soft red leather covering made it easier on my stomach.
My arms dangled over my head, I tried to reach my fingertips towards the floor, and could only graze it with them. My legs were spread extremely wider then usual, and my sore pussy was still throbbing with anticipation of the fuck I was about to receive. Ben came over top of my ass with his extremely inflexible device, and immediately crammed pressure into my dark cavity. I screamed in pain, and honestly felt Ben get harder, as I caught my breathe enough to start crying and yelping in pain again. The second thrust packed another burning sensation right up my ass and lodged its extreme stimulation right into my clit, I shook and stiffened up like a plank, feeling Ben hurling his hips upward and then falling with full weigh back into my ass. I pleaded, and reached for my bottom, begging for the assault to stop, it went on for a long time however.
Ben didn’t get off as easy as he could make a girl cum down her legs. He mobbed my ass for what seemed like forever, until finally he grabbed a large chuck of my left ass and squeezed it hard, slapping the other cheek with force, making me cry out loud with pain. He shot his load right onto the small of my back, slapping my ass cheek one more time a lot lighter.
“If we were sunning our self, you could have fried that flapjack Angel.”
I grabbed for my shorts, realizing the bastard cut them off me, “You’re gross Ben, and now what am I supposed to do. I stuck my sliced shorts and panties in his face?”
Ben took off his black shirt and through it over my head; it landed well below my knees.
“Angel, come on now, it wouldn’t be the first time you rode straddled over a monster bike with no panties on!”
I giggled and agreed, took my apron shoved it in my purse and locked the club doors behind us.




“Saturday Night Chatters”

I knew he would come, wall to wall girls, and adult sex toys being discussed; passed around like a bottle of expensive wine for everyone’s taste buds to place judgments on.
“Nah, to thick, I like them slender.”
“I have this one; it wiggles just right, and those rabbit ears at the top, “OH MY GOD” girl!”
“I have it in blue, and the larger size in pink, your right about that wiggling!”
“Have you tried your swing yet?”
“No, but the love paddle works!”
Yes all these questions and comments flying; add games of charades too, Nothing would keep Benny away.
Angel knew it. The eye contact and her outfit alone also told him why she came.
As soon as she knew it was safe, Angel slipped through the forbidden part of the club house, and walked out the back door and stood in the darkness.
“Why you got those boots on?” Benny’s voice said walking up behind Angel.
“Why not, it is Michigan, and it’s cold tonight.”
“SOoo, that black and pink skirt landing just below your ass 5 inches, is warm then?
“Shut the fuck up Benny” Angle had to something, she was standing there knees about knocking from the cold; or was it, what she was about to do once again?”
“You have panties on?”
“Yes of course.”
“Going to be taking them off?” Benny chuckled.
“The rain sure did wash a lot of chatter bumps into Lowrell’s dirt road.”
A jumbled up dirt road with all kinds of rivets, making a very bumpy route would always make Angel think of Benny; she did it once, and figured since there was really no actual intercourse collaboration; she wouldn’t need to feel bad about, and frankly wasn’t going too.
“Let’s go check the road out, you’re lucky it’s cold, you’d be ditching those panties now, and not when we got there.”
Angel shrugged her shoulders, and rode the long chilly ride with her face buried into Benny’s leather coat he was wearing.
Benny glared his single light down the dark uninhabited bumping road when they arrived.
“You are going to do it Angel?”
“Yes Benny, I will.”
“I know you will, get them off!”
“Yes, okay.” Angel climbed off the Harley and stood in Benny’s light, and removed her black sheer panties and handed them to Benny.
“Thanks.” He said, and shoved them into his back pocket.
“You can have them back later.”
“Yes, thanks” Angel replied. She was getting more and more anxious.
“Get on”
Benny lifted and set himself a little farther back on the leather seat, and Angel straddled his lap facing him, looking at his eyes in the dark, they were greenish blue, and with the moon dancing off the center of them, it was almost like Angel was looking at the sea.
As soon as Angel landed her pantie less crotch onto Benny’s leathers chaps, her body started to rise in tempter. Cold in Michigan, until you find something to warm you up I guess.
Angel let herself go. Benny reached under her thighs and heaved her ass up and placed her onto the swelling section he had going on.
Angel giggled, and Benny shoved her chest just enough; pushing her back into the center of his handle bars. Opening her pink coat and tugging her shirt up pass her breast and shoving her bra directly up behind it.
“mmmmm, those will look nice tonight.”
“Ride Benny, please.” Angel begged all though she knew Benny never would make her beg for such a thing; it was more, because she already felt the orgasmic feelings intensifying between her legs.
Benny stopped holding the Harley so hard between his legs, and reached for his handle bars, leaning over Angel’s breast, taking just a small taste as he ran his hot tongue up between her tits.
“We are going to ride.”
Benny started out about 20 miles an hour. Making sure the road was actually going to be safe, as he drove his two wheels over a dangerous mess of chatter bumps. As soon as he had good control of his Harley, he raised the speed 15, and enjoyed the bumps that were bouncing Angel’s weightless figure up and down.
Angel’s crotch slamming up and down onto Benny’s ridge bulge, and her small tits bouncing side to side made her sex start to sweat with pure orgasmic nectar. Her nipples so hard from the excitement between her legs, even the cold Michigan September’s weather could never make her nipples this stiff.
Benny road for miles in one direction on the chattered messed up road of pure bouncing pleasure for Angel, before stopping and swinging his Harley around.
“You okay Sweetness?” Benny asked.
“You’re lucky I use a water proofing agent on my leather chaps young lady.”
“Ahhh, well their sticky now.” Angel chuckled.
Benny finished his circle and took off, sending Angle’s wet snatch back to spring up and down, her pussy briskly bobbing on Benny’s leather covered cock. She moaned and screamed as she had the second orgasm. Her pelvic bone would hurt for days, and she knew it, she would embrace it for the time.
As they ended their ride and Angle got off Benny’s cock, she felt the cold air between her very wet thighs. Benny handed Angel her black panties back. Angel wiped down her legs and then looked at Benny in the dark again, as she tossed the panties behind her.
Closing her eyes, she felt Benny climb off the Harley. The sound of the kick stand gave a quick shiver up Angel’s spine, but she knew what Benny wanted.
Walking back towards the motorcycle, Angel places herself upside down over the padded seat, spreading her legs far apart; Benny knelt on the gravel ground, reached up and grabbed Angel’s white ass cheeks, pulling them hard apart. Angel gasped at the stretch she felt, especially to her dark anal hole. It burned from the widening, although the sting short lived, Benny’s tongue had no problem finding the honeyed hole in the dark, sending Angle ass bucking and gasping as she heightened again.
“How many times did you cum Young lady?’
“Yummmm, lets repeat two of those on my face now.”
“Yes, fine!” Angel said groaning without complaint.

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  3. yes it started a few years ago i was not working and a a lady i meet ask if i need a job i said yes well if come with me now you can help me around my place but first i have a little shopping to do i said that fine we went to the mall you may come in with me we went to a women clothes store there she got some panties and bras a few dress i told her as a joke i wonder i would look like in women clothes she look at me and smile then she ask have you ever try a bra on i lied i told her once one of my mom then she look at some other bras then she pick up a red black white bra i think these may fit then she got some panties and a blouse dress she went to paid for them then we went in to a sex store and she pick up some fake breasts and a dido cock and now we are at her house now i want you to have a shower and use the cream and then come to the bedroom i did as told i walk in and on the bed lay out the clothes she brought well you told me you want to see what you look in women clothes so i brought you these now come here first i put the fake breast on then in a while she put the bra on then the panties then my toe nails were done in pink then a see thought white blouse you could see my black bra next came the short black skirt then she put nylons on and high heels then she toke my hand and we walk over to a full mirror i look like a girl then she told me as long you work for me this what you wear now i will show you how to be a sissy girl maid well after a year i become a sissy maid i have learn how to do what women do then one day i saw the dido cock in her room i pick it up and play with it i kiss the round head and like it just then she walk in what i have here my bitch playing with my dido cock i told her i was sorry do not stop show me what you were doing i put it in my mouth and suck that my bitch suck it she walk up behind me do my sissy bitch wants to feel like a women i nod yes she undone my dress and pull my panties down she toke the dido and shove it in my ass hole you have a tight pussy ass well after a few month i become her full time slave and i have my own breasts she had me on pills that made them grow i can know longer go out as a male i am now a sissy girl and she tell me soon i will have a male lover

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