The IT boy! By luffy

t could have been any office in the country, from the standard beech effect curved desks to the rows and rows of identical black adjustable chairs it mimicked every other business centre in the city, it could have been the office I work in or the office you work in. Yet for our young protagonist this was not just any office for the impressionable Craig Muldrew this office was the start of a career.

Fresh out of university and fresh-faced Craig did not cut the most intimidating of figures has he stood fidgeting in reception, dressed in a new suit, a graduation present from his mother, that still had the crease lines and a rogue tag sneakily hiding on the back of the jacket he barely looked a day over sixteen, nevermind the 24-year-old IT graduate he was meant to be… disheveled messy hair, a wire thin frame and deep blue eyes that seemed lost on the wonder of his surroundings rather than focus on his first day.

The secretary had been less than helpful, he had tried his best to make himself sound confident, it was after all his first day in a graduate position. The confidence however was cut short when after introducing himself the thirty something women behind the desk had merely nodded picked up a phone ” the new IT boy is here” she said dryly before clicking the phone down and returning to the important facebooking she was attending without as much as another glance towards Craig.

After what seemed like an eternity of mindless shuffling back and forth a door from behind reception creaked open and from it stepped the first friendly face he had seen this morning. Karen McIntosh was her name, she had been present at all three of the interviews for this position, continually reassuring Craig to think about his answers, to get to the point of his solution and gently guiding him through the whole process.

Standing in the doorway Karen looked radiant, middle aged her curvaceous figure framed perfectly in the office uniform of black pencil skirt and silky purple blouse that strained at the chest as it tried to cover her ample womanly assets, her wavy red hair flowed over her shoulders and ended in the small of her back.

Craig’s relief was short-lived, for when Karen opened her mouth gone were to soft nd gentle tones of the interview, replaced with a harsh cutting sarcasm as she exaggerated tapped on her wrist…

“In this office we start at 9am sharp Mr Muldrew”

“I…I..I’ve been here since…”

Craigs reply was cut short as Karen performed an almost perfect pirouette on her stiletto heel and walked away.
“No excuses young man, now hurry up
Craig felt the rush of blood in his cheeks at being told off like a schoolboy late for class and the smug smirk of the facebooking receptionist did not help save his blushes….

Craig followed obediently as Karen marched ahead up two flights of stairs, his blushes were quick to dissipate as he watched the gorgeous figure of his new boss sway in an almost mesmerizing way in front of him, he was sure she had caught him staring with a quick glance over her shoulder on one or two occasions but she said nothing of it as she stopped at a door and turned to face him.

She withdrew a key from the pocket of the figure hugging pencil skirt and the door eased open on its hinges. Craig could feel his face drop, inside was not the office he had envisaged, unlike the open plan aspect of the office this room was small and could be summed up with very few words, mostly adjectives, mostly rude. The light was gloomy and barely managed to force its way through the dusty grimly venetian blinds that covered the only small window, PC parts, cables and loose folders littered the floor and the bin in the corner looked like it hadn’t been emptied since the last IT guy quit/got fired/killed themselves.

“Mostly it will just be usual Sys Admin type stuff”

Karen was still speaking with the harshness of tone she had displayed earlier in reception and her facial expression hinted at more than just annoyance…

“So feel free to have a tidy up and get started..”

With that she was gone, now introduction to the office, no quick health and safety catch up…. no …..nothing. Craig could feel his heart beating in his chest, had he made a mistake? Was this really the result of four years at uni?

He sat on the floor and began sorting PC parts into separate piles.
The day dwindled on, In between quick trips to the vending machine and the odd smoke time passing was only noticeable by the shadow from the window moving its way slowly across the carpet. By the time his watch beeped for three pm Craig had managed to make the room look more like an office than a store cupboard. Granted there were still piles of equipment scattered around but at least now it was organized mess Craig thought to himself.

He slumped down in the chair and began picking through the various folders of work that had been left stacked on the desk like an abstract interpretation of the tower of Pisa when he became aware of the uneasy feeling of being watched.

Looking up the doorway to his new office was filled by the figure of Karen, standing in the doorway she had her arms folded across her chest and wore an expression that Craig would have described as “thunderous” as she tapped her foot impatiently waiting to be acknowledged.

“Hi Karen” he mused trying his best to sound cheerful

“Craig” she responded as she came in shutting the door behind her.

“The red folder with the analysis work in it, have you finished it yet?”

By now her tone was more accusatory than a genuine question and she was
looking around the office with a displeased sneer.

Craig fumbled wildly around the desk looking through and at various folders blue-no, green-no, orange-no, blue-no, red-no, black-no… wait Red! He held
the folder up almost triumphantly at finding it.


Her arms were still folded across her chest and she seemed to bear down upon Craig as she stood expecting an answer…

“well, you see Karen, I’ve had to tidy..” he began

Her voice cut him off short and tore through the flimsy excuses he was
muttering about..

“if I had wanted a cleaner Craig I would have bloody well hired one!”

Craig nodded solemnly agreeing with the domineering woman before his, his opinions from the interview quickly changing…

“When I interviewed you, you insisted you were a hard-working individual did you not?”

Craig offered no answer, just nodding like a chastised schoolboy fidgeting with his thumbs…

“Stand up!”

Karen barked at him, an order more than a request he found himself involuntary jumping to his feet to meet Karens icy glare face to face across the desk. She began to slowly walk around the desk, past Craig to the window.

There was a loud “SNAP” and what little light had been in the room quickly disappeared as the blinds clasped shut.

“maybe when you were a student you got away with doing nothing but that will not wash here young man!”

With those word Craig felt a lump rising in his throat, a lump he almost choked on as the talons that were Karens fingers bit into the flesh of his earlobe. She was stood next to him now, her breath warm against his cheek as she spoke slowly into his ear.

“I am going to give you a bottom to match that folder Craig, maybe then you will understand the importance of hard work…”

Words of protest began to form in his throat, You can’t, seriously, no way!, What the… all tried to escape his lips but as Karen sat in his chair and the sharp stinging in his ear guided him down over her skirted lap he found that all he could do was mumble “noooo” and instinctively throw his hands back to cover his bottom.

Draped over her lap Craigs heart and mind raced, what the hell was going on?? These thoughts were soon interrupted as a jolt of pain raced up his right arm as it was pinned into the curve of his back. This was Craigs first day at work, dangling helplessly over his bosses lap, hands pinned behind him as he wiggled furiously and mumbled protests.

Then it began, Craigs eyes bulged and he gasped deeply as Karens hand-made contact with his suited bottom, It fell again and again each time filling the small office with a loud echo and followed each time by a slight gasp and more wiggling around Karens lap. The smacks began to increase in both tempo and strength, each time Karen brought her cupped hand down across his bottom with a loud slapping noise he could feel the heat in his bottom begin to match the colour of his embarrassment that his face wore.

After several minutes of hard smacks to his bottom, broken only by Karen telling him what a lazy, impertinent and idle young man he was, the spanking ceased. Craig was embarrassed, he had never been spanked before, nor had he ever really wanted to be, sure he had seen things online but to actually be draped over a womans knee was never his idea of a great time, and the stinging pain that was growing in his buttocks was re-enforcing this idea quite well.

Karen stood him up, yet almost as soon as he was upright her nails again took a hold of his fleshy ear lobe..

“Where do you think you are going young man?” there was a slim smirk on her face as she stared into Craigs eyes.

Craig was transfixed on her gaze as she again began to berate him on his work ethic, so transfixed in fact that the first he noticed of Karens other hand was when the pressure from his suit trousers disappeared from his waist and they fell in slow motion to the floor.

Now Craig was panicked, he struggled with Karen to pull away, get to the door, get away from her, anything. His attempts were met with a stinging, sharp slap across his left thigh that caused a genuine “yelp” as both feet left the floor. In the brief second that passed after the slap Craig found himself being forcibly bent over the desk, the cold wood pressing against the front of his thighs he felt a now know pain as again his arm was pinned behind him.

“please no” he managed to mutter as Karen than a firm grasp of his left bottom cheek.

“Just you wait Craig Muldrew, just you wait”

With that fateful warning Craig heard the clasp of a belt being undone and the slow slither as leather pulls through the pencil skirts tight belt loops. The coldness of Karens belt sent a shiver up his spine as she rubbed it in slow circular motions across his bottom.

That was the last warning he was to get, there was no time to brace himself, not that he knew what to expect, for without saying another word Karen McIntosh drew her belt back and peppered his bottom with a series of strong, well-aimed, sharp licks that caused Craig to gasp and bite down on his lip with every blow. The pain grew in his bottom, what had been a dull ache when across her knee was now a fire that burned painfully, each CRACK! of her belt felt like 100 bees making contact with his bore bottom.

The belt landed next to his face on the desk, he choked back the tears in his eyes at the relief that she had finally stopped. His bottom throbbed and he could feel the heat rising from it on his back.

Karens hand came to rest on the top of his back preventing him from getting up. When she spoke, gone was the earlier tone and annoyance.

“Now young man, you finish in one hour correct?’

Craig could barely speak, his head was a swirl of emotions and feelings and his bottom ached but he managed a sullen “yes”

There was a loud SMACK as Karens hand-made contact with his well spanked bottom.

“What was that young man”

“Yes!” Craig spat out through gritted teeth.

“Good, because in one hour I will be back in this office”

Craig nodded in agreement trying not to bang his chin on the desk as he did so, all the time trying desperately to reclaim some dignity, well…………….. as much dignity as you can claim when you are bent over a desk in your boxers having just been spanked.

“And you will have finished the Analysis work by then yes?”

Again Craig nodded, and Karen released her hand from the small of his back and walked slowly towards the door.
Craig looked up but daren’t move. Karen was visibly flustered but still looked radiant as she turned back to Craig with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.

“Because if it is not young man, I will remove those lovely spiderman boxers of yours and take a hairbrush to that bottom.”

With that she left the room letting the door close behind her. Craig did not know where to look as he stood up from the desk, his heart beat in his throat and his pulse was that of an Olympic swimmer. He gently lowered himself into his seat feeling the ache in his bottom grow has he put pressure on it. He wiped his face on a napkin from his desk and sat for five minutes in the dark trying to clear his head.

Craig picked up the red folder and leafed through it, it was at least a days work, and that was if he knew where everything and everyone he needed was…. his watch beeped for half past 3 and Craig let out a sigh, he opened the folder and made a start ,one eye nervously drifting between the door and his watch…….

 By luffy

Perfect heart shaped ass!

“Oh Anna” by Levena “A Matt and Abby Story”

The sound of the alarm going off was remarkably loud in the middle of the night. Anna’s slim hand quickly reached out from under the covers and turned it off. She tousled her head, and raised it a tad, and looked around blankly blinking with her blue eyes, through the darkness of her room. She waited to see if anyone in the house was going to react to the sound of it themselves.When there wasn’t sound or movement from anyone, Anna tiptoed quietly out of her room, down the hall, then down the stairs, praying quietly to herself all the way, no one would hear the creaky warped step as she step off it.

Especially, her daddy!

Once she reached the last step to the stairs, and made it off, it would be relatively easy for Anna to open the garage door and slip out into the chilly Friday night air.

Carey had been waiting outside for her friend, Anna.

“It’s about time!” Carey said, smiling to her.

“Come on, let’s go!”  Anna said quickly grabbing Carey’s yellow shirt and pulling her towards the sidewalk and around the corner as fat as she could.

They had been planning to sneak out for quite a while, and it was the first night they had finally gotten the guts to do it.

“So where do you want to go?” Anna said almost in a whisper, still fearing that her brother Dallas might hear them from his open bedroom window.

Anna walked fast dragging Carey with her, and smiled maliciously at her friend, than linked her arm through Carey and started skipping up the sidewalk.

“Any place that isn’t here,” Carey joked.

“How about the new nightclub that just opened?” Anna said in delight.

Carey nodded.”Yeahhh!  That would be fun!”

They walked down the sidewalk until they got to the bus stop.  They both hoped that no one would think suspiciously, since both were too young, and out pretty late at night.

Carey and Anna had dressed up for the occasion and even though they technically didn’t really look 18, they had fake ID’s that claimed they were 21 actually.

So no one could really say anything.

When the bus arrived downtown, they found their stop and stepped off the bus.

There was a line outside the club and the girls found they were extremely excited and couldn’t stop their babbling.

“This is going to be great!” Anna screeched in excitement while dragging Carey to the end of the line.

Anna and Carey stood shifting from one foot to the other in the cold night waiting to get in to the new club, but Carey started thinking.

“Hey, do you think your brother will notice you’re gone?” Carey asked nervously to Anna, and in a voice barely above a whisper.

Carey knew Anna’s brother Dallas would love to snitch Anna out, so she worried for her friend. Anna knew he would tell, but she would seek revenge.

The worry the felt, couldn’t conceal their excitement however, they were tired of being treated like children, young little girls, and knew they would be just fine, if giving a chance to be out on a Friday night by themselves.

Anna shook her head.  “No one will ever know,”

They waited in line patiently, finally walking up to the bouncer, who held out his hand for their IDs.

Carey nervously showed hers, to him, hoping he would buy it, and then he looked at Anna, waiting for her to hand him hers too.

Anna handed her ID to the bouncer and gave him a smile, then heaved a sigh of relief as he simply waved them through after barely checking.

Inside, the music was loud enough that Anna winced, and almost had to cover her ears for a second, however she refrained and just popped to the music.

“Do you want to go to the bar?” Carey shouted to Anna so she could hear her over the music.

“OH, Yeah!” Anna yelled to Carey.

Anna had always wanted to try some other form of alcohol other then the gin her daddy drank, that’s disgusting she thought, but she had never really had the courage to try her mother’s Vodka.

Abby, Anna’s mother, would have busted her ass, and Anna knew her mother could tell if someone touch her stash.

In school they were always taught about the bad things that could happen when someone drank, they act stupid, get raped, get sick, die… those kind of things, but Anna wouldn’t think of death, she could only think of how much her Daddy would whip her bottom if he was to find out she snuck out of his house, and went to a club and drank.

Anna’s friends had been drinking a lot and Carey didn’t seem to be having any kind of problems trying something herself, so Anna had also been anxious to try something herself, and see what the big deal was.

“Come on!” Carey told Anna, grabbing her hand and leading her to the bar.

“What do you want?” she asked digging money out of her pocket.

“Um, I want to try one of the Johnny Walker shot” I heard my mommy say they were delightful, and my Daddy said “Oh yeah they were.” Anna said quietly but still screaming into Carey’s ear.
“Four Johnny Walkers please” Anna stood watching Carey order their shots, as though she was 21.

“We’ll have two to start with” Carey said.

After getting through the door, no one would ask to see ID again, so Carey felt safe, and confident.

Anna shrugged, drinking the first shot down as quickly as possible so she could try something else.

“That was awesome tasting, the girls said in unison as they turned to the bartender, and slammed the other one.

“What else should we try?” Anna asked.  She dance a wiggled in place, standing just craving to get out on the dance floor, when she saw a woman who had a yellowish drink and asked her what it was.

The woman replied with the name ”Yellow Jacket” and Anna looked at Cary.

“That’s what I want, you want one too?” Anna said digging in her hot pink purse, to pay for this set of drinks.

“Yup”, Carey answered.

Anna brought them, and the girls guzzled down their third drink, dancing with everyone possible on their way to the main dance floor

Anna was beginning to feel a little hot and tipsy, but didn’t care.  She wanted another drink, and the gentlemen dancing next to her gave him his and she drank it.

She looked over too Carey to see how she was doing, and if she was still dancing with the guy in the red stripped shirt.

Anna couldn’t see Carey, and got nervous, and went gliding off the dance floor looking furiously in all directions.

She noticed her eyes were starting to see a double.

Anna was walking towards the sign that said “women bathroom” when she noticed Carey walking out the front door.

Carey was walking out the door with that gentlemen she was dancing with, and Anna tried to catch up, dodging the crowd of people and hollering Carey’s name at the same time.

Anna had a bad feeling, and it was not only because her eyes were strangely getting more and more hazy. Her stomach ached and for some reason the heat in her body was starting to rise in her lowermost, as she gotten frightened, with why Carey was not stopping, but leaving the club with a man they had never knew or seen before.

When Anna reached outside, and her feet hit the sidewalk, she again looked furiously in all directions, not seeing Carey anywhere. She immediately started to panic, and run to left screaming Carey’s name, and then running back to the right, hollering her name even louder.

“Who are you looking for?”

Anna turned to see police officer; she had not seen him when she exited the club. He was asking her the question, and walking towards her.

“Um, I Um, I was looking for my friend. No biggie Sir, she will be back.” Anna tried to reply and answer the police office, but her word seemed just as stumbleish, as her walk was getting that way too.

“How old are you young lady?” the police office got nosier.

“Twenty-one” Anna lied,

“Let me see your ID.”

“Um, I I, okay.” Anna was hotter than ever now, and she couldn’t help but start to shake, it was more than the cold.

“Where do you live?” The police officer questioned Anna.

Anna never read the ID, she had no clue if the ID said her street address, or
someone else’s. She just took it from her friend Kate earlier and hid it down deep in her purse.

“I Oh, I” Anna didn’t know what to say, so she turned and started walking away from the officer.

Anna panicked.  Not knowing she was breathing heavily from the amount of fear she was experience, and trying to ignore the horrific pain in the pit of her stomach.  She tried to run, but stumbled, dizzy.

Before she could do much more, she felt the office grip her arm and start helping her back up to her feet.

“LET ME GO YOU PUCKIGN FIG!”, messing up her words yet again, Anna caused herself even more trouble than she already was in.

It wasn’t but moments later when the office figured out who Anna was, and that she belonged to Matt and Abby, two people the officer had great respect for; and proceeded to escorted Anna back home.

The officer ringing the doorbell, waking Matt’s entire house up at one in the morning, was not going to be good at all for Anna.

“I want to know where my friend Carey is.”

Anna was still babbling to the officer as he rang the doorbell again at the exact moment Matt opened his front door. Blinking himself from sleep in his eyes, Matt sees an officer standing there with his drunken daughter.

Talking and being rather rude with the question she was asking an officer.

“This is your daughter Matt?” The officer asked.

“Yes!” Matt replied.

Abby coming up behind Matt tying her black sheer robe.

“She is drunk and looking for her friend Carey.”  The officer said.

“Thank you, I will call Carey’s parents right now.” Matt said grabbing Anna’s upper skinny arm and heaving her through the door.

Matt would grip tighter on her arm making Anna yelp,  he kept her to his side, and spoke to the officer for several more minutes, getting the story of how Anna had been observed coming out of the newer club downtown, drunk and slurring her words, and had even falling down trying to get away from the officer.

Abby stood stunned, and could see the back of Matt’s neck getting redder with anger.

“This was not going to be good.”

What’s going on Mommy?” Dallas asked.

“Yes Mommy, what’s going on?” Emma asked standing behind Dallas.

“Go back to bed NOW!”  Anna replied quickly.

Emma ran quickly, she noticed Daddy had Anna in a grip she knew well herself.

“STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE DALLAS!” Matt roared loudly, terrifying Emma as she ran for her bed.

Dallas and Abby stood froze.

“Dallas you’re going to witness the serious ass whipping I’m going to give your sister.” Matt continued, shutting the door and dragging Anna into the living room.


“Daddy, daddy, noo daddy, I need to find Carey, I need to find Carey.” Anna started to protest with everything she had.

Matt turned to Abby and told her to go get his belt, and then go call Carey’s parents.

Matt grabbed his daughter, ripping her pants and panties off, hollering and tugging at her wardrobe he proclaimed he was going to whip her ass raw.

“I am going to make sure you don’t forget, and Dallas will remember witnessing, hopefully the both of you will think twice before being so stupid.

As Matt fought with Anna and her pants, her fake ID came fling out of her back pocket and landed in front of Abby’s feet as she returned to the living room holding Matt’s belt.’

“NOOO, Daddy.” Is all Anna could say, she really couldn’t say she didn’t do it, or she wasn’t drunk.

“Maybe being drunk was better.” Anna thought.

Abby went to make the phone call, from the phone beside the recliner chair, and Matt dragged his daughter forcing her bare ass over the large arm of the couch. Pinning her with his massive strength in one hand, he unleashed slash after slash with his belt to Anna’s bare behind with his other arm.

Anna screamed and kicked with her legs, begging Daddy to please stop the whipping her so hard.  She felt every lick, even though she was tipsy drunk.

They slashed her skin and made a welt instantly.

Dallas watched in secret enjoyment, he didn’t care that Anna was withering and squirming under their daddy’s firm hand and strength of his whipping belt.

Frankly, Dallas tought it was enjoyable to see his sister’s private parts. It was the first glimpses, to what women actually looked like with their pants down, spread for someone to see.

With Anna’s kicking, and the spreading of her legs, Dallas was getting a real good look.

He smiled but enough for mommy to see.

Abby explained to Carey’s parents, Carey was missing, and that as soon as Matt was done punishing their daughter, he would get in the car and start out looking for Carey also.

Abby hung up, and went back to pay attention to what was happening.

Matt swung with muscle.  “You could’ve, WHAT THE HELL would’ve happened to you if that officer wouldn’t of been there YOUNG LADY,” he said, standing and swing his leather belt repeatedly over again to his daughters ass.

“Young Lady, how dare you get brought home drunk off your ass by an officer, and with your friend missing?”

“Is she drunk?” Matt stopped swinging for a second.

“Daa Daa DAaddddieeee, no more, no more!”


“Yesss daddddieeee, owwwieee, pleaseee, mommyiee!”


Anna screaming, thought very hard about not to tell on her friend, but Daddy would just make it worse, and this was bad, bad enough to Anna. So she gave her friend up, the one who had given her the ID’s at school

“Daddyyyy, I I, It It wassss, owieeee, Kate!”

“After your rude way of having this family woke up in the middle of the night all because you want to sneak out and act imprudent.”

“How dare you no respect for an officer trying to help you find Carey, and ultimately having had brought your torrent ass home.”

Matt actually laughed.

“You want me to stop whipping your ass?” Matt asked, but not giving Anna a chance to speak.

“Not a chance” Matt continued with shockwaves of agitation, making Dallas and Abby start to wince with his depth of anger, and the sound of her daughter, and his sister scream in pain.

Not including the actual sound of the leather cracking bare flesh of Anna’s ass and legs, started to get to Dallas’s own thought of what would or could happen to him if he acted in anyway as stupid as Anna just did.”

“No way lady!” Matt continued to lie the belt directly and with force all over his daughter’s ass and back of her legs, making her scream and beg for him to understand she would never do such a thing again as sneak out and get drunk.

I can’t trust you.”

“Do you care to explain to me what, exactly, was going through your head?”

Matt shook his head at his young daughter.

“If you ever do such a thing again Anna, I will not only whip your ass, but I will whip it over and over again for weeks.”

Matt held his belt to his side, turning looking at Abby.

Abby had already grabbed her heavy wooden spoon and walked straight up alongside of Matt, and directly behind Anna’s still bent over position, sobbing and begging that they understood, she would never do this again.

“I’m so disappointed in you.” Abby started to scold

“What you did was dangerous.”  Abby started to smack Anna’s ass with the heavy spoon, sending Anna back to bucking and kicking wildly over the couches arm.

“You could’ve been kidnapped, raped, killed… or you could have went to jail!”

This will not be what happens to any of our kids?” Abby began to smack Anna’s ass even harder, but stopping to point her wooden spoon at Dallas.

“I mean any of you kids, hear me Young Man?”

Dallas answers quickly, “Yes Mommy”

“Good.” Abby said and returned to adding a nice set of round bruises to her daughters extremely whipped ass.

“You’re smarter than that, Young Lady.  You have a future ahead of you.”

“You are going to make something of yourself, don’t fuck it up with drinking,” Abby scolded.

Anna’s head dropped as she realized the seriousness of what she did. Well she knew she messed up, she tried to convince them she was sorriest.

“Mommy, Daddy “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Anna wailed and bawled with her soul.

“Damn right it won’t happen again. Matt and Abby said in unison.

“We’ll make sure of that.”

“Becca spanks Paul” edited

This is an older story, I have no clue why the story was posted with out its edits.. MY goodness, it was awful and full of mistakes.. Well here is at least a better revision of it!

Enjoy! Has been nice to have some vacation time..

“Becca spanks Paul!”

Paul had gotten out of work early Friday afternoon; headed home, and immediately jumped into the shower. Forgetting to lock the bathroom door, he turned on his tunes and leaped in, feeling the stress pour off his shoulders from putting out other people’s fires all week; he would melt away in thoughts as the hot shower water started to relieve.
Most days always felt good ending in a hot shower, today would be a little different story though, since everyone forgot to tell Paul, that his wife’s daughter would also be home early Friday afternoon.
As Paul hear his favorite song, ” Shook me all night long” come on the radio, he shuts down the water and, reaches out for his blue and green stripped towel.
“Damn.” Paul thought out loud. “I forgot to grab my towel, from the back of the door.”
Wet, dripping warm water from every inch of his body; Paul makes a mad dash for the bathroom door; swings it opens and turns his wet body straight into the hallway. Not realizing Becca, his step-daughter, had come home already; Paul naked as the day he was born, ran straightforward into Becca’s young teenage body. Naked, embarrassed, and now flush with humiliation.
“Paul!” Becca yelped pausing, staring at him; then looking away giggling and trying not to laugh. What are you doing?”

As soon as she asked the question, Britney becomes conscious to the answer. It was apparent of what he was doing, and Becca rolled her eyes at herself.
She glanced around to make sure no one was listening and then lowered her voice a little, “Forget your towel again?”
Paul gasped and ran directly around her and darted into his, and his wife’s bedroom, slammed the door, and grabbed his towel from behind it. Wrapped it snug around him., and Sitting on the edge of his bed, Paul couldn’t help but put his head in his hands, and wept in silent for a second, OH, the thought of his embarrassment, and immediate future for him, if Becca called either Sammy, “the eldest daughter”, or his wife.
Sammy was Paul’s wife’s oldest daughter, and also had been giving rights to punish Paul, if she felt it was needed. Paul had observed and experienced her punishments time or two, Sammy’s obvious appetite for taking control, and being a woman in charge of things.

Sammy could be mean to her boyfriends, and Paul would quietly listen to her talk to them; then let his mind drift to places it probably shouldn’t, but did when he went to bed that night.
“Paul, I am going to tell my sister!” Paul hears Becca say through the door.
“You’re supposed to remember to take your towel with you.”
“I know Becca, I know, I didn’t know anyone else was coming home.” Paul replies moving his hands from his face and speaking loud enough for someone to hear from the opposite side of the bedroom door.
“Please, I won’t let it happen again, no need to tell.”
“I wanna tell.” Becca says in her girlish feminine voice.
Paul knew the tone well. It was strong and feverish, with the craving of strength, a woman would get when she wanted to delight herself with urges to dominate and spank someone’s ass for being disrespectful, or dishonest to them.
“Is Sammy coming home?” Paul hollered.
“Nope she is staying at a friend’s tonight.  I will call her though and tell her what you forgot to grab again.”
“That’s not necessary Becca.” Paul tried again.
Becca dialed her sister cell phone. Paul listens from the other side of the door. He could hear her mumbling, but could only figure out few words, and the distinct sound of Becca’s laughter. He was not thinking this was funny anymore, and started to get worried, That this could end in a bad situation, for his bottom he wants to sit on all weekend a relax on.
As soon as Paul hears the distinct sound of a muffled goodbye, he stands up and feels the rush of electrified body heat rise through his face and lowermost.
“Okay Paul, my sister says, she cannot come home right now and spank you for your silly forgetfulness.” Paul hears Becca’s voice loud through the closed-door, and felt a sigh of relief.


The relief was so short-lived. The fever ignited as though it was fuel, and sent a searing burning wave through Paul’s body quick, and with fury.
“She however suggests; it would be wise for me to give you some licks with the belt instead.”

“Whha, wh, I what did you say?” Paul muttered.
“Paul you heard what I said, now open the door. I am going to spank you this time.”
Paul had wrapped his towel around him tight, and was standing on the other side dumb founded at what he was just about to have to endure. This was crazier than when his wife gave Sammy the authority to spank him, now even Becca had the permission to strap his butt when she felt it would be needed.
“I, I, I”
“Stop stuttering Paul; get your belt and meet me in the living room.” Becca demanded.
“Lay yourself flat faced on the couch, and then open that towel up, so I can whip you butt.”
Paul heard Becca stomp back down the hall; obviously doing it on purpose so he would hear. He stood froze, “Huh?” he couldn’t stop the boiling of his flesh, it was the intense feeling of humiliation and he was about to whistle out the top of his head.

He opened the door and then stood froze again. It must have been longer then he felt it was, because the screech of his wife’s youngest daughter voice came squeal-hollowing down the hallway.
Paul’s feet started to move faster and he made it to the living room quicker than he thought he would have. That angered sound of Becca’s voice was something he’d never of heard before.

It was fierce and full of order; a demanding expression of full control.
He stood in front her, making eye contact for a blink of a second, handing her his belt, and then immediately looking back to the floor and dashing to just lie down. Paul shoved his face into the couch, so he didn’t have to make contact with her again.

It was humiliating, and he couldn’t believe this was happening; he needed to to get the spanking over, and over quickly.
Paul laid flat on the couch on his stomach, which ached miserably waiting for Becca to start his whipping. His tummy was twisted up, and he felt his bottom scrunch, as Becca opened up his towel to expose his bare buttocks.
How he thought of his reaction when she lashed his bare bottom for the first time with his belt. He had been disrespectful again, and knew there was going to be a consequence.

It had been told to him that if he kept forgetting his towel and having to either have his wife come bring it to him, or if he got caught streaking to their bedroom again to get it, he would get the belt right after getting caught.
Becca seemed happy she was going to get to administer one of those spankings.
Becca holds the belt against Paul’s flesh for just a few moments, letting him anticipate the painful sting that would be delivered by it when the spanking begins. When she finally pulls the implement away, there is a whoosh as it switches back through the air. She halts it back around in a heartbeat, bringing it roaring down across Paul’s butt rondures with force. The impact is racking, sending a burning blaze that cover both cheeks. He had little time to react, before the second, third, fourth and fifth weighty swat landed just a hair below the others. It was a row of crimson belt welts, which were leading to his sit spots, and back of his thighs.
Paul grumbled and then yelped after he felt the belt land several times across his bottom, and the pain from it He couldn’t believe how much Becca could make the sting of his belt hurt.

“Lizzy Earned a Spanking” by levena


“I guess umm daddy I I need spanking now.” pouted Lizzy.

It was always hard for Lizzy Roberts to have to stand in front of Daddy and tell him she needed to be spanked.  Her low test grades earned her sometime over her daddy’s knees. She knew she had to ask for it, he had the test scores in his hands, and he wouldn’t allow much of anything in the way of fun until she paid for her lack of focus and the poor grade she got on a final.

”Yes, I am afraid so young lady” Lizzy’s Daddy started scolding her.  “Sometime over my knees will help you remember and remind you of how important your education is.”

“Slacking off and spending so much time texting and fooling around online would be an example of making bad choices; do you not agree young lady?.”

“Yes”, Lizzy said meekly

“This is not what my little girl is supposed to be doing with her time.”

Daddy patted his knee, as he pushes his chair away from the table.

Lizzy pouts and look at floor, she thought since Daddy didn’t say anything at dinner the night before he had forgotten about the 79 percent she received on one of her finals.

“Come here, face me young lady, and your pouting is not going to help. “

Lizzy didn’t think the pouting would help any, it was just something she couldn’t help when she knew her bottom was about to get a spanking from daddy.

They hurt her bottom and her pride.

“Tell me young lady, why do I have to spank you this morning?  Then since you thought I had forgotten about something as important as your education and your lack of focus on it, you may ask daddy for that spanking you know you deserve.

Lizzy walked and stood in front of her Daddy, A small hot tear forms in the corner of her eyes and she blinks it out quick, she cannot help but suck on her bottom lip, biting it in anxiety.  Lizzy focused on the surroundings around her Daddy, she looks down and around to make sure no implement were around, and says “I did bad on the my final Daddy, only a 79.”

“I need a spanking Daddy, I am sorry.”

“I, I will do better next semester, and I, I didn’t know Daddy I, I would be in tra trouble at the end of this one semester.

“Not knowing you’ll be in trouble is no excuse young lady, maybe this is a good thing, and this spanking is going to prepare you for next semester.” Daddy said replying to his little girl’s poor excuse for her grade.

“Daddy, but I know I need the spanking, please go ahead and spank me for my bad grade.”  I promise you daddy, I do!  I won’t act so unfocused next semester.”  Lizzy couldn’t help but say it more like a bratty bear, it was hard to hear the grrrr sounding tone coming through her voice, but Daddy knew she was grumbling like a naughty young cub.

“Oh Lizzy, please tell me you are not being defiant about your spanking this morning, and making things possibly worse for you and your bottom?”

Lizzy shakes her head wildly in the no direction, “No NO Daddy!”

“I can’ get the belt out young lady!” Daddy said starting to stand.

NOO, nooo Daddy sit down, noo noo no need for belt Daddy, I am listening; your palm is good.”

“I don’t need a whipping Daddy, I don’t.” Lizzy started marching on her feet in a standing still position, she didn’t want a whipping.  She didn’t need a whipping to help focus, at least she didn’t think so.

“Come on young lady get across my lap, and change the tone in that voice or I will make you fetch that belt for me.”

Lizzy leans in, places tummy across her Daddy’s knees, sighs, and pouts

Daddy pulls Lizzy in snug and tight;  his little girls lithe body and rubs her bottom in circles, then lifts her nighty exposing her yellow undies with green flowers embroidered on the butt.

Lizzy gasps and weeps silently, feeling the breeze and shivers with the cool air and the anticipation of what is going to happen to her bottom.

Daddy started rubbing Lizzy’s yellow panties, and then starts a series of spanks and smacks, that send Lizzy squirming a tad.

“Daddy owieee!”  Lizzy mumbled,

Lizzy undies are riding, and she couldn’t help but weep the words, “ohhhh, OHH, Owwie Daddy Owiiee Daddy.”

“This behavior on school work is unacceptable young lady; a 79 percent is not good enough. Daddy was scolding his tone deep and unpleasant.

“Your work is not up to standard at all.”

Daddy kept whack-smacking Lizzy’s bottom, one cheek would get a series of spanks, and then he would switch to the other cheek

“I know daddy, but, but I going to step it up, I was going too, I will I will” Lizzy promises were correct, she meant them, and she was hoping that Daddy would believe her.

Her bottom twitches, and a tear starts to bead in corner of her eye, and Daddy continued to spank her unforgivingly at the moment.

“I know you will.” Daddy said punitively.

Crack-crack- crack, the sounds of Daddy’s spanking on Lizzy’s somewhat protected bottom, were crisp and clearly ruthless.  She bucked and cried out loud, that she would concentrate on the next classes and she would not lose focus on other things like silly bad boys and their online internet games, and texting them even when she is not online.

Lizzy tries to wiggle a tad, her bottom felt like it was starting to get a flame in it, and she could not help but try to wiggle and move her bottom out of the line of the fire.

Daddy spanks harder and Lizzy couldn’t help but start to cry and kick her feet a little.

The smacks and whacks that were echoing in the dining room were nothing to the echoing of Lizzy’s yelps and squeaks, which were coming from deep within her.

Daddy stopped, and started to rub and then would spank hard with his palm feeling his little girl’s sexy body, twitch with each spank he delivered.

“owwieeee, Daddy, Daddy, I, I prom pa promise, those grades are not my best I know Daddy.. I w wha whaa do better you will see.

Daddy said nothing to his little girl, and continued the spanking her with his hand over and over, alternating cheeks, and hitting the back side of Lizzy’s bare legs.

Lizzy’s bucks on her Daddy’s knee from his smacks, and her women hood is shoved into his lap, making an impression on it.

Lizzy wails and howls, the whacks are hard and fast and Daddy is not giving even an inch of mercy at that time.

“Daddy you, you know I will, I promise I will, no more slacking and thought beyond anything but school work and my normal other duties.

Daddy then without words tugs and yanks Lizzy’s panties down, and begins slapping the bare already red and sore bottom.

Lizzy reaches and grasps your feet and sobs, “nooo dadddy, not, not my, my panties.

“OHHHH I will do better I said it, I promise daddy” Lizzy wept with her soul. This was the price for not staying focused.

“It stings Daddy, Daddy it hurts.” Lizzy’s tears started flowing into the floor uncontrollably now, she couldn’t hold them back and her bottom was sore.

“Yes I know young lady, I am going to make sure you will continue to be focused and alert to what needs to be done.” Daddy said, as he continued to spank Lizzy’s bottom merciless.

Lizzy’s Daddy could feel her crotch buck on his knee from the slapping he was giving her bottom. It was bright red, and radiated heat into her Daddy’s palm.

As Lizzy bucks and sways what little she could with the tight grasp Daddy had around her midsection,  her toes would wiggle and she desperately would grasp at her Daddy’s ankles, and the chair legs to hold her position the best she could..

“Daddieeee, I didn’t mean to do so badly! I promise no more fooling around. Please Daddy it stings.” Lizzy wailed as tears flowed from her eyes.  Her tears were meaningful and her bottom was sore.

“Are you ready for the spanking to begin Lizzy?”

Daddy’s words sent Lizzy over the top and she started to wail and cry with a since of begging.

“NOOOOOOO, I, I” Lizzy  wails.

“ Yess dadddddy, I will focus, plllleassse no more spanks.” Sniffles Lizzy as her tears fall down her cheeks

“owiieee wiggles and withers just beginning,  ohhh”

alright then. 79 hard ones

Daddy would ensure Lizzy understood a spanking would not start until her bottom was red and bare; and her eyes were shedding tears meaning she was sorry.

It was a rule she always hoped Daddy wouldn’t remember when he was spanking her.

Lizzy took brace and closed her eyes tight, spurting out the tears that had not falling yet, she would make room for more tears to start, as her Daddy gives her a full force hand spanks to her sore red bottom.

Daddy made sure the first blows with his palm made his little girl yelp loud. The strength from the swats sent Lizzy back to bucking and crying.


Daddy announced each set of ten, leaving Lizzy to twist and try to turn her rump out of her daddy’s targeted spots. He would make sure to land just as many smacks and swats to her sit spots, and the back of her legs as he did her bottom.

Daddy announced he had made it to 20, and Lizzy already had a pool of snot and tears running down her face and soaking the carpet below her.



Daddy stopped at 40 and announced, “Lizzy honey your bottom is bright red. And we have 39 more swats to go. Maybe this will help you keep your focus young lady.”

“owiee owiieee, ouchie ouchie it hurts daddy”, ouchhhheyyy.” Lizzy was breaking and she knew she better straighten her act up. She had poor test scores, and she knew that after this spanking her daddy would administer them all semester if she didn’t keep her rump focused on her studies.

50 That butt of your is going to reflect the color of bright red, like all the marks on your test young lady, I won’t tolerate them next semester I promise you that Miss Lizzy.



Lizzy was crying and tears were everywhere soaking the floor, the neck of her PJ’s were wet with salty tears, and her nose was snotty and she hiccuped and took shallow breaths.

Daddy announces the last 9 hard spanks, 71, 72, 73, and so on. He has his little girl bucking her ass and desperately trying not to kick her legs. The fire in her bottom would not soon be forgotten.

As Daddy finishes up and listens to Lizzy sob and beg for it is over, he listens to her cry and say how sorriest she is for being such a naughty unfocused little girl.

Lizzy’s Daddy holds her into him snug and scolds more on the importance of keeping focused and making sure she gets the best education she can ensure herself.

“You must try your hardest, and you didn’t do that last semester young lady.”

“You will remember this spanking, and know that it will be nothing compared to your next one, especially if I have to spank you again for being unfocused.

Lizzy sniffles and asked, “Can I get off now daddy?”

Daddy replies, “Not till I say”

“Yes daddy” cried Lizzy.

Daddy adds a swat.

Lizzy bucks, and is extremely alarmed.

“Alright young lady,  you may get up, and go get the lotion and bring it to me please.

“Yes daddy.” Lizzy rolls off, stands up and gets lotion, returns and hands it too her Daddy.

“Your smirking at my red butt, I know you are daddy” Lizzy says hilarity.

Daddy replies “get back across my lap with that red butt young lady.”

Lizzy does what she is told, and leans in.

Daddy applies the lotion to Lizzy’s bottom, and rubs it in gently.  Lizzy feels the difference in the way Daddy is touching her and softens to his touch, while her hot tears still stream from her eyes.

“That really hurt daddy.” Lizzy says.

Daddy palm works the lotion into Lizzy’s hot bottom while his finger repeatedly grazes her young lady’s baldness between her legs.

Her legs fall farther spread.

Well yes young lady it was meant to punish you.”

Lizzy bottom quivers and she shudders as she admits, “I know Daddy.”

“I am the sorriest about how didn’t do my best, and slacked off so much.”

“I won’t do it again.”

“Thank You, for my spanking.” Lizzy says while hiccuping.

Daddy fingers continue to rub Lizzy’s clit gently.

Lizzy brings her head back, and wiggles to the feelings of a softer Daddy’s touch, and UN-stiffens even more with the touch of his fingers.

Lizzy does that feel good?” Daddy asked.

In the meekest and quietest voice Lizzy replies, “yes daddy.”

“It’s better than the spanking felt.” Lizzy says passively.

Lizzy felt her Daddy’s finger gently slide into her young ladies sex hole, he moves his finger slowly in many different directions, and rubs the inner walls  of her sex.

Daddy cock was enlarged and Lizzy knew it, because it was poking into the tummy making it more and more uncomfortable for her as she lied over her Daddy’s knees.

Daddy let go of the semi-grip, he had on Lizzy’s waist, holding her secure over his knee.

Lizzy withers and twitches from the euphoric sensations she was experiencing and rolled off her Daddy’s lap and onto the floor.

Landing between his knees, Lizzy look-up, with tears in her eyes from a very hard spanking she had just received.

She bite her lip and says, “I better help that daddy. “

Daddy replies, “Yes you’d better”

Lizzy grabs her Daddy’s morning robe and flings it open, still looking up at him making sure to have eye to eye contact.

A few tears fall from the corner of her blue eyes.

“Thank You Daddy, for correcting my bad behaviors.” Lizzy’s says. Right before she licks the tip of his cock.