“A Christmas Spanking”

I have a metal shop in the basement and I am very good at making things out of wood. My wife knows this and told Carol a friend of hers, that I would custom make her something special for Christmas. Now Christmas has passed and my wife gave Carol a phone call to see if we could come over to her house and I could measure her house and find out what Carol wanted made.

Carol had other plans later in the day, and this would be a wonderful time to come over. I told my wife that this would work out fine, but I also wanted to see a major football playoff game today. Our state’s professional team played so well, that they finally made it to the playoffs.

Carol didn’t live to far away, and we got there in plenty of time for me to find out what she wanted made and I could measure everything. All she wanted was two shelves for a wall and a wooden recycling box. As the women talked in the living room, I measured everything and wrote down the measurements. What Carol wanted was fairly simple to make and it would make a nice Christmas present for her.

The time was working out perfectly for me to still see my very important football playoff game. I told Carol and my wife that I had completed the measurements and we should go back home. Well, my wife wanted to stay longer and talk to her, so she told me to just sit down and wait. I really wanted to see this game, and I interrupted their conversation about this. Carol had only one television in the living room and when I suggested to my wife that I watch this important game at Carol’s television, she told me that would be rude and just to sit quietly.

Now the game had started and I really wanted to get home. The two women were making small talk, as far as I was concerned, so I interrupted them again. This time, my wife said, that I would be getting a spanking, if I said anything else about this football game. My wife does spank me, so I tried to keep quiet, but they kept talking and talking.

Finally I said, “Honey, I can’t take this anymore, I need to get home to watch this important game.”

My wife said, “Well, it is important that I talk to Carol too, and you will now get a good spanking for your many interruptions.”

I didn’t want to be spanked, but at least we would go home and I could watch the rest of the game. But than my wife surprised me and told me to stand in front of her with my hands over my head. “I thought you were going to spank me at home.” I complained.

“Well, you have disrupted our conversation for the last time, and since you have offended Carol as much as me, she should witness your spanking.” My wife said.

“Please spank me at home; I will be quiet from now on.”

“It is too late for that. Stand in front of me right now!”

My wife always has me stand in front of her when I am about to be spanked. My hands are to be on the top of my head and my feet slightly parted. I am to say nothing unless I am asked to speak. My wife always pulls down my pants and underwear and rolls and tucks my shirt up so it isn’t in the way. I am usually scolded while she does this.

“Can’t you just spank me on my underwear? Carol is watching!” I complained.

“I always spank you on the bare, and you better be quiet or your spanking will last longer.” My wife said.

To add to my embarrassment, Carol pulled up a chair closer to me, so she could observe my spanking.

“Do you spank Ronnie very often?” Carol asked.

“It depends on how well-behaved he is.” My wife answered. “He also gets a weekly maintenance spanking, if I don’t spank him during the week.”

When my underwear came down, Carol noticed that all of my pubic hair was shaved. “Why is he shaved down there?” Carol asked.

“Since he acts like a naughty little boy who needs to be spanked, I have him keep himself shaved so he looks like a little boy.” My wife answered. “Show Carol your nice little butt that is about to be spanked.”

I felt embarrassed, but I turned so Carol could see my butt better. “Go ahead and feel him, he has a nice firm spank able butt.” My wife said.

Then I felt Carol’s exploring hands on my butt. “Ronnie, step out of your pants so you can spread your legs for Carol, and she can feel you better.” My wife said. Soon my pants and underwear were set aside and now I felt both Carol’s and my wife hands on my butt. My wife always has me stare straight ahead plus Carol and my wife were behind me, so I couldn’t tell whose hands were on me in what places. But I felt hands between my legs and my upper thighs, and even on my penis and balls.

“You better place yourself over my knees so I can start your spanking.” My wife said as she sat down again. My wife always hikes up her skirt and spreads her legs so my penis is placed between them. Before my spanking starts, she squeezes her thighs together, and then I am anchored in place and can’t move. She does have me spread my legs apart some so she can spank me in my most sensitive parts of my upper thighs and she can fondle my penis and balls.

I wished that I was at home watching my important football game and instead I was being spanked in the living room of my wife’s best friend. My wife even let Carol hold my legs apart and also helped in my spanking.

Then to my surprise, I heard the front door open. Carol said, “You remember my daughter Susan, she is now going to college and is here on Christmas break.”

My wife said, “I remember you as a small girl growing up, and now you are a very mature young lady. This is my husband Ronnie. I am spanking him because he interrupted my conversation with your mom, too many times. Say ‘Hi’ to Susan, Ronnie.”

I felt so embarrassed to have a woman half my age watching me being spanked like this. I didn’t even want to look at her, but I still said, “Glad to meet you, Susan.”

“Where is your boyfriend?”, Carol asked.

“He mentioned that he wanted to watch some football game with his buddies. That really made me mad at him, since I won’t see him again for a while.” Susan said.

“That probably is the same football game that Ronnie keeps complaining about.” My wife said. Then to embarrass me more, she asked Susan, “Do you spank you boyfriend? You could spank Ronnie and pretend he is your boyfriend.”

“I have never spanked a man before, let alone my boyfriend. You would really allow me to spank Ronnie?” Susan asked.

“Sure I would.” My wife answered. “This way I could help you learn how to spank a man and then you could spank your boyfriend when you see him again. Susan, sit on the couch over there and I will send Ronnie over to be spanked by you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I didn’t even want to look Susan in the face, and now I am about to be spanked by her?

“Ronnie, stand up and walk over to Susan and ask her to spank you,” my wife said. “Be sure and keep your hands on your head.”

So I walked over to Susan and said, “Susan, will you please spank me.” It felt like I was asking my daughter to spank me. She looked so young and she was wearing a very short skirt.

She studied my body up and down and said, “I notice he doesn’t have any pubic hair.”

“Yes,” my wife said, “He is required to be clean-shaven. If he is to be punished like a little boy, then he should look like a little boy. Now tell Ronnie to go over your lap.”

It felt different going over this young woman’s lap. She smelled so fresh and clean and her body felt very warm and nice. “Spread your thighs so that his penis dangles between your legs, and once he is in place, squeeze them together to hold him in place.” My wife said.

“My, his butt does look a bit red already.” Susan said.

My wife came over to show Susan how to cup her hands while spanking me, and how to spank my most tender parts. Then, to my surprise, my wife pulled her large wooden hairbrush from her purse.

“I use this on Ronnie when he has really been a naughty boy. You try it.”

This really stung my well spanked butt, and I moved around a little. “Now you see why you secure his penis between your thighs, so he stays in one place.” My wife said.

When Susan spanked me with the hairbrush, my movements caused friction on my penis and gave me an even bigger erection. So when my spanking was finally finished and I stood up, I was sticking out.

“It looks like Ronnie enjoyed me spanking him.” Susan said to my wife.

“When he reacts that way, I usually milk him. Since you just spanked him, do you want to do the honors?” My wife asked Susan.

“I would be delighted to.”

“Ronnie, stand with your legs apart and your hands on your head while Susan milks you.” My wife said.

Carol responded with, “I will get some paper towels.”

Then I had to stand still while this young woman milked me. I felt even more embarrassed because she stroked me until every drop of cum was out of me.

“Ronnie, stand in the corner and don’t rub your bottom while we finish our conversation.” My wife said.

All I wanted was to watch my football game, and now I was spanked and standing in the corner of my wife’s best friend. They finally wound down their conversation and I thought I would be able to go home and watch the rest of the game. But then Susan asked, “Could I spank Ronnie on more time before you leave?”

“I can’t see why not.” My wife answered. “Ronnie, go over Susan’s lap one more time before we leave.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I felt so embarrassed going over her lap again. The women continued to talk while I was being spanked. My wife even found out when Susan would be returning to college, and told her that she would bring me over so that I could be spanked by her before she left town.

Finally, my spanking was over with and I was allowed to get dressed. This is one Christmas I will never forget

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