“Oh Anna” by Levena “A Matt and Abby Story”

The sound of the alarm going off was remarkably loud in the middle of the night. Anna’s slim hand quickly reached out from under the covers and turned it off. She tousled her head, and raised it a tad, and looked around blankly blinking with her blue eyes, through the darkness of her room. She waited to see if anyone in the house was going to react to the sound of it themselves.When there wasn’t sound or movement from anyone, Anna tiptoed quietly out of her room, down the hall, then down the stairs, praying quietly to herself all the way, no one would hear the creaky warped step as she step off it.

Especially, her daddy!

Once she reached the last step to the stairs, and made it off, it would be relatively easy for Anna to open the garage door and slip out into the chilly Friday night air.

Carey had been waiting outside for her friend, Anna.

“It’s about time!” Carey said, smiling to her.

“Come on, let’s go!”  Anna said quickly grabbing Carey’s yellow shirt and pulling her towards the sidewalk and around the corner as fat as she could.

They had been planning to sneak out for quite a while, and it was the first night they had finally gotten the guts to do it.

“So where do you want to go?” Anna said almost in a whisper, still fearing that her brother Dallas might hear them from his open bedroom window.

Anna walked fast dragging Carey with her, and smiled maliciously at her friend, than linked her arm through Carey and started skipping up the sidewalk.

“Any place that isn’t here,” Carey joked.

“How about the new nightclub that just opened?” Anna said in delight.

Carey nodded.”Yeahhh!  That would be fun!”

They walked down the sidewalk until they got to the bus stop.  They both hoped that no one would think suspiciously, since both were too young, and out pretty late at night.

Carey and Anna had dressed up for the occasion and even though they technically didn’t really look 18, they had fake ID’s that claimed they were 21 actually.

So no one could really say anything.

When the bus arrived downtown, they found their stop and stepped off the bus.

There was a line outside the club and the girls found they were extremely excited and couldn’t stop their babbling.

“This is going to be great!” Anna screeched in excitement while dragging Carey to the end of the line.

Anna and Carey stood shifting from one foot to the other in the cold night waiting to get in to the new club, but Carey started thinking.

“Hey, do you think your brother will notice you’re gone?” Carey asked nervously to Anna, and in a voice barely above a whisper.

Carey knew Anna’s brother Dallas would love to snitch Anna out, so she worried for her friend. Anna knew he would tell, but she would seek revenge.

The worry the felt, couldn’t conceal their excitement however, they were tired of being treated like children, young little girls, and knew they would be just fine, if giving a chance to be out on a Friday night by themselves.

Anna shook her head.  “No one will ever know,”

They waited in line patiently, finally walking up to the bouncer, who held out his hand for their IDs.

Carey nervously showed hers, to him, hoping he would buy it, and then he looked at Anna, waiting for her to hand him hers too.

Anna handed her ID to the bouncer and gave him a smile, then heaved a sigh of relief as he simply waved them through after barely checking.

Inside, the music was loud enough that Anna winced, and almost had to cover her ears for a second, however she refrained and just popped to the music.

“Do you want to go to the bar?” Carey shouted to Anna so she could hear her over the music.

“OH, Yeah!” Anna yelled to Carey.

Anna had always wanted to try some other form of alcohol other then the gin her daddy drank, that’s disgusting she thought, but she had never really had the courage to try her mother’s Vodka.

Abby, Anna’s mother, would have busted her ass, and Anna knew her mother could tell if someone touch her stash.

In school they were always taught about the bad things that could happen when someone drank, they act stupid, get raped, get sick, die… those kind of things, but Anna wouldn’t think of death, she could only think of how much her Daddy would whip her bottom if he was to find out she snuck out of his house, and went to a club and drank.

Anna’s friends had been drinking a lot and Carey didn’t seem to be having any kind of problems trying something herself, so Anna had also been anxious to try something herself, and see what the big deal was.

“Come on!” Carey told Anna, grabbing her hand and leading her to the bar.

“What do you want?” she asked digging money out of her pocket.

“Um, I want to try one of the Johnny Walker shot” I heard my mommy say they were delightful, and my Daddy said “Oh yeah they were.” Anna said quietly but still screaming into Carey’s ear.
“Four Johnny Walkers please” Anna stood watching Carey order their shots, as though she was 21.

“We’ll have two to start with” Carey said.

After getting through the door, no one would ask to see ID again, so Carey felt safe, and confident.

Anna shrugged, drinking the first shot down as quickly as possible so she could try something else.

“That was awesome tasting, the girls said in unison as they turned to the bartender, and slammed the other one.

“What else should we try?” Anna asked.  She dance a wiggled in place, standing just craving to get out on the dance floor, when she saw a woman who had a yellowish drink and asked her what it was.

The woman replied with the name ”Yellow Jacket” and Anna looked at Cary.

“That’s what I want, you want one too?” Anna said digging in her hot pink purse, to pay for this set of drinks.

“Yup”, Carey answered.

Anna brought them, and the girls guzzled down their third drink, dancing with everyone possible on their way to the main dance floor

Anna was beginning to feel a little hot and tipsy, but didn’t care.  She wanted another drink, and the gentlemen dancing next to her gave him his and she drank it.

She looked over too Carey to see how she was doing, and if she was still dancing with the guy in the red stripped shirt.

Anna couldn’t see Carey, and got nervous, and went gliding off the dance floor looking furiously in all directions.

She noticed her eyes were starting to see a double.

Anna was walking towards the sign that said “women bathroom” when she noticed Carey walking out the front door.

Carey was walking out the door with that gentlemen she was dancing with, and Anna tried to catch up, dodging the crowd of people and hollering Carey’s name at the same time.

Anna had a bad feeling, and it was not only because her eyes were strangely getting more and more hazy. Her stomach ached and for some reason the heat in her body was starting to rise in her lowermost, as she gotten frightened, with why Carey was not stopping, but leaving the club with a man they had never knew or seen before.

When Anna reached outside, and her feet hit the sidewalk, she again looked furiously in all directions, not seeing Carey anywhere. She immediately started to panic, and run to left screaming Carey’s name, and then running back to the right, hollering her name even louder.

“Who are you looking for?”

Anna turned to see police officer; she had not seen him when she exited the club. He was asking her the question, and walking towards her.

“Um, I Um, I was looking for my friend. No biggie Sir, she will be back.” Anna tried to reply and answer the police office, but her word seemed just as stumbleish, as her walk was getting that way too.

“How old are you young lady?” the police office got nosier.

“Twenty-one” Anna lied,

“Let me see your ID.”

“Um, I I, okay.” Anna was hotter than ever now, and she couldn’t help but start to shake, it was more than the cold.

“Where do you live?” The police officer questioned Anna.

Anna never read the ID, she had no clue if the ID said her street address, or
someone else’s. She just took it from her friend Kate earlier and hid it down deep in her purse.

“I Oh, I” Anna didn’t know what to say, so she turned and started walking away from the officer.

Anna panicked.  Not knowing she was breathing heavily from the amount of fear she was experience, and trying to ignore the horrific pain in the pit of her stomach.  She tried to run, but stumbled, dizzy.

Before she could do much more, she felt the office grip her arm and start helping her back up to her feet.

“LET ME GO YOU PUCKIGN FIG!”, messing up her words yet again, Anna caused herself even more trouble than she already was in.

It wasn’t but moments later when the office figured out who Anna was, and that she belonged to Matt and Abby, two people the officer had great respect for; and proceeded to escorted Anna back home.

The officer ringing the doorbell, waking Matt’s entire house up at one in the morning, was not going to be good at all for Anna.

“I want to know where my friend Carey is.”

Anna was still babbling to the officer as he rang the doorbell again at the exact moment Matt opened his front door. Blinking himself from sleep in his eyes, Matt sees an officer standing there with his drunken daughter.

Talking and being rather rude with the question she was asking an officer.

“This is your daughter Matt?” The officer asked.

“Yes!” Matt replied.

Abby coming up behind Matt tying her black sheer robe.

“She is drunk and looking for her friend Carey.”  The officer said.

“Thank you, I will call Carey’s parents right now.” Matt said grabbing Anna’s upper skinny arm and heaving her through the door.

Matt would grip tighter on her arm making Anna yelp,  he kept her to his side, and spoke to the officer for several more minutes, getting the story of how Anna had been observed coming out of the newer club downtown, drunk and slurring her words, and had even falling down trying to get away from the officer.

Abby stood stunned, and could see the back of Matt’s neck getting redder with anger.

“This was not going to be good.”

What’s going on Mommy?” Dallas asked.

“Yes Mommy, what’s going on?” Emma asked standing behind Dallas.

“Go back to bed NOW!”  Anna replied quickly.

Emma ran quickly, she noticed Daddy had Anna in a grip she knew well herself.

“STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE DALLAS!” Matt roared loudly, terrifying Emma as she ran for her bed.

Dallas and Abby stood froze.

“Dallas you’re going to witness the serious ass whipping I’m going to give your sister.” Matt continued, shutting the door and dragging Anna into the living room.


“Daddy, daddy, noo daddy, I need to find Carey, I need to find Carey.” Anna started to protest with everything she had.

Matt turned to Abby and told her to go get his belt, and then go call Carey’s parents.

Matt grabbed his daughter, ripping her pants and panties off, hollering and tugging at her wardrobe he proclaimed he was going to whip her ass raw.

“I am going to make sure you don’t forget, and Dallas will remember witnessing, hopefully the both of you will think twice before being so stupid.

As Matt fought with Anna and her pants, her fake ID came fling out of her back pocket and landed in front of Abby’s feet as she returned to the living room holding Matt’s belt.’

“NOOO, Daddy.” Is all Anna could say, she really couldn’t say she didn’t do it, or she wasn’t drunk.

“Maybe being drunk was better.” Anna thought.

Abby went to make the phone call, from the phone beside the recliner chair, and Matt dragged his daughter forcing her bare ass over the large arm of the couch. Pinning her with his massive strength in one hand, he unleashed slash after slash with his belt to Anna’s bare behind with his other arm.

Anna screamed and kicked with her legs, begging Daddy to please stop the whipping her so hard.  She felt every lick, even though she was tipsy drunk.

They slashed her skin and made a welt instantly.

Dallas watched in secret enjoyment, he didn’t care that Anna was withering and squirming under their daddy’s firm hand and strength of his whipping belt.

Frankly, Dallas tought it was enjoyable to see his sister’s private parts. It was the first glimpses, to what women actually looked like with their pants down, spread for someone to see.

With Anna’s kicking, and the spreading of her legs, Dallas was getting a real good look.

He smiled but enough for mommy to see.

Abby explained to Carey’s parents, Carey was missing, and that as soon as Matt was done punishing their daughter, he would get in the car and start out looking for Carey also.

Abby hung up, and went back to pay attention to what was happening.

Matt swung with muscle.  “You could’ve, WHAT THE HELL would’ve happened to you if that officer wouldn’t of been there YOUNG LADY,” he said, standing and swing his leather belt repeatedly over again to his daughters ass.

“Young Lady, how dare you get brought home drunk off your ass by an officer, and with your friend missing?”

“Is she drunk?” Matt stopped swinging for a second.

“Daa Daa DAaddddieeee, no more, no more!”


“Yesss daddddieeee, owwwieee, pleaseee, mommyiee!”


Anna screaming, thought very hard about not to tell on her friend, but Daddy would just make it worse, and this was bad, bad enough to Anna. So she gave her friend up, the one who had given her the ID’s at school

“Daddyyyy, I I, It It wassss, owieeee, Kate!”

“After your rude way of having this family woke up in the middle of the night all because you want to sneak out and act imprudent.”

“How dare you no respect for an officer trying to help you find Carey, and ultimately having had brought your torrent ass home.”

Matt actually laughed.

“You want me to stop whipping your ass?” Matt asked, but not giving Anna a chance to speak.

“Not a chance” Matt continued with shockwaves of agitation, making Dallas and Abby start to wince with his depth of anger, and the sound of her daughter, and his sister scream in pain.

Not including the actual sound of the leather cracking bare flesh of Anna’s ass and legs, started to get to Dallas’s own thought of what would or could happen to him if he acted in anyway as stupid as Anna just did.”

“No way lady!” Matt continued to lie the belt directly and with force all over his daughter’s ass and back of her legs, making her scream and beg for him to understand she would never do such a thing again as sneak out and get drunk.

I can’t trust you.”

“Do you care to explain to me what, exactly, was going through your head?”

Matt shook his head at his young daughter.

“If you ever do such a thing again Anna, I will not only whip your ass, but I will whip it over and over again for weeks.”

Matt held his belt to his side, turning looking at Abby.

Abby had already grabbed her heavy wooden spoon and walked straight up alongside of Matt, and directly behind Anna’s still bent over position, sobbing and begging that they understood, she would never do this again.

“I’m so disappointed in you.” Abby started to scold

“What you did was dangerous.”  Abby started to smack Anna’s ass with the heavy spoon, sending Anna back to bucking and kicking wildly over the couches arm.

“You could’ve been kidnapped, raped, killed… or you could have went to jail!”

This will not be what happens to any of our kids?” Abby began to smack Anna’s ass even harder, but stopping to point her wooden spoon at Dallas.

“I mean any of you kids, hear me Young Man?”

Dallas answers quickly, “Yes Mommy”

“Good.” Abby said and returned to adding a nice set of round bruises to her daughters extremely whipped ass.

“You’re smarter than that, Young Lady.  You have a future ahead of you.”

“You are going to make something of yourself, don’t fuck it up with drinking,” Abby scolded.

Anna’s head dropped as she realized the seriousness of what she did. Well she knew she messed up, she tried to convince them she was sorriest.

“Mommy, Daddy “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Anna wailed and bawled with her soul.

“Damn right it won’t happen again. Matt and Abby said in unison.

“We’ll make sure of that.”

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