“The Study”

The study


The wooden floor of the long corridor amplified her footsteps as Kelly timidly made her way to the study, keeping her eyes to the floor as she went. Kelly had received a note from the head girl summoning her from the sixth form recreation room and ordering that she attend her immediately.


She carried her homework books under her arm, as her palms felt too sweaty to bear holding anything. The ticking of the large Grandfather clock seemed extra loud to the stressed girl’s ears, her own heartbeat racing twice the speed of the clock. Taking a deep breath Kelly stopped at the study door and knocked, knowing to wait for the order before entering. This was not her first visit to Katherine this term and as she stood waiting Kelly’s bottom twitched as she allowed her hands to glide over her uniform skirt trying to settle her nerves.


When the study door suddenly opened, poor Kelly felt like shrieking in shock, that she stood looking into the stern face in the doorway. Katherine opened the door wide and indicated that Kelly should enter, instructing her that she should place her homework on the desk then go stand facing the wall in the far corner of the room.


From past experience Kelly acquiesced in silence, feeling tears pricked at her eyes, as she place her hands on her head and nose touching the wall and waited. Katharine sat at the desk taking her time examining the books on her desk, periodically clicking her tongue in displeasure on seeing the low standard of the girl’s work.


Kelly shifted nervously as she heard a chair being dragged to the centre of the carpet, and knew that Katherine had taken a seat on it. On hearing Katherine’s stern command to leave the corner and stand next to the spanking chair Kelly was unable to keep the tears from overflowing her eyes, not daring to look into the head girl’s face.


On command the trembling girl placed herself across Katherine’s lap trying not to wriggle, she was very strict. Feeling humiliated to be so vulnerable, as she was scolded for not maintaining the schools high standards as Katherine slowly lifted Kelly’s skirt and folded it over her back then place a warm firm hand on her panty covered bottom. She tried to make excuses as to why the work had not been handed in on time, and to such a low standard, whimpering as her bottom began to sting.


Katherine began to land hard swats all over the naughty girl’s wriggling cheeks, connecting hard loud smacks to alternate cheeks pleased that the girl was showing some remorse but intended to teach her a lesson. After administering twenty firm smacks Katherine ordered the girl to raise up her bottom to allow her panties to be pulled down, when she did not comply immediately Katherine tugged the naughty girl further over her legs and continued to spank the backs of her legs making Kelly squeal.




After ensuring that her legs were well smack Katherine compelled Kelly to stand placing the girl between her thighs facing her. Reaching behind Kelly the head girl unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor once more slapping her legs for complaining before tugging down her white panties just past her knees and then pulling her back into position.


Fixing her firmly in place with a hand pushing down on the small of her back, Katherine reached behind her to take a ruler from the desktop, and started to tap her victim’s pink cheeks with it. Kelly started to cry harder as she realised that she must accept the flexible wooden ruler biting her tender bottom, as she dangled sobbing.


Aiming to cover the whole bottom with thick red welts Katherine worked the ruler fast before forcing the crying girl further over her legs, so that her head was just off the floor then punishing the backs of her legs with the ruler. By the time Katherine had delivered twenty hard swats to the burning skin of her thighs, poor Kelly was screaming and begging promising to do better in future.


Katherine allowed Kelly to stand but commanded that she leave her panties at half mast just below her knees, as she stood up. Taking Kelly’s earlobe firmly in her grip she led the naughty girl to the study door and opened it, leading her into the corridor outside. Just as they arrived in the corridor the bell sounded and the students began to file out of their common rooms and return to class.


Much to Kelly’s horror, Katherine ordered her to face the wall feet wide apart and lean forwards until her elbows supported her body on the wall, therefore displaying her punished bottom to her fellow students as they walked past. The head girl left her and returned to the study leaving the door open to ensure that the naughty girl did not disobey her instructions to stay put for twenty minutes.

by Simone

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