“Estella’s pet”

Estella’s pet The sound of stiletto heels tapping a staccato beat on the path just below her bedroom window, the sound of which, made Claire feel sick and her stomach lurched. The doorbell boomed and echoed around the hallway and then as the front door swung open Claire hid her head under the covers hoping that she might disappear as she heard the maid welcome Estelle home. Muted voices drifted upstairs and tried to enter the bedroom through the keyhole but the girl remain in her safe nest wishing the ground might open up and swallow her, as she listened to footsteps on the stairs. After what seems like hours the bedroom door opened and Estelle entered, pale-faced and straight lipped, and walked to the bed then stood considering her actions. The sheet was pulled from the bed, leaving the girl feeling utterly vulnerable as she lay naked peering up into the eyes of the woman Claire loved, Claire knew that she deserved that which she faced, her behaviour was unacceptable Estelle had telephoned the house and reprimanded Claire and the girl had been sent to her room to wait punishment. Estella grasped Claire’s wrist and compelled her to sit up, and sternly instructed her to go downstairs to the lounge and wait helping her across the carpet with a stinging slap to her bottom. Clare walked miserably knowing that she had to obey, but could not help pouting and rubbing her bottom, something which did not go unnoticed. Descending the stairs Claire walked to the lounge door and opened it feeling her heartbeat rising as she looked at the coffee table in the centre of the large comfortably furnished room. Estelle had laid out an assortment of implement on the table and set the spanking chair in front of the fireplace, the girl flinched as she felt her tingling bottom being stroked as Estelle walked past her on her way into the room shutting the door firmly. Taking position on the spanking Estelle commanded her naughty girl to kneel at her feet in submission, and watched as Claire gracefully dropped to her knees panting in stress. Estelle snapped her fingers and indicated that the girl crawl to her letting her eyes glide over her body loving the ways the light made the girl’s skin shine. Once Claire came to a stop and knelt up sitting on her heels, arms loosely at her sides and head bowed Estelle took the leather collar from the table and fastened it around Claire’s throat. Next Estelle attached the wrist cuffs ensuring they were firmly in place, and then clasped Claire’s wrists behind her back, before commanding her to stand. Estelle took a pair of nipple clamps and teased the girl’s nipples erect before snapping the teeth of the clamps to the girl’s full firm breasts, then attached a short chain to each clamp connecting them to the wrist cuff. The length of theses chains meant that to reach the cuffs the clamps pulled the nipples taut making Claire whimper. Estelle ignored her reaction as she walked to the wall and rang the bell for the maid Claire was horrified that she would be put on display like this worse that her punishment would be witnessed by the maid, tears of humiliation prickled her eyes as the woman entered and quickly shut the door. The teeth of the clamps began to pull harder on the tender flesh of her nipples, as Estelle commanded Claire to kneel facing the spanking chair each movement causing her nipples to burn, and the girl to whimper. Nicola was told to moisten Claire’s skin with baby oil ensure she applied it generously to the inner thighs and bottom, Claire hated the feeling of the woman’s hands running over her body, but when she tried to wriggle the chains pulled at the clamps punishing her for her temper. Estelle knelt next to Claire and reached between her legs probing her pussy lips and testing for wetness and inspecting the smoothness of her skin nodding her approval. Taking hold of Claire’s hair Estelle compelled the girl to look into her face as she played with the clamps knowing how sore this would make her nipples her expression daring the girl to complain. Claire howled in shock as the clamps were roughly unclasped and dropped to the floor between her knees but still attached to the cuffs. Nicola was instructed to apply oil to the girl’s pussy lips and then to spread them so that Estelle could apply the clamps to them. Nicola started to stroke her clit with oiled fingers Claire started to moan and rock her hips as pleasure pulsed through her however each time the girl moved Nicola was told to tug the chain causing her pain. Her body felt wet from the oil and her pussy throbbed, the girl tried hard to control her urge to cum as Estelle continued to tease her. Leaving her hands pinioned behind her Estelle told Claire to crawl to the spanking chair and stand. The girl whimpered as each movement tugged at her tender pussy but knew that she must comply. With difficulty the girl stood up with her feet wide apart without warning the clamps were removed making Claire howl in distress. Taking a crop Estelle touched the tip just inside Claire’s punished pussy and wriggled it ensuring her clit felt the leather rubbing it making it hard to keep position. Then allowed the leather slapper to travel over Claire’s inner thighs teasing her skin tenderly before slapping the oil wet skin sharply starting from her pussy lips to her knees and the girl sobbed. Estelle seemed unmoved by her reaction, as she took her position on the spanking chair to watch Nicola continue to apply oil to the welted inner thighs instructing her to draw her long nails over the welts and traced the crack of her pussy lips with her long slim fingers. Claire was once more overcome with pain and pleasure at the woman’s touch. Estelle commanded Claire to bend over as she took a large butt plug from the table and walked to stand behind the girl firmly working oil into her anus relaxing the muscle before starting to work the plug into her bottom, pumping firmly and withdrawing it when the discomfort eased until she felt the plug pass in to the naughty girl bottom smiling at her tears of shame. Nicola was told to sit on the spanking chair and take Claire over her knee, the chains were removed from the cuffs allowing the girl’s arms to relax forward but relief was short-lived as the cuffs were then attached to hooks on the legs of the spanking chair securing the naughty girl in position. Estelle dripped more oil onto Claire’s bottom and Nicola smoothed it in to her cool skin and along the opened crack of her bottom watching oil dribble into her tender pussy. Estelle began to scold Claire as Nicola smoothed the oil into her pussy and bottom wriggling the plug firmly making it very uncomfortable. Just as Claire thought her punishment could not get any more humiliating Nicola began to smack her cheeks sharply with her moistened palm leaving red handprints with each stroke, covering her flesh in burning smacks gradually gaining in force, until Claire was screaming and pleading. Unable to defend herself the girl’s legs flailed wildly as the spanking continued, Nicola tugged the crying girl further over her legs and just carried on spanking until Estelle gave permission for her to stop. As the pain in her cheeks started to set in Nicola was told to continue to wriggle the plug pumping it pulling it half out and then plunging it fully back in position making the girl cry harder. As Estelle looked over the implements on the table Nicola stroked Claire’s throbbing pussy gently feeling her wetness running over the thighs. Next Estelle handing Nicola a leather spanking paddle shaped like a hairbrush and instructed her to spank Claire’s sit spots she delivered twenty firm swats to each then hooked the wriggling girl’s legs open pressing her thumb into her pussy and continued to tease her clit until she calmed down. Holding her legs wide open and pulling Claire further over her lap before pinning her firmly in place, to allow Estelle to investigate the damage. More oil was applied and the plug removed, Claire felt Nicola grip her legs and spread them wide Estelle stood facing the crying girl’s bottom holding a long leather strap and allowed the tip to graze its way over her punished skin. Claire felt the warm leather connect with her tender inner thighs and pussy as Estelle began to lash her firmly swatting alternate thighs resolutely telling Nicola to spread her wider to open her pussy lips more in a most humiliating fashion, Claire expected to feel searing pain from the strap punish her most intimate parts.
However to her surprise Estelle gently probed her pussy with her fingers, pushing them into her hole and pumping firmly Nicola’s finger digging painfully into her flesh as she struggled. Sudden coldness entered her bottom, Estelle was posting large ice cubes into her pussy and anus and the water gushed over her burning skin feeling disgusting. Nicola was once more instructed to spank Claire’s bottom hard; Estelle wanted her to learn a hard lesson. Sobbing and howling as the woman’s wet hand pounded her tender flesh she was unable to take notice of anything else in the room. Once Estelle was satisfied with the soreness of Claire’s bottom Nicola was commanded to let her stand but her wrists remained attached to the chair legs. Claire was instructed to rest her forearms on the seat and arch her back pushing up her punished bottom, displaying it fully. Nicola was instructed to kneel in front of the prone girl and reach under her to spread her bottom wide showing her holes for Estelle to inspect. Long sharp nails probed her tender flesh trailed over her clit and into her bottom, as the cheeks were held open. Estelle took the crop and began to tap the tender skin inside her bottom along the crack and into her open pussy each swat burned madly but Claire was unable to wriggle from Nicola’s firm grip. Swat after swat as Nicola counted slowly to ten, and then the crop was put back on the table. Oil dribbled into her hole and Claire felt her anus stretch with a larger butt plug as she sobbed Estelle continued to pump harder until it was fully inserted. Claire felt her wrists being released from the hooks and Nicola helped her to stand, and led her to the doorway. Nicola made Claire spread her legs wide again and told her to lean forward until her hands supported her weight on the door, instructing her to arch her back forcing her legs wider apart. The clamps were reapplied to her sore nipples pulling her nipples painfully as Nicola pressed down on the small of her back to push her welted bottom up more. Estelle took her long thick dragon cane and tapped Claire’s clamped breasts firmly each time she flinched the clamps tugged cruelly. As Estelle allowed the cane to travel over her hanging breast small red welts covered her skin Nicola stroked her clit and wriggled the plug as Claire begged for forgiveness. Estelle allowed the cane to fall to the floor and snapped the clamps free of her bruised nipples ordering the girl to stand and face into the room. Claire gasped in shock as Nicola pressed her hot wet tongue into her pussy gently parting her lips as she licked and stroked her. Unable to hold back any longer Claire looked in the loving eyes of her Mistress and begged permission to cum and moaning in her pleasure as her wetness flowed over Nicola’s face.

By, Simone

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