Mr. Carrot and the Stick (schoolgirl)

Carrot and the stick

Darla tried to keep her breathing slow, to concentrate on keeping her position she knew now that she had fail to pass her exam and worse caught cheating the consequences would be dire. Darla tried to explain but no words came out, she felt sick as her eyes followed the direction of his pointed finger towards the desk and  his curt command to get up to the front of the class.

Her cheeks burning in humiliation as Mr Carrot addressed the class, telling everyone to stop what they were doing and look to the front. The girl looked at the faces of her friends through tear-filled eyes as Mr Carrot informed the class of her disgrace, and his intention to punish her.

Mr Carrot instructed the tearful girl to remove her skirt and panties, fold them and place them on his desk, and then to stand facing the class. Horrified but in the full knowledge that disobedience would just make things worse Darling lowered her skirt and stepped out of it placing it on the desk, but faltered as she hooked her finger in the waistband of her briefs. Unwilling to wait Mr Carrot slapped her legs hard and yanked them down to her knees, and slapping her legs instructed her to step out of them, before spinning her around to face the class.

Darling cringed under the scrutiny of her class mates she watched Mr Carrot open the cupboard and retrieve his cane before returning to the desk and placing the cane on it. Then Mr Carrot collected his chair, slowly dragged it around to the front of his desk and then sat down. Mr Carrot reached out and firmly grasped Darla’s wrist, sternly compelling the naughty girl to stand in front of his knees her full pale bottom facing the watching students. In a swift movement Darla found herself tugged over his lap and felt the material of his jacket scratch her exposed skin as she tried to wriggle free, even then knowing it was impossible.

Darla was commanded to spread her legs wide and keep her legs straight as Mr Carrot laid his rough skinned palm on her cheeks. Horrified to be made to make such a show of herself to her class mates Darla began to whimper. As the spanking started there was silence from the student, loud hard smacks rained down on her bouncing bottom. Mr Carrot always spanked very hard he liked the sound of a ill-disciplined girl crying in pain as he punished her. Concentrating first on her right buttock ensuring he thoroughly warmed her skin before punishment moved to her left cheek, unable to keep quiet under the rain of fire Darla howled pitifully.

Mr Carrot tucked her more firmly under his powerful arm and then began to swat the tender flesh of the naughty girl’s sit spots lifting his hand to shoulder height before administering each smack. Darla knew she faced a severe thrashing and had no choice in submitting to Mr Carrot’s administration of it but this knowledge just made the spanking harder to cope with.

Her legs sprang up as she tried to fend off the painful smacks as she sobbed in horror. Mr Carrot stopped smacking her and told the girl to stand up, and bend over the desk. Darla tearfully complied her eyes following Mr Carrot as he walked around the desk and opened the draw and withdrew his long flexible ruler gripping if firmly he tapped it on his palm looking at her menacingly. Two students from the front row were called forward and told to stand behind the desk and hold Darla’s wrists pinning her in place. The moment the girl was held in place she felt the wooden ruler caress her sore bottom.

Mr Carrot administered the first sharp stroke across the centre of her bottom as she gasped trying to cope with the fire another mighty swat cracked just above the last as the ruler travelled along the crack of her bottom it left its burning imprint and the girl screamed, once the full twelve strokes had been administered the students returned to their seats. Darla tried to sooth the throbbing pain in her bottom her fingers running over the uneven flesh as she felt the welts rising.

Mr Carrot dispassionately told Darla to keep her position and to stop rubbing her bottom; he would get back to her with the cane when he was ready! As a reinforcement of his authority Mr Carrot swatted Darla’s inner thighs with the ruler insisting her legs were wide apart displaying her most humiliatingly to the class.

As the minutes passed Darla’s sobs diminish and the throbbing in her bottom lessened but her horror mounted with each tick of the clock dreading the moment when Mr Carrot took up position beside her to administer her twenty-four strokes with his cane to her already tenderized flesh.

After making the girl wait for an hour Mr Carrot once more instructed the students to stop working and look to the front, these words had the hairs on her skin stand on edge in stress. Mr Carrot stood to Darla’s left and tapped the tip of his cane on her right buttock, testing his position and then lifted it. Darla arched her back as the cane whistled through the air and cracked high up on her cheek, in fast succession six red welts showed the accuracy of which they had been delivered. Mr Carrot then took position on Darla’s right side and repeated the same painful line of fire; Darla was sobbing and her legs kicking but managed to keep her place over the desk.

Once again two students were called to the desk and instructed to kneel on the floor and grasp Darla’s ankles and hold her legs wide apart, and told not to let her move. Tapping the tip of the cane to the inside of Darla’s right thigh just above the back of her knee, and flicking his wrists sharply he made the cane travel up the inside of her thighs to the top. Ignoring her howls of distress Mr Carrot took position on her others side and caned Darla’s left inner thigh administering six strokes to each side.

Once done Mr Carrot traced his fingers over her welts enjoying her yelps of pain as he invited each of her class mates to come and inspect the damage. They each came to the sobbing girl to felt her welts and understand what happened to student in this college who showed disrespect and cheated on exams.
Once the class had filed passed, and touched her tender flesh and looked upon her immodesty they returned to their seats, only then Mr Carrot allowed Darla to stand and instructed that she go stand in the corner on display for the duration of the day.


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