“Aunt Chrissy gets spanked” By Crystal

Aunty Chrissy gets spanked

                The phone rings, Chrissy answers and it’s her sister, Paula. Paula tells Chrissy that she and her husband Charlie are going to renew their vows in Las Vegas. Paula tells Chrissy that she won’t be taking her son Adam with them. “Since we aren’t taking Adam would it be ok for you to come here and babysit for the weekend?” asks Paula. “Of course my sister!” exclaimed Chrissy, “that’s my nephew and I have no problem with that. We will have fun while you’re gone.” Paula says”oh thank you so very much Chrissy. I just really don’t think Las Vegas is a good place for children to be even if they do have stuff for them to do.” “Excellent, what time you need me there?” asks Chrissy. “Our flight leaves at 9am. So about 7am if that’s ok?” says Paula.

Chrissy goes up stairs to pack herself for the weekend. While going through her stuff she realizes that her boyfriend is going to want to see her. She packs some little nighties and cute panties so Ricky can come and visit. This is going to be a great weekend she thinks to her herself. I can have Ricky there with me and still be able to spend time with Adam. I wonder if Adam wants to go see a movie or something. Chrissy finished packing and makes a phone call to Ricky. She tells Ricky she’s going to her sisters for the weekend and that he is invited to spend the weekend with her and Adam. Ricky politely obliges and asks her what time he should come over. Chrissy ends her conversation with Ricky and climbs into bed.

The next morning Chrissy gets up early so she can shower and have a coffee before heading over to Paula’s house.  Chrissy gets to Paula’s about 7am and her sixteen year old nephew was still sleeping. Very typical for a teenage boy thinks Chrissy. “Have a good time this weekend sis and I’m so happy for you and Charlie! I wish you two would have planned it better so the whole family could see you two renew vows.” says Chrissy. “I know but it was quicker easier and cheaper. We are able to knock out the renewal and a honey moon at the same time” giggled Paula. Chrissy winks with acknowledgement and sees them to the door. Chrissy gets on the couch to take a nap before Adam woke up and they had breakfast.

It was noon before Chrissy opened her eyes and Adam was still sleeping. Famished Chrissy decided to make lunch hoping Adam would smell the food and get up. Sure as anything Adam was up about fifteen minutes in to Chrissy’s cooking. “Wow aunty what smells so good?” asked Adam. “Lunch you goofball. Did you really think I would let you sleep all day and not eat? Come on now you know better than that. If anything aunty will make sure you eat.” laughed Chrissy. “You’re right aunty! You’re the best aunt in the world you know that?” says Adam. “I better be! I’m your only aunt so don’t forget that!” laughed Chrissy. “Oh well, how could I ever forget you aunty?” asked Adam. They laughed and talked some more over lunch. They worked out a plan for the weekend. Chrissy told Adam that Ricky was coming later today and was going to spend the night with them. Adam did not object because he liked Ricky and wished they would just get married already.

Ricky came for dinner. After dinner Chrissy did the dishes and they all sat and watched a movie. What a way to spend a Friday night, thought Chrissy, with the man I love and my favorite nephew.  She snuggled up on the couch with Ricky and Adam just seemed to watch them with curiosity. Chrissy playfully threw a pillow at Adam and got up to make some popcorn for them. About eleven o’clock Chrissy and Ricky retired to the guest bedroom leaving Adam to watch the TV. “No renting any porn Adam!” laughed Chrissy as she and Ricky went upstairs.

Ricky had started taunting Chrissy by kissing her neck and rubbing her inner thighs. Deeply kissing him back she tells him they can’t have sex because Adam was downstairs and still awake. Ricky didn’t care he continued to touch Chrissy in all the right spots and she wiggled and squirmed against him. Giving in to Ricky’s temptation they have sex. Chrissy didn’t realize that their sounds of loving making echoed throughout the house and Adam heard them anyway. The next morning Chrissy got up and made breakfast. The three of them sat and talked over breakfast.

Adam looked at the two of them oddly and winked to Chrissy as if to say I know what you guys were doing. Chrissy blushed and hid her face in her coffee. Did he hear us last night, wondered Chrissy, no I was quiet I made sure of it. Maybe Ricky was too loud? Maybe it was the bed that squeaked too much? As Chrissy ran through the entire question in her mind, she didn’t realize she spaced out for a minute until Ricky nudged her asking if she was ok. She replied that she was fine and smiled to both of them.

“Ok what are we going to do today?” asks Chrissy. The boys just looked at her and snickered. The guys decided they were going to a semi-pro baseball game. Chrissy was a huge baseball fan. A few beers and a hot dog were the best part of the game. They went to the game and went out for dinner. After dinner they came home and Chrissy made a pot of coffee for them all. Watching the news Chrissy asked if they wanted to rent more movies. The guys agreed of course. Ricky was thinking it was a super opportunity to rent a chick flick and have Chrissy be snuggled close. Watching the movie Adam kept peering over and staring. Chrissy wondered what his problem was but tried to ignore it. Adam watched as they snuggled on the couch real close. When the movie was over Chrissy and Ricky went upstairs to go to bed.

Again Ricky tried his antics and Chrissy promised herself she was not going to give in tonight. Adam apparently had heard them last night and it just wasn’t proper for him to hear them. Ricky pressed on and again Chrissy gave in. This time instead of just listening to them, Adam had made his way up to the guest bedroom door and it was cracked open a little bit. He pushed the door open a little bit more and watched. He pulled out his penis and began jerking off while watching them. Adam was almost there when they finished so he hurriedly scooted to his room to finish. After jerking off Adam thought about the all the times he watched his mom and dad; he loved to watch his mom and dad and pretend it was him inside his mother rather than his dad. His obsession with his mom has started to take over his mind and body. He looked at his aunt and instantly he got hard on because she looked so much like his mom.

Adam often wondered what it was about his mom he loved so much. Was it her curvy body? Maybe it was her perfectly round breasts or her tight ass? He never could pin point exactly what it was but his mother turned him on. This was a secret he had to keep from everyone including his aunt. Adam fell asleep to the thoughts of his aunt and his mother.

The next morning Adam heard his aunt and Ricky going at it again. He slipped from his room and stopped at their door. This time the door was wide open. He watched them intently and found himself working his cock in his own hand. He took nice ling strokes watching them and listening to Chrissy moan in ecstasy. Adam loved hearing the sound of a woman, especially his aunt or mother, in the midst of an orgasm. They sounded so much alike thought Adam. Noticing the two of them were almost done Adam went back to his room. He started thinking of what it would be like to have his aunt suck his cock like she did Ricky’s. He then thought about what it would be like to spank her and humiliate her before he made her suck him off. His thoughts drifted and Adam had a hard orgasm before going back to bed.

It was about noon on Sunday and Adam woke up realizing his parents would be home soon. He crept downstairs to find out if Ricky was still here. He found his aunt in the kitchen having her afternoon coffee and smirked at her. “What?” said Chrissy. “Oh aunty I think you already know” he said. Her face blushed with embarrassment.  “Why blush aunty? You know what you did all weekend to me. I heard it all and seen it too.” Adam said. “Wh..wh…what did you see and hear?” Adam replied “I heard you moaning while Ricky was sticking his cock in you. I watched him nail that pussy of yours. I imagined it was me instead of me. You have been a bad girl this weekend aunty. I should put you over my knee and spank you.” Adam grinned at his aunt who was obviously uncomfortable at this point. Why had he confronted her about this? She was a grown woman she could do what she wanted.

Adam moved towards her watching her expressions. What is he going to do she thought? Adam reached over and gripped her hair in his hand. She jumped a bit and he moved her face to look at him and told her “Look you slutty bitch, I don’t care what you do in your house with boyfriend. In my house it is disrespectful to fuck when I’m around. Do I make myself clear?” Wincing as he gripped her hair tighter she replied “Yes Adam I’m sorry. You’re right you shouldn’t have had to hear that.” “You’re damn right I shouldn’t have. Who do you think you are anyway? Some kind of slutty cunt who thinks she can get away with anything? I don’t think so. Now strip!” Adam said sternly. Chrissy looked at him as if he was messing around. She wasn’t going to strip in front of her nephew. “I don’t think so I am not stripping in front you. You’re my nephew. You let go of my hair right now Adam or I’m going to tell your mother.” Chrissy said as her voiced cracked a little as she knew she was losing control of the situation.

“I told you strip bitch! I mean it. You better strip or I’m calling Ricky and I’m going to tell him we had sex and he got my sloppy seconds from your cunt last night.” Adam firmly spoke to her as he gripped her hair tighter pulling her up from the kitchen chair. The now standing and bent over Chrissy was beginning to feel a twang I her pussy. She thought, how can I be getting turned on by this? This is my nephew this is wrong on so many levels. “NO! I am not getting naked in front of you Adam. Now let my hair go so I can shower and get ready to go home.”

“Let you go shower? HA! I don’t think so aunty. You’re going to get spanked for being bad this weekend and making me want your pussy for myself. You have no idea what kind of animal you have turned on over the weekend. Did you really think you were going to get away with it?” Adam said with an evil grin. Hair gripped in one hand he moved her over to the couch, “Now pull your pants down and show me that tight ass of yours.”  Not giving in to her nephew she told him no yet again and this time he pulled her up and slapped her face hard. She winced and shut her eyes tight. She shook her head again meaning no and Adam then slapped her face even harder this time. “Don’t you dare tell me no again aunty because I’m only going to slap that beautiful face harder.” Adam then with his free hand began to pull down her pajama pants and Chrissy struggled to fight it by pulling them back up. Adam slapped her face really hard leaving an imprint of his hand on her face. The struggle went on for about 10 minutes with Adam trying to pull down her pants and Chrissy resisting.

Since Chrissy was resisting Adam had a plan. He took her upstairs to his bedroom dragging her by her hair. Adam moved to his dresser and pulled out some rope. He moved her to the bed and threw her on it. “Since you don’t want to cooperate I have to tie you down young lady.” Adam then proceeded to tie her hands across the bed to the . He tied her feet spreading her legs to each bed feet. After making sure she couldn’t get untied or wiggle loose he grabbed some scissors and cut off her pajama bottoms and her panties. He admired her tight ass which gave a hint of her womanhood as she was bent over and nodded his head. “Aunty you have a great ass and nice clean-shaved pussy. I bet its wet isn’t it aunty?” She yelled back at him “Let me go Adam stop this right now. Untie me! This is wrong and you know it. Stop you made you point now, I won’t have sex with Ricky anymore when we are here.” “That’s not good enough aunty. You have no idea how horny you made me this weekend. Just seeing your naked body wrapped around Ricky made me have to jerk off. Do you have any idea what that’s like aunty? To have to jerk off knowing I couldn’t fuck you myself?”

Adam ran his hand over her ass and slipped his finger touching her already wet pussy and she shivered. “Oh you are wet aunty! What’s going here? I thought you didn’t want me to do this? Your body seems to like it. You are such a slutty whore aunty, getting all turned on by your nephew. And I’m the dirty one!” Adam said as he laughed while she wiggled and started yelling back at him. He couldn’t take the yelling so he stuffed a sock in her mouth to muffle her. He played with her pussy a little more and unknowingly Chrissy started humping his hand back. She thought to herself, this is wrong but I can’t help it, it feels so good. Adam sure knows how to use those fingers of his. With a slight moan that accidentally passed her lips Adam smiled. “So you do like it huh? Look at you moaning like a slut for me. You want more slut? Huh? Do you?” Chrissy nodded her head, her pussy was aching now. She couldn’t believe her body betrayed her like. Then an unexpected sting came across her ass and she yelped.

“Oh that’s good aunty. Make some noise for me I love it when girls make noise for me.” Adam continued to spank her ass harder and harder. Her ass was becoming so warm and a brightly colored red. He spanked her again and she growled. “What’s wrong aunty? Too hard for you to handle?” laughed Adam. “I told you I was going to spank you for being bad. I guess next time you will follow rules and listen wont you slut?” Chrissy nodded her head. Adam spanked her a few more times and then rubbed her ass to feel the warmth on his hand. With his other hand he began to molest her pussy rubbing her clit in circles making her wetter. She was fully exposed to him now. A red ass and swollen pussy lips, what a sight Adam thought. He licked his fingers tasting her juices “Mmmmm aunty you taste so good. Too bad you have been a bad girl and I have to spank you.”

Adam spanked her ass alternating playing with her pussy until her ass began to show slight bruises. The colors Adam thought, the colors are beautiful on her ass. I think I’m going to fulfill my dreams and stick my cock inside her. He began to play with her pussy a little more feeling the wetness he had to taste it. He knelt down behind and stuck his tongue on her clit. He licked her slit tasting her juices and felt her quiver and moan. He enjoyed this, his aunt tied up, helpless, and now about to get fucked. Adam thought to himself some people may call it rape, I considered it a treat for myself for having to listen to her fuck someone else. Chrissy heard his zipper and pants fall to the floor. He knelt down behind her lapping her again he couldn’t get enough of her taste; standing back up he spanked her a few more times. With every smack on her ass he heard her muffled cry for him to stop. She begged him to stop and he just kept smacking that tight little ass she has.

He positioned himself behind cock in hand and guided into her pussy. He gave a hard thrust hearing her moan loudly through the sock in her mouth. He took long strokes and felt himself bottom out inside her, feeling her cervix with every thrust. Adam moved his cock rhythmically pumped in and out of her. Adam’s dream had come true. It may not have been his mother but his aunt looked just like her. Every thrust his hand would come down on her ass with a loud crack. He felt his balls begin to tighten up as he was ready to release his load of hot cum in her pussy. “Say my name aunty! Say it! I’m going to cum inside you right now! Say it!” he yelled to her. Under the muffling of the sock she tried to moan  at his command “Adam, oh Adam.” Hearing her muffled cries for him he exploded inside her pumping her full of his seed.  He laid on her his cock spent from an amazing orgasm. She lay under him panting not believing what just happened.

After resting for 20 minutes, Adam untied her and told her take a shower. She got in the shower and wondered what just happened. Her head was spinning with the events her nephew just put her through. She enjoyed in a weird what had happened between them. She finished showering and was greeted in the guest bedroom by Adam. He smiled at her and she blushed. “Did you enjoy being a bad girl aunty? You need to understand I will not tolerate you being bad in my house when my mom is home.” Chrissy nodded “Your mother can never know about this. No one can Adam do you understand that? I can get in trouble for this and I’m not even sure really how I felt about it.” Adam smiled to her “Get dressed mom should be home soon.” Chrissy nodded and shoed him out of her room; she got dressed and packed her stuff. Chrissy went downstairs to make a pot of coffee while waiting for her sister to get home. About an hour later Paula and Charlie showed up. They talked over coffee and Chrissy went to leave giving hugs and flashing Adam a wink. Adam smirked and waved good-bye to his. He then texted her cell phone to let her know he wanted to spank her and make sure she was spank good and hard.

The next day Paula called and said her and Charlie were going away for the weekend with the money they won in Las Vegas. Chrissy agreed to stay for the weekend with Adam and vowed not to have Ricky come on that adventure.

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