Teen Girl Spanked

Teen Girl Spanked  

Several years ago there was a men’s magazine on the magazine racks called Mr. Magazine. At the front there was a “Letters to the Editor” section which featured letters of varying subject matter. Although this magazine did not have spanking as its main theme, each month the Letters to the Editor would contain at least one letter addressing the subject of spanking, some issues might contain two or more such letters in the section. The magazine was published starting in the late 50’s and lasted into the early 80’s. I remember seeing it still in existence in the early 80’s. I discovered Mr. Magazine in the early 70’s and read just about every issue’s spanking letters. Some of you may remember this publication as well. Most of the letters dealt with the corporal punishment of teenage girls. I thought it would be fun to re – produce one of the letters I found most interesting and still remember well enough to capture most of the details. This letter was entitled “Teen Girl Spanked” and appears below in much the same format as it appeared in the issue I initially read it in which, to the best of my memory appeared in 1973.

Dear Editor, After having read the interesting letter submitted by Mrs. J last month regarding the discipline of their teenage daughter I thought I would write in and share one of our recent experiences regarding our own daughter. Sherry is currently fifteen years of age and for the most part is well-behaved. This, we believe, is because my husband and I agreed from the beginning that Sherry would be raised with the notion that miss – behavior brings with it serious consequences. Since my husband and I were both raised with corporal punishment and we both turned out fine we decided that our daughter would be raised likewise. Most of Sherry’s spankings have been administered by me and they typically take place in the living room. Sherry is an only child so the need to punish her in the privacy of her bedroom is not a particular issue in our household. When I punish Sherry it is typically with an old-fashioned wooden hairbrush and it is applied firmly to her on her bare bottom.

My husband also punishes Sherry but typically he only punishes for more serious offences like the one I am about to share now. When my husband punishes Sherry it is with a wooden paddle fashioned out of white ash. A friend of his has a woodworking shop and when Sherry became a teenager he decided that her punishment sessions would no longer be carried out by hand. Since many of the schools employ the paddle my husband decided that this would be how our daughter would be punished at home for more serious offences. The paddle measures about 2 foot long by about 3 ½ inches wide and is about 3/8 of an inch thick. WE decided not to have the customary holes drilled through it so it remained solid. Even without the holes, from Sherry’s response as it is being applied, it gets the job done.

Well, one afternoon just a week or so back Sherry arrived home with a notice home from school. It seems that she and another girl were caught cheating on a history exam. WE have always been pretty strict on Sherry keeping up with her studies and it was not clear why she would feel the need to cheat but she actually admitted it herself that she did. When my husband arrived home from work that evening I presented him with the notice which he read then signed underneath my own signature. Sherry was up in her bedroom and was called down to the living room. Her father was quite calm and explained to Sherry that her behavior was considered quite serious and that as punishment she was to be given ten sound swats with the paddle before going to bed. Sherry was not surprised at the sentence given to her but you could clearly see in her eyes she was not at all pleased. After dinner Sherry was sent back up to her room to finish her homework although I would have to admit I myself would find it quite difficult to concentrate realizing what was coming just before bed.

Sherry’s bed time is 10:00 pm on a school night and this happened to be a Wednesday night. At 9:30 Sherry was called down to the living room. When she arrived she was instructed to take a seat. Again her father lectured her on the ills of cheating and informed her that because of the seriousness of this situation she would be paddled fully unclothed. This was completely for the purpose of adding some extra humiliation and to make Sherry remember the next time she might contemplate pulling such a stunt. My husband went on to inform our daughter that he intended to make each and every swat count. With that Sherry was instructed to undress. Although some might find this procedure somewhat drastic, let me point out that in our household all paddling’s especially for serious offences were administered to Sherry fully unclothed.

Now, fully unclothed Sherry stood facing her father and I as my husband picked up the wooden paddle. You could see tears beginning to well up in Sherry’s eyes as my husband instructed her to turn around and place her hands upon her thighs. Sherry was now ready to receive her punishment. Her father calmly asked her if she was ready. Following her answer of yes he once again announced ten swats would be applied. With that my husband rested the paddle gently upon both cheeks of Sherry’s pudgy bare bottom then with appropriate force applied the first swat of the paddle to Sherry’s bare backside. Instantly a three-inch wide paddle mark appeared across both cheeks. He took aim and applied the second swat. My husband is quite skilled at applying the paddle and by the third blistering swat, tears were pouring down Sherry’s face. My husband applied all ten swats and although the tears were flowing and Sherry was sobbing steadily as the paddle was being applied she managed to stay in position. You see we have another household rule, if Sherry tries to interrupt the punishment by reaching back before her punishment is complete, the punishment will be carried out again once the initial punishment is completed. Sherry learned this the hard way once a couple of years back but that is another story.

Once the punishment is completed, Sherry is allowed to gather up her clothes and return to her room. Let me just say in closing that we believe that our methods work very well. It does seem that with Sherry getting older the paddle is seeing less use. This is exactly why her punishment sessions are carried out the way they are. I would certainly welcome any comments back.

Sincerely, Mrs. M. North Carolina



4 thoughts on “Teen Girl Spanked

  1. I used to buy “mr.” at the local drugstore when I was in high school, and I bought it precisely because of the regular spanking features. I loved that sort of ‘traditional domestic’ tone to their spanking descriptions. It was great (and naughty) fun. I remember there was a sister (brother?) publication called “sir,” but it didn’t pay the same attention to spanking.

  2. In the wake of World War II, occasional articles in various elements of print media discussed disciplining the fairer sex. Back then, even a father spanking his teenage daughter on her bare derriere wasn’t the big deal it would later become. Nor, was the subject particularly taboo in person-to-person discussions.

    The biggest difference between then and now was that real life descriptions were typically less explicit than they are these days. They didn’t have to be. Some degree of nudity was implied if a female of any age got spanked at home. Implements were common. So was occasional incidental bruising of a badly behaved female’s posterior.

    My wife said that she learned when she was still young enough to still get it with the parental hand to not interfere when she got spanked. Her parents didn’t start over. They just left her hands stinging as much as they did her behind!

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