“Velvet Green” by SImone

Velvet Green


The girls cross country team had been selected to compete in the inter-collage trials; the honor of the collage was at stake. Each girl who had been picked was considered to be the best and a good team player.

The morning of the event was bright and sunny, but as it was held in March it was very cold, especially that early in the morning. The girls began to arrive dropped off by their parent who intended to stand on the sidelines and cheer on the team. The team consisted of five girls Lucy, Faye, Velvet, Selena and Mia the coach gathered them around and explained that she expected the girls to keep close together she didn’t want anyone getting lost it was a big course.

Everything started out well and each team member kept pace for the others, but Velvet was not as fit as the rest and soon her pace slowed and she lagged behind ensuring that her team-mates continued and didn’t hang back waiting for her.

At certain points throughout the course officials had been posted to ensure that no one tried cheating bypassing the markers so not covering the correct distance. Each participant had a number pinned to their uniforMs. for easy identification and was ticked off as the race continued.

Velvet thought herself to be smarter than her coach she was no used to being made to follow the rules. She had arranged for a friend to hide a bicycle for her in order that she would not have to run the full five mile course. She pushed the bicycle into some bushes and taking out a warm blanket sat out of the wind and lit up a cigarette. It was a long wait and the silly girl felt tired so pulled the blanket up to her chin and dozed off to sleep.

There was quite a commotion loud voices and the sound of heavy footsteps which roused Velvet from her dreaMs., with a lazy yawn the girl slowly opened her eyes. To her abject horror she was confronted by the view of her coach and other tutors spreading out among the trees calling her name. Only then did Velvet realize how long she must have slept, therefore the search party had set out.

Sheepishly Velvet called out that she was safe, and she slowly stood up but she kept her gaze firmly on the ground feeling ashamed. Ms. Taylor the coach arrived first in the clearing her eyes scanning the bushed surrounding it. Her expression told its own story as she sternly took hold of Velvet’s hand and escorted her back to the cars, commanding that the team follow them back to the dressing room.

No one spoke to Velvet as the girls showered and dressed then filed out into the gym and stood in a line next to the bench. Ms.. Taylor had set up an armless hard-backed chair to face the bench and on the floor next to it were the slipper and a nasty looking tawse, 24 inches long with a wooden handle and three thick fingers. On instruction the girls sat on the bench and waited in silence.

Ms.. Taylor left the gym and walked briskly to the dressing room where Velvet had been instructed to wait. Ms.. Taylor stepped up close to her and whispered in a menacing tone that Velvet must strip naked and then follow her back into the gym, the girl thought about arguing but thought better of it.

As they entered the gym Velvet felt the eyes of her team mate examining her body and tried to shield herself with her hands covering her vagina but Ms.. Taylor was quick to intercept ordering the naughty girl to place her hands on her head facing her team-mates. Feeling humiliated Velvet felt herself blushing hating to be so exposed in public.

As she stood in position Ms.. Taylor lectured her for her lack of respect for the rest of the team, in her despicable action that morning, and informed her that the punishment was about to receive would be severe.

Taking Velvet with her to the chair and placed her in front of her knees Ms. Taylor swiftly tugged the naughty girl under her strong arm and pinned her in place wedging her knees into the girl pussy to push out her wriggling pale skinned bottom, fully in view of her audience.

Insuring that Velvet was secured and incapable of protecting her bottom from the hard hand spanking she now faced Ms. Taylor let her firm hand rest gently on the girls pale-skinned cheeks, allowing her to relax and enjoying the softness of her skin.

Ms. Taylor raised her hand to shoulder height and let her hand start to crack firmly over Velvet’s bottom, the sound of each swat echoing off the walls in the large gym making the watching girl cringe glad it was not them in that position. Smack after smack rained down as the heat began to build Velvet cried out in shock not expecting the spanking to sting so madly.

Try as she might the girl was unable to wriggle her bottom out of range so she started to kick her legs wildly in an effort to deflect the painful blows. She felt her body being tugged further under her coach’s arm lifting her bottom higher and screamed in temper as Ms. Taylor began to spank the backs of her flailing legs. After delivering fifty hard swats covering Velvet’s bottom and thighs the girl was allowed to slip from her prone position.

Velvet stood sobbing miserably glad that her spanking was over never before had anyone punished her so hard. As the girl stood watching her team mate were instructed to line up next to Ms. Taylor and Velvet to bend over placing her palMs. flat to the seat of the spanking chair feet wide apart.

Horrified Velvet tried to argue and stomped her foot in temper, Ms. Taylor walked up to her and slapped her pink bottom hard and pushed her into position, holding her in position telling each girl that she was expected to deliver four hard swats to Velvets bottom to teach her the meaning of responsibility.

Mia band down and picked up the large pliMs.oll feeling its weight in her hand, as she stood looking at her friend’s sore bottom, placing the tip over the crown of her cheeks. The first tentative swat barely made a mark, Ms. Taylor glared at her and informed her that would not count each stroke must leave it mark or receive an equal punishment.

Mia placed her feet apart and took a deep breath, once more touching the pliMs.oll to Velvet’s cheek, drew it back and sharply swatted her watching the red mark start to rise as she took aim again. The second swat landed just above the first overlapping slightly, trying to make each stroke count. The third swat cracked dead centre and her last directly on top, making Velvet howl in pain. Mia silently returned to her place on the bench and sat down.

Salena was next in line; she was cross to have been disqualified because of Velvet’s naughtiness so was pleased to punish her. Taking the pliMs.oll in her hand facing her friend’s pink bottom she tapped the sole on Velvet’s left cheek, covering it, without waiting landed four fast and accurate swats and then stood watching the welts rising and listened to Velvet sobbing.

Keeping a firm grip on Velvet’s arm holding her down as the crying girl struggled Ms. Taylor told Lucy to collect a second slipper from her cupboard as they waited Faye took up her position taping the sloe on Velvets left cheek, but waited for instructions.

Once Lucy has returned she took position on Velvets right side the girl were ordered to deliver four swats each at the same time as Velvet seemed not to be learning her lesson. Each swat landed split seconds from one after the next without break as the girl bucked and sobbed drawing a deep red line down her bottom like a scarlet runway.

Once this punishment was delivered the girls were told to sit down in silence. Velvet was led to the far wall and made to stand a foot away from the wall frame and instructed to bend forwards until she was holding the bars, and not to let go. Mr. Taylor took the tawes and walked back to Velvet and stood looking at her sore buttocks.


Pointing with the tip of the tawes making the tip push in between the legs she swatted her legs to part wide, until her feet were at hip width, making Velvet arch her back horrified that everyone could see all that she had and the welts smarting cruelly.

Taking a mist spray filled with cold water Ms. Taylor began to cool the girl’s skin making sure she was well wetted on her cheeks and between her legs, ordering her to be silent when Velvet complained.

Once more Velvet felt the tips of the three fingers of the stiff tawes scratch her tender skin. As they trailed up the crack of her tender bottom, she shivered as she waited feeling dreading the pain that she expected.

After waiting a few moments Ms. Taylor began to land firm sharp swats travelling down Velvet’s trembling bottom along the guideline of her crack. Each stroke burned deeply as the punishment continued. The girl hung her head trying to keep her position, but gasped as the final two strokes landed hard on her exposed sit spots.

Velvet was allowed to stand she winced as the punished skin of her bottom burned with her movements she was taken out to the hallway outside of the gym, and told she would stay there for the remainder of the morning on display, hands on her head for the students to see what happens to cheats.


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