“Jessie’s Surprise”

Jessie’s Surprise

 by Crystal

One warm mid summer’s day Jessie was walking through the woods. She was on her way to check on her grandmother.  Along the path she kicked rocks and picked some wild flowers to help make grandma feel better. What she didn’t expect was a group of random men swimming in the quarry. As she walked past she had an evil idea to take their clothes and run but resisted. One of the males spotted her he wasn’t swimming with the other men. He was fully clothed as he approached her and asked her what she was doing. She simply explained she didn’t have time for him and must be on her way.

He gripped her arm tightly and told her she was going nowhere. She begged for him to let her go and threatened to scream. His only words to her were that the others would here and want to join him in his actions. Out of his backpack he grabbed some rope and strung her to the tree. The others were still swimming and acting like children. As he tied her up he called her nasty names and told her she was going to regret walking down this path. She knew instantly she shouldn’t have strayed from the regular path she takes. She was now in fear for her life. How would she ever get to grandmas?

After stringing her up he reached in his backpack and grabbed a pocket knife. He began cutting her clothes off exposing her perky breast and freshly shaven pussy. He stood back and admired her for a few moments. Looking around he found a tall firm twig. He banged it on the ground to make sure it wouldn’t break. He cracked her on her ass a few times looking at the welts it was leaving, this caused a bulge in his pants. She couldn’t help but noticed as she was being abused that his pants now had a tent. He went over to her naked body and began to touch her and caress her body and play with her clit making her nice and wet. He pulled his cock from his pants and began stroking it as he whipped her tits and her ass some more. The sight f the welts forming on her body drove him wild.

The other men were preoccupied so he knew he had time. He never gave her his name and he was unknown to her she had never seen him before. How would she turn him in for the assault she asked herself?  She knew she was in for it when he came behind her and kissed her neck and the gripped her hair very tightly to make her moan.His cock now harder than ever she began to rub it in between her thighs feeling the wetness from her pussy. He put his fingers in her pussy and began to play with her ass a little. He wanted to feel her ass on his cock. He rammed his cock in her ass making her moan loudly. He thrust in and out of her as if she was a piece of dog meat. Thrusting harder and harder he gripped her nipples and twisted them making her wince and loudly yelp. Unheard by the others he continued to rape her ass. As he was about to come her pussy began to tighten and pulsate. She was cumming from the abuse she just went through. Her body couldn’t help it and she cursed herself for allowing it to happen. When he was down he cut her down gave her some clothes and sent her on her way. The rest of her journey all she thought about was his cock violating her ass and how she was going to explain it to grandma. Had she only taken the regular path she never would have crossed paths with that vermin of a male. She thought to herself being treated like that was a real turn on and intended on going back the way she came after her visit.

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