“Pammi’s Cries”

Memories by RobertI arrived at the correctional facility for young women at 9:00 am. The punishment I was assigned to witness was scheduled for 10:00. After my arrival I was taken straight to the superintendent’s office. I was briefed on the punishment I was scheduled to witness. The superintendent was surprised that a male was sent to witness the punishment of a young female. I explained that the court system was experiencing severe cutbacks it staff and that because of this, we no longer had enough representatives available to send only female staff to witness the punishments of young women.

The young girl whose punishment I would be witnessing was nineteen – years of age serving a six month term at the county correctional facility for shoplifting. Her name was Pamela Dawson but went by the nick name Pammi. Apparently, illegal contraband in the form of a small bottle of Vodka was found in Pammi’s dormitory room during a routine inspection of the girl’s rooms. This offence is reported to the court and a representative is sent from the court to the correctional facility to witness as the girl’s punishment is carried out. All punishments in the youth correctional facilities both male and female are carried out with a regulation reformatory strap. The strap used is 18 inches long by 3 inches wide. The leather strip making up the strap is doubled back on itself and the two pieces are sewn together at one end to make the handle. The thickness of the leather is just under ¼ inch thick. The color of the strap is black. Needless to say it is a very effective instrument of discipline and it is extremely rare to hear of a case where it is used on any one offender more than once.

Following the briefing I was taken down the corridor to the punishment room where the punishment would be carried out. As I entered the punishment room accompanied by the superintendent of the correctional facility I was greeted with a view of the young lady, Pammi, who was to be punished. The female matron who would carry out the strapping was also present. Pammi had straight short blond hair. Pammi was completely naked by this point and appeared quite embarrassed upon our entrance. I could feel the extreme discomfort she must have been feeling realizing that I would be witnessing at close hand as her painful strapping was carried out. I tried to maintain a professional demeanor as I took in a full frontal view of the naked nineteen – year old but could not seem to help staring at her tiny untanned bare breasts. I of course also noticed that her pelvic region was nicely trimmed revealing her vaginal lips. Although the lips of her vagina were closed this still presented a nice view. This was especially difficult because I happen to be one of the rare men who really favor small breasted women.

“Pammi please step to the punishment table”. The female matron instructed. She then took Pammi by the arm and guided her into position upon the top of the punishment table face down with her feet stretched out behind her. Pammi’s bare buttocks were also untanned making them stand out against her slightly tanned back and thighs. At that point the superintendent stepped up to the punishment table. “Miss Pamela Dawson nineteen – year of age do you understand why you are about to be strapped”? “Yes Superintendent Lisbon”. “Are you ready for the punishment to commence Miss Dawson”? “Yes”. Pammi was then informed that failure to remain in position as her punishment was administered would result in additional punishment. She acknowledged that she understood. The superintendent turned to the matron. “Please proceed”. The female matron had the punishment strap in her right hand. It appeared rather smooth and looked somewhat worn from several years of use. She stepped up to the punishment table and positioned herself in preparation to begin Pammi’s punishment. Then the room echoed with the loud crack of the strap as the matron brought the strap down across the middle of Pammi’s naked buttocks. Nineteen – year old Pamela Dawson’s punishment was officially under way. Again the loud crack of the strap filled the room as it landed slightly above the first stroke. Instantly following was a shrill cry from Pammi. The matron paused about 2 seconds then brought the strap down for the third. Pammi’s naked buttocks were already turning a deep shade of pink.

The matron concentrated her efforts upon Pammi’s naked ass bring the strap down again and again slightly overlapping each previous stroke. Each time the room erupted with the sound of the thick black leather making contact with Pamela Dawson’s bare buttocks. For several strokes the matron worked the strap up and down Pammi’s naked ass cheeks. By this time Pammi’s cries had turned into full on solid sobbing. Tears poured down the cheeks of her face as the room exploded with the cracking of the strap upon her naked buttocks again, again and again. Then the matron began to move the strap down to the region where Pammi’s buttocks and upper thighs connected bringing new cries of agony from the nineteen – year old. The sound of the strap also changed as the matron focused her efforts on this new area of Pammi’s body. She continued her efforts on this region of Pammi turning her upper thighs into the same deep crimson that her naked buttocks currently were. By now the complete area from the top of Pammi’s buttocks to well down her upper thighs were deep red crimson. Several nasty welts had also formed along the sides of Pammi’s buttocks and thighs where the strap wrapped. The matron would alternate from side to side of the punishment table to be sure that Pammi received equal punishment on both sides of her bare backside.

After several strokes across Pammi’s upper thighs the matron once again returned to her crimson naked buttocks. I could clearly hear the change in the sound of the strap as the leather returned to Pammi’s bare ass. Following several more blistering strokes across her naked ass, Pammi’s punishment finally came to an end. By the time it was over I myself was in quite an uncomfortable state but for an entirely different reason that nineteen – year old Pammi. The sight and sound of the strap cracking across Pammi’s naked buttocks and upper thighs resulted in my developing an intense erection. I am sure that the sounds of Pammi’s cries of agony as the strapping was administered also contributed greatly to my state of erection. After exiting the punishment room I found the closest rest room and relived myself. I could not believe how quickly I was able to cum as the sights and sounds of what I had just witnessed played back in my mind.

I was employed by the court for a few more years before my retirement but never witnessed another female punishment. I was transferred to another position to serve out the remainder of my career. However, I still have the memories of that morning at the county correctional facility for young women and the strapping of the nineteen – year old female that took place there.


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