“The punishment book”

The punishment book

St Orcus academy is an establishment to which the daughters of the rich and affluent are sent when they fail to get into the university of their preference, or have been sent home due to misbehaviour or lack of aptitude. On taking a place within the establishment the parents are expected to sign over parental permission to the staff to discipline the students when the rules are broken. The establishment is well renowned for the quality of the education they deliver and strict regimen it was no easy to get your daughter a place so when faced with the request for the signature it was always given.

Each new student on entering the academy is instructed on the code of conduct expected to adhere to, and the result of disobedience. Entry one;


Nannette sat on the bench outside Ms Scott’s office in pouting silence, feeling that it was demeaning to be summoned and then ordered to sit and await punishment in the hall. Should anyone pass her by they would know that she was about to be punished. The wait was terrible knowing that once Ms Scott opened her office door her bottom would be stinging madly, her hands felt sweaty as she looked at the envelope trying to think of an excuse for her plausible absence from the class the previous afternoon.

Lost in thought Nannette was startled by a firm hand on her shoulder and timidly looked up into Ms Scott’s stern face as she towered over her. Before she could react the envelope was plucked from her fingers, and she was pulled into the office and placed facing the far wall and told to wait. Ms Scott took her time reading the note, tuting a few times angry that the naughty girl should have been sent back to the office so soon.

In a deep quiet voice Ms Scott instructed Nannette to remove her skirt and panties and put them on the floor next to her. Still sitting behind the desk Ms Scott opened the draw and took out a long flexible ruler, known to the girls as the yard stick, and placed it on the far side of the desktop. Ensuring that Nannette had seen the ruler Ms Scott stood up and walked around the desk collecting a hard backed chair and placing it facing the office door.

Nannette felt her tummy lurch fear raising the hairs on the back of her neck, not daring to rub the tingle of anticipation from her bottom. Ms Scott sat on the chair and called Nannette over to her, making her stand hands on her head facing her as she scolded the lazy girl and demanded to know why she was so naughty to be here again. The girl tried to find a believable answer but stress tied her tongue, all she could do was to whisper miserably that she would do better in the future. Nannette thought miserably that Ms Scott enjoyed spanking the students and knew that she was always harsh with frequent offenders.

Nannette found herself landing over Ms Scott’s lap and her body pinned in position under her arm she knew there was no escape; there was little time to catch her breath as Ms Scott began to smack Nannette’s creamy white cheeks, her strong hand covering the whole buttock with each hard smack. Gaining her rhythm and the force with which she delivered her punishment ensuring that the whole of the wriggling girl’s bottom was adequately warmed.

Ms Scott took her time as she continued to land firm smack, the sound of which echoed off the office walls, as did the yelp’s of pain as Nannette struggled to accept her punishment. After what seemed like forever, Ms Scott decided that Nannette’s bottom had been warmed enough, running her hand over the girls’ pink cheeks Ms Scott could feel her skin prickled and the girl flinch under her touch.

Nannette was released and ordered to bend over the desk her arms out flat directly in front of her, and to place her feet wide apart. Tearfully Nannette obeyed feeling utterly vulnerable knowing that her main punishment was going to be very painful, she hated that ruler! As the cool wood was gently tapped on her bottom Nannette tried to wriggle her bottom out of range electing a sharp slaps to the backs of her legs, Ms Scott did not allow disobedience to her instruction to go unpunished.

Using the ruler flicking it against the tender skin of Nannette’s inner thighs Ms Scott forced her legs wider apart then placed the tip of the ruler dead centre of the girl’s plump bottom. Flicking her wrist firmly making the ruler bounce sharply over the centre of Nannette’s crack, Ms Scott watched as the girl winced in shock waiting for the burn to build up before administering the next swat.

Before long Nannette was sobbing a line of fire being drawn down the centre of her bottom towards her tender sit spots, connecting two hard swats to the inside of her upper thighs one to each side Ms Scott let her arm hang to her side for a moment. Tracing the welts using her long sharp fingernails than smacking each cheek hard Ms Scott ordered Nannette to return to her corner, she was not yet finished.

The girl stood crying quietly not daring to try rubbing her sore bottom, knowing this would mean harsher treatment, as she listened to Ms Scott walking around her desk and sat down. Picking up the receiver she waited for her call to be picked up and then announce that the student was ready for inspection. After a few moments the office door opened and Nannette’s class tutor entered, making his way over to the naughty girl Mr Thomas bent close to look at the welts and nodded.

Shock registered as Nannette felt her body being pinned under Mr Thomas’s arm and being tugged firmly in position he told Ms Scott to pass him the ruler. Wriggling madly the poor girl realised the office door had been left open therefore should she start to complain at the punishment her voice would be carried down the corridor.

Mr Thomas administered six further strokes hard and fast three to each cheek, before letting Nannette stand up. Nannette was unable to keep her tears under control as Ms Scott told the naughty girl to place her hands on her head and then she must turn to face Mr Thomas, and apologise for her disrespectful manners and thank him for her punishment.

Reluctantly Nannette complied not wanting to take more strokes, she blushed deeply keeping her eyes to the carpet hating to be viewed so openly, feeling humiliated. Once she had apologised Mr Thomas nodded to Ms Scott and left the office and Ms Scott allowed Nannette to dress, smiling to herself, she was pleased to hear the girl whimper as she pulled her tight panties over her tender skin, thinking that this young lady would remember her punishment for some time to come.

Nannette was made to sign the punishment book noting that full detailed had been entered and knew that a copy would be sent to her parents, knowing full well once she got home her father would discipline her again, each time a punishment was report to him, as was the academy’s rules.


By Simone

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