“That wasn’t my joint!!” Anna strikes back. By Levena. A Matt and Abby story.

My name is Lucas, and I was 16 when I had to stay four weeks one summer with my Aunt Abby, Uncle Matt and their three kids.

My parents had planned a summer vacation for just them. They were leaving in the beginning of the June, and would pick me back up 30 days later.
I was not a happy teenager, and I tried to get my parents to let me stay home, after all I was 16, but they would not hear of it. It was a whole month. They would not even listen to what I had to say.

My parents were very modest, I was never spanked, and I certainly was never exposed naked in front of my mom. I would have to say that my home was reserved, and my parents never were as domineering as my Aunt Abby and Uncle Matt were with their children.

When we arrived at Aunt Abby’s house around noon, Anna my cousin was sitting on the front deck. She was about the same age as I was, and we never got along that well, we hardly exchanged hellos that day. I honestly remember her saying, “So you ready for 30 days of misfortune.” Then she chuckled with this evil laugh, and told me to go find Dallas; he was inside the house, and I should probably go play with the younger crowd. It will help keep me out of dilemmas.

My parents were in a haste to start their vacation, so they were anxious to leave. Aunt Abby said to my mom, “so Matt and I have your permission to treat Lucas in the same manners as our own children right?”

My mom responded, “Most definitely”, and looked at me, with a smile.

“Lucas is a good teenage boy, we never have troubles with him Abby.”

“Okay then!” My Aunt Abby replied, adding the phrase “you must do things differently in your house.”

So my parents were off, and I was left with a cousin I did not get along with, and two that I would learn to have issues with as well.

Aunt Abby told Anna to show me to my room, and help me with whatever I might need. Anna was not too pleased about it, but obeyed immediately.

Once in the bedroom, I began to unpack with hardly exchanging words with Anna.

Anna had left finally and even out of the house. I felt relieved.

I walked down the hallway, and went to see what my Aunt Abby was doing. She was taking care of things in the kitchen, so I sat at the table, and asked her if there was anything I could help her.

Aunt Abby began to tell me about the house rules and my responsibilities during my stay.

“Be on time to our dinner table; keep your room neat and clean, and the same goes for bathroom. No swearing, no fighting, no this, not that, don’t do it, and clean up after yourself.”  She also told me I was to always let her know where I might be going, etc.

I found the rules to be a bit over the top.

Then what appeared almost as an afterthought, my Aunt Abby mentioned that failure to adhere to their rules and requirements will end with punishment. She then turned and pointed a wet soapy wooden spoon at me, and smiled saying, “is that understood?” Not knowing exactly what she meant I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said, “yes Aunt Abby.”

Aunt Abby had told me that dinner was at 6.

Dallas, Emma and I were already home. I had taken them both to a near-by park for Aunt Abby and had returned with them at 5:15. There were no issues, however when Anna got home from being out apparently with some friends, and coming in at 5:45, Aunt Abby wanted to talk to her in the kitchen, and Anna went to see what her mom wanted.

I listened to my Aunt Abby began to question Anna about smoking, Anna said over again many times to her mother, she does not smoke, but Aunt Abby told her open your mouth, and then she smelled Anna’s breath.

I heard my Aunt yell, “Where is your bag?”, and my cousin Anna protested to her mother she was not the one smoking.

I could see and hear everything, and as Anna went to get her bag she had left on the wooden bench by the garage door; she came in, looked at me and seemed to be nervous. She picked up her bag, brought it over to her mother, who opened it, and took out a pack of cigarettes.

Anna was scared and started to protest fast, “mom please not with him here.”

My aunt’s voice changed and apparently Emma knew what was up, because she brought her head up and said, WHOEEE, what did my sister dooo.” Then Emma took off for the kitchen to gawk and listen to her mother yell at her sister.

“You don’t make the rules in our house!” Aunt Abby said.

“You’ll be lucky if your father doesn’t take his belt off tonight young lady! Go to your room.”

I gasped, and Emma pivoted on her red painted toes, and I heard her say under her breathe, “I hope Daddy licks her good.”

Anna, red faced went to her room

At 6 we sat down to dinner, Uncle Matt was home, and as we were eating dinner he listened to Aunt Abby explained that she had caught his daughter Anna smoking, and then she even lied about it. My Uncle Matt was mad, and Anna never looked up from her plate as her mother was telling her father the story.

When Uncle Matt did finally speak, it was thunderous; it was the loudest male voice I had ever heard. Nothing like my fathers; his voice was meek and with reason, giving me a choice. Not Uncle Matt’s, his was demanding, firm and for any reason you thought of protesting his orders. Let’s just say, his children followed them.

“YOUR MOTHER will punish you young lady right at 7 in the living room.” Then yelling and telling Anna to look at him in his face.

“You ask your mother not to punish you, because there is a guest in our house.” Then my Uncle Matt looked right at me and said, “Lucas you can expect to be present as a witness.”

I was very surprised to hear Anna was going to be punished by a spanking, but then for me to be a witness to it. Oh My.

My Aunt Abby went on ranting to Uncle Matt, “Since Anna lied to me dear, she will receive a spanking for smoking, and a spanking for telling lies.”

“I should spank her for even asking or assuming she wouldn’t be punished in front of her cousin.”

“All punishments in this house are administered in front of whoever happens to be living in it.”

I noticed Anna had a very difficult time during dinner. She hardly said a word. We finished dinner around 6:30 and Anna started washing the dishes, it was about 6:50 when Aunt Abby turned to her and said, “Anna you should go  to your room and prepare for your punishment.” Anna couldn’t help it, you could tell; she looked at her mom and tried one more time, “please, oh mommy please not with him here.”

My Aunt looked at he daughter, and Anna turned around and started walking for her bedroom.

“Anna let’s not be late, and do not play games with me and your father tonight.”

Anna sighed, but it was more like a sigh of defeat with the distinct sobbing sound of someone in distress.  She walked down the hallway, and disappeared into her purple painted bedroom.

I wish I could have been a fly on her wall at this time, alone in her room, having to remove her clothing and return to stand in front of us all and take a spanking from her mother, and even maybe her father.

I was quite surprised how obedient she was since she came across to me as such an arrogant stuck up bitch. She was very attractive however, and was very popular with everyone in the neighborhood, and her cell phone was always ringing with someone wanting to see if she could do something.

It was a few minutes to 7 and Anna appeared, I was reading in the brown leather chair next to the bay window that over looked the backyard and deck. The living room was dimly lit, but it was apparent Anna was bare from her waist down.

As Anna slowly crept into the living, you could see the tears coming down her face, and I also could see the light pale hair that was glowing from around her private part. I stared at it. I couldn’t help it. .

As Anna stood in the living room, Aunt Abby and Uncle Matt came in from the kitchen; she was told to put her hands locked behind her head, she looked at her mom with a pleading look, but the look shot back from her mother was all it took for my cousin Anna to do as she was told.

Aunt Abby was standing in the opening to the living room next to the blue recliner chair.

I admit now that my cousin Anna was lovely, and her girlish mound was now in full display, and I got totally aroused. I was reading, so I cover the bulge in my pants with my book, continuing to stare at Anna’s naked bottom half.

Aunt Abby looked toward me and started talking, I listened, but watched as my Uncle Matt went and took a hold of Anna’s right wrist and started guiding her towards the couch. She protested a little, by pulling back as he walked her towards it.

“Anna was caught smoking and will receive the razor strap on her bare bottom for smoking. She had been told not to, and promised me she would never to it again; she will get 36 strokes, while lying over the arm of the couch. After the strapping she will be given a moment to rub her bottom before bending over hands on floor legs parted, and her bottom exposed for 12 strokes of our family cane. Those licks will be for not being honest with me.

Uncle Matt then looked at Anna and said, “get your ass over the arm of the couch!”, without hesitation Anna did. Her shirt rose as she positioned herself, this nicely was exposing her bare bottom, and I admit it was a lovely bottom, and my eyes fixated on it.

Aunt Abby took position, just to Anna’s left, and looked over at me, smiled, and swung the strap. With each stroke of the strap, Anna would grunt, but to her credit, she held her position, and did not try to cover up.

Over and over again the strap hit hard and fast to my cousins bare ass. Finally, by about 10 strokes Anna’s grunts turned to yelps, and soon to cries, but by the time the 36 strokes were administered, Anna was crying and kicking her legs everywhere. My Uncle Matt held her arms down, but her legs were flailing, and I could see every inch of her girlish parts, the seemed to glisten as though it was wet.

She bawled and cried out like a child, she did not seem so grown up and snotty anymore.

Anna was permitted to rise; she rubbed her bottom as Aunt Abby took a thin brown looking cane out of the hallway closet. She hissed it through the air a few times, and then told Anna to take up the position in the center of the living room. Anna got into this sort of push up position with her bottom high, and her legs parted wide. I was now able to get an even more exposing look of Anna’s rear vaginal exposure, I remember seeing her butthole.

Aunt Abby lined up the cane across the center of Anna’s bottom, and swish each stroke leave a red line across it. She yelped with each stroke, but again managed to stay there in position and take all twelve of the strokes Aunt Abby dealt to her. I was so aroused by the site before me.

As the punishment came to an end Anna had turn and apologize for smoking and not being honest, she was then permitted to go to her room.

Aunt Abby  turned to me, and said now you know what you can expect should you violate any of our rules, she said this with the same smile on her face as earlier, and almost in anticipation of doing so.

After that very embarrassing spanking Anna received in front of me you would have thought she would try to avoid my presence. , but I purposely tried to run into her.

That evening after the lights went out; I could hear my Uncle having sex with my aunt. It was loud and you could hear Aunt Abby cry out in distress after the sound of a loud crack, it must have been leather. You could hear Aunt Abby gag, her coughing and cries were about as stimulating as watching Anna earlier. However, I couldn’t see what Uncle Matt was doing. I would play it in my head as though I could for years and years though.

I would explode in my pants over this image for a long time.

I know it must have been about 2 am when I finally got up to cross the hallway and go into the bathroom and relieve myself of a full bladder. I still had an extremely hard penis, and I figured if I went in and splashed some cold water on me, I would calm down and not need to yank my boyhood again.

As I stepped into the dim lite hallway, Anna stepped out of the bathroom, she was still in just a T-shirt; she had not even put any PJ bottoms on.

This reminded me, Uncle Matt had told her she was not allowed to wear under panties for one week.

Anna looked down in the low light; she noticed my hard-on and rolled her eyes at me.

“You liked seeing my ass bare, and my wide open pussy didn’t you Lucas?” Was I kicking and spreading them wide enough for you to see both my girlie holes?”

“Was it as pink as my bottom?”

Anna rubbed her half-naked body against me while she passed me; she looked back with her blue eyes still puffy from the crying and stared at me. She then covered her ass with her two small hands while saying, “Lucas your naughty, you shouldn’t have been looking at my pussy like that, and I heard you yanking on your dirty pecker when my daddy was fucking my mother in her bottom.”

“Shame on you Lucas, I should tell.” Anna giggled.

I remembered right then how much of a cunt my cousin Anna could be. She might listen and obey her mother and father when she had to, but in Anna Whites real world; she was a cunt. I knew for the rest of the month, and my stay here with Aunt Abby, I better watch out for her.


It was 2 days later; I asked Aunt Abby if I would borrow her car. I wanted to go the mall; she told me I could, but reminded me to be back before 6 for dinner.

I went to the mall and walked around mostly, I was home sick somewhat, and there wasn’t much to do in this town. I had left my jacket in the car. I didn’t realize Anna had followed me with her boyfriend in his truck, and what she did to me that afternoon was sabotage.
First she blew smoke from a cigarette all over my jacket, and then took a pack of cigarettes and stuck them into the inside pocket.

It would take me about 20 minutes to go from the mall back to my Aunt Abby’s house, so at 5:30 I left.

I thought I had smelt a hint weed smoke, but I figured it was an after smell of all the cigarette smokers standing outside the mall doors. Sometimes it’s a huge cloud of smoke when passing through those people all gathered in one area, and many of them smoke clove cigars.

Anna shoved a cigarette pack in my left jacket pocket. I didn’t know it was there, nor did I know she maliciously placed a half of joint in the cellophane wrapper, that surrounded the tobacco cigarettes.

When I entered Aunt Abby’s house I took my shoes off, and then swung my jacket taking it off to hang it on a hook.  The fucking cigarette pack fell out of the pocket face up, with the joint almost staring like it had eyes, at my Aunt Abby. She picked up the cigarettes and said what, “What the hell are you doing with a half of joint in my house young man, and in a cigarette pack at that.”

I stared at joint all burned on one end. That cunt Anna had even smoked some of it before planting it one me.

I fumbled my words over and over again. I must have sounded like a stuttering fool.  I kept repeating that it wasn’t mine, and that I honestly didn’t know, or have a clue where they came from. Then pleaded with my Aunt, I had never ever smoked any weed before. I didn’t even know what a weed or a joint looked like till that day.

I could feel my own body heat rise, and my legs started to shake. I didn’t know what to do, let alone what to say at the moment. I should have started a war with Anna right there in the kitchen in front of her mother; she was sitting at the table with a grin on her face. It was so evil; the angry monkeys would run from her.

“You just witnessed Anna getting spanked the other day for cigarettes, and now you bring a joint in my house, around my children.”

I tried to explain someone had to have put them there. I didn’t know where they came from, but knew for sure I was being set up.

I glanced over at Anna, who set at the table staring at me. Her grin continued, and she would occasionally roll her eyes, and make funny yanking down movements with her hands; doing this quickly, so her mother wouldn’t see what she was doing. Emma was giggling right along with her.

Aunt Abby told us to sit down for dinner, and she left the kitchen to go get Uncle Matt from his den. They were gone a while and then returned with a cell phone. Aunt Abby handed it to me.

“Your mother is on the other end.”

My mother, Aunt Abby’s sister, didn’t listen to anything I said, and told me to cooperate with my aunt and uncle, or she would send me to a military school. She repeated the words, “I’m so disappointed in you.” at least 10 times. Then just suddenly said, “I love you.”, and hung up the phone on me.


During dinner Anna kept looking at me with an enormous grin, which was so immoral and downright criminal.  Emma snickered right along with her older sister. Emma’s eyes just gleaming with sinful thoughts.

I was trying to think of a way to let Aunt Abby know I was set up, but she wouldn’t even let me explain anything. She said if I was following the car rules right, then no one would have been able to sabotage me.

At 6:45 Aunt Abby told me to go to my room and prepare for my punishment, as I had seen Anna do the other day.

I was mortified. I could not believe this was happening. I am a modest young man I kept repeating in my head.  I was going to be naked before my Aunt Abby and her bratty daughters, but I could not figure out how I was going to get out of it.

I went took off my pants and underwear, leaving only my green t-shirt on. I took a deep breath, and went to the doorway and barely stepped into the hallway. I was naked from the waist down, and seemed to be having hard time breathing.

Anna was seated, as I was easy chair the other day. I descended down the hallway, and knew that she could see my naked exposure. I entered the living room; Anna was smiling from cheek to cheek, as was Emma.

Even Dallas had a grin that seemed to be more evil than normal.

As I entered the center of the room; Aunt Abby and Uncle Matt stood there, my Aunt had the strap in her right hand again.

Over the arm of the couch Uncle Matt demanded. I did as he said; his voice and body structure scared me enough. My Uncle Matt came to my right side, and raised my t-shirt, then gripped my wrist and held them tight.

Aunt Abby began to whack away on my very virgin flesh. I screamed and hollered and was kicking and failing my legs within the first 10 slashes. I took the first 10 whacks. I was grunting, pleading with high-pitched yelps and finally bellowing with cries of I am sorriest, and that I would never smoke weed or cigarettes again.


I was given a moment to rub my bottom before getting into that push up position with my bottom sticking up like Anna’s was.  At this point, my shirt had squirmed off me, I was totally nude as Aunt Abby took out a cane, and Uncle Matt stared at his wife with lust as she announced I would receive one dozen licks with the cane.

I had never felt anything like the sting of a cane. It must be for sure worse than any swarm of bees could do to someone.

I later discovered in the mirror how it left red lines across my bottom for days, I was however determined to hold my position and take it although I was already crying and blubbering.

When the canning came to an end, my Aunt Abby let me up, and had me stand in the corner telling me, I was lucky she had talked Uncle Matt in letting her administer my punishment, because if he would have my bottom would be raw meat.

That evening, as I laid there holding and rubbing my sore ass, I couldn’t help but noticed a shadow in the hallway. I peeked quickly and confirmed it was Anna. Got out of bed, and went for the doorway. I entered the dark hallway; it had just enough dull light I could see the golden shine in my Cousin Anna’s hair. She was then, and still is beautiful.

She bit her lip, and looked down at my extremely hard penis. Then giggled and laughed at me and said, “Your pecker is hard again Lucas. You must do something about that.”

Anna slowly got closer to me, and as she stood inches from my face and aroused naked penis, she maliciously chuckled again and said,

”I can help you with your stiff issue, and I have another joint. It will make it even more fun.”

I started spending more time with that cunt, and the month went by faster than I ever dreamed it would.


Dirty Ice Cream

My name is Lucas, and I was 16 when I had to stay four weeks one summer with my Aunt Abby, Uncle Matt and their three kids.

My parents had planned a summer vacation for just them. They were leaving in the beginning of the June, and would pick me back up 30 days later.
I was not a happy teenager, and I tried to get my parents to let me stay home, after all I was a teenage, but they would not hear of it. It was a whole month. They would not even listen to what I had to say.

My parents were very modest, I was never spanked, and I certainly was never exposed naked in front of my mom. I would have to say that my home was reserved, and my parents never were as domineering as my Aunt Abby and Uncle Matt were with their…

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“Come with me please” thats a hot leather belt

“When you answer me, you will call me ‘Daddy’,”

“When you answer me, you will call me ‘Daddy’,” Donny said in my ear.

Oh, Ick, I thought, and then a thrill pulsed up from my cunt. Huh, I thought.

I’ve never been a fan of age play. It has never been something I’ve sought out, lingered over, rolled in my mind while my right middle finger rubbed concentric circles on my clit. I have never enjoyed infantalization; in fact, I’ve resented women who did choose to be those pig-tailed, ruffled-panty, thumb-sucking daddytoys, as much, indeed, as I’ve resented the men who want those gamine-game girls.

Being a sexual woman, to me, has always meant being a woman. I looked up to Raquel Welch as a little girl; I wanted to grow up all tawny sinuous curves and soaring bones. I thought the film noir heroines had something worthy in their scotch-blurred voices and scalpel-precise red lipstick. I have never seen the erotic power in the inchoate skinny girlforms of teenagers. I like women to have lines, scars, imperfections and gravitas.

So the little girl role has never appealed to me fantasy-wise. It’s also something that didn’t emotionally resonate for me. I’ve had a vexed relationship with paternal figures. My birth father left my life when I was less than a year old; I’ve never heard from him since. My stepfather was an inconsistent presence. The Daddy remains a mythical beast to me, but not a fantasy figure, or at least not a sexual one, or at least if a fantasy, then one I didn’t want to admit to myself.

Donny, the Daddy du jour, did punish me on Saturday. He flogged my ass, my thighs, my breasts, my pussy (though the last he did lightly—he treats my tender bits with care). He spanked me with his hand and with a hairbrush. He left big fat searing welts on my butt, and for the next 24 hours or so, I felt the lingering itchyburn of his ministrations.

He spanked me for not waxing. He spanked me for refusing him other requests. He spanked me for telling him I didn’t want anal sex. He spanked me for lying to him about when I had first sucked a previous boyfriend’s dick. He spanked me, in short, for whatever infractions he could think of, but mostly he spanked me because he likes doing it and because I like having it done.

And throughout it all, throughout his many questions I had to call him “Daddy.” No, Daddy; yes, Daddy; I don’t know, Daddy. He spanked me too if I didn’t call him “Daddy,” which makes it kind of win/win for Donny. He is a smart man, my Donny.

“Daddy” isn’t easy for me to say, not out of bed and not in. And yet I have to be honest and admit that in the past six months or so the Daddy has become an increasingly important figure in my erotic musings. My Nobodaddy fantasies alone attest to this strange erotic paternal presence. I would guess the grudging acceptance of a father figure in my life— however disturbingly erotic—suggests some kind of coming to terms with my fatherless childhood.

Or not.

Wagnerian operas are shorter than some of Donny’s and my sex sessions. An hour is a quickie for us. And this Saturday, we went on and on and on, like Celine Dion’s heart, like an epic poem, like rhyming couplets. I was tied up, untied, retied, and tied down. My mouth was opened and the ball gag inserted and removed and inserted and removed again and again.

Toys were used and tossed aside. Orgasms grew near, and then the golden apple in my grasp was denied me. The blindfold was on, then off and then on. It all shifts and blurs in memory, and in the cinematic unfolding of our copious copulations, I forget what happened when and where and how.

We forgot too, by the chaotic crescendo banshee-screaming end, that I was supposed to call the Donny “Daddy.”

Which, quite frankly, is fine with me. Some things it just takes me longer to wrap my mind around. “Daddy” is one of them.