“Young London Tart

I grabbed the brat‘s hand with my wallet in it. I had felt her reach inside my jacket while she was massaging my thigh, asking if I wanted some business, mister. She looked the typical young London tart, about 18, blonde, full figure. I asked her name. “Anne”. “Well, Anne, this is a matter for the police.” She pleaded with me. I thought perhaps her parents could deal with her, got her address and hailed a taxi. She sat throughout the short journey, with a mocking expression on her pretty face.

We arrived at a detached house in a shabby area of the suburbs. Having dismissed the cab, I dragged her to the door and rang. A woman of about 40 answered. She wore a long, loose, flowery, summer frock and was attractive in a hard sort of way.

I explained the situation and she invited me in. We introduced ourselves, Tony and Natalie. She was Anne’s mother. “Go to your room and put on your school uniform”, she told Anne. “I’ll show you who she really is, Tony.” I asked her what she intended to do about the thieving. “She needs a good thrashing, Tony” Natalie replied. “Would you do it? I’d be ever so grateful.” She moved towards me on the sofa and rubbed her ample tits against my shoulder. “Like a drink?”

I agreed to both propositions. She returned with the Scotch and sat very close with her left hand on the inside of my right thigh. “She is only 14, but getting out of hand and needs some male discipline. Her father left 3 years ago, so he’s no use”, Natalie continued. “I’ll prepare her, you thrash her ass and I’ll ‘supervise’, OK?” “Fine” I replied. Her hand slid up to my cock and she began to feel its growing hardness. “I think you’re looking forward to this – so am I”. She reached under her frock, pulled off her knickers, took my hand and slid it up her bare leg to her cunt. I dipped in a finger. She was soaking. I strummed her clit a little. “Mmmmm” she purred. She removed my tie and undid my flies, causing my cock to jump out onto her face. She held it and started to wank me nice and slowly. “I’ll get the brat down here now”

She disappeared and 2 minutes later came in with a sorry looking Anne, wearing a gymslip, white blouse, socks and strapped sandals. Her hair was in pigtails. “Tony is going to punish you for thieving, and I hope he really gives it to you.” Natalie winked at me. She got an armless, straight-backed chair and set it in the middle of the room then sat on the sofa holding Anne’s arms. Anne was facing me. Her mother raised her gymslip and pulled down her blue, regulation, school knickers, revealing Anne’s cunt with a light dusting of blond pubic hair. “Bend over Tony’s knee.” Natalie ordered. Anne approached the chair, stood to my right, lifted her gymslip and bent over my knee, displaying a peachy plump ass. “Legs open, Anne” said Natalie. “Tony will want to thrash every part.” Natalie’s eyes were twinkling as she smiled at me. She moved to my left from where she could watch Anne’s face.

I started to give Anne light spanks on alternate cheeks. This was ineffective. I spanked hard, watching Anne’s peaches ripen red. Her mother moved to the rear view. “Another few hard ones please, Tony. She isn’t howling yet.” Then she lifted her frock and started to stimulate herself. As I thrashed Anne to tears, Natalie, close to orgasm, stopped to get something from her room. I slipped my hand between Anne’s open legs and inserted a finger into her little cunt. The girl was, despite her tears, dripping wet. She thrust back onto my exploring hand, moaning.

Her mother returned carrying a heavy Lochgelly tawse, a three-thonged leather strap. She ordered Anne to stand. I rose and Natalie bent her daughter over the back of the spanking chair. “Hold the seat and don’t let go, dear.” Natalie hissed at Anne. “Legs spread.” As we stood behind Anne’s red buns, Natalie whispered in my ear, “I want to give her 6. Put your hand under my frock and diddle me between strokes.” I moved behind her and slid my hand up her bare leg to her now sopping cunt. As I alternately finger fucked her and rubbed her clit, she leant her head back onto my shoulder and whispered, “Undress Anne completely, please, Tony.”

I stood the sobbing teenager up and divested her of her blouse, bra, skirt, sandals and bobby socks while her mother watched, her eyes sparkling as she rubbed oil from a bottle into the tawse. “Now you are for it, young lady. I’ll teach you to get caught stealing.” The wording appealed to me. I put Anne back in position, her ass raised high on the chair back, her legs spread wide, and returned to her mother who was standing behind and to the left of her daughter’s exposed delights still oiling the tawse.

Pressing my throbbing cock against her rump, I reached round and continued to rub her clit. I paused to let her swing the tawse, which she wielded with enthusiasm. Anne shrieked and wiggled her flaming ass, her cunt glistening between those fiery buttocks. Each time Natalie was about to orgasm on my hand, she broke away to tawse the ripe peaches. When her 6 were over, she handed me the tawse, saying, “Do you want my hand or my lips between your 6?” She had full, red lips and, surveying her tawsing handiwork, I chose the blowjobs. Natalie got on her knees, undid my flies and gently slid my cock into her soft mouth. Taking her lead, I stopped short of coming between each stroke. Anne was whimpering and rubbing herself against the top of the chair back. When I had turned every part of that sweet ass red, Natalie helped her daughter up and held the sobbing girl to her ample bosom stroking her hair. “I’ll invite Tony to come here whenever you are caught thieving. Now collect your things and go to bed.” Anne obeyed.


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