“If one don’t hurt, the other one will!”, By Levena

Matt being raised in Southern Georgia was used to getting paddled in school, but this one sticks in his mind as though it happened yesterday.

Matt had got padded twice the same day. He was in the fourth grade and everyone was working on spelling. All of a sudden there was a loud noise outside the classroom, so everyone turned around to see what had happened outside the windows. The teacher Mrs. Allen told everyone to turn back around, and said they were bringing in extra mobile trailer, to set up as classrooms, for the over flow of students coming up over the next few years.

Well, everyone kept turning around and she finally told everyone, that the next person she saw turning around was going to be taken to the office and given a paddling. Well Matt turned around and Mrs. Allen saw it.

She called Matt’s name and told him to go wait in the hall for her. He went and stood outside waiting and a few minutes later she came out and told him to walk with her.

Matt walked to the main office and walked into the little room where students went when they were sick. She sat him down on the little cot and told him to sit  still, till she came back in.

Mrs. Allen left the room shutting the door behind her. Matt just sat there and waited.

About five minutes later she and the principle Mrs. Wellington re-entered, and in her hand was a little paddle, you know one of those paddles, you get in your stocking for a stuffer, one that had a rubber band and ball attached to it.

Matt usually found it fun to swat his sisters with it instead of playing with it correctly.

Mrs. Allen told Matt to stand up. He stood and she sat down on the cot. She told him to stand in front of her and he did.

She asked Matt, if he thought she wasn’t serious when she said to the whole class; she would take the next student she caught turning around down to the office, and give them a paddling.

Matt didn’t answer, and Mrs. Allen said she was serious and she would prove it.

She took Matt by the arm and laid him across her lap. She placed the paddle on his blue jean covered bottom and told him she was going to paddle him long and hard.

She raised the paddle and brought it down as hard as she could, but it really didn’t hurt as bad as Matt thought it might, he had on the jeans.

She gave Matt a long paddling probably 5 minutes, but it really didn’t hurt him. When she finished she told Matt to go back to class.

Matt walked back into class and when he went in he quietly made the comment to a girl name Daisy, that the paddling didn’t hurt.

Ha, well when Mrs. Allen walked in, Daisy told her what Matt had said, and Mrs. Allen went and grabbed Matt by the arm and escorted him back to the office.

She walked him right back into the room again, but this time she stood him in the corner. She then left and shut the door behind her. She was gone maybe 10 or 15 minutes; returning with Mrs. Wells again.

Mrs. Allen put a chair in the middle of the room and sat down. She told Matt to come stand in front of her. He walked over to her and stood there. She then reached up and started unbuttoning his pants.

As she lowered Matt’s pants she said, “so the last spanking didn’t hurt did it.”

“Well we will see how this spanking feels.” She then continued to lower Matt’s pants to his ankles, and then laid him over her lap again.

Then she yanked and lowered Matt’s underwear in the back to expose his little white bottom. He gasped and was surprised and started protesting saying he was sorry and the first spanking did hurt.

Well Mrs. Allen wasn’t hearing any of it, and started spanking Matt’s bare bottom.

Right away Matt started his begging and pleading, he knew this spanking was going to hurt as that little paddle stung with no pants or underwear on.

Ms. Allen paddled Matt all over my butt, concentrating on the lowermost part. She must have spanked him for over 10 minutes, because by the time she was finished he was crying like a baby.

She stood Matt up pulled him by his ear; underwear and pants still stretching around his two ankles, placing him to stand in the corner.

Mrs. Allen went out of the room, this time leaving the door open so Matt could hear what she was saying, and used the phone. She called his mother Carol, and told her about the spankings she had to give her son.

After she hung up the phone Ms. Allen came back into the room and told Matt his mother agreed with the spankings she had administered to his bottom. Then told him, your mother say’s your daddy will give you a good belting tonight, and that to you will be sorry for not listening to your teacher.

Spank him again on the bare bottom with the belt now from Dad.

Ms. Allen also told Matt, that is what she would do if Matt was her son. With that being said, she walked Matt back to class and had him stand in the corner until lunch.

Matt wished he could say it was the last paddling he received from Ms. Allen, but it wasn’t he got a lot from her, and they were all on the bare bottom.

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