” A Spanking and Wanking!” A short tale, by Widget Gidget

“Hello, Dave. Good to see you”, said Carol, “Do you need a spanking and a bit of wanking, naughty boy?”  She was wearing black boots, with heels. She liked purple, the color all little asses should be.  Her loose, purple dress clung to her tall, full naked body beneath. “Undress”, she ordered.  Dave did, his cock springing to attention.
Carol gently stroked his member, looking him in the eyes.  “Angel is coming home soon. She has been caned by the headmaster today.  She hates men.  Put on this bathrobe, and let’s quiz her.  She needs to learn”.
When Angel arrived, wearing a pink skirt and yellow undies that Carol made her remove immediately.  Carol asked, “What happened in school today?”
“I was caned naked by the Head in front of his wife who sat behind a screen rubbing her puss.  She loved watching.  I hate men.”
Carol produced a light balsa cane.  “Would you like to cane my friend, Dave?  This stings like hell but leaves no marks.  If you want to cane him, you will do it naked, angel”.
Angel stripped naked and took the cane enthusiastically in her small hand while Carol took the bathrobe off Dave and settled him across her knee.  She started to masturbate him.  Then she told angel to begin.  Angel caned hard 4 times.  Dave cried out.  Angel started to tickle her clit with the cane handle.  Carol wanked Dave hard again.
“Two more, angel, and then it is into my room.  We have prepared for you. Do it.”  Angel caned twice causing Dave to yell “You little brat.  I’ll get you for that!”
Carol soothed Dave’s stinging butt.  He stood and grabbed the naked angel and dragged her into her mother’s room.  Carol followed, feeling horny.
They had set up their new toy, a padded bench with built-in vibrators. Carol lost no time in losing her panties from under her purple dress.  “Now, Dave, I want you to cane angel for annoying the headmaster.”  She pulled angel over the bench, pressing the smallest dildo into her tight little puss.  Carol whispered in angel’s ear as she secured her “I love watching you cry and struggle.” She took Dave’s cock in her hand and rubbed. “Cane her twice, please Dave”
Carol stood in front of angel’s face, slowly pulling off her sheer purple dress, revealing her full breasts and shaven pussy, which she pressed against angel’s pretty red lips.  “Thrash her with the tawse, Dave.” Very soon, Carol was grinding hard on angel’s face as Dave thrashed the little girl, enjoying her humping on the vibrators on the bench.  His cocked throbbed.  He wanted angel’s ass.
Dave helped angel off the bench. She saw Carol as Elaine, her stepmother.  “Carol, get on the bench!”  He fitted the large dildo. Carol  got aboard and immediately started to hump fast.  He grabbed angel and said “Use this on her.  He gave her the light cane.  Angel was keen and gave Elaine 12 strokes. How Carol screamed – but still humping.

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