Some D I C

Dirty Ice Cream

When I was a child, my parents used to take me to church down the street. it was a non-denominational church, run by a pastor from somewhere in the states. He was a pretty emotional preacher, and really got things happening. It was pretty exciting…He was a great preacher on family values, and used to spend some time talking about the whys, the methods, the whole purpose behind discipline. He was, of course, talking about spanking. He would say a prayerful approach to spanking, with both parent and child asking God for his mercy, would be the proper christian way, and would be a purification for the whole family. Pretty heavy stuff, most of which I dozed through, because those were sermons where he was very cool and calm, not the waving shouting preacher he was usually. Anyway. From time to time, I would ask my parents about it, but…

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