A male chastity device, why every women should own one for their man!

There are many reasons males should be made to wear a chastity device. Those who had

cheated with other women rather than by being chronic masturbator should get harsher

treatment meted out by their ladies. Several of the males I know in this position are

locked up permanently in some very mean devices with no chance of release ever. I have

told my man that he is lucky that he is locked up and cannot stray because I now know

what can be done to an adulterous man to make him suffer evermore. He knows he would

get the full treatment and then some.

As far as release from the belt is concerned, I personally have found that a good baseline

is to not allow more than ten per year. You may find that you allow him to be released

monthly and then decide that you would enjoy making him go for a longer period. It is all

right to suddenly increase the time. He might ask why and you simply need to tell him

why; I have responded with “because I am in control of your sexual abilities and I enjoy

denying you, the longer I deny you the more you become frustratingly horny and thus I

feel a sense of satisfaction”. Right now I am following the advice of several of the

women I am friends with to have him go an entire year without an orgasm just to see how

hard I can push him and how well he can handle it. We are eight months into it now and

it has been wonderful. I have really stepped up the teasing and managing him does take

more time and discipline. The payoff is that I have had more great sex than I have ever

had and he has become sweeter and more devoted to trying to please me than I ever

thought possible. He has done this without any whining since I told him that I would

happily add-on another year if he did.

From time to time you might find it necessary to punish your submissive for what ever

reason, he might refuse to provide you with sexual pleasure as instructed or he spoke to

you in a negative and degrading way; there are certainly many possible infractions. The

most effective punishment is to increase his time of confinement; this should always be

done in at least a week increment but you will probably find that additions of two weeks

or a month will be more effective unless you like having him continually testing you,

which I don’t. As an example let’s say he was tired or in a bad mood and failed to

enthusiastically provide oral sex to you one evening. If this happens it is imperative that

you do what he would not. Masturbate yourself to as many orgasms as you like, he may

then attempt to provide for you but you must not allow him to. After you have satisfied

yourself let him know that his refusal requires that he be punished and that you have

decided that an additional month will be added to the time that is already required. If he

gives you any argument, add two or three months to his lock up time. You could also be

creative by locking him up for one month for every time you orgasm and really go to


Different from failing to do something is a sort of agitation that many males including

mine sometimes get when they are in chastity as a result of their sexual frustration. Most

of the time this finds a positive outlet in terms of showering you with attention, but

sometimes your man will just need to be toned down. Good old fashion discipline in the

form of corporal punishment is what many of us have found works well. You can beat

him yourself or it may find it easier and more effective to use a professional dominatrix

who will do it for you. It also adds to your man’s humility to have his chaste state viewed

by another woman. It is less work for you and if you choose the right Dom who is a

disciplinary specialist she can usually do a better job.

Sometimes a whipping is just what your sub needs for an attitude adjustment and to take

him down a peg or two. But a session with something like a strap or other mild

implement will not be effective as they often have erotic overtones for your sub. It needs

to be severe enough to get his attention. It should be painful while it is being applied, and

the area it was applied to should smart for a period of time afterwards. The fact that he

will feel the discipline beyond the initial application helps reinforce your training. Sitting

on some welts for a few days will remind him whose rules count.

If you decide to use a professional for these services, pro-doms are easy to find in most

major cities – just go to the Internet. Look for a no-nonsense disciplinarian type rather

than a sensuous or man hating type. The disciplinarian types almost all believe that men

should be locked up in chastity devices while they perform their services and know that if

they deliver back a man who has been well whipped and put in his place they will have a

long term client. This has become an increasing part of their business as the number of

chastity devices sold increases. In my interviewing and selecting a disciplinarian a

common thread I found among the best is that they all had a “horse” with restraints that

can be used to properly hold your submissive during their administrations. The restraints

enable them to avoid any movement issues and allow them to concentrate on their job of

properly blistering your man’s ass. While being able to “hold position” (without

restraints) is a nice concept for a sub to show his willingness to accept punishment, this

just won’t work during a serious beating that a disciplinarian can administer and they

know it.

I also found that using a disciplinarian much younger than I added to his humiliation.

You can’t believe how contrite your man will be when you tell him he is going off to

someone else to be disciplined after the first time. The first time you use this approach,

your sub will get excited by the thought of being with anther Dom. This quickly subsides

after he realizes that it is just a job for her and that she is being paid for results – usually

measured by stripes on his backside and she has no other interest in him other than that.

The pro-dom has no feeling for him, he’s just another task.

The first time my sub came back from one of these visits, he just stood in the doorway

after entering the house, holding his ass cheeks, with tears in his eyes and told me he

couldn’t believe how someone could beat him that hard without him passing out or

cutting him (the sign of a truly skilled disciplinarian). He was holding his underwear as

he did could not wear them home and he moaned his ass felt like it was swollen twice it’s

normal size (and it was indeed swollen!). Inspecting the welts she raised assured me he

would not look forward to another such visit.

One time I went along with him to see how she handled him and had to leave, as I

couldn’t take her cruelty. But she had a measured approach and performed her service

with business-like efficiency. She converted the whole expanse of his bottom into a

uniform sheet of intense crimson, a mass of closely spaced cane weals that I guarantee

produced the most excruciatingly painful behind conceivable.

Just seeing the physical

results of a beating after he returns can be tough, but I give him good aftercare, which is

excellent bonding for us. She really knows how to lay it on him! But he knows how to

avoid such actions – just be obedient and follow my rules. Even though sometimes the

outsourcing approach can be difficult, I like the effect it has on him and his attitude, so I

will continue to do it. We only seem to need her every few months, which is a tolerable

level in my mind. A session with her will strike so much fear in him that sometimes all I

have to do is mention I’m considering that. Phrases such as “if you do that one more

time, you’ll be going off to Ms. X.” That can stop him in his tracks.

If you think you might be tempted to let your man out of his belt early have a pro-dom

hold the keys and tell her to talk you out of earlier relief when you have those thoughts.

You can always pick up the key from her for a scheduled teasing or inspection. You can

send him to the pro-dom to have his belt and penis inspected if he complains that he is

having problems. Having her administer severe punishment if the request is not justified

should nip this type of behavior in the bud. You can also have a girlfriend you trust hold

the keys. If you think a little humiliation would do him some good, send him over to

clean her house and let her increase his lockup time for less than perfect work. He will

never get out!

I use to think that disciplining my man was a chore. Now when I beat him long and hard,

though, he sometimes just melts under my cane and breaks down and cries. Afterward, I

hold him tight in my arms for a long time and then have him go down on me. The feeling

I get is hard to describe. It is almost magical. I feel sorry that most women will never

experience moments of this intense closeness with their man. But for serious punishment,

I still recommend using someone who has no emotional attachment to your sub in order

to get the job done right.

There are times when he does something that really makes me angry. When he does I

send him to the pro-dom disciplinarian I use. I instruct her to start with milking him,

which gets him a month added to his lock up and leaves him in a state where the pain is

more difficult to bear. She really works him over and he is always on his best behavior

for quite a while after he comes back. I recommend this strategy for any woman who

wants to separate out the loving discipline that their men occasionally need and the

serious punishment they sometimes richly deserves. This can be contracted out to a

merciless third party who has no interest in him other than making him suffer and his

screaming will fall on deaf ears rather than tempting you to leniency. Find a lady that

really knows how to lay it on and his fear of a session with her will help you better

control him on a regular basis.


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