“The Scooby Shack” Ice Cream with a twisted treat. By Levena George

Scooby Shack

Some friends I knew   were all excited about the new restaurant, “Scooby-Doo’s Ice Cream, the   parlor went up on the outskirts of the small town we lived in.  It was   one of those drive in places, like the “Sonics” in the south, but with   Shaggy kind of theme. You could sit in your vehicles and sexy girls or boys would   bring your food and your snotty brats their ice-cream. SO I thought!

The staff wore extremely   short black shorts, and orange tank tops that were thin enough to show hard   nipples, if the girls didn’t wear the right kind of bra that is.  My friends   had been ranting about the parlors double mint chocolate ice cream cones;   they seemed to believe they were the best around now.  I was   doubtful.  I didn’t SUV much for change, and I was for sure, I would   never find another ice cream parlor I could like any better than the Polar   Freeze.

 I decided to go to the new place for lunch   anyhow, I was in the area. I pulled into the joint, parked my SUV, and then   rolled down my window, so I could feel the cool fall breeze. I waited for   someone to take my order, and in the meantime, I watched several beautiful   female servers, bouncing around from one SUV to the other. The site was absolutely   attention-getting,

I looked up all of   a sudden, sensing someone had come up from the back of the SUV.  A gorgeous, topless young man, was standing   inches from the center of my rolled downed window.

  “Hello   Mam what can I do for you today?” he asked politely.

Tiny beads of sweat   glistened off the waiter’s nude, but beautifully tan muscular chest and   biceps. My heart pounded, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off his black shorts, “okay   it was the black leather belt”, he had so snuggly wrapped around his waist,   supposedly holding his pants up, that needed no help.

 His sight was electrifying my brain cells,   as I admired the young lads’ sizeable and extremely attractive build, I almost   forgot what I had gone there for.

 “Oh I’m sorry,” I said as I   snapped out of my spellbinding stupor.  “I’ll take an order of   French-fries with chili on them, and some of your famous mint chocolate ice   cream, and in a cone please.”

 The young man grinned at me, and I observed   he had looked down at my lap, as though he was sizing it up for his own   amusements. I followed his green eyes, as they gazed over my size C tits.

  “Would   you like anything else Mam?” he inquired.

I glared in shock,   as this young man slid his hand down and placed it on top of the budge he had   pushing against his shorts zipper, he rubbed his hand  playfully over his bulging issue, and stared   down at me. His hair was dark and his goat tee was trimmed perfect on his   face..

  I didn’t   know what he exactly wanted, or what he quite meant, but I was captivated and   was always interested in a new story to tell the ladies at the next luncheon.

“No that will   be all, thanks,” I replied.

I sat in the SUV   and waited for my order.  As I looked around I noticed a girl approach   the truck next to me with an order of food.  An older guy was in the   truck alone.  The girl put the food on the tray that hung from the   window of his truck, and then she went around and got in the passenger   side.

 I thought, Wow, was a little odd, but maybe   it was her ride or her father,

 I watched the waitress through the back window   scoot over, and sit right next to the guy, and it seemed she was fidgeting   with something. Then I realized she was jerking him off in his truck.

 The man’s head was leaned back in his   seat, and I could see that the top of his balding head was flushed with a   slight shade of pink. The girl’s shoulder was recoiling with each yank and   pull she gave to the man’s cock. A moment later her head disappeared.

 I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I wanted to make   sure I wasn’t whacked, so opened my SUV door, and stood up to get a suitable   view.

“Oh My God!” the   waitress was sucking the man’s cock.  Her head nodding eagerly up and   down on his dick, his eyes were closed and he made outrageously grimaces on   his face.

  I was   getting horny observing the action however, embarrassed that I was the only   person standing outside of their vehicle gawking; I quickly got back in my SUV,   and stared through the gentlemen’s back truck window.

A few minutes later   my food arrived.  It was the waiter with the tan again.

 “Excuse me, but did you know that guy   in front of me is getting a blow job?” I asked.

He smiled at   me.  “Yes Mam”

 “I did ask you if you wanted something   special on the side today, didn’t I?”

 Again the waiter seductively ran his hand   down over the front of his crotch, looking straight into my eyes and running   hit thick tongue across his thicker upper lip.

 I took a moment and gazed my eyes in all   different directions of the Scooby-Shack; and as I looked around, I began to   realize people were having sex in their vehicles all around me, and not just   in front of me.

“I think I would like   something special today,” I opened my door and step out of my SUV.  I admire your bulging jeans young man, and   I think I have just the cure for it

.I continued to   stomp with my high heels making a loud clunking sound against the cement as I   walked around the hood of my SUV. People’s heads popping up, watching what I   was going happen next.

I told him to   remove his leather belt and take his shorts off; I wanted to see him laid ass   up across the front of my SUVs hood. He swooshed his belt through the shorts   loops, and handed it me. He quickly removed his shorts, leaving him standing   in a lace purple thong. The female chuckles were loud, and I glared around   with as much fire in my eyes, that matched the same red highlights in my   hair.

Many ladies bobbed   their heads back down as fast as they could.

 Without hesitation he did as I asked.   Handing me the belt. He had no idea my intentions. However, soon found out   that his belt made awesome red welts across his not so tan ass.

I must have lashed   his ass 20 times before he turned around, and begged me with hot tears in his   eyes too “please not crack his ass again.”

 I told the attractive waiter if he could   take 10 more, I would make his tip worth it. He took them well, but surely   screamed with intense distress through everyone. My pussy ached with lust,   and it was hotter and wetter than it had been in a quite some time.

I instructed the   waiter to get into my SUV; noticing that many eyes were still watching us as   he carefully climbed off the hood of my SUV, and worked his way into the   passenger’s seat,  cautiously sitting   down on his red belted ass. I turned and swung his belt in everyone’s   direction,  scaring many of them.

I climbed into the   driver’s seat, and looked directly at the stunning young man.

He reached his well-developed   arm over me, and lounged my seat backwards. His breath was hot; however it   cooled my sweat beaded breast enough to make my nipples hard. He slipped his hand   between my legs and began massaging my pussy over my cotton yellow   panties.

I pulled my green skirt   up over my thin narrow hips.  Then I slipped off my heels and tried to   relax in seat.  He pushed me by my inner thighs and shoved me farther up   the back of the seat; while yanking and tugging my yellow-panties down from   under my hiked skirt.

He took my right   leg and lifted it up over his head and bringing it down positioning it upon   his shoulder, and then repeating it with the left leg.

    “Relax,” he said, “I’m going to make you feel terrific.”

He slowly slid a stiff,   finger into my soaked pussy, and then inserted a second.  I groaned in   delight as the second entered my tight cave.  He began slipping them in   and out of me; as he sensed my pussy tighten around his two fingers. With the   two fingers inside of me; he began massaging my clit with his thumb. The touch   sent shudders down my spine. After a few minutes he took the melting ice   cream cone from the platter and licked it, and he watched the cold melting   mess drip down the other side of the cone and land directly on my sizzling   pussy.

.  He crouched   on the floorboard and slid his head between my legs.  He took a large   bite of ice cream in his mouth and with his cold tongue licked up and down   the length of my quivering clit. I was pleasantly aroused by this interesting   stranger.

 He began rubbing the ice cream cone slowly   over my clit.  It melted quickly on my sweltering pussy.  He made glugging   noises as he devoured it off of me. He took my legs and stretched me open   with his extremities and dipped his tongue deep into my sex-hole.  He licked   enthusiastically at my sweetened nectar; looking up at me with a grin in his   eyes.

I was so horny I   could hardly stand it. The thought of this gorgeous young fella eating   me out; while other people were also enjoying the same benefits I was   receiving was such a turn on.

 He took the mint ice cream cone and rubbed   it on my pussy again melting it completely into my already sticky twat.    He boosted my ass off the seat with his hands as he dipped deep his long   tongue inside of me.  Then he sucked my clit into his mouth with his chilly   lips.

 He teased it with his cold tongue.

“Harder!”   I insisted, and pushed my pussy against his sticky dirty face. Grinding it   into his mouth, making him understand I wanted him to finish it all, there   would be nothing left of that mint chocolate ice cream cone, and it would be   him who cleaned it up.

 My legs began   to shake as a hard-wearing orgasm flowed through my soul; the release of   pleasure came rushing through with tremors and ripples of pure bliss, which   felt it like it would never end. The sensation could have gone on forever. I   wouldn’t have cared.

He got out the SUV   and wrote me a bill.  I happily paid it, and yes with a tip he wouldn’t   forget.

No wonder the girls   said they have the best ice cream cones in town

That weekend, the   girls and I had dinner. I announced my new management position at the Scooby   Shack. Funny, the only responses I got were evil moans and wicked looking   grins from each of them!

What a summer it would be

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