“Out of Time” Jade’s New Boss, by Dawn Raven

Out of time

Jade sat in the traffic willing the car in front to move, she was running late and this bloody idiot was on a go slow, she slammed her hand onto the centre of the wheel and the horn blasted out. The man in the car in front of her pulled up, turned around, and just glared at her.  Jade had to accept he really was good-looking, if only he was not stopping her getting into work, she shook in frustration, now the bloody lights had changed to red. “Dam it, I can’t wait!” Jade quickly check for traffic, slammed her metro into reverse, circled around this idiot, in his smart BMW, and sped on into the oncoming traffic.

Jade put her foot down, closed her eyes, and just ran on hope that no one would hit her. Her guardian Angel must have been on duty for although cars all around her slammed on their breaks tooting horns at her no one hit anyone. Poor Jade was too stressed to look back to check on the hunk who she left at the light eating her exhorts, she giggled as she took the next bend at speed thinking it would have been fun to meet that guy for a drink.

Today was the day her new boss was starting, and she knew he liked punctuality and she had heard rumours that he was very strict with any staff that turned up late, God forbid if he heard anyone being rude! She wriggled in her seat as she glided into the nearest parking slot what did it matter it was assigned! Jade visited the women toilets to make sure she looked her best for Mr Tong, ensuring her short flowing Sundress was showing just enough of her stocking tops, before leaving to find the lift.  Then she had to run up the stairs to make it to her desk, the lift was in use! She yelled through closed-door at that the person in the lift was an idiot, as stomped her feet in temper, was it really a conspiracy!

Work started at 9am sharp in this office, the clock on the wall showed 9:15 as Jade plopped gratefully into her chair and smiled in greeting to Mariah, Jade  whispered “has Mr Tong arrived yet,” looking at the closed office door. If only she had looked at the way she was going, when she jumped the red lights she wouldn’t have ended in a one-way system going the wrong way!  Mariah primly informed Jade that indeed Mr Tong had arrived about 10mins earlier in a very bad mood, and had Jade heard the rumours about him. She had heard any girl coming in late or being cheeky was put over his knee and soundly spanked.  Jade nodded feeling glum thank God he would not know she had been late this morning how could he, he knew no one!

Jade stooped to get a file out of her desk draw as Mr. Tong walked briskly out of his office , in his hand he held a piece of paper, the atmosphere was electric. She felt someone standing next to her and heard a deep sensual voice greeting her by name, Jade rose from her draw her eyes followed the line from his black patent leather shoes to the thick crisp black pinstriped trouser legs, noting the muscles bulging at the thigh! “Oh my, “Jade muttered as her eyes hungrily continued their upwards journey. He was wearing a plain peach linen shirt tucked in at the trousers and secured by an unclasped black leather belt. Jade grinned as she spoke without looking further upwards, “Mr Tong I think you may have forgotten to finish dressing Sir!”


Jade realised too late she had said the wrong thing as she heard Mariah gasp in shock from the desk next to hers. Jade lifted her eyes to look into the face of her new boss but was unable to even start her next sentence. Her mouth gaped and the girl gibber as the hunk from the BMW appeared before her. Without a word Mr Tong snapped his fingers and returned to his office, without even a backwards glance, he knew Jade would follow.

Jade knock on the open door with trembling fingers and was startled by the firmness in his voice as Mr Tong ordered her into the corner. Jade tottered past her new boss keeping her eyes submissively low and squealed in shock as he smacked her dress covered bottom as she walked past. “Jade, once we have finished this interview and I have skinned your bottom you will go and remove your car from my parking space, and tomorrow and indeed for the next two months you will not drive into work due to your behaviour this morning! You could have killed someone!” Mr Tong was standing just to the side of Jade as he continued to spank her as she stood facing the corner.

Jade was crying and trying to protect her bottom from the painful spanking, Mr Tong knew how to deal with brats. Jade heard him tug his belt from the hooks on his trousers, and took her under his left arm, as Jade was bent over her short dress raised showing her red panty covered bottom. Jade squealed as Mr Tong yanked these to her knees and began to beat her with his belt. Jade was howling unable to keep quiet these whacks seemed to burn into her soul. Mr Tong laid down twelve harsh stokes with his belt before he felt he had done enough to teach this pretty girl a lesson.

However, Mr Tong was not finish punishing her, “young lady as you seem to want all the men to see your bottom, you may remove your panties, NOW! You will get them back at the end of the day, and i believe you owe me 20mins. After you move your car put the keys on my desk.” Jade ran out of the office sobbing not daring to argue.


By Dawn Raven 2012

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