Waiting For a Punishment

Waiting For a Punishment

“You had better be on your best behavior, young lady, or there will be serious consequences when we get home. Have I made myself clear?”“Yes, sir.”

That warning was long forgotten as Brad gave Christy’s bottom a warning swat. The two of them had been down in the basement of his parents’ home alone. Brad had been working on their computer, and he had been asking Christy to do very easy tasks that would help him get this job done faster, but the only thing that Christy seemed interested in doing was looking through his family’s photo albums.

Every time he asked her to do something, she would give him a dirty look or roll her eyes, and this last time, she was brazen enough to say “Can’t you just do that yourself?” After he delivered the warning swat, he looked at her surprised face and sternly said “Remember the conversation that we had in the car?” Knowing that he was going to have to follow through on that threat, she replied “yes, sir”, quietly so that his parents couldn’t hear the word “sir” if they were listening.

They went about the rest of the day’s activities without the need for any more warning swats. Around seven, as they finished with dessert, Brad rose from the couch and said “Well, we really should get going before it gets much later.”

The goodbyes were said quickly and then they were on their way back to Brad’s apartment. Christy sat in the passenger seat, staring out the window thinking and wishing that the drive was shorter and that she could just get the punishment over right then. She hated feeling like there was a wall between them.

“Are you okay? You’re being really quiet over there,” Brad quietly asked.

“You know very well why I am being quiet. I hate waiting for my punishments,” Christy snapped.

She knew that she shouldn’t have snapped like that, but that was how she felt. They drove along in silence for about half an hour and then Brad turned off the highway and into a rest stop.

“Why are we stopping?,” Christy asked, looking at him for the first time since they had pulled out of his parents’ driveway.

“We are stopping because you don’t want to wait for your punishment, and because that attitude of yours needs to be adjusted. I will not tolerate you snapping at me like that,” he said as he pulled into a parking spot that was secluded somewhat from the other cars.

“Please get me your hairbrush,” he said as he turned the car off.

Christy reached onto the floor and grabbed her purse, unzipping it slowly before reaching in and grabbing the hairbrush for him.

“I’ll take that,” he said, holding out his hand. She shoved it into his hand, not at all thrilled with the idea of taking her punishment in the car where there was a remote chance that someone could see her, even though the parking lot only had two other cars in it and there was no reason that any other car would be driving down to the end of the parking lot that they were parked.

“Wow, young lady, you really do need that attitude adjusted; I would think that anyone who knew that they were moments away from getting their ass beaten would try their best to not make the person holding the implement any more upset, but you don’t seem to have grasped that concept. Hopefully after I am done severely paddling your ass with this hairbrush, you
will think differently. Please remove your pants and panties and kneel on your seat facing the back.”

Christy quietly did as she was told. When she was in the position that he had requested, he adjusted the back of the seat a bit so that the angle was a little more suitable and then began firmly spanking her backside with his hand. After what was probably about three minutes of steady strokes with his hand, he picked up the hairbrush and firmly pressed it against her bottom.

“Okay, young lady, I am going to turn on my iPod and I am going to spank you for the full length of three songs; after that we will be done as long as you have behaved. If you do anything disobedient during those three songs we will continue for another three songs. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

He turned on the iPod. The first song began playing and he began steadily paddling her bottom to the rhythm of the song. The first song was only about halfway through and she was already having an extremely hard time — he noticed, but didn’t say a word and certainly didn’t lighten up any.

By the end of the first song he was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to make it through this first set of three songs without moving. She was already sobbing and rubbing her feet together like she did every time that she felt the urge to kick. When they were about halfway through the second song, she broke and yelled “I am sorry, sir! Please, my ass is on fire!” and then she turned her butt to get out-of-the-way of the hairbrush.

“Young lady, I will not tolerate you protesting like that, and I will certainly not tolerate you moving out of position. It looks like I have no choice but to finish out these three songs and then spank you through another three. Young lady, if you move any more, I will add another three songs to that.”

As he said that he had paused the song. “Now, young lady, please get back into position and stay there.”

Christy returned to her position, upset with herself for not being obedient. Yes, it did hurt, but it was supposed to hurt and if she had just behaved earlier in the day they wouldn’t be here. Somehow, she managed to make it through the rest of her punishment without moving. When the last song ended, Brad delivered one more solid stroke to her bottom.

“Okay, young lady, please put back on your pants and panties.” She did as she was told as she wiped away the tears from her cheeks. They were once again on their way back to his place. Brad looked over as Christy tried to find a comfortable position. He smiled.


“Yeah, just fine,” she smiled at him, making a slight face. She still loved him even if he had just beaten her bottom so soundly that she couldn’t find any comfortable sitting position. She was just happy not to have that wall between them anymore


By Erin

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