“Introducing Mr. Gidget and his little Angel’s”, By WIdget Gidget

Mr. Gidget and his little Angel’s


Robin welcomed Adele, who appeared in a short, black, pleated skirt, white bobby sox and black, strapped sandals, hair in pigtails, tied in pink ribbons: and a tight, white blouse.

Robin wore a black Basque, holding up black stockings: shiny, black high-heels. “Sit and tell me what you have been doing, Adele. Tell me the bad, naughty things, please.” Adele sat on the sofa with Robin to her left. Adele confessed to many things. Robin slid her hand under Adele’s skirt. No panties and bald pussy. She liked that. Robin strummed Adele’s clit.

“Penance for you, honey,” said Robin. She pulled Adele over her knee and raised her skirt. Robin spanked Adele, six hard on each peach until Adele wept. “Now lick me, Adele. I want your face.”

She laid Adele’s head on the sofa arm, straddled her face and pulled her pigtails till her lips were on Robin’s cunt. Robin rubbed her puss hard on Adele’s face until… “Almost there, honey. You can stop licking.”

Robin stripped Adele naked and led her to the gymnastic, leather horse. The vibrators were in place, a dildo and a clit pad. Robin placed Adele over the horse’s downward curving surface and inserted the dildo but did not switch it on. She then put on her strap-on, with vibrator at the business end, for her g-spot, and her clit, and smoothed Adele’s buns. She raised the three pronged tawse. “One on each, and then a pleasure break, repeated until we both come.”

She thrashed twice and switched on all devices. Adele bucked provocatively after each pair of lashes.

They both came hard after six, as Robin thrust her vibrating dildo in and out of Adele’s little pucker.

In the shower, they cuddled and washed each other’s bits. They dried and dressed. Robin poured red wine and produced a joint. High and merry, they heard the doorbell.

Robin opened, and there stood Mr. Gidget.

He walked to the living room, where Adele sat. She leapt up to kiss him. Adele liked Mr. Gidget for his gentle domination of her. Robin followed and offered Mr. Gidget a chair facing the sofa. Robin sat next to Adele.

“Has Robin thrashed you, Adele?” asked Mr. Gidget.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Gidget, brutally.”

“Would you like to help me? I want to ride Robin harshly.” Adele went over to Mr. Gidget. He stripped her and cuddled her. “What would you like with Robin, Adele?”

“Can I belt her and have her lick me?” asked Adele, wide-eyed.

“Sure”. Mr. Gidget took Robin by the arm into the bedroom, where he removed her clothes and his to reveal a tumescent cock. He placed her on her front. “Tie her ankles to the bedposts, Adele”. Mr. Gidget secured Robin’s wrists and inserted vibrating balls, two first and one after.

With Robin helpless, Adele took Mr. Gidget’s cock deep into her throat. “Can I belt her now, Mr. Gidget?” she asked, gasping for breath in excitement.

“Not just yet. I’ll warm her up. Go and get comfortable under her face.” Adele scuttled and did Mr. Gidget’s bidding, grinding her puss into Robin’s face.

Mr. Gidget spanked Robin hard, three on each. Adele ground faster as Mr. Gidget switched on the balls. “Lick her better, Robin.” She got 30 seconds more. Mr. Gidget switched off just before Robin came.

“Want to belt her now, Adele?” She disengaged from Robin’s tearful face and took the belt from Mr. Gidget. She belted Robin till she screamed. Adele belted high, low and between Robin’s legs. “Ok, Adele, enough. Go back to Robin’s mouth.” Adele resumed that position.

He switched on the balls and ran his hand over Robin’s burning buns. “Get Adele off, Robin.” Adele ground. Mr. Gidget removed the anal ball, replacing it with his throbbing cock. He rode Robin hard as Adele began to moan in time with Robin.

Mr. Gidget shot into Robin’s pucker as they came together.

They slept together until morning.

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