“Family Spanking Policy”,by sisters in control!

It had been almost 2 weeks since the Williams’ new family spanking policy had come into force.  Pam Williams had broken her right arm, her spanking arm, and therefore needed help in her spanking duties.  Tom Williams, her husband, traveled quite a bit for his job so was often gone.  As such, the new policy was that the oldest member of the family present was the one that would perform the spanking even if he or she was younger than the spankee.  Tom had been gone for the past two weeks and was due to return in two days.  In his absence, two spankings had occurred.  Both times the spankee was their 18 year old son, TK though he had a different spanker each time.  First spanking was given by his  sister, Lyndsey while the second was administered by his youngest sister, Crystal, though presided over by Lyndsey.  TK was determined not to make those mistakes again and he desperately wanted to be the spanker and not the spankee.
Pam was on her way home from picking Lyndsey up from gymnastics practice again.  On there way home, she need to stop and get some gas at the local Citgo.  Pam waited in the car while Lyndsey started to pump the gas for her mom, since it wasn’t the easiest to do left handed.  While Pam was waiting she saw Tina and TK’s car parked in the lot near the store.  She went to go talk to her son to see when he would be home for dinner.  As Pam approached, she saw 8-10 teenagers hanging out near the front, several of them who were smoking.  TK better not be smoking, she thought, he knows that is against family rules.  To her surprise, she did not find TK in the group but she did find Tina with a cigarette in her mouth.
She saw her mom and tried to hide it but it was too late.  She didn’t think it should be a big deal since she was of legal age and lots of her friends did it.  She gave her mom an uneasy smile and was quite afraid that her mom would embarrass her in front of her friends.
“Tina.  I hope you are planning to come home tonight for dinner.  I need to speak to you.”  Pam said matter of factly.
“I wasn’t planning on it mom.  We were going to go out tonight.”
“Well, our, um, talk shouldn’t last more than an hour.  You will have plenty of time to go out afterwards.  Or we could have our, er, discussion here if you prefer?”
Tina was a bit frightened at that thought and, since her mom was being cool in front of her friends, she didn’t want to push it.  “Sure, mom.  Ill be home soon.”
Pam was really angry.  She had been telling all of her kids since they were very young about how terrible smoking is.  Now her oldest is setting this kind of example for the rest?  Pam is going to have to remind her who makes, and enforces, the rules around the house.
Pam explained to Lyndsey that Tina was in trouble and that she should get the spanking chair and other spanking instruments and bring it into Lyndsey’s room as she will need to administer another spanking.  Pam was beginning to trust Lyndsey and her spanking ability but knew that since this was the first time Tina would receive the spanking that Pam would need to supervise.  “Of course, Lyndsey, if TK is home then he will administer the spanking since he is older.”
To Lyndsey’s delight, TK was no where to be found when they got home.  She went up to her mother’s room and got the chair and brought it into her room.  She also got the hairbrush and the wooden spoon and put them on top of the chair.  Lyndsey, dressed in the shorts and t-shirt that she threw on after practice, walked down to the kitchen to get a drink and talk to her mom.
As she stood their drinking her water, Tina came through the door and started to plead her case about the cigarette saying that it was her first time and that she was old enough to legal have it.  Also, since she was also partially living on her own that the rules shouldn’t apply to her.  Pam was having none of it.  “I have told you kids enough times during your life that I do not approve of smoking and now I am going to remind you about what happens to young ladies that don’t follow the rules.”  Pam looked at Lyndsey and nodded at her so she would know that it was now her time to take charge.
“Tina, go to my room, strip down to your underpants and stick your nose in the corner.  I will be up shortly to administer your spanking.”  the 15 year old said to her older sister.
“What?   Mom, she can talk to me like that.”
“She can and she will.  She is doing the spanking since I can so you had better listen to her.”
“But mom, this is so unfair.  She is younger than me..”
“She is younger but she seems to be much more responsible than you.  I wouldn’t wait or Lyndsey can add on more punishment for disobeying her.”
“What?!?  No way, I won’t have of it.”
“For that outburst, you have just earned yourself an extra 20 spanks.”  Lyndsey barked at her more physically imposing sister.  “If I don’t see you start moving towards my room by the count of three, I am going to continue to add on to your punishment.”
Tina couldn’t believe the words coming out of her younger sister’s mouth.  Though Tina was 4 years older and several inches taller than Lyndsey, however, Lyndsey was proving who was in control of the situation.
“You can’t talk to me like I’m a toddler.”  Tina demanded
“Two…..and you will address me properly with Ma’am or Miss Lyndsey”
“This is so…uummmph” Tina pouted stomping with her foot looking at her mother.  Before three, she decided to lean off the counter and start to slowly walk upstairs.  Pam smiled inwardly.  Lyndsey was certainly coming along as a dominant and Pam was very pleased about that.
She waited in the kitchen while she watched Tina walk slowly up the stairs.  “Mom, I’m gonna wait about 15 minutes before going up.  I think that anticipation time will be very helpful in making sure she thinks about the consequences of her actions.”
“You are becoming wise beyond your years, Miss Lyndsey.”  Pam said with a smile.
Tina made her way slowly up the stairs and into Lyndsey’s room.  She saw the same posters and furnishings that TK saw 10 days before and she had the same sense of humiliation and she knew that she was about to get spanked by her younger sister.   She then saw the chair, that dreaded chair, sitting in the very unfamiliar place of Lyndsey’s room with both a hairbrush and a wooden spoon laying on it.  Her eyes started to well up and she began to think about the fate that was about to be hers.
She slowly peeled of the layers of her clothes, first pants then her shirt, leaving just her underwear and her bra.  She wondered if she should just leave her underpants on or if she could leave her bra on too.  With her parents, all spankings had been completely in the buff and it seemed that Lyndsey, um Miss Lyndsey she made herself think, was not afraid to give extra swats.  She decided not to risk is and took her bra off, laid it with the rest of her clothes and went and stood in the corner.
There she was, an 19 year old college girl standing in the corner waiting to be spanking by her 15 year old 9th grade sister.  She looked at herself in the mirror, almost completely naked and waiting, shamefully, for her bottom to spanked hard and red like she was a spoiled 8 year old child.  ‘Come on’ she started thinking to herself ‘come on up here and get this over with.  I want to get out of this house as soon as I can.’
Tina heard voices speaking downstairs and the footsteps coming up the stairs.  She was nervous at her impending fate but glad to at least get it started.  The waiting really is the hardest part.
The door creaked as it was slowly pushed open.
“They’ll be up soon.”  To Tina’s shock, it wasn’t Lyndsey or Mom’s voice but TKs.
“Get out of here.” Tina said in a low voice not wanting Lyndsey to hear here speak knowing that she was not allowed.
TK stared a second at his older sister.  This was the first time he had seen her naked since they were kids in the bathtub together.  She was a very athletic near 5’9″ (TK was pissed that the girls in the family are all, or probably will be, taller than him) with long legs for her frame.  Her butt was very firm and could be seen nicely since she was wearing a purple thong.  TK glanced at the mirror which gave him a perfect view of her C Cup boobs which were firm and sticking forward as only an 18 year olds can.  TK enjoyed the view, even if it is his sister.
“I tried to convince Mom that I should do it now that I’m home but she says the spanking has already started so Lyndsey is going to do it.  Mom seems to like having Lyndsey dole out the discipline.”
“I don’t care.  Just go”  Tina said under her breath wanting to cover up and wanting him to leave.  Her face was starting to get red with embarrassment and she could feel his gaze on her pale white butt and knew that he was looking at her tits.
“Just a word of advice, since I have been a part of 2 spankings from Lyndsey.  She spanks real hard, especially with the instruments.  Much more than you would expect from someone her age.  Make sure you show her respect, with your words and actions, more respect than you show Mom or Dad because she is very quick on adding strokes.”
Tina turned her face to look directly at her brother.  “Thanks.” she said.  “Ill try.”  She knew that he was trying to help her and appreciated the kindness.
“Thomas Junior” came the voice from down the hall.  “Are you talking to Tina when you aren’t suppose to?  Do you need to join her and have your bottom tanned too?”
TK gave Tina a look that said ‘see what I mean?’
“No, Miss Lyndsey.”  he replied as he headed quickly down the hallway into his room so as not to be included in the punishment.   TK secretly was looking forward to hearing the sounds of the spanking coming from Lyndsey’s room, especially now that he had a complete mental image of what his older sister looked like naked for her spanking.  He hadn’t come to the realization that he might actually enjoy the spankings he had (and probably will) receive from his younger sisters but he was certainly excited to listen to Lyndsey give it to Tina.
Lyndsey remained in the kitchen and left Tina alone with her thoughts for another five minutes before proceeding upwards to her room.  Lyndsey told her mother that she was fine to do it on her own though she could come if she wanted to supervise, of course.  Pam was more than happy to give the entire duty to Lyndsey so she could have time to have a drink and relax.
Lyndsey entered the room to see Tina with her nose against the wall and her firm thong covered butt sticking out just as she had asked.
“I am glad to see that you are learning how to follow directions.  I would hate to have to give you more swats than the 50 for smoking and the 20 for insubordination that I already have to.”
Tina wanted to turn around and smack her little sister.  She knew she was physically capable of doing it and she thought the little brat was playing up her ‘role’ of spanker more than she needed to.  Then she remember her brother’s words.
“Yes, Ma’am” she replied through gritted teeth.
“Good” Lyndsey replied as she move around her sister to inspect her and make sure she was ready and had truly followed her directions.  She then moved the brush and spoon off the chair and sat down.  “Now come over here and stand in front of me and tell me what you did wrong.”
Tina stood half naked in front of her sister.  Normally, this is no big deal as they have seen each other change many times but this time it was different.  There was shame to it because of the domination that one sister had over the other and even more so since the younger sister held all the cards.  Tina stood in front of Lyndsey slightly shivering with very erect nipples given that she hadn’t had a shirt on for nearly 20 minutes now.
Tina and Lyndsey went through the ritual of explaining what happened and what the punishment was.  Tina was on her very best behavior given TK’s warning.  “Ok, now take off your underwear and get over my lap.”
“Oh, come on Lynds, um Miss Lyndsey.  I have a thong on.   Its like it is bare bottom.”
“Absolutely not.  Get them off now and Ill give you a warning for that whining.  Anything more like it and its extra for you.”
Tina peeled down her thong and stepped out of it.  She was now completely naked in front of Lyndsey.  She was completely bald as she had just gotten a brazilian wax a few days previous with the same group of girls she had been smoking with.  It was her first time doing it.  She wasn’t a big fan of the completely bald thing now that she had done it but her friends were all doing it so she did it too.
Lyndsey also knew some girls that went for that look so it was no surprise to her but she thought she would use this to her advantage as Lyndsey wanted to express her dominance over Tina just like she did with TK.  Lyndsey was guessing that Tina was more submissive like their brother instead of dominant like her.
“Bald, huh?  Makes you look like a little girl.   You like looking like a little girl?”
“um, yes, ma’am.”
“Well, you are going to get spanked on your bare bottom just like a little girl, that is for sure.  I bet even Crystal has hair down there.  You look like your younger than her and she’s in 7th grade.  Then again, she isn’t the one that I have to put over my knee for a spanking, is she?”
“Um, no ma’am.”
“It seems to me that the two oldest kids in the family look younger than that the younger ones once their pants are down.   If you have ever seen TK, you would know what I mean.   If you behaved properly, you would be giving the spankings to TK, like both Crystal and I both have, instead of receiving them from me.  You know, maybe that should be part of the punishment in the future.  If you get a spanking because you are acting childish, you should also be made bare like a little girl or boy.  What do you think? Think I should suggest that to Mom?”
Tina didn’t like where this was going so she started to protest.  “No, I don’t think that is a good idea.  A spanking is more than enough.  You just wait until I get my chance to spank you.  I will certainly make you pay for your fun today”
“Well, my dear.  IF I ever do something that is as foolish as you have done in not following simple family rules, then you certainly can do that.  And IF I ever act as childish as you have, then certainly I should be made bald like you so I felt like a child.  However, little girl, that time is not now and I am not the one who looks or acts like a child.  It is you my BIG sister that has been acting so young and foolish.”
Tina couldn’t believe how those words cut through her.  She never thought being naked and bare in front of her sister, one whom she had been naked with countless times before, could be so utterly humiliating.
“Also, my childish little sister, you did not address me as Ma’am or Miss Lyndsey so that is an added 10 spanks for you.  Now, do you think should I add additional for that attitude that you were giving me?”
There eyes locked and it was a battle of wills that was easily won by Lyndsey.  Tina bowed her head.
“No, ma’am.  I will have a better attitude for you.”

Lyndsey was starting to really love this domination thing and that fact that Mom approved of her doing it to her older siblings just made it that much more sweet.  She wondered if she could ever extend it outside the family as there were some schoolmates she would certainly like to give a dose of medicine to.  Well, first things first, I need to discipline Tina and hard.

“Ok, young lady.  Over my knee.  You know the dangers of smoking and I am going to have to pound your ass hard to make sure you remember never to smoke again.  You were trying to act like such a big girl but instead you are ending up like a toddler over your sister’s knee for a spanking.  Bet you don’t feel so big and cool now?”
“No, Miss Lyndsey.”  she replied.
Tina slowly bent over and positioned herself  over her sister’s legs.  Her naked body rubbing up against her younger sister’s bare thighs.
“Get that ass up in the air, now.”  Lyndsey’s dominant side could almost sense that her older sister was much more of a submissive.  She was going to use that to her advantage in the future, too.
Tina pushed her ass up further in air which forced her head closer to the floor.  Like her brother, she looked over and saw herself in the mirror prone across her younger sister’s legs.  She has been in some humiliating positions in her life but this one might be the worst.
Lyndsey caught Tina’s eyes in the mirror, stared at them and then brought the hairbrush down on her milky white bottom with as much fury as she could.   SMACK!!!
“Aaaahhhh” Tina cried in pain.  She instantly diverted her eyes away from her younger sister and instead hung her head down towards the floor and shut her eyes tight.
SMACK!! came another blow.
Tears started to well up in her firmly closed eyes already on the second blow.  TK was right that she really could hit hard.  SMACK!!!  Lyndsey was back in her rhythm of one blow ever 4-5 seconds to maximize the pain.   SMACK!!!
She was hitting much harder than she had on TK.  She felt more confident in her position and she wanted to break her sister’s spirit.  SMACK!!  She knew if she did, she would start to own her older siblings and could almost do what she wanted with them.   SMACK!!!
Tina was already crying after 10 swats.
“That was just the warm up, my dear.  I am now going to switch to the wooden spoon which hurts much more.    I don’t think you are going to enjoy the next 20.”  Lyndsey whispered.  “who knows, I may even need to use the belt.”
Tina heard those words and nearly panicked.  She didn’t know if she could handle the belt, especially if the spoon was even harder.  Her blue eyes filled with water as she waited for the spoon.
Tina was kicking and bawling already.  Lyndsey took her right leg and covered her big sister’s legs so she couldn’t kick and used her left arm on Tina’s back to keep her positioned downwards.
Just then, they heard the door creak and looked up to see her mother.
“You doing ok, sweetie?  It sounds like a lot of crying in here.”
Tina looked up as best she could and her mouth opened but before she could say a word she could see that her mother wasn’t looking at or talking to her.  She was talking to Lyndsey.
“I’m fine, mom” replied Lyndsey.  “I know that you have spoken to all of us for many, many years about the dangers of smoking so I was just trying to make sure I got your point across, Mom.”
“Thank you.  Looks like you have the situation under control.  I need to go pick up Alycia and Crystal.  I should be back in about an hour or so.  “
“Sounds good, mom.”  replied Lyndsey as Pam closed the door.
Pam then peeked her head around the door again.
“Oh, Tina, I am very disappointed in you.  You know how long we have talked about smoking.  Lyndsey, sorry, Ms. Lyndsey..” Pam stopped and grinned at Lyndsey after saying that, “please do make sure that Tina’s bottom is fully aware of how upset I am.”
“Will do, Mom.” she said as Pam disappeared behind the door and down the stairs.
“This white, well now kind of red ass, is mine now for the next hour.  You had better make sure you do as your told.  Now I am going to start again at 20 since we go interrupted and your butt has had time to cool down.  If I don’t think that you are cooperating or even if I just feel like it, I am going to add more to the 80 spanks that you have already.  Do you think that is fair?  Or do you think you would want to tell Mom that I was unfair in giving you more?  You heard Mom.  She trusts me completely to dole out the punishment now and I can do whatever I want to your ass for the next hour.”  Lyndsey didn’t know if that was true or not but she felt she could say it to Tina to drive home the point that she was in control. “You know I could pretty much do anything I wanted to your butt right now and Mom would believe that I disciplining you properly” she said as she grabbed one of Tina’s butt checks and shook it.  Lyndsey’s middle finger accidentally came in contact with Tina’s anus and it hurt her a bit when she grabbed and shook her.  Lyndsey didn’t mean it or notice it but it scared Tina, who was already a bit freighted by her sister’s words.
“Or maybe you don’t agree with me and think I should go ask Mom?  Hmmm?  Do you agree that you are completely under my control or should I ask Mom to confirm it before she leaves the house?  Of course, if I have to” she said pressing her advantage “I will definitely add on more to your spanking.”
Tina’s submissive side knew it was futile to resist.  Part of her actually preferred being in this position because she knew that without a strong disciplinarian that she would always make bad decisions but that was not something that she would want to admit to her younger sister..   “No, ma’am.  I know that you have control over me and my butt”  was her weak reply.  Lyndsey smiled broadly and started again with the spoon.   SMACK!!!…..SMACK!!  Tina was soon crying again and trying to kick just like she was a little girl and Lyndsey was the disciplining mother.
The wooden spoon was really starting to redden Tina’s ass as Lyndsey kept smacking her hard.  The older but more juvenile acting sister was crying like she was a 5 year old being punished by her mother.  She couldn’t kick any more but she was trying to squirm as the next 10 spanks landed squarely on reddening checks.  Tears were coming down her faces, snot out of her nose and crying out of her mouth.  Lyndsey, on the other hand, was calmly applying the strokes to her sister’s backside.  In the same way she would methodically watch tapes of her gymnastic routines to try to learn how to do her moves better, she watched herself in the mirror while she spanked her eldest sibling.  She watch her arm go up and then come down.  She listened and watched for the reaction from Tina to learn what were the most effect places to put her spanks, how long she should wait in between each spank and what angle was best for her to bring her arm down at so as to get maximum force for the least amount of energy.  Like she had told Crystal when she was blistering TK’s bum, the spanker doesn’t want to expand all of her energy at the beginning and then be too tired to complete the spanking properly.
In the other room, TK could hear the spanking, the crying and some of the louder conversation.  He didn’t know what came over him but the sounds got him very excited and his shirt was off and his pants and underwear were down by his ankles while he was lying on his bed.  Something strange happened in his mind and soon he was thinking that it was he that was getting spanked and not Tina.  He also imagined that it was Jenny, a short red headed girl that was one of Lyndsey’s friends on the gymnastics team, that was giving him the spanking while his sister gave her instructions, like she had for Crystal.  Why he was thinking of someone younger, he didn’t know but he was getting very excited about it.  He closed his eyes and imagined it was Jenny spanking his red behind.  He little pee-pee was hard as a rock and grew as big as it had ever been, which wasn’t much.  Each smacking sound coming through the wall sent an electric shock of excitement through his body.  TK was transfixed into his own little world where he was prone across the knee of the red headed freshman and his disciplining shock gave him both great pain and great pleasure.  He didn’t know what but lying on his back didn’t feel right.  He got up and out of his bed and shuffled over to the end of the bed with is pants still at his ankles.  He bent over the end of the bed with his butt in the air as if he was in the spanking position.  His thumb and two fingers got to work.  The crying and the spanking sounds coming through the walls along with his imagination was sending him into ecstasy.  What was coming over TK, he didn’t know, but this was the first time he had ever enjoyed the thought of a strong, hard spanking.
“Well, that is seventy, my dear.” Lyndsey said as she used her forearm to wipe some of the sweat that was forming on her forehead.  “You are almost done, assuming that I don’t think you need any more.”
“Ya..ya…yes, Ma’am” Tina said slobbering.
“You butt sure is red.  I think a few spots are turning Crimson even.  You know, there is one good thing about a spanking.  Do you know what that is?”
“Na..no, Ms. Lyndsey.”
“A spanking won’t kill you, but smoking can.  And I am going to make sure that you think about your ass before you ever think about taking another cigarette.”
“Now I want you to get up and go the matching chair to this spanking chair.  It is down in the family room.  I will give you thirty seconds to do your task.  For ever second that you take over that, I will give you an extra stroke.  No, go.”
Tina hesitated as she was still over Lyndsey’s lap.  “but what about TK or others in the house?  I’m naked.  Can I get dressed?”
“You can do what you want but the clock doesn’t stop until you are naked and ready for your spanking, my dear.  Which is more important, your modesty or your ass?”
Tina lay there for a second looking at her youthful looking sister.
“Oh, by the way, 10 seconds have already passed. 11.12.”
With that, Tina scrambled off of her lap and started to quickly walk out of the room.  The pain in her ass was intense and made her walk quite gingerly.  She opened the door and stuck her head out looking both ways to see if anyone, TK especially, was out there.  Little did she know that TK was in his own little world and didn’t hear what was going on, just that there was a pause in the spanking.
“16. 17. 18”  Tina heard in the background as she darted out the door as best she could.  The burning in her butt magnified as she tried to walk down the stairs.  She held in the cries that she wanted to let out so as not to alert TK, if he was downstairs.  She felt humiliated at snoop around the family home while buck naked at the direction of her adolescent sister.  Tina could feel the contrast of the cool air conditioning on her red hot bum.   Her perky naked breast bounced in the cool air as she searched for the chair and her nipples became erect as the family room felt much colder than Lyndsey’s room which warmed up due to all of the energy that was being produced by the spanking.  Finally, Tina found the chair behind the couch on the back side of the family room.  She picked it up, held it in front of her, so if she ran into TK, his view would be blocked by the chair and hurried back up stairs as fast as her legs and aching butt would allow.
“43.44.45.”  The count continued as Tina put the chair in front of Lyndsey.  Tina  looked at Lyndsey but she kept counting. “46.47.48”
Tina looked worried then realized she needed to get back into position.
She got back over Lyndsey’s lap and said “I am back with the chair you requested, Ms. Lyndsey.  What else may I do to serve you?”
“Very good” Lyndsey replied.  “The count ended at 52 so that is an additional 22 spanks for you for a total of 32 remaining spanks.  You may serve me by standing up and position this chair next to the other one so that they are lined up with the mirror.  Then you can get four large pillows and put 2 on each of the chairs.  When you are done, you are to kneel in front of me and ask for your punishment.”
“Yes, ma’am.”  Tina replied in almost a slavish manner.  At this point she was willing to pretty much do whatever Lyndsey asked her to do as she wanted to get the punishment over with and make the pain stop.  At the same point, she knew she was getting deserved discipline.
Tina walked over and got the requested pillows, arranged them on the chairs as her sister had requested and then came over and stood next to Lyndsey.  She looked Lyndsey directly in the eyes and then slowly lowered herself to one knee and then the other.  On her knees, she came up to a Lyndsey’s midsection.  She raised her head upwards and looked up at her younger sister while Lyndsey looked down on her.  The height change was a complete reversal compared to the rest of their lives.
“Ms. Lyndsey.”  Tina said looking up at her young sister’s eyes.  “I have done what you have asked me and am ready for you to give me the rest of your punishment.”  The words flowed out of her mouth so easily that Tina hardly noticed that it was out of place for her to have to say that to her sister who is four years her junior.  It felt so natural for her.  Lyndsey took half a step forward so that she was right next to Tina and so Tina had too arch her neck a bit so she was looking straight up at her superior.  Her chest bowed outwards and her erect nipples would occasionally rub up against the fabric of Lyndsey’s clothing when she breathed.
“Well, my infantile acting sister.  And juvenile looking, I should say as well.  You may wonder why I had you get the additional chair and pillows.  I want you to bend over the chairs.  The pillows on this chair is going to be a substitute for my legs and prop your butt up for me to whack it.  I wanted the other chair and pillows so you can lean on your elbow and face forward with your head up.  This way you will be facing directly into the mirror.  Understand?
“Yes, Ma’am”  Tina said lowering her head.
Lyndsey took her hand and put it under Tina’s chin and lifted it up so that she was looking up at her again.  “My immature big sister.  You look at me when I am addressing you or I will think that you don’t respect my authority.  Do you respect my authority or do I need to add on to you 32 remaining spanks to remind you who is in charge”
“No, Ms. Lyndsey.  I respect your authority.”
“Good.  Now, my dear, why I want you to be in this position is so that you will be able to watch me while I stand and blister your already red and warm backside.  And I want you to watch everyone.  Just to be sure that you do, after ever spank, I want you to look in the mirror and find my eyes and count the number of that spank until all 32 spanks have been completed.  If you don’t, then that spank will not count as part of the overall spanking.  Understand?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Good.  I want to burnish the image in your mind of your younger sister spanking your butt.  Then every time you think you want to do something stupid and immature, like smoking, you can think of me standing over you spanking your bare white ass.  Maybe that will help you grow up a bit.”
“Yes, Ms. Lyndsey.  I think that would do me some good.”
“Good.  Now get that ass of yours onto that chair and assume the position.  We have been talking so long I fear that you ass has cooled off and I might need to give you some warm up strokes.”
Tina scrambled into position.  “No ma’am. I mean, yes, ma’am.  I mean, what ever you think is best, ma’am, but it is still very hot and painful.  You can feel it if you like, ma’am.”
Lyndsey enjoyed her sister’s bit of cowering.  “Ok, I believe you.”  she said as she held her hand an inch above her sister’s butt and could feel that there was still some heat coming from it.
Tina lay prone across the chairs.  Her feet were on the ground with her knees slightly bent.  Her ass was in the air and her naked body lay across the four pillows.  Her front was supported by her forearms which were buried in the pillows and her head faced forward.  Lyndsey took the hairbrush in her right hand and stood a bit to her sister’s left side.
“Now look at me”
Tina lifted her head and her eyes saw her master.  Lyndsey was quite athletic and looked every bit the dominatrix by the way she carried herself and positioned her body, except, of course for her clothing.  Tina looked at Lyndsey face which reminded her of how much younger Lyndsey actually was than her but the rest of her posture reminded Tina of how much more mature she was too.
With that, the hairbrush went up and then the brush came down slightly below Tina’s butt and then forward smacking her ass and up, all in one sweeping circular motion.  There was a large SMACK sound that came and a cry that came out from Tina.  She bounced up and down with her legs and held her eyes shut, crying.
Lyndsey waited and waited.  Then after five seconds, she did the same motion again.  SMACK!
“Baaaaa” came the sound again from Tina and the whimpering really started to occur.
Lyndsey waited and then finally spoke to her charge.
“I guess you wanted those warm up spankings after all, huh?  Would you like more or would like to start counting after the next spank?”
Tina open her eyes and looked up.  The pain had been so much again already that she had forgotten about looking at her sister and counting.
“I felt generous in reminding you.  I will not feel generous again.”
“Sniff…ya…yes, Ms.  Lyndsey.  Thank you.  I wi…will count this time.”
As Lyndsey watched herself in the mirror, and dissected her motion, she thought that the wheelhouse type of motion worked best when standing in this position.  It reminded her of pitching softballs so decided to emulate that as she spanked her 19 year old sister.
SMACK!!   Tina’s eyes shut.  She forced herself to look in the mirror and find her sisters face.  Lyndsey had dropped her hands, one holding the brush, to the side and looked quite impatient with one leg slightly in front of the other.
“One.”  Tina forced out.  All of a sudden a shock of fear went through Tina’s head.  ‘Did I do that right?  Sh*t.  I didn’t address her properly.’   “Sorry, Ma’am.  I mean One, Ms. Lyndsey.”
Lyndsey smiled broadly.  She hadn’t thought about being addressed properly but it is even better that Tina thought about it.
“That is better.   I hope you remember who has been immature and who has not.  Those who act like adults get to be called Ms or Ma’am.  Those who act like children do not..”
SMACK!  came the sound after another windmill motion of Lyndsey’s arm.
Tina was balling but she had her eyes open now watching it all.  She knew that if she kept them shut then she might forget to count.  ‘Plus,’ she thought ‘isn’t the point of Ms. Lyndsey’s lesson to me that I must think about what will happen to my butt if I screw up again?’
“Two, Ms. Lyndsey”
Lyndsey bent her knees a little and leans forward for power but otherwise her body barely moves as her arm windmills around for another strike on Tina’s exposed rump.  SMACK!
“Three, Ms. Lyndsey.”
Tina watches her young sister as she winds up again and smacks her hard.
“Seven, Ms. Lyndsey.”
The pain is starting to get intense on her ass but her mind is starting to think thoughts completely different than at the beginning of her discipline.  SMACK!
“Ten, Ms. Lyndsey.”
‘I think Ms. Lyndsey is teaching me a good lesson.’  SMACK!
“Fourteen, Ms. Lyndsey.”
‘I can see her power, grace and maturity, all things that I need help on.’  SMACK!
“Nineteen, Ms. Lyndsey”
Tina’s ass is now almost crimson and Lyndsey decides to add on a bit by hitter her elder sister right below the bottom on the still white thighs.  SMACK!
“Twenty-two, Ms. Lyndsey”
‘I must watch her ever move so I never forget what is happening here and can remember before I do something stupid again.’  SMACK!
“Twenty-six, Ms. Lyndsey”
‘How can someone so young be so mature and why can’t I?”  SMACK!
“Twenty-nine, Ms. Lyndsey.”
‘I’ve needed this to keep me in line.’   SMACK!
“Thirty-one, Ms.  Lyndsey.”
‘I love my sister and I know she loves me because she is helping me so much today.   SMACK!
“Thirty-two, Ms. Lyndsey.”
Tina is bawling and the pain in her ass is intense.  She lays flat on the pillows exhausted but instead of being mad or angry at her sister, the spanking has transformed her.  She knows that this spanking has done her good and that, for all the pain she has suffered and for the pain she will feel for the next few days when sitting down, this was what she needed.
Lyndsey wipes a bit of sweat off of her brow and starts to take some deep breaths to cool down.  She knew she had shown her sister who is boss, she just didn’t realize how much.  She wouldn’t realize it for a while but she did get a bit of an idea.
After a minute, Tina stood up with her eyes full of tears.  She looked over at her sister and then down at Lyndsey’s feet.  She didn’t feel ashamed of being naked in front of her sister just childish.
“Sniff…uh, Ms. Lyndsey, um, when I was little and got a spanking from Mom.  Um, if she thought I did good during the spanking and thought I learned my lesson, well, sniff….she would rub baby oil on my butt to sooth it a bit.”  Tina lifted her head a bit and then asked sheepishly, “Did I do good for you during my spanking, Ms. Lyndsey?”
Lyndsey looked at her and said nothing.  Tina dropped her head.  Lyndsey walked towards her and then past her to her dresser.  Tina just stood there and began to sob.
Lyndsey grabbed some baby oil off of her dresser, moved the pillows off of one of the chairs and sat down.
“Look at me”  Lyndsey said.
Tina turned and looked at her 15 year old sister.
“I don’t know if you learned your lesson, I hope so, but you did do a good receiving your punishment.  Hopefully, it will be the last time I have to do it to you, though something makes me doubt that.”
Lyndsey patted her leg with her right hand.
“Now come here and assume the position”
Tina smiled and a light flickered on inside of her.  She got over her sister’s knee again.  She knew she was where she was suppose to be.
This time, Tina rubbed baby oil on her big sister’s red hot butt.
“Thank you, Ms. Lyndsey.”

9 thoughts on ““Family Spanking Policy”,by sisters in control!

  1. I would still love to see the other parts. I found the first two parts in a yahoo group but no other stories after this one. It’s really a shame because of how descriptive it is.

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