Now raise your bottom! Naughtygirl

The ring ceremony and aftermath further cemented our roles. J. was even more confident and commanding and i was even more willingly submissive. i loved that warm, weakening wash of pure submission that came over me when She asserted Herself. Even though i was as tall as J., and physically stronger, She could make me feel as weak as a kitten with just a word or a look. After all, we both knew who was the stronger personality. The following Monday, i could barely concentrate at work. i kept reliving the intense emotions and sensations of our special week-end. The moonlit walk on the beach, the sensual feel of the lingerie on my flushed skin, the leather sting and burn of the paddle, and the power and fierceness of Her love-making. But most of all, i relived my feelings of surrender as She so effortlessly dominated me. That was the most important and erotic thing for me the way i felt as She put me across Her knee, the way i felt as She pulled down my panties and spanked me, the way i felt as She spread my legs and took me as Her ‘wife’. It all felt so natural and inevitable to me; this is my role and this is how it should be. i could hardly wait to get home and serve Her in any way She wished! i met Her at the door in my pink lingerie, complete with bulging panties. From the look on Her face, She had been reliving the week-end, too. Wordlessly, She put Her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. i kissed each toe of Her pumps, then remained kneeling, head bowed, at Her feet. i could feel the power radiating from Her, overwhelming me again. She gave me Her hand to kiss, then, grasping my ear, lifted me to my feet and led me upstairs to the guest bedroom where She stored Her old clothing. She pressed me into the corner behind the door as She collected things from the closet, put them on the bed behind me, then led me by my ear over to the bed. She sat down and dragged me across Her lap, my face on the small pile of clothing and shoes She had taken from the closet. ‘I can’t have you running around my house in your underwear, now can I?’ She said, pressing my face into the feminine clothing. ‘No, Ma’am,’ i answered quickly. Her heavy hand started to smack against my bottom, stinging even through the slip and panties. i wriggled against the gabardine of Her skirt, my erection obvious against Her warm thigh.
‘What a naughty little wife you are’, She said mockingly, lifting my slip and sliding down my panties. ‘ And what a pretty little bottom you have, so soft and white.’ Her hand stroked and kneaded each cheek in turn and I sighed my surrender. ‘But it won’t be white for long, will it, you naughty girl?’

Smack- Smack- Smack- Smack.

Her hand rose and fell repeatedly, stinging first one cheek then the other.

‘No, Ma’am,’ i murmured, ‘Thank You, Ma’am.’

‘Naughty little wives like you deserve red bottoms, don’t they? And that’s just what you’re going to get, young lady! A very red and a very, very sore bottom!’


My legs kicked involuntarily as the spanking intensified harder and faster, concentrating on one sore spot at a time, until my erection had disappeared and i was frantically promising to behave.

“Please, Mistress, i’ll be good, i’ll be good, i promise, i promise!’


“You will do what I say when I say it, do you understand me?” She said, Her voice calm and reasonable, ‘I am going to turn you into the best -SMACK- most obedient SMACK- little wife -SMACK- any woman could want!’


I squealed and moaned like a girl, wriggling across Her lap. I was crying now, tears trickling across my face, but i didn’t care it felt right to cry, to submit so completely to Her. Spankings are always so very much more painful than you think they are going to be. i was so glad it was just Her hand and not the hairbrush! She paused to caress my hot bottom, whispering that She loved me but that i needed this discipline badly. Turning towards Her, i nodded tearfully and thanked Her for spanking me, meaning every word. She smiled and began spanking again, Her hand again forcing my face into the scented (Her scent) pile of clothing. i submitted willingly now, raising my bottom for each loving smack. It hurt so much, but i knew i needed this. I would be a good ‘girl’, i would be a good ‘wife’, i would do everything in my power to please Her.

‘I’ve decided you need a pretty feminine name to go with your new role’, She announced brightly.


‘Your new name will be Susanne, Susie for short. Pretty, don’t you think?’


‘What’s your name?’


‘My name is Susie, Ma’am’, i whispered.


‘Louder, Susie, I can’t hear you. Say it with every spank . What’s your name?’

SMACK- ‘Susie, Ma’am’

SMACK- ‘Susie’. SMACK- ‘Susie’. SMACK- ‘Susie’. SMACK-‘Susie’

“That’s much better. Now raise your bottom nice and perky for me. Show me how much you appreciate your bottom-warming, Susie.”

The spanking went on and on and on until, finally satisfied, She pushed me off Her lap to the floor and offered me Her hand to kiss. i did so gratefully, then i looked up lovingly into Her face and took the tip of Her finger into my mouth and sucked on it gently. She smiled with delight, brushed my hair away from my face and said, ‘How sweet! That’s my good little wife. See how much better behaved you are with a red bottom, Susie? I think you are learning your proper place very well. I am pleased with you.’ Unzipping Her skirt, She turned and offered me Her pantied bottom, ‘Now you may thank me properly for your spanking.’ My lips covered Her lovely bottom with eager kisses, Her musky scent intoxicating me. i traced Her stocking tops with the tip of my tongue, reveling in the soft texture of Her pale thighs. She moaned and grasped my hair with both hands, pulling me firmly against Her. i nibbled the lacy hem of Her scarlet panties then slipped my tongue down, down to the darkly moist spot at Her centre. A firm lick and soft flicker rewarded me with a deep moan. She ground Her hips back at me forcing my face into Her cleft, yanking hard on my hair. My hands caressed Her silk stockings and i groaned with my own pleasure as my hot, throbbing bottom rolled and pumped futilely. Noticing, She laughed ‘Well Susie, what a shameless little ‘girl’ you are. Imagine that, my ‘wife’ is a slut!’ She stepped out of Her panties and, kneeling on the edge of the bed said ‘Well then, slut, please me. I want that pink little tongue of yours right inside my rosebud. You know you want to.’ And She was right, of course, i wanted the incredible humiliation with every part of my being. How better to show my abject submission than to kneel there in my pretty, pretty lingerie with my panties pulled down and my freshly spanked bottom glowing, worshipping Her in this most degrading and humiliating way. After all, i WAS Her ‘wife’, Her ‘maid’, Her ‘naughty girl’, Her ‘slut’. This is where i belonged, on my knees, worshipping Her, thrusting my submissive little tongue deep into Her rich, musky core. She growled and pumped, grinding and bucking against my tear-streaked face. ‘That’s it my little slut. Faster, deeper, deeper. Oh yes, oh yes, worship me, worship me. I own you, i own you!’ Opening, opening, then spasming around my eager tongue. She screamed Her triumph, Her conquest as Her juices flooded down my chin, mingling with my tears. Giving myself to Her, giving Her so much pleasure was it’s own reward. We lay gasping together for long minutes- She on the bed, me on the floor at Her feet. Then, smiling sweetly, She pulled me up onto the bed and held me to Her wordlessly, my head on Her shoulder, Her hands caressing my soft, sore bottom.

Many blissful moments later, She smiled as She ‘asked’ me to get dressed in the clothes She had chosen. She watched amused as i struggled into the soft blouse, tight knee-length skirt, and even tighter sling-back heels. ‘Much better, Susie,’ She laughed. ‘If you’re going to be my ‘wife’, I want you properly dressed, not parading around the house like a common slut!’ i am sure my face was as red as my bottom.

She clipped on a pair of earrings and a necklace, then ordered me downstairs to cook Her dinner. i stumbled gingerly down the stairs and tottered around the kitchen precariously, the tight grey skirt forcing me to take mincing little steps. She tied a frilly white apron around my waist and patted my bottom, ‘That’s my good girl’ She murmured in my ear. i cooked dinner in a sensual haze, my nylons whispering as my thighs brushed together, my garters tugging at my stocking tops, my silky panties cupping me so firmly. i managed to finish cooking without falling over and served Her at the table with a curtsey. She rewarded me with a small smile and motioned for me to sit at the other end of the table. ‘ Mmmm, this is delicious, darling. What a good little ‘wife’ you’re becoming.’ i ate my dinner quietly, feeling very embarrassed but elated at the same time. Now there was no doubt at all about my role, and i loved it. i squirmed slightly in my chair, trying to find a comfortable position, my bottom still tender. Looking up, She smiled slightly and raised Her glass, ‘To my sweet sore-bottomed Susiegirl.’ Blushing, i murmured ‘Thank You, Mistress. For everything.’

As i washed and dried the dishes, She read a book calmly in the living room, sipping Her wine. She looked so regal, so full of Her feminine power that i was dying for Her to take me upstairs and do me properly, to take me as Her ‘wife’. i squeezed my thighs together and pressed my belly against the counter-top, my breathing shallow and ragged. My sore bottom throbbed inside that tight skirt, aching so much for Her touch again.

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