I’m drunk, so buzz off.


Bob and Angel met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Bob was the best man and Angel was the maid of honor. The bride was Angel’s best friend since second grade. The 2 had been through everything together, Angel had lost both her parents in a terrible car accident when she was in 4th grade, and Mary had been there for her and helped her through it. Angel was sent to live with her uncle and aunt, but Angel rebelled and was a nightmare. Mary’s father was a preacher and tried to council the family. Finally her uncle had kicked her out in the 9th grade for getting pregnant and drinking. Angel turned to drugs and lost the baby. She ran right to Mary who helped her. They hid Angel in Mary’s attic for a week before Mary’s father discovered their secret.


“Both of you downstairs to my study, right now” he yelled. Mary started to sob and Angel just yelled. “Go to hell, I’m out of here”


Pastor Dan grabbed her by the arm and swatted her behind really hard, 10 slaps landed on her bottom. Angel was so shocked she just stood there looking at him. That was the first time she felt loved since her parents died. Mary’s parents took her in and treated her like one of their own. They never hesitated to dish out discipline when necessary. They had saved her life and now she was here at their daughter’s wedding. It brought a tear to her eye. She was so happy for Mary but also jealous, she hadn’t dated much, she was afraid; she was only 14 when she got pregnant and lost a child. How could she tell anyone that? She didn’t trust anyone, she had put up a wall and it was always hard to get through.


“Would my lovely daughter like to dance with me?” Pastor Dan asked. Angel smiled at him; he always made her feel special.


“Of course I would, thank you Dan.” she said.


“You looked a million miles away, what you were thinking about?” he asked.


“Oh, just about how lucky Mary was and I hope I’ll have the same thing someday.” Angel smiled at him


“You will someday, you just have to open your heart, and it will all be ok. I see Bob has been eying you all day, he is a wonderful person, he is a building contractor, has his own company and single.” Dan smiled


“Don’t start, when I’m ready, why does everyone think I need a damn match maker?” she yelled. Dan went stiff and looked at her.


“I’m sorry; I’m just tired and overwhelmed. I didn’t mean to curse or yell at you. You’ve been wonderful to me. I’m really sorry” she cried, she felt like a little girl in trouble.


“OK, I’ll let it go, because it’s a beautiful, lovely day. I know you are scared but there is a life out there for you, if you just let it happen.” The song was over and they walked off together. The rest of the night was great, everyone was having a ball. Angel didn’t want to drink, she had been sober for 8 yrs. now, but tonight she needed a drink. She had one drink and then another, before she knew it she was drunk. She didn’t want her family to know, so she went outside. Bob saw her leave and also saw she was in no condition to drive, he ran after her.


“Hey honey, you’re not thinking of driving are you?” he asked her.


“No, I’m just hiding, I don’t want anyone to know I’m drunk, so buzz off.” she slurred her words.


That was the first night Bob had tanned her hid. They had been together for 8 months now. Angel still had not told him much of her past, she knew he would support her, but was still scared to tell him. She also knew he was thinking of asking her to marry him. This scared her. She needed to get out and have fun, get her mind off things. So she called her friend Mary.


“Hey, Mary, it’s Angel. I really need to go out tonight, do you think you can get out?” she asked.


“Well, I’m kind of grounded. I over spent my allowance, by a lot. I’m sorry.” Mary cried


“Oh man, this sucks. Is John home, doesn’t he work late tonight? We will just go out for a little bit, coffee at the diner. Please.” Angel begged


“I don’t know, I can’t sit comfortably now, if john finds out, i won’t have a butt left, what if he calls?” Mary said.


“Wait I got it, call forwarding, has the calls sent to your cell phone that way if he calls you can still answer. Please I really need to talk to you. I promise we’ll be home by 10 the latest, he won’t be home till 12, and you’ll have plenty of time.” Angel begged.


“Oh ok, you always get me in trouble, this is the last time, I’ll meet you at the diner at 7, we’ll have coffee and cake and then leave.” Mary said.


“OK 7pm; don’t forget to forward your calls. You’re the best, thanks, I love you.” Angel cried.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, see you then.” Mary hung up. She knew this was so wrong, but her best friend needed her, she sounded so desperate.


They met in the parking lot at 7pm sharp. Mary was so fidgety; she kept dropping her keys and shaking.


“I’m sorry Mary; do you want to go home? He’ll never find out, it’s just a quick cup of coffee. I need to talk to you about
Bob, i think he may propose.” Angel said.


“OH my God, Really, I’m so happy for you, OK one cup of coffee and then I’ll leave. This is so exciting.” Mary cried. They walked in together, laughing and talking. Mary did not notice her husband sitting at the counter with his partner. He did not look happy. He waited till they sat down and were looking at the menu. Then walked over“Hi Mary, hi Angel, how’s it going?” john asked. Mary went pale. Angel smiled at him. She would have to try her hardest to get Mary out of this mess.


“John, before you get upset with Mary, this is my fault, I begged her to come out with me. I really needed to talk; she was just being good friend, sister really. Please don’t be mad at her.” Angel begged.


“Mary knows better, she was grounded, if you needed to talk you could have done so in the on the phone. Isn’t that right Mary?” john asked


“Yes Sir, I really am sorry, but you see Angel thinks Bob is going to propose and she needed to talk about stuff. I’m really sorry.” Mary started to cry. John looked at her, he loved her so much. She was always trying to help, and when it came to Angel, she forgot about everything, even common sense to go out when she was punished.


“Mary I love you, you could have called me and asked me I might have let you, but you made things ten times worse for yourself by lying to me. What do you think I would have thought if i called the house and you didn’t answer? I would have thought something is wrong with you.” John said. Mary started to cry more.


“I kind of forwarded calls to my cell, so if you called you would have thought I was home.” Mary cried. Johns face got very still and red. He looked really mad, Angel felt scared and upset for her friend.


“John, that was my idea, i told her to do that, I’m really sorry.” Angel said.


“I would like for you two to go home, our house, and wait for me, I’ll see if i can get off early and wait for me. It’s going to be a long night, and Angel I’m calling Bob. He will meet us there. Go now” He yelled. Angel thought, thank God there weren’t a lot of people in the diner, this was so embarrassing.


Angel and Mary arrived at the house, Mary was in tears.


“I am so sorry Mary, please don’t hate me.” Angel cried.


“I don’t hate you, i am mad at myself, i should have just said no to you, and stayed home. Now I’m really going to be hurting, he punished me 2 days ago, it’s going to be a lot worse on an already sore bottom.” Mary cried. The phone rang and went right to answer it.


“Hello,” it was John


“I’ll be home in an hour, tell Angel Bob is on his way for her and he’s not too happy. As for you, go to our room, stand in the corner bare bottom and wait for me. I’m very disappointed in you.” John said and hung up.


Mary told Angel what John had said. They hugged each other and cried.


“Bob has spanked me before, but only over my panties and with his hand. I’m afraid to tell him everything, what if he won’t marry me because of my past.” Angel sobbed


“Is this what this is all about? Bob loves you; he will accept every part of you, even your past. As for me, i can probably expect the paddle on my bare; if I’m lucky he won’t use the belt. I never lied to him before, I’m scared. I know he would never hurt me on purpose, but i do deserve this. He told me he was disappointed. Oh Angel, I love him, this sucks, I should have just told you no and waited till he came home.” Mary sobbed


“When have you ever been able to tell me no, you’ve been getting in trouble with me since i can remember. Maybe he’ll go easy on you, since it was my fault.” Angel hugged her. Just then the bell rang. Mary went to go answer it.


“Aren’t you supposed to be in your room with your nose in the corner?” Bob asked.


“Yes, i was just about to go, when the bell rang.” Angel said.


“Well then go” Bob said and smacked her on her rear.


“Bob, don’t do that to Mary.” Angel yelled


“I wouldn’t be talking if i were you. Mary goes; we’ll lock up on our way out.” Bob said.


Oh and tell John we’ll be back tomorrow to get Angel’s car.” Bob said


“OK, sorry again for getting Angel in trouble.” Mary said


“From what i hear it’s mostly her fault, now get upstairs, we’re leaving.” Bob said. He walked Angel out to his truck.


“You my little girl is in trouble, i can’t wait to hear what excuse you have for taking Mary out when you knew she was in trouble.” Bob said. Angel started to answer him, but he put his hand up.


“We’ll wait till we get to my place, straight to the bed room when we get there, nose in corner, pants off.” he said


“Yes sir. Angel said very quietly.


They arrived at his house, and Angel did as she was told. She knew this was the day she would have to tell him the whole story.




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