Cramped Quarters, age sensitive.

Cramped Quarters

By Matt White

“What the hell were they thinking when they left the doors off?” It was something David Walsh had thought at least a dozen times since he and his family had arrived at the beach-side cabin. With three kids, David knew the value of a bedroom door. And he had purposefully arranged for a vacation rental with a separate master bedroom. The first thing he and his wife Tanya noticed after checking in was that they had a master bedroom – with a big arched doorway leading into the large great room. And no doors! Nothing separating Mr. and Mrs. Walsh from the area where the children slept. So much for privacy!

David and Tanya’s three children – 11 year old Erin, 9 year old Tommy and 7 year old Marie seemed to be of a similar mind regarding the sleeping arrangements. Erin was not happy with the roll away and her younger siblings complained about sharing a pull out sofa. After a long drive and with their own disappointment to deal with, the Walsh parents were less than sympathetic and told the kids to pipe down. Those first moments in the cabin seemed to set the tone for the week. Or as David told his wife that first day, as soon as they had a minute to themselves, “great, a whole week of you showing off a new swimsuit and no place for me to take if off of you!” The less than ideal sleeping arrangements, the small cabin and a lack of central air conditioning did not improve anyone’s mood.  David told himself to never again believe it when he was told about cooling ocean breezes on the Gulf Coast in August. The first afternoon the family went exploring down the coastline near the cabin. That next morning everyone was groggy – hard to sleep in the heat. Worse for David, Tanya had gotten into bed in just sheer white panties and a tank top. At first David thought it was her way of initiating sex. Then he realized it was the heat. And that a lack of door meant the lack of any loving.

At breakfast it was clear that bad moods were likely to mean sore bottoms. Tanya offered to warm her son’s butt when he complained about the cereal selection they had brought with them. Dave chuckled to himself. It was bound to happen. He and Tanya had a saying. “Time out” in their house meant the time it took to take the paddle out! Their kids never saw the humor in that one.

The morning was spent scouting the best spots on the beach, playing in the surf and looking for a place for a campfire later. Tommy and Megan met a couple of similarly aged children staying in a nearby cabin. Dave decided to go for a run down the beach, to a fishing pier a couple miles down the shore. He walked back, so it was an hour later when he returned. His two youngest were still playing with the family from next door. They were easy to pick out, the two brown haired children playing with the tow headed kids from the neighboring cabin. Dave stepped into the back door of their rental, planning on taking a shower.

He stopped short. Tanya had her back to him and she was yelling at Erin. David however focused on his wife’s legs and rear end. She was wearing a new one piece cut high on the sides and the lycra material was riding up, displaying a nice portion of Tanya’s well rounded bottom. Dave was also admiring his wife’s tan legs and smooth . . .  “David, are you listening?” Tanya was not happy and now she had turned towards him. David snapped out of it and made an educated guess. “Someone not listening again?”

“Yes,” came the response. “And back talking and complaining. She needs her little atttude adjusted. Did you bring your belt?” Before Dave could say yes, Erin let lose with “Moooommmm!!” It was a combination complaint and opening cry. And it would do no good.

David Walsh had thrown a particular belt in his luggage. It was brown, medium weight, flexible but it still had some heft. It had a crease in the middle, a crease that any child of a strict home would recognize immediately. Erin knew that belt well and she was not happy that it had come on vacation.

By the time he returned, Tanya was yanking her daughter’s bikini bottoms down and off. Erin’s bottom was now an inviting white target, set off against her otherwise tan skin. She was complaining again. That drew several hard smacks from her mom. Little details always stuck in David’s mind. This time it was his wife’s French manicure and a silver ring on the hand connecting with his daughter’s bottom. That, and how Tanya’s exertions really showed off her ass!

But the time for day dreams was over. Tanya took Erin by the upper arm and marched her towards a sofa in the middle of the great room. She then pushed her towards the arm of the sofa and over. Erin’s head was now down near the seat cushions, her bottom well up. Tanya patted her bottom and nudged her legs slightly apart, getting her in perfect position. Then she gave a little smile to her husband and stepped aside.

David made his remarks brief. No more whining, back talk or attitude. It was a quick speech and he was focused on Erin’s bottom. David measured the distance with the folded belt and brought it down hard. This was going to be a quick, stinging spanking. Erin shrieked when the belt connected. It was pulled back, and then swung down hard again. The almost milky white bottom, barely pinkend by Tanya, showed a red welt each time the belt came down. Erin started crying after five, sobbing after ten. The belt came in low, right on the sit spot, and Erin rose up in response, on her tip toes, calves straining. Dave would have normally given a couple on the upper thighs as a reminder, but he wanted his daughter to still be able to put on her suit. If Erin appreciated the gesture, it was lost in the moment. David glanced over at his wife. Her arms were crossed and the look on her face was as dark as her hair. To David, that meant two things. No view of her cleavage and the spanking needed to continue.

Erin was moving from side to side, almost running in place without lifting her feet. David knew it was an attempt to relieve some of the sting without putting her hands back. He was struck by how much more his daughter looked like his wife each day. But it was not Tanya getting the belt right now!  Dave brought the belt up and then down hard, catching mostly her left cheek. He was right behind his daughter and then used a back hand to swat both sides of her bottom. That one hit her low and Erin yelped. Dave made this last set hard and fast. When he stopped, Erin’e head was low and she was crying hard.

Tanya went over to her daughter and leaned down to her ear. “Next time you will listen to me, understand?” But her harsh words were belied by her left hand, which was rubbing Erin’s bare back and burning bottom while she spoke. “Now grab those suit bottoms and take a long shower. You still have some sand on you and we don’t need anymore of that in here.” Dave noticed his wife’s manicured hand again, first rubbing his daughter’s rear end and then giving it a smack to head her towards the bathroom. Erin did not waste any time getting in and closing the door.

Dave went to put the belt back in his suitcase. Before he got there Tanya intercepted him. “Nice job dad!” Dave grinned back at her. “I tried my best.” It was clear that Tanya was flirting and what she had in mind. Erin was notoriously slow in the shower! Tanya stepped closer to her husband. She flipped back her long dark hair and kissed David deeply. His hands went right to his wife’s ass. She gasped and stepped back, unhooking her shoulder straps and pulling down her suit, first over her very full breasts and then all the way off. Dave admired the view – hard pink nipples, nice curves, completely shaved. Before he knew it, Tanya was on her knees, yanking down his shorts. Dave’s hard cock popped out at her. Tanya grinned and then took the big mushroon head in her mouth.

Dave felt his wife’s hands play with his swollen balls and then explore his ass. He was very stimulated and knew he wouldn’t last long. He pulled back, his cock popping out of Tanya’s sensual mouth. Led by the arm, Tanya was pushed towards the bed. She would be the second Walsh girl face down today!

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