I call you Daddy

Sitting in the garden, I would watch you read on a near by rocking chair. picking vegetables and fruits to feed you healthy. You catch me looking, I shy my stare away quick, dropping all the tomatoes bruising them.

This would be a indication I needed your attention.

You go back to reading. I pick up the tomatoes, tossing many of them to the side bruised and no good. A waste.

I feel you move without the actual visual, the energy has changed and your hand reaches and grabs mine, pulling me off my knees and to my feet. I whimper a small “sigh” and you shake your head with disapproval.

” young lady, sighing girls get a whipping ”

I bite my lip and look at you belt, a hot tear burns under my eyelid and my nose starts to twitch.
My body is direct and moved into the bathroom. You direct me to take shower and remind me to clean well. I see you in the foggy mirror, standing with you belt still wrapped around your waist.

“oh Daddy, please leave your belt on.” I beg inside my mind.

The water stops and my pink wrap is set off to the side. I wrap it around my breast and fasten it tight. No undies in sight, and you now have moved to a sitting position on the toilet. You grab my wrist, I whimper as you guide me over your knees.

No word is spoke, for I know the next song,

My pink terry cloth wrap is lifted and bunched up on the small of my back, a swirling rub of your palm touched my bare bottom fletch, and I cat my ass.

Mistake, yes, the smacks and slaps rains over my pale checks leaving them pink and warm.

“Your getting my belt”

I slide off your knees, crying, looking into your eyes with a silent beg. It’s not enough.

You stand up, I know and watch you take off you brown belt, I hear the clinking of the metal prong on the buckle and shudder up my spine.

You grab my wrist, I am directed to the vanity, turned around so facing the Sink and mirror, You whip me until you feel I have had enough.

Tears fall, and glide down my cheeks. I kneel, and look up into your eyes, tears dripping, I silently ask for what makes me happy.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, you nod and pull me in between your knees, pull out what I want.

I sniffle and lean in, the smell of your hard cock is heightening to my senses, and I’m hungry for your tool. I lick the head and reach for your balls sac, licking your shaft and balls completely soaking them with salvia and tears. I want to taste every inch, drink it and become drunk of your sex. I crave it’s authority, it’s hardness in my throat. I blank out and go into a fairytale world.

Where my submissiveness is accepted, and is adored by a sadist, I call Daddy.

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