Daddy, is she going to get spanking?

A Nice Evening Ruined
By crack dancer
“It’s Kaler, that’s K-A-L-E-R,” Kathy said with a touch of anger in her voice. “We’ve already been waiting an hour, and I think we ought to be seated.” Several of the patrons in the establishment turned and looked towards Kathy.

Kathy and her three girlfriends had come to the small elegant restaurant for a girls night out. They should have made reservations, but they didn’t. Kathy was willing to wait, but after an hour, she was getting a little pissed with the uppity attitude of the staff.

“I told you miss, that we will get to you just as soon as we are able. It is usually necessary to make a reservation. You needn’t raise your voice.” “Don’t tell me about raising my voice, I’m the customer here, and I getting just a little tired of your excuses,” Kathy bellowed back.

“Comon Kat,” Gina, her girlfriend, said, “chill out a little, we’ll get in, or we can just go some place else,” she said, trying to calm Kathy who was getting increasingly belligerent. They had been enjoying several glasses of wine and it had encouraged Kathy, in perhaps an adverse way. “YOU CHILL OUT GINA,” Kathy snapped, “We’re not going anywhere, we’ve been waiting too long and I’m getting a little pissed.” Gina stepped back looking offended and angry at her friend.

The Host said sternly, “Miss, if you cannot lower your voice, I’m going to have to ask you to leave, our guests are being disturbed.” “YOUR GUEST ARE DISTURBED, WELL WOOPIE DOO, I’M IMPRESSED,” Kathy said sarcastically. Her friend Becky tried where Gina had failed, “Please Kat, let’s just go and blow it off.” Kathy was having none if it, “Like hell, you guys are just a bunch of pussies, we need to stand up to his dick head,” she stormed.

An older woman in an expensive dress got up from her table and approached the fracas. “Dear,” she said calmly, “you are being very offensive to all of us here. Would you please contain yourself, you are acting like a child.” Kathy sneered at the woman and hissed, “And you, bitch, can just shut up.” The woman returned to her seat but her husband stood up and said loudly for all to hear, “I will not have you talking to my wife in that way, young lady.”

“I think it would be best if you were just to leave,” the host in the tux said commandingly, and several of the customers could be heard murmured their agreement.

“Yes, lets do that,” Gina and Becky agreed now embarrassed by their friend. The host said under his breath, “your friend could use a good spanking.”

Kathy flew into a rage when she heard his words, “A SPANKING?? YOU AND WHO ELSE, YOU LIMP WRISTED FAGGOT.” The host turned red in the face and said loudly for all to hear, “I OUGHT TO DO JUST THAT!!” And the entire restaurant erupted in a resounding applause.

Spurred on by the customers, the host grabbed Kathy by the arm and drew her to himself. “YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME RIGHT NOW, YOU ASSHOLE,” Kathy screamed. By this time, the customers had turned towards the melee and one of them drew a straight back chair to the center of the restaurant. “Gina, Becky, Cindy,” Kathy screamed to her friends, “help me!!” But they were not too eager to help their friend and only smiled at the man who held Kathy fast.

One of the waiters appeared out of the kitchen with a wooden bread paddle. About 5 inches wide and 7 inches long it had a handle and was shaped in an oval. The wood was about of an inch thick and as an instrument of punishment it looked wicked. He hand it to the host who grabbed it firmly in his right hand and lifting it in the air brought it down fast and then up and onto the seat of Kathy’s pant suit. “OWWW,” she cried at the swat. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, LET ME GO, LET ME GO,” she screamed. But the host was hearing nothing of that. With his hand firmly grasping Kathy’s upper left arm, he very effectively paddled her bottom across the restaurant, through the tables to where the chair was positioned. The paddle stung horribly, even through her clothes, and Kathy didn’t so much walk or run, but rather jumped and leaped in the journey, thrusting her pelvis forward while sucking her bottom in trying to avoid the wood of the paddle. She tried vainly to ward off the strokes with her right hand, and a couple of times the paddle caught the back of her hand and that hurt like crazy. By the time they had made the short trip to the chair, tears were filling Kathy’s eyes and she was screaming profanities and cries as her bottom was stung.

The man was allot stronger that he looked, and when they arrived at the chair, he easily flipped the hollering Kathy over his lap so that her bottom was up and her head was down.

One of the customers was a young boy of about 9 years, and he could be heard to ask his father, “Daddy, is she going to get a spanking?” The father smiled at his son and said, “It looks that way son. “Is he going to take her pants down, the way I have to when I’m spanked,” the boy asked. “A splendid idea,” a woman announced and several of the patrons clinked their glasses in agreement. The host reached towards the zipper at the back of Kathy’s slacks. Kathy went wild, “STOP, STOP DON’T YOU DARE, LET ME GO, LET ME GO NOWWWWWWW!!!” Kathy wailed as she struggled wildly. The man was forced to grasp her tightly around the waist to hold her on his lap. A young man came forward and took Kathy’s hands in his so that he could hold her down and she was unable to frail her arms. “DAMM IT YOU FUCKERS, LET ME GOOOO!!!” Kathy screamed loudly. “YOU’RE ALL GOING TO JAIL, I’M GOING TO GET THE POLICE,” she bellowed.

A young athletic woman came forward and lifted Kathy’s tear stained face by the chin and looking into her eyes said, “I’m a police officer, you naughty foul mouthed woman, and believe me, I’ve investigated, and you are without cause in your complaint.” Laughing she went back to her chair as the customers cheered.

Another waiter came out with a bowl of water and a towel, and the elderly woman who had tried to calm Kathy down before announced, “I know just how to deal with her dirty mouth.” Holding Kathy by the nose, she forced the girl’s mouth open and dipping the towel in the soapy water began to wash Kathy’s mouth out. Kathy choked and sputtered on the soap and tears fell from her cheeks.

Another woman, the mother of the little boy, came forward and drew the zipper down Kathy’s slacks and then grasping the waistband, and Kathy’s panties too, she stripped the pants down over Kathy’s bottom and legs and off completely. Kathy’s plump bottom cheeks showed the pink glow of the paddle.

“OOOHHH STTOPPPP NOOO PLEASE PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY PANTS OFF,” Kathy wailed as her bottom was bared. She pressed her legs together hard in an attempt to close off the view of her vagina to the bemused patrons.

The mother decidedly took things into her hands and with the prompting of the group she soon had Kathy’s blouse and suit jacket off as well. The last thing to go was Kathy’s bra and it was snatched from her boobs roughly causing her tits to bounce as they hung down. Now totally nude Kathy was totally humiliated and crying profusely.

The host was handed a large wooden spoon and he turned it so the back of the spoon was facing Kathy’s bottom cheeks, lifted it high and to the applause of the entire restaurant he brought it down as fast and as hard as he could on Kathy’s bottom, which jiggled and immediately sported a red splotch. The spanking continued for 30 or 40 fast and furious swats that landed all over Kathy’s cheeks and the back of her thighs.

Kathy literally went ballistic with the spanking, “YOOOWWWWEIIIIEEEEEE OOOWWWOOOWWWWOOWWW, NOOOO PLLLEASSSEEEE, MY BOTTOM, MY BOTTOM IT BURNNSSSSS,” Kathy screamed at the top of her lungs, as her bottom turned pink, then red, then crimson under the menacing wooden spoon.

Keeping her legs together was soon a forgotten requirement, and exhibiting the form of a well spanked girl, she kicked wildly and stretched her legs in every position possible giving everyone who dared to look a most unencumbered view of her female sex organs. Kathy had recently shaved for her boyfriend, and so not a single hair was evident to provide even a scrap of privacy to the four inch slit that divided her plump pouch. The pink inner recesses of her groove were well displayed, and several of the guests came around towards Kathy’s kicking feet in order to get a good look at her vagina made even more visible by the scarlet color of her swollen bottom and thighs. Kathy was sobbing uncontrollably.

The host who wielded the wretched wooded spoon was egged on by the customers who by all appearance were enjoying the punishment of this offensive woman. He turned the wooden back of the spoon inwards and began to spank hard and fast directly on Kathy’s thick available pussy lips.

With the wood punishing her most delicate morsel, Kathy threw her head back and opened her mouth to a different kind of cry, one that was more shrill and piercing and that told everyone that a more sensitive and horrible stinging was taking place. Kathy screeched as loud as her lungs would allow, “YIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, OOOOWWWWW NOOOOO NOT THERE NOT THERE, NOT BETWEEEEENNN MY LEGSSSSSSSSS.” She pressed her thighs together as hard as she possibly could trapping the punishing spoon between them.

Two off the customers were on their feet immediately and came to the hosts aide. It looked to be a mother and daughter of about 39 and 16. Each took a firm hold on one of Kathy’s ankles and they spread her legs wide, allowing the wooden spoon complete access to Kathy’s glowing pussy patch. The spoon went back to work and Kathy howled like a banshee. “IIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOWWWWW MY PUSSY, MY PUSSSSSIIEEEE ITTTT BURNNNNNSSSS, I’M SORRRY, I’M SORRRRRRRRR STOOOPPPPPPP OWWWWHHHAAAAAAAAIIIEEEE.” She wailed in a litany of screams that filled the room and delighted the guests.

Later, thinking back, Kathy would claim that she never felt anything so hot on her pussy. The spanking was humiliating and horrible and Kathy lost all her composure and restraint. She could not contain her bladder and erupted with a stream of pee that shot forth from her scalded lips and hit the table across from her bottom. Totally humiliated and shamed, she peed every ounce of her water and for a good while a waterfall of spray cascaded from her slit like a sprinkler set on high.

When she was completely spanked and punished she was let up, but it was some time before she would be calm and her bottom was able to console itself with just throbbing. When she had stopped bawling and sobbing and dancing in front of everyone, she was handed towels and soapy water and she went about the task of cleaning up her pee that seemed everywhere.

She was sobbing as the host approached and said, “We are able to seat you now miss, will your party follow me.” Kathy humbly followed behind him with her friends. She was not allowed to dress or to hide her nakedness in any way. Her bottom was beet red and they were led to a table in the center of the room. When Kathy’s bottom connected with the chair seat she immediately leapt up with a scream, and then slowly lowered her bottom once again to the leather. She kept her legs spread beneath the table, in every attempt to not touch her pussy which was still quite swollen and burning.

The waiter handed her a menu and opening it in front of her naked breasts, she looked at all the wonderful food that was offered, and found that she was strangely not very hungry.

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