Devils Torment!

Kitten had always liked music. Finding it could take her to places she dare not venture. But this night it took her somewhere she would have rather not been. For this night it got her into trouble.

She had asked her boyfriend about the concert weeks ago. Still remembering the argument that followed. For she had this crush…..this consuming fanatical crush…….. on the lead singer of a band called Devil’s Torment. He was tall….and deliciously bad. His name being Anguish. She had on more than one occasion secretly bought and listened to his CD’s….being careful to hide them away when her boyfriend Jay was about. He could not stand the band, nor the man…..finding his music irritating and less than art.

So when she had asked of they could go…she already knew the answer. But still she had hoped. Jay was quick to give her that look. That no nonsense look that meant she should not ask about it again. But she did. She pouted and pleaded until he was as much aggravated with her, as he was with the God awful band.

When she received a sound spanking that night….one with his hand…..she decided then and there she was going. Having already been punished for it anyway. She laid on the couch, her bottom recently blistered, and tears pouring from her large black eyes. She could say she was working late…..and get back that night…..finding Jay asleep and he would never know. Of course the guilt wouldn’t be a problem, she thought, rubbing her ass tenderly from her recent punishment, because she had already suffered for it.

The day of the concert she was more than eager to be sweet to Jay. Calling him from the cell phone while he was working……telling him how she adored him…..poured her love out to him. And of course Jay was curious as to what his Kitten was up to. He knew her so well. Sometimes she was like a child….plotting with what she could get away with. At those times…..he found the strength to correct her. Not always liking having to do it…..sometimes it hurting him to have to…..but getting aroused by it all the same.
Finally his curiosity peaked……he called her work. Only to find out that she wasn’t there. She had left hours ago. Took half the day off even. At first he was upset. Then he was furious. And following that he was calm. Knowing what had to be done about this. That his Kitten must be taught a lesson that would help her to remember to not deceive him.

If only she had told him she had decided to go. He would have been irritated by it, but no more. He would have accepted that more than the betrayal of her actions. He, after all, never told her, that she could not go. So as he arrived home from work he prepared for her return.

Kitten had not expected the concert to go on for so long….and when she got the chance to meet Anguish, how could she pass up the offer? Jay would be asleep and not even notice the time she arrived home anyway. Walking into the tour bus was overwhelming….there were people everywhere….and there he was. Sitting in the back, motioning for her. She walked to him and introduced herself as Kitten. And of course he made a lewd comment on stroking her pussy and laughed. Suddenly Kitten was not so impressed by this man. Her thoughts turned to Jay, and how she wished she was home. He always knew what was best, and she should have listened. So, she quickly left the bus and drove the distance home.

Upon arriving, she tried to be as quiet as she could. Moving in slow motion….turning the key slowly…..closing the door back carefully. But then suddenly the living room light was on….and she could see Jay sitting on the couch. Anger and concern written clearly across his face.

She opened her mouth to explain, but Jay just held his hand up…motioning for her to be quiet. He then began to speak. His voice laced with anger and hurt.

“Kitten…..I don’t want to hear one word from you tonight. I know where you have been and I know the lies you told to get there. I hope he was worth what is about to happen tonight.”

Oh…how those words hurt her. For he was no where near worth what was about to happen. She swallowed hard…..opening her mouth to speak again….tears already welling in her dark eyes. But Jay just shook his head slowly and told her that pleading and pouting would make it a great deal worse. He told her to stop her tears now. For she hadn’t even began to feel his wrath yet.

Then Jay told her to go get out of the clothes she was in….put on a white t shirt and keep only her panties on. She slowly walked toward the bedroom and Jay had to snap at her to hurry. So Kitten dressed in the attire she knew her boyfriend liked. And with her head hanging low she came back to the living room.

First thing Jay said was that he still loved her. That after this punishment was over….if she was brave and endured it to the end….all would be forgiven and forgotten. She just nodded her head…attempting not to cry out loud. Then Jay told her to take off his belt. Making her do this was so humiliating…..her having to touch the thing that was about to bring her pain. She undid the center…..and slid each one from its loop. Then presented him with it, shaking.

Jay couldn’t help but to be stimulated by the sight of his delightful Kitten obeying him. Submitting to something she knew would cause her hurt. Just to be in his good graces again. She knelt before him, waiting for his next order…..and he reached out and stroked her smooth hair….loving the texture of it….its softness slipping through his fingers. Next he would enjoy caressing the lovely welts that were about to be across her pale backside.

He told her to rise and go to the doorway of the kitchen. He took two pairs of handcuffs and slid one onto each hand of Kitten. Then told her to raise her arms above her….just in the doorway…where too eyehooks were located……sliding the other parts of the handcuffs into them easily. She stood there in her t shirt looking afraid and meek. And it only further excited Jay.

He went to her, and hooked a finger into her panties….ripping them away in a sudden tear. Kitten was trembling now harder. Arousal betraying her. Knowing Jay would see it. Feel it. He took his finger and slid it across her cunt. Then asked…

“Is my whore wet already? Or is this for your love Anguish?”

That was a blow to her in itself. She never wanted Jay to be jealous of anyone. She wanted to have him pleased and content with her. She sobbed out loud at the question, but knew better than to answer.

Jay stood back and looked over her again. Her t shirt riding up over her cunt….letting it peak through…..the shirt forming to her breasts.
Looking so vulnerable for him. He closed his eyes and bit into his lip. Wanting to take her then and there. But realizing he had to help her understand what she had done was something horrendous.

He produced a gag from his pocket and placed it in her delicate mouth. Her eyes wide with fear. She knew that he meant to hurt her….that is the only time he used a gag. If he planned on her screaming.

Then Jay took his position behind his lovely pet. Speaking to her in his controlled firm voice….

“I wish you wouldn’t have brought this on yourself my dear. I don’t want to have to do this. But you left me no choice. If I see your feet leave the floor it will begin again. Do you understand?”

Kitten shook her head quickly and braced herself for the first biting lash of the belt. She closed her eyes and waited. But her wait continued. Jay had left to do something. Upon returning from their room he showed her the Devil’s Torment CD she thought she had hidden. Then he placed the CD in the stereo and pressed play. The music filling the room and her. Jay surely knew how to punish her. Not only would she despise the music after this…..Jay was going to get even more aggressive with the spanking from hearing it.

He brought the belt back and then struck her backside. A welt instantly beginning from the force. Kitten just whimpered into the gag, and shut her eyes. Again he brought the belt down onto her flesh. It making a loud cracking sound that could be heard above the music. And so he continued the spanking. Finding such tender spots on his Kitten to mark. She almost lifted her feet trying to dodge one of the lashes….but Jay cleared his throat and she remembered it would start over again if she did.

Tears streaked her delicate face. She was openly sobbing and moaning each time Jay struck her. His cock growing harder listening to her whimpers. Knowing she wanted to plead with him for it to end. But he continued until the end of the first song. Then he removed her gag.

“ Kitten….shhhh… you think you have learned your lesson? Do you think that you have been punished enough?”

Timidly, through the weeping…..she answered…..

“Only if You think I have Sir”

Oh how Jay loved it when he had her like this. Ready to please him in any way. Showing her submission completely. Offering whatever he so desired. He took his hands and finding the top of her t shirt…..ripped it away…exposing her breasts. He took a hard nipple into his mouth and bit carefully…making her gasp. Then did the same with the other. He thought she never looked quite as lovely as she did this moment. Captured….ass reddened…..nipples hard……barely able to breathe for wanting him. Even after the spanking he had just given her.

He finally undid the cuffs and watched her as she rubbed not only her sore ass…..but her stiffened shoulders. Then as the third song on the CD came on…he told her to come kneel in front of him as he sat on the couch. Kitten obeyed quickly and placed herself between his thighs, knowing what to expect. He told her that she would suck his cock the entire length of the song….and she had best not make him cum….or it would be another spanking with the riding crop instead.

Kitten began sucking on his cock with slowness. Finding the underside of his cock head…..teasing him there with her tongue. Listening to him moaning when she was doing it just right. He had placed one hand through her hair……holding her down onto his cock…and with the other he was spanking her from time to time with the belt. Making her suck harder when he did. Almost bringing him to orgasm. The song seemed to last forever…..

Finally with it being over…….he told Kitten to get up and go wait in the bathroom for him. He pressed stop on the stereo and then joined her. Pressing her up against the bathroom vanity…he whispered to her….

“Don’t be a naughty girl like that ever again my pet. Promise me….promise me and I will fuck you….”

So of course promises dripped from her lips. In a stream of promises…..over and over again she said it. Aching to feel him…even if he was going to be pressed against her welted ass. Knowing that those welts would excite him even further.

He pushed into her cunt first….making her shudder, and pant. He watched her in the mirror. The way she closed her eyes…the way her mouth was half opened……the ecstasy that crossed her face. The way she stretched her neck….leaving it vulnerable to his mouth to taste. She snuggled back against him…riding the pleasure he was bringing….

But Jay wanted to more…he wanted her ass. So he took his cock from her and almost laughed as the pout came across her. He took a jar of cream from the counter and told her to turn around and coat him generously. Looking concerned she still obeyed. As she was on her knees he once more stroked her hair….adoring her. Knowing how afraid she was, but still offering him herself.

Once he was well lubricated he told her to bend back over the counter. Looking into her eyes through the mirror he watched her struggle with her feelings. Her apprehension mixed with wanting to show him that she was sorry and only wanted him. Slowly he started easing into her ass. Finding the resistance and edging past it. Watching her face still for signs of panic. He then took his hand and finding her already hardened clit…started rubbing her. That making her push back against him…opening her more.

Kitten knew she was his. Knew she would endure anything for him. Was genuinely sorry she had went to the concert without telling him. And now he was taking her in the most degrading way possible and watching how it affected her. Savoring her gift to him. Watching her face wince with the pain and the pleasure he was bringing her. He pushed all the way into her and held himself there. Enjoying her tightness. Then continued rubbing her clit. Telling her that she had better not cum without his permission. Because he could feel her spasm on his cock.

He fucked her tight ass until he was about to explode. Her whimpering and pleading to cum only making it worse to try to hold back. She begged to be able to cum…..her whining sounding through the bathroom. “Please” she said over and over again until he could hold back no longer and came in her welted ass. He dug his fingers into her tightly as the orgasm swept through him. And after returning to his senses, realized he had not let her cum. And she had obeyed him. He kissed the inside of her neck and told her how pleased he was with her. Watching her face in the mirror, her cheeks flushed with her need for release.

“Kitten, tell me…..tell me do you wish to cum and get another spanking? Or do you want to wait until I feel you deserve an orgasm like I just had…and go to bed now. You do know you are going to work tomorrow? Sitting on those welts will remind you to be a good girl from now on….”

Upon saying that he traced a welt across her ass and felt her stiffen. He so enjoyed looking at her…….seeing the thoughts cross her face. Knowing how she desired to cum…..but not having more welts to add to the ones already there. Knowing what a long day was ahead of her. Finally she hung her head and began crying again…..and told him she would do without.

Taking her into his embrace he kissed her tears gently…. telling her how he didn’t want to have to ever punish her like that again. That he wanted her to come to him with everything. No more sneaking. She nodded her head sincerely. Then he led her to the bed….her laying on her side…..he told her not to even think of relieving herself….if she was good and obeyed….he might find a way of making her cum tomorrow.

Mentally she made a note of destroying the Devil’s Torment CD tomorrow before going to work…..

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