Marijuana, two schoolgirls, and a coach.

By kaibo1

As a coach, one of the things I am constantly is the last one to leave the building. Watching film, preparing the next days practices, and of course the games itself all make a normal day end rather late. Usually when I’m done I check and leave through the locker room since it leaves out to the parking lot. It had been a pretty mundane routine, which is until last Thursday.
I opened the door to the locker room and the scent just attacked me, even though I hadn’t “inhaled” in over twenty years, it was very easy to recognize the odor of marijuana in the air. The good thing was I was quiet, and there was a good chance the culprit(s) was still around. I quietly followed the smoke to the source, when I turned around a locker, I was stunned at what I saw.
* * * * *
I enrolled at the university this year. I received an athletic scholarship as a cheerleader. As most freshman, I was free to be me, and loving every minute of it. I met Becky at practice and I immediately was attracted to her, she was so much fun and adventurous and brought the mischief in me. It was these qualities that lead us to the predicament we would found ourselves in that Thursday night. After practice and showering, Becky and I stayed behind messing around, talking, laughing and such, soon we noticed we were the only ones left in the locker room. I suggested we should leave, but Becky had a mischievous look on her face as she reached into her purse and pulled out a joint. As I stated, she brought the best(worst) of me, and I quickly agreed to lighting it up.
It must have been the relaxation I felt, combine with the lust, but soon after starting, Becky and were embraced, naked on the locker room floor. That’s when it happened.
* * * * *
There they were. Naked! Embraced in a passionate kiss, with a joint smoldering on the bench next to them. At first they didn’t notice me, then Ivy looked up and saw me. Looking back now, the look on her face was priceless.
They quickly scampered to their feet and tried to cover themselves with towels. After the obligatory “What the hell is going on here!!” and them stammering, trying to blurt out apologies, I finally said I am going have to inform their coach and they’ll be kicked off the team and probably expelled.
That’s when the tears really fell, “please don’t tell, we promise never to do anything like this again, please give us a break,” Becky pleaded.
“I can’t be expelled, or lose my scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to face my family,” added Ivy.
“I’m sorry but this is wrong and your coach should know and decide on the appropriate actions,” I stated. I was impressed how firm I was because, to tell the truth their tears were getting to me.
“Couldn’t you handle it,” asked Becky.
“I’m sorry, you aren’t my daughters, you aren’t even on my team,” I said, still trying to be firm.
“If we were your daughters, how would you handle it. Wouldn’t you give us another chance?” asked Ivy.
“If you were my daughters, I’d spank both your butts until you couldn’t sit down for a week. I’d make sure you wouldn’t want to do something this dumb again,” I wasn’t hinting or anything, it was truly what I felt.
“Okay! Spank us. Teach us our lesson, and give us a chance,” Becky begged. “Please!”
* * * * *
I couldn’t believe what I heard Becky say. A spanking!! I haven’t been spanked since grammar school and that was by my mother, not a thick, strong, athletic female coach. But she said it, and after some back and forth, Coach Walker relented, and agreed to overlook the situation after spanking us. I will admit relief that at least I wouldn’t lose my scholarship and have to go home and face my family in shame, but I was also very apprehensive, and I would find out soon with good reason.
Becky went first, I must admit a bit of arousal when I saw her bare bottom lying over Coach’s lap. Her beautiful, pert butt looked striking. Then the spanking started. It was fierce, and seemed like it lasted forever, Becky was kicking, crying and screaming wildly after a few swats. Finally it was over, Becky’s butt was glowing as she climbed off and stood facing the locker. She sniffled as she rubbed her throbbing buns, then it was my turn.
When I first laid over her lap, I was determined to keep my dignity, keeping my legs close together, trying my best not to cry. The sight of Becky’s butt moving uncontrollably, exposing her privates to the world, was burned in my mind and I didn’t want to do the same.
“Splat!” “Swat!” “Smack!”
My dignity lasted about 10 swats. The pain was intense and I couldn’t take it.
“Splat!” “Splat!” “Splat!”
I was crying and kicking uncontrollably, I know I was exposed, I could actually feel the air caress my anus during some of the smacks.
“Splat!” “Splat!”
“Please, I am so sorry!!!”
“Splat!” “Splat!”
“I know you are child, I know,” was all I heard.
“Splat!” “Splat!” “Splat!” “Splat!”
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity it stopped. I slinked off her lap, crawled over to the locker and took my place next to Becky. Coach said we could rub our butts, but we had to stay there for a few minutes.
As much as it hurt, I had many emotions running through me, starting with shame but including arousal and turning to love, I truly loved Coach for giving us this second chance. When she finally said we could go, I hugged her and thanked her, Becky must have been feeling the same, because she did the same. We promised her that her efforts weren’t in vain. As I left I actually had a smile on my face and a good feeling in my heart.

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