Matt & Abby, “Miss Nasty Mouth”

“Your stupid Emma”, said Frank

“No, your mother is a neighborhood cock sucking whore.” Emma sputtered back.

“Emma, where did you hear such language.”

Emma heard her mother Abby say as she watched her marching fast around the corner, where she had been hanging wet cloths up with Anna her oldest.

“ohh ohh well mom, mommy I, I heard it from ummmm, well Dallas. ”

Emma knew it was a lie, she heard her friends from down the street say it. They went to public school and Emma enjoyed listening to the playground stories they told.

Abby just couldn’t believe what came out of her little girls mouth, and grabbed Emma under her arm swinging her 90 degrees and dragging her along side her long legs; she walk with force to the back deck.

Abby set on the step and yanked Emma over her knee, pulling her brown linen shorts, and yellow panties down quickly to her feet.

Emma screaming “no mommy no, not my panties Frank is watching”, only made frank cue in and look right at Emma’s mother, witnessing much more, something much more interesting then running away crying, because his own mother was just called a whore by the little neighbor girl.

Abby spanked Emma repeatedly with her bare hand connecting to her daughters bare ass. The sound made Frank eyes flitch over and over again with each crack. He couldn’t help now but watch in amazement. Emma’s legs kicking, her shorts and panties lying on the side in the grass now.

Emma screamed, no and Owiee, her legs spreading showing her young bald girl parts. Frank never forgets.

Abby hurls her daughter to her feet.

Emma grabbing her butt quickly notices Frank gawking.

“GET in the house little MISS NASTY MOUTH, I am calling your father, he is going to need to bring himself and that belt around his waist home early tonight, I know two kids who are going to get one hell of a whipping after dinner.”

” GO HOME FRANK” Abby yells pointing her finger out of their yard and into the direction of the street.

Abby turns to Anna, ” go get your brother from the park, Emma and Dallas will eat some soap for dinner while waiting for daddy to get here.”

Anna laughed under her breathe and skipped to the park.


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