Eatin Alive

Why is it we spend so much time trying to find intimate happiness, yet finding it is as rare as striking oil? Well, maybe it’s because love is really rooted in our underpants and pants pockets. Money and orgasms seem to be the only two things that make people truly happy anymore. No disrespect, but i bet most of us would even chose money over the almighty pleasures of cathartic releases of the sexual built up stresses. I mean, I can see why orgasms are important, “makes me feel sublime for a second or so”, and if i was rich, and thats “IF”‘ i would be on top of the world, or at least a small mountain. However, aren’t most of just stuck in sexless marriages, dead end and boring jobs, ones in which we have lost all passion for, and are less compassionate too then dropping a single mouse in a cage of famished lizards?

I have been bite, How about you?



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