What someone else wants!

That phone just keeps on ringing
And somebody’s at my door.
I feel all pulled to pieces,
Can’t find inspiration anymore.
So many people leaning on me,
I’m getting run in to the ground.
Everybody’s wanting something from me
And there’s not enough of me to go around…

Got a thousand notes to myself,
Need a shovel to dig me out.
Got a pile of unanswered letters,
I’ve forgot what they’re about.
And somebody wants his supper fixed,
And somebody wants some love.
And there’s just no time to write a song
To say what I’m thinking of…

All I need is a little room,
A place that is fine and free.
A room where I can think to myself,
Where nobody’s needing me.
And I will find my way again,
And I will sing my song.
And I’ll find the joy again,
It comes when I’m feeling strong.

I found this poem. Couldn’t help but blog..

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