Guess Who Has a Sore Bottom This Morning?



Never Saveer (vfrat25000)

Guess Who Has a Sore Bottom This Morning?

Tami sat at the breakfast table contemplating her life. She knew by most definitions she had nearly a perfect life, a wealthy loving monogamous husband, a beautiful home in an exclusive suburb, a new Mercedes convertible that fit just perfectly in her garage next to her Lexus. Condominiums in Vail and Hawaii offered on demand vacations to either the beach or the mountains. The party she co-hosted at the Jameson’s last night was the usual success.

With all the factors of her life so neatly lined up, why did Tami have a nagging unfulfilled chiasm in her life? She knew it was there; she felt it almost every day. It lurked in the back of her mind whispering to her that something was missing.

She took a drink of her coffee as she scanned the morning newspaper and occasionally glanced around the breakfast room. She felt that same odd feeling nagging at her sub-conscious again. Her friend Cathy was due in about an hour; it was time to get dressed.

Tami rose from the breakfast table and walked past the computer in the kitchen. She realized she forgot to check her email. She pulled the wood chair out, sat down and opened her email program. The usual multitude of spam filled the screen. She cleared the unwanted mail, saved the important material and then remembered she needed to check on a couple of details for her Hawaiian weekend.

As she typed in the address bar, the phone rang and distracted her. It is her best friend Carol advising she is running about an hour late. Good news as Tami will need about the same amount of time to prepare.

She hangs up the phone and looks back at the computer. Something appears on the screen she had not expected, a free video advertising a spanking website. She quickly reached up to close her browser when for some unexplained reason she stopped. The picture of an adult woman laying face down across a man’s lap intrigued her. The woman, a brunette resembled Tami and the male could have been a body-double for her husband.

Her voluntary muscles wanted to close the browser since she knows a “nice” woman has no business exploring sites like this on her computer. Her eyes focused on the woman, her red bottom, her pouty, teary-eyed expression and that firm no-nonsense look on the man’s face as he lands those swats to her exposed derriere.

Without consciously realizing her fingers touched the mouse, Tami moves the cursor to open the site. The next 45 minutes transported Tami into another world; a world that until a few moments ago she didn’t even realize existed. Her attention fixed on the computer screen assimilating every detail.

The phone rang again. It was Carol on her cell phone. She would be there in about twenty minutes.

Tami, jerked back into realty, realized she was late. She closed the browser and pushed the chair away from her computer. That strange feeling she had this morning returned only this time, it was different. It changed from a mysterious gap to a form of sexual energy. She noticed she was wet and tingling where previously there was nothing.

She slipped her hands inside her thick white cotton robe and ran them down the soft skin of her torso. Her hands reached the smooth edges of her white panties. She opened both her hands and enveloped the two nylon-enclosed globes of her firm bottom. Her hands slowly and gently covered every inch of her bottom while her mind pretended she was rubbing away the sting from a sound spanking. She closed her eyes and tried her best to imagine the onslaught of the stinging spanks while lying defenseless over a man’s knee. The more her mind drifted, the more her breathing accelerated, the faster her heart raced all the while her sweet spot flooded with passion. In an emotional grand finale, she slipped one hand in between her legs and firmly rubbed her bottom with the other. Her emotions exploded. She gasped for air, her legs went weak and a burst of pleasure permeated her body like nothing she had experienced in ages. She almost fell to the floor. She caught her balance and sat down in the computer chair.

Emotionally drained, relaxed beyond description and still breathing faster than normal, she looked around the room. She asked herself if what she just experienced could be the missing element in her life. After a few minutes to regain her strength, Tami finally climbed the stairs to the master bedroom.

She was adding the finishing touches when she heard Cathy arrive. Cathy, her best friend waited for her down stairs.

Tami debated telling Cathy about her recent discovery. Normally the two women had no secrets. They could talk about nearly anything. This subject might test the foundation of their friendship.

She asked herself, “Would Cathy think she has gone completely off the deep end or would she understand?”

Tami considered the quandary for a few more moments and then decided it would be better if she kept her thoughts to herself, at least for now.

The day passed quickly. The two women spent the day engaged in the world of feminine luxuries, a visit to the day spa for a massage and manicure, lunch at a trendy bistro and a sweeping visit to a pair of upscale clothing stores.

The afternoon was nearing its end when Tami and Cathy pulled up to Tami’s house. Brian hadn’t arrived home yet.

Tami asked Cathy to come in for a few minutes. The questions from this morning were still bouncing around her head. She felt she had to talk to someone or she would implode.

The two women took seats at the same breakfast table that started this dilemma. Tami tried to open the conversation with a little extraneous conversation. It was blatantly obvious something else was on her mind

Cathy inquired, “Tami I have known you for years, what is bothering you?”

Tami looked around the room, swallowed hard, fidgeted in her chair and finally spoke, “Cathy I need to ask you something, something VERY embarrassing, promise me you will not laugh, promise!”

Cathy assured Tami, “Girlfriend, your secret is safe with me, now talk.”

Tami began, “I love Brian very much, but, for a while now our love life seems to be on a track to nowhere (read boring). I didn’t have a clue what to do until something happened this morning. Cathy I discovered something about myself this morning I never knew before, something I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. I accidentally opened a spanking website and it made me hot as a firecracker. I have not had a response to anything like that for ages. The thought of me lying face down across a man’s lap while getting spanked, left me drained, breathless and weak. Am I nuts?

Cathy smiled at Tami and whispered, “Are you telling me you want Brian to spank you?

Tami turned bright red with embarrassment, formed a small grin and very lightly shook her head in the affirmative.

Cathy smiled from ear to ear and responded, “Tami, you little devil, I didn’t think I would ever hear those words come out of your mouth. You never cease to surprise me even after all these years.”

Tami pleaded, “Cathy does this mean I am losing my mind?”

Cathy answers, “Tami my dearest and closet friend, if it does, it means we are both going to the padded room together. Paul and I incorporated spanking into our relationship about six months ago. I have wanted to tell you but I was afraid you would think I my foundation had cracked.”

Tami’s jaw dropped and she stared at Cathy with her mouth wide open: “Cathy, why…, why didn’t you tell me? Are you really serious?”

Last night Paul spanked me after I hit him with a water balloon. It had been about two weeks since we had played and I was about to explode.

Paul, distracted by his stock portfolio, ignored me. I decided I would draw the line in the sand and nailed him with a water balloon. He took me over to the couch, lowered my jeans and paddled my butt with a house slipper. It’s lucky we live in a big house; my screaming would have shaken any neighbors in ear shot. He landed that deerskin slipper on about every inch my tender little bottom. I did the usual kicking, screaming and wiggling to no avail. After he let me up off his lap, we made love like a couple of teenagers. Afterwards, we just laid there on that expensive carpeting and snuggled. It was fantastic.

Tami looked at Cathy absorbing every word while starting to feel that same tingling from this morning.

Totally mesmerized, Tami asked, “A deerskin slipper sounds painful, did it hurt?”

Cathy shook her yes. She added, “Yes, it hurts like h**l. That kicking and screaming I mentioned was no act. My bottom is usually on fire after the first few smacks, BUT, that wasn’t the only part of me that was on fire. I thought I was satisfied until we incorporated spanking. It took me to new levels that are hard to describe. A spanking episode incorporates two different screaming sessions; the first is when my hubby is turning my tender little bottom a nice shade of red and lastly, the screams of passion that usually leave me exhausted either in the bed or on the floor.”

Tami fixed on every letter of every word emanating from Cathy’s mouth. She wanted every bit of information possible.

She asked another question: “How did you introduce spanking into your relationship?”

Cathy smiled: “I am glad you asked. One night I was bored out of mind and Paul was trying to watch some stupid basketball game, the ‘sweet sixteen’ or something like that. I needed him in the worst way, so I started to tease him a little. He rebuked me in a nice way so I upped the ante a little by little. He was starting to get very frustrated with me. That didn’t deter me. I kept being a major pest until he looked over at me sitting beside him on the couch and told me if I didn’t behave myself he was going to turn me over his knee and ‘paddle me pink.’ At first, those words made me mad. I started to tell him ‘over his dead body’ and then I somehow pictured myself across his lap, my red cotton pajama bottoms pulled down and my bare bottom getting smacked with those masculine hands. Suddenly my juices began to flow. My heart started to race and all I could think about was having Paul take charge. I needed my man to be a man. This independent modern woman was demanding an opportunity to be a submissive. I made my big move. I turned off the television, stood up directly in front of him, and told he that no man would ever put me over his knee hoping against hope that the exact opposite would happen. Paul didn’t get mad or yell. He just looked at me with a never before seen look of determination, rolled up his sleeves, pushed the coffee table out of the way, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. Let me tell you my heart was beating faster than ever before. He laid me across his lap. I felt those masculine hands reach down and snag the waistband of my pj’s. Down they went. I felt the cool air drift across my bare bottom. He looked down at me and told me that I had this coming for a long time. The next thing I knew I felt that hand contact the bare skin of my virgin rear end. I thought he had placed a lit candle or a hot ember on my fanny. I screamed, kicked, wiggled, and thrashed about something fierce. At first, I thought I might have made a major tactical error. All the spanking did was HURT. After about the first 10 or so smacks with his hand, I started to feel the rest of me getting hot. Then it was a very strange combination of stinging, fiery pain of the hand-contacting bottom combined with the groans of pleasure of my man taking charge. It didn’t take long for Paul to figure out that his woman was ready, willing and able. After an appropriate number of additional spanks, he rolled me over and we kissed and kissed and kissed. His hands started exploring me and the rest is pure erotic history.”

Tami picked up a nearby magazine and started to fan herself. Cathy’s story left her faint. Cathy described an almost identical fantasy she formulated in her mind during her morning orgasm. The sounds of the garage door opening signaled the return of Tami’s husband, ending the women’s conversation.

“Oops, time for me to go,” Cathy announced and smiled at Tami who was still sweating slightly from the effects of Cathy’s story.

Cathy met Brian as he was entering the kitchen from the garage. They exchanged greetings. Cathy then turned hugged Tami goodbye and proceeded out to her car.

Brian and Tami talked about dinner. Both of them agreed that they were tired so they settled on a pizza delivery option for dinner. Tami put together a small salad for the two of them. While she was preparing the salad, Tami’s mind raced through various options to sample Brian’s interest in her new passion. Her thoughts came to screeching halt when she realized that there was always a possibility that Brian would find the thought of spanking her disgusting or embarrassing or worse yet, unthinkable. Her negative thoughts scared her. She didn’t know what she would do if Brian showed no interest in her request. She finished preparing the salad and the pizza arrived.

The couple ate dinner in the family room.

Tami had one and one only goal this evening, to get soundly spanked by the man she loved.

After dinner, Tami retreated to the bedroom and Brian went to his office. She changed out of the clothes she had worn during the day, took a quick shower and splashed on a little of the enormously expensive birthday perfume from Brian. She looked into her dresser to pick out the perfect underwear. She asked herself if this was a situation for a thong, a bikini, a hipster or a brief.

Normally she would have thought thong but she remembered seeing many of the women on the spanking website dressed more in hipsters and briefs than thongs. Maybe the sight of a round firm bottom encased in a shiny smooth pair of full bottom panties had some sort of secret appeal to a potential spanker. She chose a multi-colored hipster from Victoria’s Secret, which had a matching bra.

Finally she faced the agonizing choice of wardrobe; two-piece cotton pajamas, a miniskirt, pleated of course or a nice tight pair of blue jeans. Again, her thoughts raced back to the website, an adult school-girl outfit seemed enticing but sadly was not available for tonight’s party. After a few moments of thoughtful consideration, Tami chose a cute little flowered sundress. She took one last glance in the mirror and proceeded downstairs.

She found Brian in his office. She entered the office and leaned on the desk and asked, “What are you doing?”

Brian looked up and smiled and responded, “Just a little paperwork, did you need something?”

Tami smiled her best mysterious smile and responded, “No sweetie, I was just curious.”

Tami ran her hand over to Brian’s paper he was reading and shook it.

Brian let it go for a moment or two and then looked up at her: “Did you need something or are just trying to be a pest?”

She thought to herself, “A positive note, he is getting irritated. Irritated men sometimes have to take care of what is bothering them.

Tami scooted over and sat down on the edge of the desk.

She flipped the papers again. Brian looked up with a stern expression and advised, “Young lady, I have a lot of work to do this evening. Get your pretty little bottom off my desk and out of this office before you get in trouble.” Tami smiled her best ornery grin back at her now irritated husband. She climbed off the desk, making a special effort to let her short dress flip up exposing her satin multi-colored panties.

It was now time to move forward with the plan.

She left the office and then quickly returned. She stepped into the doorway and smiled at Brian who looked up with a confused look. Tami walked straight into the office, up to the desk and pushed everything off the desk and into Brian’s lap.

Brian just sat there for a few seconds trying to comprehend what just happened. He frowned at his giggling wife as cleaned the papers off his lap and stood up and started walking towards Tami with a new look of determination.

She giggled again, moved towards the door, and darted out of the office. Brian went in pursuit and caught up with her in the family room. After Brian grabbed her, she squealed with approval.

He held her tight in his arms and asked her, “Young lady, what am I going to do with you? You are acting like a spoiled brat, a very pretty spoiled brat I might add, but a spoiled brat nonetheless. “

Tami looked up at her man and asked, “What do you normally do with spoiled brats?”

Brian responded, “Maybe you take away their credit cards?”

Brian’s words were not the response Tami was predicting. Her mind swirled looking for an appropriate rebuttal.

“I think there is at least one other option for dealing with brats.” She offered.

Brian loosened his grip and took her by the hand leading her over to the couch. He sat down on the couch and set Tami down beside him. He looked at his mischievous wife and smiled.

Brian offered, “Young lady, I can only think of one other method of dealing with little spoiled brats besides taking away their credit cards. This would involve a significant amount of kicking, squirming and hollering. Do you know what I mean?”

Tami looked up at her husband, smiled and stuck her tongue out at him, laughed and challenged, “You wouldn’t dare!!!”

Before she could say another word, Brian placed one hand on each shoulder and pulled her face down across his lap. Her sundress rose up partially revealing her colorful satin panties.

Brian reached down and pulled the dress all the way up to Tami’s back. Her satin encased globes naturally centered in Brian’s lap.

Tami squirmed. Her heart raced and her mind exploded with thoughts of the pending stinging onslaught as well as a nervous satisfaction in achieving her goal.

Brian inserted his fingers into the waistband of Tami’s panties lowering them to just below her bottom. He raised his hand and swatted Tami’s behind with a resounding crack. The sting from the swat enveloped her bottom in fire.

Brian’s hand rose and fell repeatedly. Her virgin globes bounced and jiggled with each stinging slap. Tami’s head flew upwards sending her medium length brown hair in every direction.

Instinctively, her hands desperately tried to cover her bottom. She screamed and flailed her arms and legs in a wild show of protest. Following an uncounted but significant number of stinging smacks to her now, seriously inflamed rear end, the spanking ended.

After a few moments dedicated to rubbing the unmanageable level of sting from her bottom, Tami crawled on top of her newly assertive husband. The passion erupted like molten lava from an active volcano.

The next morning

A few minutes after she had kissed her husband goodbye, Tami nervously dialed the phone. Cathy answered.

Tami began the conversation, “Guess who has a sore bottom this morning?

“Way to go girl! Details, I want details!” Cathy squealed.


by vfrat25000.

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