Oklahoma Style-The Twins #2

The Twins

Shelly and Charles or “Charlie’ as Shelly preferred to call him and their twin 18 year old daughters Brianna and Bobbi represented a typical American family.

Shelly, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Charlie an attorney resided in a small upscale suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The twins grew up under the latest in parenting skills secondary to their mother’s professional background. This translated to a couple of very intelligent, athletic and moderately spoiled young women.

Brianna with her long blonde hair was a gifted athlete while Bobbi, a brunette easily excelled in her advance placement clauses. Due to their differences in appearance many people did not realize they were twins.

On the same weekend as Shelly’s annual educational conference, the girls approached Shelly and Charlie about a pre-graduation party at a “friends” house on Saturday. Their dad, a successful criminal attorney recognized the address as a law enforcement trouble spot and quickly vetoed any party privileges for the twins.

Shelly and Charlie departed on Friday for the conference. The girls did not accept the “no party” decree with enthusiasm. In the fine tradition of immature teenage judgments they decided that in their parent’s absence for the weekend a short attendance at the party would not be out of line.

Early Saturday evening the girls changed into their party finest, loaded into Brianna’s new convertible Mercedes and proceeded to the party. A huge group of high school seniors filled the house and spilled over into the yard. The party rocked on until the early morning hours. The festivities finally came to a screeching halt when four police cars surrounded the house. The police found multiple kegs of beer, very inebriated underage partiers, drug paraphernalia and two stolen vehicles. The police rounded up the party’s attendees and transported them to the police station. A detective recognized Brianna and Bobbi as Charlie’s daughters and he discreetly returned them home.

The girls acted as if the weekend was a major bore upon the return of their parents.

The new week proceeded normally until the same police detective that took the twins home on Saturday approached Charlie in a courthouse hallway. The detective jokingly asked Charlie if he “tanned” the girl’s hides. The detective’s statement made no sense to Charlie. The detective finally realized that Charlie’s two daughters failed to mention their weekend activities.

Once the detective elaborated on his statement, Charlie was less than pleased.

The more Charlie heard from the detective the madder he became. The sergeant laughingly suggested Charlie go straight home and take his two darlings to the woodshed. Charlie informed the detective he would love to but the girls had a very anti-woodshed mother.

Charlie called Shelly and they agreed to talk to the girls that evening.

After dinner, Shelly asked the girls about their weekend. The two girls continued their innocent act. It appeared the twins decided to stick their bogus charade so Charlie decided it was time to see how far their lying would go.

Charlie advised Brianna, the oldest by five minutes, he had a conversation with a Detective Reynolds. He further advised Detective Reynolds told him about a party the police raided.

The two girl’s mouths dropped open when they realized their parents knew the truth. Both women confessed and profusely apologized for lying. After a long talk, Shelly grounded the two girls for the next two weeks. The girls vehemently protested to no avail.

That night in bed, Charlie looked over at Shelly and asked, “Do you think two weeks grounding is sufficient, they lied to us and defied our clear directive?”

Shelly laughed and sarcastically asked, “What else can we do? They are eighteen. What do you want to do, spank them?”

Charlie smiled but in a very different manner.

Sherry stuttered, “Charlie, you know I do not condone spanking, it’s barbaric, ineffective and repressive. I can’t believe you would suggest such a thing.”

Charlie continued smiling at Shelly and asked, “Are you telling me you never got your rear end roasted? Come on now, be honest.”

I…I never!! Shelly protested.

“Never, are you telling me you NEVER got spanked, not even once?” Charlie inquired.

“No…No, My parents didn’t believe in it and I don’t either.” Shelly confirmed.

Charlie shook his head: “Wow that is hard to believe. You turned out great. You are not spoiled, you have a PhD and you are responsible as anybody could ask. You even grew up on a Midwestern farm.”

Charlie turned over and went to asleep.

Shelly muttered under her breath, “Unless you count that one time during the summer after high school graduation when I rode that motorcycle through our herd of milk cows. Dad was sure mad. I made it all the way to nineteen before I got my tail blistered. That really should not count, should it?”

Shelly went to sleep comfortable in the fact that she had been almost truthful to Charlie.

The next morning the two high school seniors threw a major pout fest. They refused to talk at breakfast and answered questions with one-word answers.

Shelly and Charlie left for work.

Brianna and Bobbi both were very upset about their grounding sentence, especially this near graduation. The girls concocted another plan. This plan called for the two women to skip school, load up Brianna’s new Mercedes with all their worldly possessions and take off for a few days. In their heads, they theorized that the worry generated by their unexpected departure would result in a change of attitude by their two parents. Since the girls were 18 and could move out anytime they calculated their parents would be so glad to have them back they would rescind any previous sanctions.

They pointed the new Mercedes towards the West. After a few hours of driving unfamiliar roads, the two women became lost.

Charlie and Shelly arrived home from work and initially did not think anything about the girl’s absence. It was normal for the two girls to be late due to tennis practice and studying at a friends house.

By 10 p.m., Shelly and Charlie became worried. After checking all the usual locations, no one had seen the women. Shelly checked Brianna’s room and found many of her clothes missing, the same with Bobbi’s room. Charlie checked Bobbi’s computer and found Bobbi’s notes laying out their planned stunt.

Charlie called the Highway Patrol. Worrying about the twins occupied the rest of Charlie and Shelly’s night.

The parents heard nothing until the phone rang the next morning. It was the Highway Patrol. Early that next morning an officer found the two girls sleeping in their car on a side road about 600 miles from their hometown. Apparently, the two women pulled off during the night and ended up on a dirt road. The Mercedes became stuck and the girls slept in the car during the night.

Shelly and Charlie asked the Highway patrol to take them to Shelly’s mother’s residence about 50 miles from where they were found. The Highway Patrol arranged for the car to be towed to the nearest Mercedes dealer about 150 miles away.

Charlie and Shelly quickly packed overnight bags and started their drive to her mother’s residence.

The two girls arrived at their grandmother’s courtesy of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The two ladies appeared to be fresh from the homeless encampment. Brianna’s long blonde hair was tangled and stringy and Bobbi’s medium length brunette hair reflected the greasy shine indicative of an extended period between shampoos. Their fashionable clothes were wrinkled and stained.

Shelly’s mother, Carla welcomed the girls.

Carla advised, “Good morning ladies. I hear you have had quite an adventure. Your folks called. They are on the way to pick you up. They will not be here until this evening. Why don’t you ladies go up to your rooms and get cleaned up. You both look exhausted. This evening when your folks get here, I will take you all out to dinner to celebrate your safe return.”

Thank You, Grandma. I am exhausted.” Brianna smiled.

“Me too,” Bobbi also confirmed.

Carla hugged both the women.

The two girls immediately went to their rooms and went to sleep.

Charlie, as mad as Shelly had ever seen him, did not say much on the trip to Carla’s house. The lies about her spanking history from the night before continued to plague her thoughts and Shelly thought it better not to test Charlie’s mood.

They arrived at Carla’s house about 5 p.m. Carla greeted the two worried parents and also noticed Charlie’s attitude.

“Shelly, Charlie, the girls are fine. They are upstairs sleeping. How was the drive?” Carla asked.

Charlie snarled, “Long, very long.”

Voices came from the top of the stairs, “Hi Mom, Hi Dad.”

Brianna and Bobbi dressed in their pajamas came down the stairs to greet their parents. Freshly showered, the girls looked more like the daughters Shelly and Charlie knew.
The two girls both hugged each parent.

Both Charlie and Shelly gratefully accepted the hugs although it was readily apparent Charlie was mad. Charlie glared at his two daughters who were trying their best to minimize the fallout from their adventure.

They both formed sweet innocent smiles and tried to divert the subject.

Brianna asked, “Dad, Mom, Grandma wants to take us all out to eat. Are you hungry?

Charlie answered the girls: “I guess we have to eat. We still need to discuss your adventure. For now, we celebrate your safe return.

Bobbi remarked, “Ok, cool, we’ll go get dressed.”

Bobbi and Brianna scampered up the stairs to change. Charlie and Shelly unloaded the car and freshened up. The two women returned to the living room dressed in their finest. Brianna wore a pink pleated miniskirt and long sleeved silk blouse and Bobbi a white pair of low-rise jeans and a blue top. The family loaded into Charlie and Sally’s Lexus SUV and that evening the family celebrated the girl’s safe return.

Brianna and Bobbi usually ate sparingly but in this case, the girls ate everything including appetizers and deserts. This level of hunger was a new experience for both of them.

It was late evening when the family arrived back at Carla’s house. The girls were not sleepy, as they had slept most of the day. The girls suggested the family play a board game or watch a television movie together. The two girls did their best to divert their folk’s attention from the previous day’s indiscretions.

Carla suggested the two go to their rooms and watch television. She wanted to talk to their folks.

Carla asked Charlie and Shelly to meet her in her office.

As Carla sat in a chair behind her desk she directed her daughter and son-in-law to, “Have a seat, we need to talk.”

Shelly and Charlie sat down in two of the chairs in front of the desk.

Carla announced, “Charlie, Shelly, I know Brianna and Bobbi are your daughters, I still want to know how you two are going to respond to this recent behavior.”

Shelly began to squirm very nervously in her chair. Charlie just stared straight ahead.

Finally Charlie said, “I know Shelly was never spanked and does not believe in spanking. I still think our two darling daughters deserve a spanking for this stunt. Shelly, I’m sorry, that’s just the way I feel.”

Carla’s mouth dropped open.

“What did you say, Charlie?” Carla gasped.

Charlie firmly and clearly repeated his statement as he prepared to be verbally reprimanded for even suggesting a spanking, “I don’t care if you didn’t spank Shelly, I…”

Carla interrupted, “Whoa, hold it right there, Charles. Did you say no one ever spanked Shelly?

Charlie explained, “That’s what she told me the night before last.”

Charlie and Carla both stared at Shelly. Her face glowed red with embarrassment knowing she was caught in a big lie.

Shelly argued, “Uh, Uh, I meant spanked, regularly. I wasn’t spanked until I was nineteen. That doesn’t count.”

Carla firmly reprimanded Shelly, “Shelly, I ought to paddle you right here and now but I think I will leave that job to Charlie. I hope he blisters your behind. I cannot tolerate one of my kids, adult or not, telling a fib.”

Carla reached into a desk drawer and pulled out an old-fashioned thin wood paddle polished with a nice lacquer finish.

Carla advised, “Your Dad bought this little gem in one of those souvenir shops along a Colorado interstate one summer. He thought it might come in handy. He was right wasn’t he?”

The sight of the instrument jokingly engraved with “The Board of Education” made Shelly jump.

Carla tapped it on her hand, looked at Shelly and Charlie and started her story: “I remember one warm summer Sunday afternoon after Shelly’s senior year in high school. She was eighteen and dating that Tony character her dad despised. I think she dated him just to irritate her dad. He had his motorcycle out at the farm that day and Shelly’s Dad had warned her repeatedly not to try to drive or even ride that machine. Apparently, she developed selective hearing loss and climbed on that infernal machine and took off. To make things worse she was still dressed in her Sunday dress. She accidentally accelerated at full throttle and plowed through the middle of our dairy herd sending those cows every which direction. Their milk production dropped for a week after that. Her dad came out of the barn and about had a heart attack after he saw her drive that motorcycle straight into the stream. Roger was stunned, her dad was furious, the cows were scattered and she was soaking wet and covered in mud. All I could do was laugh. I think that was the last date her ever had with Tony whose motorcycle may still be in that creek for all I know. Anyhow, her dad sent her to the house to clean up. He went to the office and dug out this paddle buried in a box of memorabilia. That evening before supper I remember him telling her that he wanted to see her in the barn. She didn’t have a clue what he had planned. She smiled and happily agreed.

After dinner she merrily traipsed out to the barn. Once she arrived at the barn her whole outlook on life changed. Her dad took her by the hand, led her over to a hay bale and sat down. He told me that she was still a little slow to catch on. He had her unzip her shorts. It was about then that I think she realized what was happening. Her dad told me the look on her face was priceless when she figured out that she was about to be paddled for the first time in her life.

He hauled her face down across his lap and said she kicked and hollered up a storm before he landed the first swat. He proceeded to rain down a series of stinging swats to that panty covered misbehaving eighteen-year-old rear end. I heard her hollering and I was in the kitchen. She was a blubbering mess by the time her Daddy finished. She ran into the house furiously rubbing her bottom while trying to hold up her shorts. She looked at me with those red puffy tear stained eyes and ran crying to her room. The look on her face was worth its weight in gold.

Our mouthy, disrespectful teenage daughter finally received her comeuppance. You know what, she survived and turned out quite well I might add. The next morning Shelly came down to breakfast and tried to act like nothing had happened. It was quite satisfying to see her squirming in that wood chair trying to find a less sore spot on her backside. Her dad and I saw an immediate change in her attitude. She no longer smarted off to us, the conversations from that point on had many Yes Sirs, No Maams inserted into them, and she was a lot more fun to have around. I think maybe its time to take Brianna and Bobbi to the barn. What do you think?”

Carla looked at Shelly and Charlie. Charlie stared at Shelly and frowned. Shelly knew she was in big trouble already. Arguing with Charlie would only make things worse.

Shelly asked Charlie, “Ok, Hon…I guess Mom is right. I feel terrible. I cannot believe I let the girl’s behavior get out of control. I don’t think I can bring myself to spank them. Would you handle that part?

Charlie looked at Shelly and Carla and confirmed, “It would be my pleasure. Carla, may I borrow that paddle?

“Absolutely Charles,” Carla affirmed and smiled big.

Shelly asked Charlie, “When and where do want to do this?”

Charlie advised, “Anything wrong with the present?”

Shelly continued, “Where do you want to do this? Mom doesn’t have a barn anymore.”

She smiled a feeble smile.

Charlie smiled and added, “How about the living room, a nice big room with plenty of kicking and wiggling space. Brianna will be first. She is the oldest.”

Shelly agreed, “Ok, Charles, if you don’t mind I will talk to the girls as well. I want the girls to know we both agree with this action.”

“Thank you Shelly, I am glad to hear you say that.” Charlie acknowledged.

Carla offered one more suggestion, “Charles, that paddle I just gave you works the best on the bare if you know what I mean?”

Charlie confirmed, “Thanks for everything Carla; I know exactly what you mean!”

Carla offered her last comments, “I am going to bed. I’ll ignore the hollering. If you do your job adequately there should be a whole lot of hollering.”

She laughed, rose from the desk and walked out of the office.

Shelly asked, “Are you ready?”

“Ready,” Charlie advised.

Charlie and Shelly rose from their chairs, walked out of the office and called the two girls downstairs. Charlie announced he wanted to have a family meeting. Bobbi and Brianna bounced out of their rooms and down the stairs.

The girls quickly came downstairs dressed in their pajamas.

Charlie told the two girls to have a seat on the couch. Charlie and Shelly each took a chair in front of the girls.

Charlie started his speech to the girls, “Brianna, Bobbi, I guess you guys know that you really messed up.”

The two girls looked at each other, then down at the floor, then up at Charlie, and said in unison, “I know Dad. We are really sorry. We promise it will NEVER happen again. We promise!”

Charlie looked at the girls and said, “Ladies, sometimes saying your sorry is not enough. Sometimes actions have severe consequences. No amount of apologizing will negate the punishment.”

The two women looked at each other with a bit of a worried look. Their dad used unfamiliar language including the word punishment instead of sanctions, restrictions, etc.

Brianna smiled and asked, “I guess we are still grounded, huh!”

Her Dad confirmed, “Oh, yeah, definitely still grounded young lady.”

Brianna smiled a weak smile.

Bobbi chimed in, “Dad, if your done can Brianna and I go back to our room now?”

Charlie smiled at Shelly and then offered, “Ladies, we have a little unfinished business to take care of before you can go upstairs.”

“Unfinished business, what do you mean Daddy?” Brianna asked with a bit more apprehension to her voice.

Charlie announced the girl’s sentence, “Girls I am afraid your day of reckoning has arrived. You both are about to receive the first spanking of your lives. Yes, I said spanking. I am going to place each of you over my knee and paddle your little bottoms bright pink.”

The two girls eyes about popped out of their heads. Sheer panic swept across their pretty faces. They looked at their Dad and then at their mother.

Brianna pleaded, “Mom… Mom… You are you not going to let Daddy spank us, are you?

Shelly smiled and offered, “Yes, I am afraid I am sweetheart. In fact I hope he gives you a spanking you will not soon forget.”

Brianna rebuffed her Mom’s statement, “Mom………..!”

Brianna continued to plead, “Daddy, please no, anything but a spanking. We are eighteen years old. You can’t spank eighteen year olds.”

Charlie walked out of the living room and into the office. He picked up the paddle and returned to the living room. The girls saw the paddle and panicked even more.

“That’s not for us is it?” Bobbi screamed.

“Yes it is.” Charlie confirmed.

Both girls began to squirm apprehensively on the couch.

“Mom… Please No…. Mom you can’t let Daddy spank us with that board. Please… Mom!!” Brianna argued.

Shelly looked at her panic-stricken daughters and offered, “Sorry ladies, you made the choice when you pulled this stunt, now you have to pay the price or at least your bottoms will.”

Shelly realized that a good old-fashioned spanking was long overdue for her two very spoiled, over-indulged daughters.

Charlie informed the girls, “Brianna since you’re the oldest, you are first. Bobbi you are up next, observe and prepare.”

White as a ghost, Bobbi slowly rose from the couch and sat in the chair that Charlie just vacated. Charlie sat down beside Brianna, his pretty, blonde haired daughter who was nearly mimicking a seizure she was shaking so badly.

“Honey, it will be over quickly. Be brave. I need you to lay face down across my lap.” Charlie directed.

Brianna shook her head no.

Charlie scolded Brianna: “I am going to add two more swats for that bit of stubbornness, do you want to add even more or do you want to get it over with?”

Brianna leaned forward and crawled face down over Charlie’s lap.

Charlie reached down, slipped his fingers into the waistband of her pajama bottoms and panties tugging them down fully exposing her bare bottom

Charlie picked up the shiny thin wood paddle, raised the piece of wood above Brianna’s bottom and let it land with a resounding SPLATT!!!

Brianna jumped, screamed, arched her back, kicked her legs and flailed her arms.

“Daaaaaaadddddddy!!! That hurts, Stooooooooop!!! Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!”





Splaaaaaaaaat!!!, Splaaaaaaaaaatt!!

“Oh MY…, Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaseee Stoooooop!!!

Brianna’s bottom rapidly turned pink.

Her arms flailed and her legs kicked wildly. Desperately, she tried in vain to reach back and block the swats.

Bobbi was speechless. No words could describe the look on her face. Panic, desperation and terror were far too mild of terms describing Bobbi, as she watched her sister’s paddling.

The thin wood paddle continued its fiery assault. Brianna became a bawling, screaming very repentant young woman, who would have agreed to anything at this point. Finally Charlie’s assault on Brianna’s bottom ended. After a couple of minutes, Charlie replaced her pajama bottoms and panties back over her red hot bottom and started to rub her back.

He looked down at his exhausted daughter and asked her, “Brianna, can you stand up now?”

Brianna meekly shook her head yes, and started to rise up with her Dad’s help. She was a mess, much worse than when she arrived from the road trip. She was so drained she barely had the energy to reach back and try to rub away some of the fire in her backside.

Charlie looked over at Bobbie. Bobbie immediately started to cry and plead for mercy. He ignored her pleas.

The previous scene repeated itself. Bobbi continued crying as Charlie lowered her pajama bottoms and panties.

The paddle raised and fell in a flurry of swats with Bobbi out screaming Brianna. If the neighbors were home they surely heard everything. Brianna may be the athlete but Bobbi wiggled, kicked and flailed her arms every bit as much if not more than Brianna. Bobbi’s bottom bounced and jiggled as each time the thin wood paddle made contact.

Charlie took a moment to glance at Shelly and noticed her smiling in approval of his first attempts at spanking his errant 18 year old daughters.

Bobbi’s tears gushed forth. In the usual manner of a soundly spanked 18 year old, Bobbi promised to behave, apologized in every manner possible and pleaded for her punishment to end.

Before long, Bobbi’s spanking wound down. Charlie softly reassured her and rubbed the back of his freshly spanked daughter. Bobbi slowly rose up from his lap. She stood furiously rubbing her bright pink bottom with her pajama bottoms and panties bunched up just below her bottom. Eventually, Bobbi returned her clothing to their original position. She looked over at Brianna and saw a mirror image with bright red puffy eyes, disheveled hair, and smeared make-up.

After an appropriate recovery time, both girls gingerly sat on the couch and looked at Charlie and Shelly.

Charlie announced, “I love you two girls but can I count on you two not to ever try another stunt like this one, OK?”

Both girls quickly confirmed, “You can count on that Daddy.”

“We love you too Daddy, you too Mom.” The girls acknowledged.

By vfrat2500


Charlie then excused them to their rooms. He hugged them both as they rose from the couch. They both hugged him back and then hugged their mom as well. Charlie caught a glimpse of both of the girls rubbing their bottoms as they ascended the stairs. Charlie set the paddle down on the chair and leaned back on the couch.

He noticed Shelly smiling at him.

Charlie offered, “Now, I feel better. I think our two darling eighteen year old daughters have been effectively corrected.”

“I agree,” Shelly confirmed.

It was obvious Shelly had something else to say but was trying to figure out how to start the conversation. She batted her eyes in a seductive manner towards Charlie and laid her head on his lap.

Charlie looked down at Shelly.

“What is the matter; you look like you want to say something but don’t know how.” Charlie asked and continued, “Are you mad at me for paddling our daughters?

“No, no, exactly the opposite, I am very proud of you. I am mad at myself. I feel terrible. I let those girls become so spoiled and I knew better. I’m sorry Charles.” Shelly confessed.

Charlie assured Shelly, “Everything is all right now. You meant well. You’re a wonderful mother and our two daughters will be fine.”

Charlie reached down and kissed Shelly. They just held each other tight for a few minutes.

Shelly looked up at Charlie again: “Charlie, I know that if my dad was still alive he would have paddled me pink for lying to you and letting those girls get away with so much. I guess it is too bad he is not around, I really deserve that paddling.”

She glanced over towards the old lacquered paddle lying on the chair and then up at Charlie. Charlie understood the coded message Shelly offered and smiled.

“You know your Mom told me I needed to paddle you pink for telling that fib about being spanked. It seems a shame to waste that nice freshly warmed paddle. We shouldn’t let it get cold, should we?” Charlie remarked and again smiled at Shelly.

Shelly looked up at Charlie with her eyes and asked him, “How many am I going to get?”

Charlie explained, “We’ll see.”

Charlie picked up the paddle and asked Shelly, “Are you ready, young lady, telling a lie is one sure way to get your rear roasted in this house.”

He smiled and giggled. Shelly smiled.

Charlie took Shelly by the hand and laid her face down across his lap. Her dress draped seductively across her firm rear end, a rear end that certainly did not reflect a woman with two grown children. Charlie rubbed her bottom through the dress as Shelly laid her head on a couch cushion and smiled. He slowly raised the multi-colored dress up to her back revealing a beige pair of panties encased in snug nylon pantyhose. He placed his fingers in the waistband of the pantyhose and lowered them to just below her firm round bottom cheeks. He picked up the paddle and rubbed the wood against Shelly’s panty covered bottom.

Shelly slowly wiggled her hips in anticipation of the pending fiery assault. Charlie raised his arm with the paddle firmly gripped in his hand. He brought the paddle flew downwards in a flash. The sound of a wood paddle contacting a soft female bottom filled the living room. Shelly’s head flew up, her eyes popped open and her hair flew in multiple directions.

Shelly offered up a resounding, “OUCH!!, Ohhhh Sh****t…..Charlie that stings…I’m sorry…!!!”

Charlie laughed: “Wives who tell fibs get some heat on their seat.”

His arm raised and landed again, Splattt!!

Shelly pleaded, “Owwwwwwwww…Charlie I’m sorry….I’mmm Sorry….!!!,”

Swaaaaaat!! Splaaaaatt!! Smaaaack!!,

Charleeee Pleeeeeeease Stop!!

Swaaaaatt!! Swaaaaaat!! Splaaaaatt!! Smaaaack!!,

“I’m sorry!!! I’m Sorry!!!!”

Unknown to Charlie or Shelly, Carla peeked around the corner of the stairs. She saw her grown daughter in the process of receiving a spanking from her husband. The scene brought a smile to her face as she returned to her bedroom.

Charlie reached down, slipped his fingers in the waistband of her panties and lowered them to meet the pantyhose. The paddle raised and landed four more times in rapid succession.


“Oh My…. Oh My….. Oweeeeee!!!”



Swaaaaaat!!! Swaaaaatt!!!

“I’m sorrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeyyy!!!!

Honey!! I’m Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyeeeeee!!”

Shelly kicked her legs and flailed her arms. In the tradition of most naughty miscreants, she desperately tried to reach back and cover her bottom. It was futile. Two more swats ended the spanking.





Just as he did with the twins, Charlie reached down and softly rubbed Shelly’s back until she felt like crawling off his lap. She furiously rubbed away the sting from her bottom as she stood before Charlie with her red eyes and said, “I love you.”

Charlie responded, “I love you too.”

They kissed with newfound passion as he stood up from the couch. Shelly removed her panty hose and very carefully raised her panties back over her bright red bottom. The two lovers walked up the stairs arm in arm to the guest bedroom.

The next morning the family gathered outside the house. The twins opened the back doors to the SUV and found two small fluffy pillows neatly placed on both of the two rear seats. They blushed, smiled and very gingerly sat down on the pillows knowing Grandma knew exactly what happened last night.

Shelly opened the passenger door, climbed in and sat down.

“Oh, dear!! She exclaimed as her bottom contacted the firm leather seat and she jumped back up. Charlie smiled, Carla giggled and the twins appeared confused.

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