Parenting Oklahoma Style: Cassie’s Story-The Guilty Runaway

Cassie, 18, lives with her widowed dad in a large estate in an upscale section of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, an only child attending the last half of her senior year of high school in a private and very exclusive day school.

She is the Captain of the Cheerleading squad and has almost every material possession possible including a brand new BMW convertible (still registered in her Dad’s name), all the latest electronics and more expensive designer clothes than she can fit in her oversize walk in closet.

One evening in February Cassie approached her Dad about financing a trip to Cancun over spring break. Cassie planned to utilize her usual collection of teenage charms specially designed to twist her dad around her finger.

Unknown to Cassie, her Dad received a phone call earlier in the evening about a Cancun spring break trip from a father of one of Cassie’s friends. Cassie’s dad learned his daughter planned to stay in a three-bedroom condominium with five other girls and six boys without a chaperone or parent.

Cassie offered up a generous amount of sweetness and charm only to be unexpectedly rebuffed in her request for a spring break international vacation.

In spite of Cassie’s best efforts to change her dad’s mind, he steadfastly refused to finance her trip and verbally reprimanded her for even suggesting such a trip.

Unaccustomed to hearing the word no, Cassie lost her temper and called her dad a dictator and a tightwad. She reminded him she is 18 years old and can move out anytime.

She turned in a huff, muttered something unintelligible under her breath and stomped out of the room slamming the door behind her.

Following Cassie’s temper tantrum, her dad decided it was time to confront Cassie’s spoiled brat behavior. He took possession of her car keys until she offered an apology.

Upon learning of her Dad’s new parenting approach Cassie demanded he leave her room and she promised he would regret his actions.

During the night, Cassie packed her bags, grabbed the keys to her dad’s new $130,000 BMW 760il, a $1,000 from his office and attempted to strike out on her own. She quickly became lost in the dark rain obscured Oklahoma City night and ended up in downtown OK City. The night turned from bad to worse after she left the car running at an all night convenience store and it quickly disappeared along with all her money and possessions.

She called 911 and pleaded for someone to take her home.

After Cassie arrived at the police station, the police called her dad and offered to bring her back to the house.

While waiting for her ride home, a middle aged police detective sat down beside her. Seriously bored, Cassie starts a conversation eventually regaling him with the history of the last 12 hours. After Cassie completed her story, the detective asked Cassie what type of punishment awaits her when she arrived home.

Cassie assured the detective the whole incident will be ancient history by tomorrow. She smiled back at the detective in a way not dissimilar to the method in which she used to use to sway her dad.

The detective proceeded to ask Cassie an unexpected question: “Do you think there’s any chance you will receive a spanking when you get home?”

Cassie eyes opened wide and she stammered an indignant, “NO!!, NO!!, Absolutely Not!!, My dad would not dare. I am 18 years old.”

The detective frowned at Cassie and offered, “That’s too bad.”

The officer’s statement instantly peaked Cassie’s curiosity.

“Too bad, why would you say that?” Cassie queried.

The man informed Cassie, “If you were my daughter you would need to sit on a pillow for the next few days.”

Cassie squirmed apprehensively on the hard station chair as the mental picture of her lying face down over her Dad’s lap suddenly appeared in her head.

He further explained, “Unfortunately, most kids that come through this station have parents who are less than thrilled we found them. The lucky ones get their bottoms soundly spanked when they arrive home. A parent who does not respond in a decisive manner to your type of behavior probably prefers their offspring would stay lost. I would say that a good old fashioned spanking is definitely responding in a decisive manner, wouldn’t you? “

“I, I guess so,” Cassie meekly agreed.

The detective’s words landed on Cassie like an anvil. They started Cassie thinking seriously about her life and her relationship with her father.

Once she arrived home, her dad gave her a big hug.

He held her in his arms and offered, “Don’t worry about the money or the car; I am just glad you are safe.”

After a few minutes, her Dad returned to his office. The next morning things returned to normal. It was as if the whole incident never happened.

Cassie thought to herself, “Just like I predicted and wanted, right?…..Wrong!!”

Cassie could not get the speech from the police detective out of her mind.

The way things were going it did not look like Cassie was in for that sore bottom anytime soon.

The conversation with the police detective became the guiding voice in her head. Cassie knew she deserved a good spanking for her escapade. She finally came to a decision, somehow do or die; she was going to find out if her Dad cared enough about her to give her that spanking.

That evening Cassie and her dad returned home from a dinner at the country club. Cassie, dressed in her plaid Burberry mini-skirt and silk blouse, followed her Dad into his office, thanked him for dinner and gave him a hug.

She opened with a little small talk finally asking her Dad, “Dad did you ever run away from home?”

He shared an escapade of his from many years past.

She asked how his mother handled his indiscretions.

To Cassie’s surprise, she learned he got an old-fashioned spanking for this particular stunt.
Cassie took the opportunity to ask her dad how felt about his spanking.

He informed her, “It hurt like heck…! I kicked and hollered up a storm but afterwards I had a special feeling of real security and love.”

He paused and added with a smile and a small laugh, “Not to mention a bright red bottom.”

Cassie jumped on the opportunity to continue the discussion about spanking. She tried a direct hint.

She blurted out, “Dad, I thought I might get spanked when I got home.”
She nervously awaited a response from her dad.

After a bit of a pause, he assured her, “You certainly deserved one.”

Cassie thought to herself, “Maybe there is hope after all?”

Her Dad said nothing else about a spanking so Cassie took the lead. She coaxed her dad over to the big leather couch and asked him if they can talk. She sat on the couch and motioned for her dad to sit beside her. She repeated the story the police detective told her.

She decided it was time to lay it on the line by asking her dad the first of two very poignant questions, “Am I important to you?

Taken back by the directness of Cassie’s question, Cassie’s dad assured her that she meant the world to him.

Wiping a small tear from her eye, Cassie concludes her conversation by asking one last but very important question, a question that would set the tone for Cassie and her Dad’s future relationship for years to come: “Daddy, if you love me, why didn’t I get spanked?”

Her dad placed his hands on Cassie’s shoulders, looked her in the eyes and informed her, “Cassie, being a dad is a never ending challenge to make the right decisions. Sometimes we are right on target and sometimes we miss all together. Cassie, In this case, I missed a real chance to prove I care for you more than anything else in this world. I have never been so scared in all my life. I thought I might have lost you. The good news is that it is never too late to do the right thing.”

Cassie’s dad took Cassie by the arms and pulled her towards him. Cassie eased into her Dad’s arms expecting a nice hug. Before she could comprehend what was happening, she found herself face down across the parental lap in one swift, firm but surprisingly gentle move.

She felt her dad raise her pleated miniskirt over her back. Her emotions ran wild. At last, her Dad was proving he really cared. In contrast, she came to the stark realization that she about to receive the first spanking of her life. She glanced back over her shoulder to see her dad roll up his sleeve. The cool air drifted across her newly exposed panty encased bottom.

In the tradition of any repentant 18 year old teenager in the same predicament, Cassie panicked. She instinctively tried to rise up and felt her Dad’s hand holding her firmly in place.

Her desire to be spanked instantly disappeared the second she felt the sharp stings of her Dad’s surprisingly strong hand as it landed with resounding cracks against her panty covered bottom.

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Splattttttt…! Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Her head flew up, she let out a scream and began to kick her legs as the stinging hand swats landed in rapid succession.

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!

The sting of her Dad’s hand contacting her bottom proved exponentially more painful than anything Cassie had imagined. With all her might she squirmed, wiggled, hollered and kicked. She tried in vain to reach back and cover her virgin bottom.

She pleaded for her Dad to stop and kicked her legs wildly. “Please Daddy!!!! Please Stop!!!!!”

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!

“It hurts!!!!!, It hurts!!!! Owwwwww!!!! I won’t run away again, I promise!!“

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!

“Owwwwwwww!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

After a couple of short but very painful minutes, the spanking stopped. Cassie breathed a short sigh of relief until she felt her Dad reach down and lower her blue microfiber Victoria’s Secret panties to just below her bright red globes.

“NOOOOOO!!!” Cassie screamed, “Please Noooooooo!!!!”

Her Dad raised his hand and started the onslaught again. This time the assault was landing on the bare skin of her recently exposed bottom.

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!

The kicking, wiggling, screaming and squirming all intensified.

“Yowwwweeeee!!! Oooooooooouch!!! Owwwwwwwwwwww!!”

Spanks landed in rapid succession covering every inch of her fiery red bottom cheeks.

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Her arms flailed. In desperation she tried to block the onslaught of painful spanks with hands. Her Dad easily held her hands clear of her bottom.

Cassie pleaded, ”I’ll be good I promise!!!!” “Please Stop!!!!! Owwwwwweeeee.”

Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!, Smaaaaaaaaaaack!!! “Owwwwwwwweeeeeeeee!!!

Her apologies poured forth, “Daddy, I’m Sorry!!!! I’m Sorry!!!!!!!”

Finally the spanks stopped. The spanking drained Cassie. The fire in her bottom burned bright red. She barely had the energy to reach back with both hands to try and sooth her chastised globes. Her Dad pulled her panties up over her bottom and replaced her mini-skirt. After a few moments and with the assistance of her Dad’s strong arms, she gathered the strength to raise herself off his lap. Cassie furiously rubbed her burning bottom. In between rubs to her red backside, Cassie wiped the tears from her eyes.

Disheveled hair, mascara running down her face and red teary eyes replaced her usual immaculate appearance.

This spanking generated the question, “How could such a gentle man’s hand hurt so badly?”

Cassie’s dad stood up from the couch and awaited a response from his part-child and part-adult 18 year old daughter who he just spanked for the first time. Cassie swallowed, reached out and gave her Dad the biggest hug she could muster. He hugged her back. They sat down together on the couch while Cassie, albeit a sitting a lot more uncomfortable than a few minutes before, regained her composure. Confirming the father/daughter bond, Cassie had no more doubts about where she stood in the list of her dad’s priorities.

by vfrat2500


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