Twin cheeks, smooth and hairless.. (DIC-AS)

A fiction story, rather severe.

Mr. Matters stood there and watched young lad Trey undress. The boy was adorable, cute and trim with short blonde hair. he had one of the most perfect bottoms. Twin cheeks, smooth and hairless, flawless, rounded and compact. TRey took his tee shirt off.
His chest was smooth and trim. he took his shoes off and pants. He bent down and rolled each sock off his cute, trim small bare toes. Red faced he tugged his white briefs down to fully expose everything. He stood completely naked.

“How was school today Trey?”
“Er…it was ok Mr. M-Matters”
“Just ok? Hmmmm….do you have any homework?”

“Bend over the bench….grip it tightly….I owe you 10 swats with the paddle from last week”

The nude schoolboy obeyed. He shut his eyes and tried to prepare himself mentally for the paddle. Mr. Matters picked up the thick heavy oakwood paddle. Solid it was. He lightly tapped the 11 year old bare globes.
WHAP….WHAP….he then began with two hard searing burning swats to the center of each cheek. TRey cried out. His head snapped back.
WHAP….WHAP………WHAP…WHAP….Mr. Matters took his time. Two more across the center and two across the top.
WHAP…WHAP…..WHAP…WHAP…..he slammed the paddle down across the very base and now the cheeks were deep red. Trey cried, he pleaded.

“Very well….sit and play the first few lines”
Trey gingerly sat on his sore bottom. He fingers trembled some as he attempted to play the notes. He wiped the tears from his eyes. He played rather well considering the situation. BUt, then it happened, not two, but three mistakes in a row.

“No…no…no…..that is all wrong” Mr. Matters said.

“Lets see if half a dozen with the cane improves your playing…stand and bend again as before”

The naked boy sobbed as he got back in position. Then that wicked cane was used.
It hissed through the air and landed with hard impact leaving vivid red stripes.
Trey screamed his head off and bore all six cuts of the cane. Six even lines formed from cheek tops to base.

“Lets try this again shall we…play”

Trey slowly sat on the hard wood piano bench. Mr. Matters grinned when he saw the boy
shift on his sore cheeks.

This time he only made one mistake.

“Stand…you are going to learn one way or another…lay face p on the bench and bring your feet up along side your head. Keep your legs spread wide”

The boy climbed into position. Mr. Matters took out the tawse and proceeded to give the boy six hard strokes across his cheeks, thighs, inner cheeks and thighs.

It was then finally over.

“You may stand…..and get dressed” the piano teacher said. He looked at his watch. It was a busy day…soon 10 year old Rhett was to arrive for his lesson.

Trey got dressed.

“Practice…I will see you next week at the same time”

Trey left and passed Rhett who was walking up the pathway.

“Hi Trey” he said.
“H-Hi Rhett”
“Is your bottom sore?”
“Yes, he really laid into me”
“Did he make you undress?”
“Yes…completely…good luck”

Rhett rang the doorbell and was told to come in.

“Hello Rhett”
“Hello Mr. Matters”
“Ready for your lessons?”
“Yes M- Mr Matters.
“Good…lets have you strip completely naked first….come along…all of it off please”

Rhett undressed. yes it was certainly a busy day for the piano teacher.


A fiction story. Sort of severe.

Patrick hated piano lessons. It was that simple. What 10 year old boy liked them?
Mr. Matters, the piano teacher, had his own methods and as a result got good results. That is why he had so many students. To be exact, 5 boys and 2 girls.

Mr. Matters peeked through his window to see Patrick coming up the pathway.
The boy held his school books in the pack on his back. Patrick was one of Mr. Matters favorite students. A cute trim lad with short reddish hair and a few freckles. Mr. Matters rules were simple, play well or be punished. Mr. Matters had placed the two implements he planned to use on Patricks bottom that day, the cane and the thick tawse. The boy rang the door bell and Mr. Matters answered.

“Ah yes Patrick, I have been expecting you, right on time I see…good boy…have you been doing a lot of practice?”
“Yes Mr. Matters, as much as I could”
“That is good, then you should play well today. Very well Patrick, put your school books down over there and then take all your clothes off”
“Yes M-Mr. Matters”

That was the normal routine. Mr. Matters always made his pupils undress completely for their lessons. Lessons were always given in the nude. Patrick undressed.

He pulled his tee shirt up and off to expose his trim chest. He then bent down and pulled each shoe off. Mr. Matters asked him some questions about school that day as he undressed. He then took his pants down and off. Next came his socks and finally his underwear. He stood fully naked.

Now when a boy or girl received punishments for playing poorly, Mr. Matters had his limits. When he felt a boy or girls bottom was well punished, he would stop and add any extra strokes to the following weeks lessons. Such was the case with Patrick.

Mr. Matters took down the cane and gave it a few test swings making the boy cringe.

“Bend over the bench Patrick and take a firm grip, I owe you 5 cuts from last week to start”
The nude boy got into position. Mr. Matters pressed the cane firmly across the bare globes. Then he drew it back and down it hissed and cute dead center. Patrick cried out. The next and the next attacked the top and base. Then one to each thigh. Patrick was in tears already.

“Good boy…now..sit and play”

The boy winched as he sat on his striped bottom. His eyes filled with tears.
He played and did better than normal but still made the inevitable mistakes.

“It seems you did not practice enough…stand bend for 5 more cuts”
The naked lad obeyed. ONce again in position and once again 5 hard cuts this time mostly across the very base. His cries became screams. His head snapped back and side to side. He gripped the piano bench.

“Lets try again, shall we?”

Patrick was a nervous wreck now and could not play without making a mistake right off.

Mr. Matters put the cane away and took down the tawse.

“Lets have you laying face up on the bench and bring your feet up to your chest and hold them there”
Patrick climbed into position. He saw the tawse rise and fall with a solid crack across his cheeks and thighs 5 times. His toes curled up as his face cringed. After 10 with the cane and 5 with the tawse, Mr. Matters felt he had enough for that week.

“You may stand. Play….don’t worry, you will not be punished anymore today”

Patrick played and did make a few more errors. Those earned him 5 strokes to start next weeks punishment. The hour passed and Patrick was allowed to get dressed.
As he was leaving, another boy, Trey came up the pathway. He had short blonde hair.

Soon he was in the piano teachers house.

“Good to see you Trey…very well…take everything off please”

Trey got undressed and the next lesson began. It was a busy day for the piano teacher.

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