Daddy pulled my panties down. (DIC-AS)

My sisters and I and all my cousins have been raised with pants-down spankings and sometimes in front of each other or together.
I’ll never forget one time I was 13 and my cousin Kent was 14 and we got caught sneaking sips of beer at a big family party. My mother marched us to her bedroom and told us to strip down to underwear. She stood watching as I got down to bra and panties and Kent to his tight underpants.
We were both super embarrassed and scared as heck when Mom left, promising to “come back soon so we could be spanked.” We stood there blushing and frightened, and I noticed Kent staring at my body and I couldn’t help but see a big lump form in his underpants!

We said nothing and soon the door flew open and Mom and Dad and Kent’s Mom and Dad came in. Dad started taking his belt off while Mom lectured us. I knew what was gonna happen and I was crying – I realllyyy didn’t want to be belt whipped, especially in front of Kent and my aunt and uncle!

At least I got it first as poor Kent had to stand there in his underpants and watch as Daddy pulled my panties down – I rushed to cover my front hair with both hands – shocked and shamed at being bared in front of Kent and everyone and in a panic, begging “please Daddy don’t whip me in front of everyone!” as he pulled me over his lap, pinned me with my bare bottom sticking up and started strapping me silly.
The slow steady belt lashes felt like burning stripes on my skin and I gasped and moaned thru the first few licks until my whole behind was roasting red and I broke into helpless kicking, crying, bawling, bucking, begging.
I even forgot to be embarrassed when the sting got so hot and hard and after about 20 severe straps welted my buns Daddy finished off with ten hard stingers across my thighs so I squealed and then jumped up and danced around the room – showing my front patch as I rubbed and howled.

When I calmed down enough to go to the corner I noticed Kent was petrified but amazed, having seen me whipped like that and my body half-naked, and he had a big tent in the front of his underpants. Dad grabbed Kent and I felt sorry for my cousin cuz it SUCKS to be spanked by an uncle…
Kent was horrified, pleading with his parents to spank him in private as he saw my Mom and me staring at him! He struggled with my Dad but got his underpants pushed down. His “boy stick” was only half-hard by then – he was so scared – but I got to see it for a second before Dad yanked Kent across the lap.

Kent got it a bit worse than I did, probably 40 vicious belt lashes across his tight firm boy buns – something to see for sure – especially cuz he kicked and bawled just as much as I did and when Dad let him up Kent jumped around like a kangaroo – grabbing at his swollen red butt and thighs, screeching and letting everyone see his boy parts bouncing around!

It was very awkward when the adults left the room – I realized the door had been open so our whippings had been clearly heard – and Kent and I had to stand in separate corners, with our bare whipped behinds on display…both of us still sobbing and sneaking peeks at each other.


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