I spank naughty boys.

As I had a quiet weekend, I decided to try and do a little Christmas shopping. So armed with my shopping list off I went to the shopping mall at Wakefield. I bought several gifts for friends and family and as I sat having a coffee marked off my list the gifts I had managed to purchase. My nephew has always been difficult to buy for and after racking my brain as to what to buy a young man, I took the easy option, and decided to buy slippers. So after finishing my coffee off I went to try and buy slippers for my nephew. I called into several shoe shops, but I there was none that I liked. Very disheartened I walked into the very last shoe shop in the mall. There on the rail was the perfect pair. The male assistant came over and asked if he could help. I pointed out the slippers and told him which ones I wanted and the size, off he went to the stock room to collect the footwear. He brought them over to me and handed them over so that I could examine them. Yes they were the right colour and as I turned them over to examine the soles, the assistant asked why I was looking at the soles so closely, smiling I explained that I liked to spank naughty boys with them. His eyes lit up, and bending down he whispered in my ear “then madam, maybe you’d like to follow me into the stockroom and try them out on me”, well how could I resist.

He picked up the slippers and walked towards a door at the back of the store. I followed and when we were in the stock room he shut the door and moved a long bench seat behind the door for me to sit on. He stood in front of me with a look of fear and apprehension on his face. Staring him straight in the face I told him to take down his trousers and bend over my knee. He seemed rather nervous but did as he was told, he slowly lowered himself across my knee and with the brand new mans slipper in my hand I raised up my arm and brought it down with full force onto his bottom. He wriggled around with pain and pleasure, I then slowly lowered his underpants so I could admire my handy work and revealed a wonderful red buttock. I gave him another spank on bare flesh and once again he whimpered, I spanked him another 4 times before we were interrupted by another assistant trying to get into the stock room. He hurriedly pulled up his trousers and moved the bench from behind the door. With 4 flushed cheeks he opened the door and made some excuse about me being a family friend. As we came back into the shop I agreed that the slippers were perfect. He popped them into a bag and handed the bag to me saying, these slippers were free on the house. I walked away from the shop hoping that all my Christmas shopping would be this enjoyable.

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