Two perfects sets of schoolboy and schoolgirl bottoms.

The headmaster called these sessions after school specials. No boy or girl ever wanted to experience them. They took place at his private residence which was located just two blocks from the school.

Mark and Cindy were good friends. They were around the same age. Mark and Cindy were cute. Mark had full golden blonde hair and an angelic face. He was trim and fit. Cindy
had pretty flowing deep brown hair.

Mark and Cindy were told to report to Mr. Page, the headmasters, house after school that friday. It seems their grades have been slacking off. Plus they were reported as beeing insolent to one of their teachers. Mr. Page did not need much of a reason to severely punish a boy or girl. t was on weak knees they walked to his house after school.

Like all the students, they wore the school uniform. Navy blue ties and blazers.
White shirt and blouse. Black shoes. Marks socks were navy blue and Cindy’s white.

Mr. Page looked through the window as he saw the two errant students walk up his pathway. He looked forward to this for some time as Mark and CIndy were to of the best looking students in school. Mr. Page was a portly man in his late fifties.

“Hello, I have been expecting you…come in” he told him as he opened the door.
He took them into the living room and had them sit side by side on the sofa after
putting their schoolbooks down.

He sat opposite them.

“Now….you both now why your here, lets not have any fuss. Your grades have been slacking off and you have both been insolent. These are serious faults which merit severe punishment” he told them. They both trembled slightly at his tone.
He looked them over, head to toe and could not wait to get started.

“Have you anything to say before we begin”

“Er…w-we are s-sorry sir…we promise it will never ever happen again” Mark said and Cindy agreed.
“Well I certainly hope so. But now you must be punished. Now he first thing we are going to do is to have the both of you take all of your clothes off”

“O-Our c-c-clothes s-sir? But w-why s-sir?” Mark asked.
“Why? Because I told you do first. Second because your bottoms must be bare for discipline. I did not want any clothes to get in the way, that is why you will both be
completely nude and I do mean completely”
“…but please…not b-before her” the boy pleaded and Cindy did the same.
“Nonsense, you both will be punished in the same manner as you both had the same faults. Now, no more of this talk…stand and face one another”

They stood up. They faced each other.

“You will undress one another. Mark take Cindy’s blazer off, Cindy take Mark’s blazer off.”

They obeyed and took each others blazers off. They placed them on the sofa in two piles.

“Good. Now take each others ties off, then Mark you remove Cindy’s blouse and CIndy you remove Mark’s shirt and undershirt”

With fumbling fingers they obeyed. They took each others ties off. Then Cindy undid the boys shirt and pulled it off him. She then lifted his undershirt up and off to reveal his trim smooth chest. He undid her blouse and pulled it off her. She wore a small white bra.
“Good…then take each others shoes off then Cindy you take Mark’s pants off and Mark you take Cindy’s skirt off…go on…do it”
They continued to undress one another. They bent down to remove each others shoes.
They both had small feet. Then, they were both red faced as Cindy took off Mark’s pants to reveal his white briefs. Mark took Cindy’s skirt off to reveal her white panties.

“Please…no more s-sir” Cindy pleaded.
“Now now, not until you are both naked. Mark take Cindy’s bra off”

Mark unhooked her bra and tugged it down off her small perky breasts.
“Hands down at your sides young lady” he warned.
She stood here fully exposing her breasts.

“Now take each others socks off”

Cindy bent down and pulled the boys socks off his so cute trim small bare toes.
Mark did the same and pulled Cindy”s socks off.

“Now Cindy pull Mark’s underwear down to his ankles”

“Mark you will not cover up…I want Cindy to see your penis”

Cindy obeyed. She slowly tugged his underwear down and soon his small penis flipped free. His face was bright red. Down to his ankles.

“Step out of them” came the order. He obeyed and was now bare naked.
“Now Mark…take Cindy’s panties off completely”

He obeyed. She sobbed quietly. He tugged her panties down to her feet and off leaving her completely naked as well.
“Now both of you place your hands behind your heads and spread your legs wide..
I want you to both look at one another, head to toe”

The humiliation continued. They obeyed. Mr. Page had them then turn slowly a few times. He liked what he saw. Two perfects sets of schoolboy and schoolgirl bottoms.
each set nice and meaty, compact were the boys, full…rounded…hairless and flawless.
Yes yes he thought to himself, both capable of absorbing many strokes.

“Very well…shall we get started then? Come this way…to the punishment room”
The very words sent shivers through them. The punishment room was completely soundproof. IT had to be. Whenever Mr. Page took a boy or girl there there were surely mean lost of screaming, crying and begging. he followed the two nudes pupils down the hallway. They stopped at a door with a sign that read “Punishment” He opened the door and motioned them in. He shut the door. He locked it. The room was well equipped. A punishment table. Two punishment horses that faced one another.
A few chairs and an array of implements hanging on the wall.

“Mark and Cindy…these are called punishment horses. I want you to each climb up on them..face down and let your arms and legs drape over the sides….do on…do it”

They trembled. They climbed up into position. Then more fear as Mr. Page secured their wrists and ankles to the sides of the two horses. This was the way Mr. Page liked his boys and girls…nude with bottoms offered up and spread for discipline.

“First we will deal with your poor grades” he said as he took down a thick heavy strap.
“50 strokes each” he said.

They begged when they heard the count. He stepped up to the boy first and would give them sets of 10 each. They could see each others faces and tops of their bottoms and feet. Cindy watched the headmaster lift that terribly strap…then he brought it hissing down hard across the center of the boys naked globes. He screamed. The sound of leather meeting bare boy flesh filled the room. Then the next and the next, top and very base. He screamed, his face cringed. CIndy sobbed more. They had no idea how they would be able to take 50 such strokes. Mr. pages went to work taking his time on the boys meaty buttocks. Top to base as the boys tears began to stream down.
He clawed at the thin air. Mr. page gave him the first 10 strokes and then moved onto Cindy. Her cute toes curled up as she screamed her head off. That strap slammed across her poor bare buttocks without mercy. Her cheeks jumped up as if to meet the punishing leather. he gave her her 10 strokes and then moved back o the boy.

The room was filled with constant howls, wails, crying and screaming and pleading.
The strap impacted the two sets of schoolboy and schoolgirls cheeks in sets of 10
Mr. page did not hold back either and made each stroke hard. Soon there were two bottoms covered with angry red stripes that overlapped a few times. After 30 to each set of cheeks, he whipped their tender thighs 10 each. The final 10 were across the soles of their feet and vertically between their cheeks.

He took a short rest. Then he took down the cane.

“Now…for insolence…15 each with the cane”

More pain. More horrid screaming. The cane bit deeply into their soft bottom flesh.
Top to base…sets of 5 a few lighter strokes across the soles and toes of their feet.

After 15 such strokes their bottoms were covered with deep vivid stripes.

He again took a rest. He then freed their arms and legs.

“We are almost through…I am now going to show you what will happen if you are sent back to me again. Turn over…face up”

The two naked students got into position naturally begging all the time. he again secured their wrists and ankles. he took down a three tailed light whip.
He watched their faces as he whipped their chests, stomach, abdomens and thighs and feet. Now very hard but hard enough to cause more tears. He gave them 10 lashes each. He let them down.

He had them stand in the corner, naked hands on their heads for 30 minutes.
He thought about taking them to his bedroom but that is another story.



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