Daddy!! Not so hard.


The rest of the summer had been fantastic.

The cruise ship Annabel Lee, instead of sleeping “in her sepulchre by the sea”, had taken Christine Brimley’s group for their tour in the waters of Florida and the Mexican Gulf. The warm breeze of the Caribbean seas had been the background to several shows in many harbours, where the enthusiastic teenagers, aged between thirteen and eighteen, had performed “Kiss Me Kate” again and again, almost to exhaustion, but without incidents. Christy and her former arch-enemy Kevin Williamson, her partner in the play, had managed to get along just fine, and so had the rest of the cast and crew. There was nothing to earn from the musical, financially at least, but several talent scouts had been watching, hidden in the not-too-crowded ship’s auditorium from time to time, and sure enough, they were setting their eyes on the performers.

To say that Christy had been ecstatic when a woman offered her a tryout at the New York Modern Dance Company, which was affiliated with the famous New York City Ballet… well, it would be a major understatement. Suffice to say she jumped and squealed like a squirrel for a whole evening, and got to order whatever she wanted at the restaurant, and was granted a long ’wild shopping’ session with her mother in the ship’s built-in mall. The tryouts weren’t to be until late October, though, and by then the pretty and talented girl would be fifteen, and ready at least to give it a try. Not that she put much hope in it – to her, dancing and singing were pleasant past-times, not career opportunities. But still… why throwing something to the wind when you have a chance?

Little or nothing had been said, between she, her father Haley and her mother Carly, about the incident taking place in mid-July, when she had been severely over-spanked and that had nearly torn the family apart. After having regained their family unity, Haley and Carly preferred to leave it all behind and just allow Chris and themselves a good time. And a good time they all had, but at long last, even the funniest month of the young teen’s life came to a close, and it was time to go back and resume everyday life.

On the late morning of August 25th, Haley dropped the very last suitcase on the living room floor of their two-story house in the North East, and closed the door behind him. Taking a deep breath, he said to himself: “Here we go again,” and dreaded the massive unpacking which was still to come, and restarting their jobs, and Christy’s brand new high school and everything… why couldn’t holidays last forever? Haley sighed as he helped himself to iced soda and caught his breath, and he couldn’t but realise just how good the latest weeks had been… but also how he had been purposefully stuffing his one preoccupying thought into the very back of his mind. Was everything really alright between him and Christy? Would she really forgive him for what he had done? There had been no chance to prove that, since his daughter had been so well behaved after the incident that she had earned herself nothing more than some gentle scolding here and there. No need for discipline of any kind. But he knew, and Carly knew it, and perhaps Christy herself knew it, that it was a bliss which was not destined to last: sooner or later, their discipline would be needed again, in whatever form it would come, but it would be needed. What to do, then? How to face it?

Sipping the last of his soda, Haley preferred not to think about it, but rather pushed the thought farther away and tried to focus on the unpacking.

It was after the Brimley family had been home for quite a while, and Chris for her part had been behaving quite admirably. It had taken quite a while for the welts and bruises from that last spanking to dissipate, and she wasn’t looking forward to any further chastisement. Still, plenty of time had gone by, and she was pretty sure that there were times when she normally would have been punished. Not horrendously, perhaps just a minor spanking at most. But she was starting to question her father’s agreement to take up his fatherly duties once more and properly spank her. She wasn’t sure if it was just her, but she wanted to know where things stood in the family. She didn’t want things to be weird still.

So she came up with the plan. The plan to slowly test her parents.

She began by just leaving a few piles of dirty clothes on the floor, and some used paper and such. Not truly a spankable offence, but she wanted to see where it was going to take her. Minor issues like those were kind of normal even in a rather strict household like the Brimleys’, but still, Chris’s mother and father, and especially Carly, noticed her increasing lack of care. They didn’t even talk about it to each other like they usually did when it was about their daughter’s behaviour, until Haley had let it slip to Carly – more as a joke than anything – how Chris seemed to be resenting from the end of the holidays, having to go back to school and more in general resuming her normal everyday life. Carly had shrugged and agreed that was probably the reason, but that if she thought that turning fifteen in a month could grant her the right to be careless, she was wrong. They agreed to keep an eye on her.

Of course Chris didn’t know about any of this private discussion behind her back, and to her it seemed that they were completely ignoring her. Her first thoughts were that her plan wasn’t going to work. That is, until her creative juices got flowing and she decided she wasn’t taking it far enough.

She knew she had never gotten away without at least a word to the wise when she sassed her one of her parents, so she decided to wait for Carly to get on her about something… ANY little thing, which in her household usually didn’t take too long, and then go on to the next step in her master plan. Luckily for the teenager, if that can be considered luck, her mother was soon off the holiday mood as well, and the first occasion for her to ‘get on’ her daughter came with school equipment. Only one week left before the start of classes and neither Christy nor anyone else had put too much care on the girl’s furnishing of notebooks, pens, pencils and whatnot. Not to mention textbooks, which had yet to be bought.

So, on one Friday afternoon, Carly entered her daughter’s room and, smiling, showed her the book-list from school. “Honey. They faxed this ages ago. It’s about time we get to it, what do you say?”

Chris grudgingly looked up at her mother from her computer game and knew this was her chance. Wrinkling her nose up in disdain she glared at Carly. “Come off it, mother. Why can’t you just go get it yourself? Geez, I’m busy here!”

Carly arched her eyebrows as soon as she heard that. More than the words themselves, it was the tone to annoy her. “I can’t go get it myself because it’s your stuff and last time I checked I wasn’t your chambermaid. And don’t take that tone with me, Christine, alright?” She sighed. “Come on. Grab your coat and off we go.”

Chris rolled her eyes. “Whatever,” she muttered under her breath, making it just loud enough for her mother to hear it.

“Christy!” Carly snapped as she heard that. “I don’t know what’s getting into you. You’re being annoying and rude. Straighten up, alright? Your father’s not going to be happy when he knows about this.”

And with that she turned and walked out of the room, really meaning to tell Haley. To her, this was one more reason for them to keep a close eye on her. Christy was careful to keep a scowl on her face, but inside she had the largest grin possible. Finally her father was going to find out. She was actually looking forward to this evening. Still, she had to carry out her duties now, so she snatched her coat off the hook and stomped out of the room after her mother in order to go get the books (which she really was interested in getting.)

All afternoon, Carly watched her daughter carefully for more signs of that disrespect that was so not like Christy to show, but she found little or none. The girl was just immersed in her thoughts and was barely even talkative. The shopping trip went well, and as they were back home, the woman noticed her husband’s car already in the driveway.

Inside, Haley kissed them both, and was taken aside by Carly to talk while Christy unpacked her books on the living room table. While totally out of view, the teenager did lean down the banister in an attempt to listen, and while she could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation, she determined it was better than nothing, and she wasn’t really wanting to get caught snooping.

Haley was too focused on his wife’s words to notice her presence anyway. Hearing of Chris sassing her mother was something unusual; he wasn’t used to it. Nor too happy about it. He still tried not to make too much of a big deal out of it.

“She’s probably nervous about the new school and everything. You said so yourself.”

“Yes, but that was… weird. She snapped at me rudely, and twice. Not like her.”

Haley sighed and shrugged. “Want me to talk to her?”

“Please,” said Carly. “Just a word.”

“Alright,” said Haley as he made his way to the living room. “Christine? Sit, we need to talk,” he commanded in a sterile, yet firm tone.

Almost giddy despite the fact that she was possibly in trouble, Christy got away from the table and nearly bounced into the living room. She carefully checked herself before anyone saw her exuberance, though, and made her way in, a touch of defiance placed in her eyes, but just a slight touch.

“Yeah?” she asked as she entered. Not quite the ‘yes Daddy?’ she probably should have used, but certainly not fresh or truly rude either.

Even such a slight touch didn’t go unnoticed on Haley’s – Christy was naturally inclined to show respect, and most definitely so when possibly in trouble. He didn’t remark it, but he had noticed. He stood with arms crossed in front of the girl as he spoke, calm but with a hint of severity in his voice.

“I’ve heard things I don’t like, Christine. You know we don’t tolerate disrespect. One snap because you’re nervous is alright, we all do that, but you’re not getting fresh with your mother on a regular basis… are you?” he raised an eyebrow.

Chris fought a gulp that formed in her throat, that I’m-about-to-get-punished feeling welling up in her belly. Still, she tried to keep her cool… and her attitude. She shrugged nonchalantly, saying: “Sorry…” with just a hint of sarcasm.

She knew she was pushing it, but she really wanted to know that her father wasn’t making an idle promise weeks ago when it came to her being spanked by him again. Actually, that was something not even Haley knew for sure. This was one of those situations he always wanted to avoid. Should I give her a mild one just so she’ll straighten up right away or just let it go and hope it’ll settle down naturally?, he thought. And the idea of punishing Christy again after all that had happened wasn’t all that appealing in his mind.

Already quite uneasy by himself, the sarcasm in the girl’s voice made him quite nervous. “You want to say that better?” he asked, he too ironic.

Chris sucked in her breath, willing herself to carry through with her plan. She narrowed her eyes in mock anger and replied vehemently: “I said I was sorry!”

Haley felt blood pumping in his head and willed himself to count to ten. Aside him, Carly shook her head in disbelief. “Look,” the man said, “if this is the way you’re going to be around us for the rest of the day, you might as well spend it in your room. We’ll bring you dinner. OFF!” he bellowed, and walked away.

Christy stood in total disbelief of what had just happened. Before the whole scenario with the play, she would not only feel her father’s palm, she could easily expect to feel the effects of the brush for the stunt she had just pulled. She couldn’t even move as she tried to digest what had just happened. Of their own accord tears began to fall and she ran out of the room at a fast pace.

She slammed the door to her room as she entered, not caring how her family interpreted it. Finally she just threw herself face-down on her bed, sobbing and kicking. It felt like she had just been punched in the ribs. She had to find some way to find out for sure that her suspicions weren’t right. She didn’t know if she could stand being right that her father had lied to her on the cruise that night.


“So now you’re saying I’m a liar? Yeah, sure, it’s all my fault anyway, isn’t it.” Haley blurted out as he poured himself an iced Lucozade.

Carly just stared with arms crossed for a minute, then, seeing she wasn’t getting anything out of him, said: “Is Christy the only one snapping here? Because you’re being just as rude, you know.”

He took a deep breath, and when he realised she was right, he apologised and drank his soda.

“I didn’t mean you’re a liar,” Carly resumed, “just that you promised you would take care of things… and it seems like you aren’t.”

“Well, it wasn’t enough to warrant a spanking anyway.”

“Was too.”

“Not in my book.”

“Then your book has changed. Or you have.” She kissed his forehead and sat at the table. “Listen, what’s done is done now, but if it happens again… promise you’ll think about it and do what she expects you to?” Haley nodded absent-mindedly, but wasn’t convinced.


The next week Christy began high school for the first time. It wasn’t that much different from her previous school, and in reality wasn’t nearly as difficult as she had presumed it would be. Of course, the first week there is very little if any work accomplished, but still, it didn’t seem like much was happening. It was after her second day that she got her great idea for testing her father. It was something so out of character it almost made her giddy. She was going to skip school.

And skip she did. She left that next morning along her regular school route, but abruptly switched directions about halfway there. Before long she had caught a bus downtown, where she holed herself up in the library with a good book. She knew that her parents would receive a call from the school when she wouldn’t arrive and no one had phoned her in as being absent due to illness, so there was no doubt in her mind that she would have two frantic… and angry… parents on her hands when she returned home.


All the calm that Haley had somehow managed to regain that afternoon two weeks earlier vanished like snow in the sun when he listened to what the school secretary had to say. Carly raised her chin in an inquisitive manner, wanting to know what the big deal was about, and her husband muttered a word of acknowledgement to the girl before hanging the phone.

“I… I can’t believe it. Chris cut school.”

Carly’s eyes went as large as saucers. “Did not…”

“She’s not in class.”

“Oh goodness.” Carly sat in front of Haley’s desk. “What if she… I don’t know, she may be hurt or something instead?”

Haley raised an eyebrow. “She’s been seen downtown.”

“… darn.”

But despite the shock, things were getting clearer in Carly’s mind. It was becoming quite apparent that this was the last straw to a series of… tests? Solicitations? Whatever. Chris was doing this intentionally, her mother suspected.

She suddenly rose from her chair and approached a still shocked Haley.

“Listen, honey… I’ve got an idea.”


That afternoon Chris arrived home. Not only did she wait until school would normally be out, she made sure she was a good hour later than usual before entering. Still, she came in looking as if she hadn’t a care in the world, with a huge grin on her face.

“Hi! I’m home!” she called out. She couldn’t believe it… she was actually looking forward to a spanking!

She was greeted with the sight of her father who was just about to finish stuffing their fishing equipment in two large bags, one for each. “Ah, perfect. Welcome home. You’re late. I know you don’t have an excuse for ditching school so I shan’t force you to invent one. Just come along to the car. It’s a perfect afternoon for fishing down at the Kusari Lake, isn’t it?”

Haley ruffled her hair and quickly kissed her forehead as he went for the door. Carly, standing on the other side of the room, raised her eyebrows at Christy but didn’t say anything. In her mind, she was dying to see what her daughter’s reaction to THAT would be.

Christy’s reaction was to stare open-mouthed, trying desperately to piece together what was happening but failing miserably. She tried to think of something to say, but words failed her. Finally, with a confused determination, she followed her father out to the car.

As per his wife’s suggestions, Haley purposefully kept his mouth shut all the way down to the lake, and it was a one-hour drive. He didn’t speed, either. He would occasionally glance sideways at his daughter, waiting for her to say something, but he himself wouldn’t bring up anything. Not yet, at least. Let her boil in her own water, he thought to himself.

The girl fidgeted uncomfortably in the stony silence of the car. She longed to bring it up, to say something, but the truth of the matter was she didn’t know what to say. Instead she kept her eyes focused out the car window, trying desperately to keep from crying, and just barely succeeding.

Such effort didn’t go unnoticed to Haley, who did however stay silent, except for the occasional comment about the AC, radio volume or whatnot. It was a long drive for him too, and at long last they were in sight of the lake. He dismounted and looked at their cabin on the edge of the waters.

“C’mon Chris, we don’t want to waste time. You know your mother, she’ll skin us alive if we’re not home for dinner.”

Chris gulped and nodded, letting herself out of the car and going around to the back to grab her portion of supplies. Obediently she followed Haley down right to the cabin, waiting to see where he wanted to go, whether it be just out on the dock, inside the small house, or elsewhere along the shore. She had no clue how things were going this trip, and so she took nothing for granted.

He chose the shore. Away from the cabin and the dock, and mostly, reasonably away from the few other people crowding the lakeside. He inhaled the fresh air as he walked, but not even that would take his mind off the one heck of an afternoon ahead of them. If he thought to have left their family issues aboard the Annabel Lee, he was mistaken big time.

“This place looks perfect,” he announced as he dropped his tackle. “Got the baits?”

Chris sighed and nodded, reaching into her large bag and producing several containers of worms and leeches. In a fog she sat down on the shore, taking her pole and baiting her rig with a large nightcrawler. With a heavy sigh she plopped the jig and spinner combo just past the weeds and sat in silence. It was amazing how much her attitude had changed since she had come home. Suddenly things weren’t going exactly how she had planned for them to.

The change was noticeable even with Haley, who didn’t know about her previous mindset – even though, according to his wife, Christy was putting his patience and his very promise to the test in the best, fastest possible way. He just sat there holding a pole too, and he did so for a few minutes. Until, since she wasn’t giving any signs of starting a conversation, he did.

“Was it a fun morning? What didya do?”

He sounded colloquial rather than angry, and Chris sat there a little shocked by such question and especially tone. Still, she forced herself to answer. “I… yeah, I guess you could say it was fun,” she said hesitantly. “I went to the library and spent the day curled up in one of their beanbag chairs with a good book. I did go to the cafe down the street for a sandwich and a coffee drink for lunch, but other than that I was in the library.” Once she was done she became quite quiet once again, not sure where any of this was leading.

“Oh, great,” Haley chirped. “You know, I skipped school too, in my days. Twice, actually. With a bunch of friends. First time we went to the movies and then out to eat. Second time we did all of the above and ended up spying couples making out at the county drive-in. Heh, we were so stupid.” He shook his head as he remembered. “Cutting school in itself is so stupid, but yeah, it gives a big thrill……… so, where’s the thrill in one morning in a library?”

Chris listened curiously to her father’s confession, but frowned at his question. “I…” Chris gulped, not quite sure what to say. She had never planned on coming right out and saying why she’d been behaving so horridly. “I dunno,” she said at last. “I just felt like doing it is all.”

“Just felt like doing it,” Haley repeated. “So it wasn’t fun you were after. Nor, I suspect, you were trying to run from some class in school, right? I mean, I may be getting old but I do remember how the start of term is uneventful. Still better than being alone in a library, in my book. Forgive me…” he gave a strong pull to his pole as he felt resistance on the other side, “… but you’re not making the least bit of sense, Christine Marie.”

Chris’ heart leapt into her throat as she heard her full name being used. Finally she just broke down crying, unable to take the tension any longer. At first she attempted to hold onto her pole but she finally just set it down, bait still in the water, and held onto herself. She was too upset to speak at this point and just sat there, wishing someone could understand, but not wanting to have to talk.

Haley hadn’t expected such a strong reaction right away, even though his goal had been to corner her into admitting that she’d done it just because. Well, he’d brought her where he needed her after all, and though his heart hurt to see her cry, he steeled himself and went ahead.

“You wanted to see if I would spank you, right?” He still circled her shoulders with an arm and kissed her forehead as he spoke, he too letting go of his pole and the trout attached to it.

Chris was stunned but nodded, leaning into him for comfort. It had been a long, long week. She felt absolutely awful, and she couldn’t even piece together all the reasons why. She knew some, but some went beyond her simple knowledge or understanding. She couldn’t understand that her feeling of abandonment was really just acting to make her guilt stronger, but in fact it was. At least now the cat was out of the bag, and she didn’t have to keep this awful secret any longer. She just hoped her father would understand about her silence and trying to make him do something he wasn’t ready for… in a sense, using him.

“Christy… I’m sorry if I gave you the impression of not living up to my own promises. And, to be honest, I wasn’t ready to, sometimes.”

That was an understatement: the thought of spanking Chris again had crossed his mind several times those weeks, and he had always repelled it. Projecting his own doubts and fears on her had been his way: ‘What if she hates me? What if she reacts badly?’ Unloading it on her was easier than dealing with the fact that he wasn’t ready to cope with it yet – despite his promises. In a sense, he was using her as well.

“I’m sorry if I pushed you so far that you felt you had to do this. I shouldn’t have made that promise while I knew I couldn’t keep it… but now I know I can, honey. I’m not just saying that.”

Still crying just a bit, Chris lifted a tear-streaked face and looked at her father. She felt a little anger still that he would lie to her. How could she know it wasn’t just another empty promise? What she wanted to say took courage and it took her several moments to muster up the guts. Finally she was able to speak, though.

“How do I know that?” she choked out. “I need to be spanked, Daddy, and being promised that you’re going to do it and then you not following through again… I feel really, really bad. I don’t remember when I’ve felt so awful about something I’ve done and I don’t even understand it all and…” The teen broke off, sobs choking her up again.

“Aww Chris…” Haley sighed and he lifted her bodily, having her sit on his lap, her sobs shaking her slender frame. He held her tight and kissed her hair. She was right: to her eyes, he could be making yet another promise devoid of meaning, and what better way for her to know whether this was the case or not than a proof? And now the question was: was he ready to spank her for something she hadn’t done? True, she’d been careless. And sassy. And had cut school. But that wasn’t the real Christy. She wouldn’t have done such things hadn’t it been for his lack of honesty. And yet, just like it’d happened a few months aback, she needed to be spanked to feel reassured he was still there for her, and he wouldn’t miss yet another parental duty.

“I know, honey. You don’t have to explain. I don’t understand it all either. But, if this makes you feel good… and it should… I’m still your father, with all that it implies. Also that I’m going to spank you if needed, like I will this afternoon.”

Chris blinked in surprise, with hope twinkling in her eyes again. It wasn’t that she was looking forward to a spanking, far from it! But she needed the cleansing, the release from guilt, and most of all the knowledge that her father was still willing to live up to his duties.

“You… you really mean it? To-today?” she asked, still not quite able to believe it.

Haley simply nodded, just a tiny hint of smile curving his lips: he felt he had to maintain a certain sternness while promising his daughter a spanking, regardless of the circumstances. “In a minute, actually. Right in our cabin over there. We won’t be heard.”

A wave of relief washed over Chris. She was scared; she didn’t know how bad a spanking this would be but she felt she deserved every swat she could be given. She felt foolish, but still, while smiling through her tears, she whispered: “Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Haley said in return.

Again he kissed her forehead, and held her tighter for a while. Then they packed their fishing equipment and made their way to the cabin, Christy walking just a few feet aside him and now looking quite nervous. As soon as they reached the door, Haley opened it with their keys and motioned for her to walk in.

“I’ll be right back. Putting the bags in the car and… well, I’ll be right back. Why don’t you get more comfortable, meanwhile?” he suggested, pointing at her and at a corner before leaving.

Chris groaned slightly, and watched him warily, wondering what he was getting at, but obediently nodded. She quite quickly had her shoes, jeans and panties off and folded neatly on the floor, and her nose in the corner. She waited anxiously for her father’s return.

Haley tried to make it a quick trip back and forth. He stacked the bags in the car, took what he needed and returned to the cabin. He smiled mildly in appreciation when he saw her compliant and ready for her punishment. He moved one of the benches lined up against the walls to the centre of the room, and sat on it. He nonchalantly placed aside him a small, brand-new apple wood paddle with a few words engraved. They read: “Father-Daughter Quality Time.” It was 6 inches long and 4 wide, and a good half inch thick… something to regard with respect, he thought.

Chris heard her father enter the small cabin pull out the bench, but kept her nose in the corner. She kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other in nervous anticipation, waiting for her father’s beckoning. But since it had been a while since Haley had last spanked her… he had even forgotten that she didn’t move unless told to.

So he cleared his throat and said: “Come here, please, Christine.”

She immediately made her way over to her dad, gulping anxiously. When she saw the small yet thick paddle her eyes went wide.

“Your mother thought this would be appropriate for our… re-acquaintance,” he said, holding it in one hand. “Yes, it’s her suggestion. Even coming here was. We should both be grateful that she saw through things ahead of us.”

Christy smiled. That was ever so like her mother. She held out a hand, and took it. She was surprised by how heavy it was, and sucked in her breath. Still, she couldn’t help but admire the inscription. Reluctantly she handed the tool back to her father and waited tensely for instructions.

Giving a small smile back to her, Haley took the paddle and again laid it on the bench aside him. He gently took hold of Chris’ wrist and walked her to his right side, but then he thought that it would be better if she did it herself. “Lie across my lap, Christy,” he just said, tapping his thigh.

Christy looked at him, pleading with him with her eyes, but finally gave in. Swallowing her nervousness she bent herself over the paternal lap as she had countless times, and yet this time it was just somehow different, just as different as it was for Haley to watch her make that trip under these circumstances. He felt out of place somehow, but he knew where they were both coming from, and he knew that once the spanking was over with, it would all go back to normality. So he adjusted his daughter’s body over his knees, placed a hand on the small on her back (pushing down a little to keep her in position) and started spanking with the other. Crisp smacks fell on Christy’s upturned behind, not hard but indeed quite fast, and spread all over.

Chris whined a bit as she felt the first hints of the stinging. It had been quite a while since she had been in this position and she had quite frankly forgotten just what the sting was like. Still, she tried to take it stoically, not wanting to make too large a deal of it, not wanting to make it harder on her father. Likewise, Haley didn’t want to make it harder than necessary on her, so he spared himself at first. But when he realised that the hue and the reaction weren’t quite those he remembered after the first smacks, he decided this had to be more like a real spanking, however symbolic it was. So he picked up the pace a bit, slowing down the spanks but having them come down harder.

Chris balled her fists, struggling not to make too much noise, but as the swats began falling harder and the sting began greatly increasing, her breath came in shuddery sobs. These were often accompanied by gasps and whines, and true tears were beginning to fall. Haley interpreted that as a sign of a spanking well given, and he continued, now moving to her sit-spots and thighs. The feeling of having his precious daughter over his lap hadn’t changed with time: it was still a moment of closeness between them, but a very tough one to bear too. She too felt the closeness and safety, but still was yelping loudly with each smack to these tender areas.

“Ouch! Hur-hurts…” she moaned, not quite able to help herself. She really hated making this difficult on her father, who was doing such a favour for her (or so it seemed) but it was still a spanking, and any spanking given correctly hurt!

The moment she said that it hurt, Haley stopped. He blinked, staring at her bright pink backside. He had not wanted to stop; why had he? A natural reaction, for sure. After that horrendous spanking on the Annabel Lee, the concept that it was punishment and that it was supposed to hurt wasn’t quite clear yet. He stayed that way for a few seconds, then eventually said:

“I… well…” but nothing else came out.

Chris suddenly froze, her heart leaping into her throat. What had she done? “D-daddy?” she sniffled, fearing it was over, that she had stopped it before it should be stopped.

“No, it’s alright,” he quickly said, rubbing her back to reassure her. “I… I just had a moment’s hesitation, is all. I’m sure you understand why, this isn’t easy on me either… but it’s none of your fault, honey, okay?” he added as he silently kicked himself for that instinctive reaction.

Nervously Christy nodded, glad at least that her Dad wasn’t giving in, but also scared of what was to come. As she settled back down on his lap she whispered, just barely audibly, “I know Daddy…”

“Okay sweetie,” and again he patted her back reassuringly. But then his undivided attention went to her backside again, and he tried to focus on the task at hand. He took the paddle from the bench near Christy’s head and patted her bare cheeks with it. Again he wondered at its weight. With a hint of formality usually uncalled for, he said: “I’m going to paddle you now, Christy. Understand?”

Chris flinched upon feeling the heavy wood tapped on her nether-regions. It took her a moment before she was able to squeak out a hesitant “yes sir.” Instinctively she grabbed hold of Haley’s leg, needing the support and comfort it brought.

Her father nodded, thinking that the more things change, the more they stay the same: it would always hurt him to spank her, so he might as well have just done it. So Haley took in a deep breath and rose the paddle, then brought it down with medium force across her buttocks. Smack!

It took a moment for the pain to fully register in the teenager’s mind, but once it had she shrieked. She couldn’t tell that it hadn’t been done all that terribly hard; to her it felt that the immense pain was the consequence of a considerable amount of force propelling it: her father’s force.

“Daddy!! Not so harrrrrrrd!” she sobbed, squirming slightly.

Again, Haley was startled, but this time for a good reason. He had intentionally kept the force to a low level… and this was the result? Many things could have been said about Chris (well, few actually: she was really good at heart) but she sure wasn’t known to have ever faked her reactions.

“I… haven’t hit that hard,” he muttered as he realised the immense potential of this paddle.

Raising it again, he delivered two milder smacks. This time Chris was able to keep from begging off, but just barely. The heft and small surface area of the paddle really made the force center in, and within just those three swats already the teen felt like her bottom was on fire. Each time the piece of wood fell she let out a mild holler, burying her face in her dad’s leg.

Haley was thinking forward: could this little paddle impress some respect of it in Chris? Could it replace the unhealthy fright of the awful belt? Couldn’t it be that his ever-thoughtful wife had chosen it for this reason? As such thoughts drifted to his mind, he took a firmer grip on his daughter and delivered a rather hard smack, again across both cheeks, and noted the effect…

“Ahhhhh!! Noooo!” Christy screamed with this considerably harder blow. It hurt so bad! How was she supposed to take this? “Daddy… please?” she finally begged again, her attempts to squirm going up a notch. She couldn’t move much thanks to her father much tighter grasp but her efforts had redoubled.

“I know, Chris… this hurts much more than we had given it credit for.” He spanked her again, again quite intensely. “I think I’m keeping this for when you have really stepped out of line,” he explained calmly as he smacked it on her sit-spots, “and there will only be a few smacks, they’ll be enough. Is it clear?”

Chris howled with each swat, breaking down into hearty sobs in-between times. With a gasping breath she managed to answer “yessssssss!” in a wail before breaking down into sobs once more.

“Good girl. I really hope this is the first and last time I use it on you, then. Because you won’t like the second.” And with that he proceeded to deliver four hard and well-aimed smacks, two to her sit-spots and two to her thighs, then immediately dropped the paddle. If he had done so to reinforce the message or just because the spanking would be over soon, he wouldn’t know.

Chris absolutely howled with the last four, digging her fingernails into her father’s leg in an effort to remain in position. When it was finally over it barely even registered, except for hearing the drop of the heavy wood. She remained in position, sobbing harder than she could remember having done in a long time… since the Annabel Lee in truth.

“Hurrrrtsss…” she whined pathetically.

“I know honey, shh, it’s over now.” Haley rubbed her back profusely as he noticed the little bruises and a few minor welts already forming on the girl’s bottom. Not only the paddle was heavy, but it seemed to have ragged edges also, and that had to be corrected as soon as he was home. “This was a real spanking, Christine, despite the hesitations… and if you ever had doubts that I could do it, now you see I can”, he spoke soothingly.

Any doubt about that had been shed from Christy’s mind with the very first smack of the paddle, and those that followed had just made it clearer and clearer. And now, through her tears, the teenager sighed contentedly as she heard it from her father’s mouth. She wanted so bad to hug him, to find comfort in his cuddling, but knew better than get out of position unless told to, so she remained draped over his lap. Only for a moment, though, because Haley supported her under her armpits and got her to her feet. Chris needn’t telling twice, and without as much as a second’s wait, she threw her arms around Haley’s neck and sobbed on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Daddy!” she wailed, her words muffled by his shirt. “Thank you for sticking with me, I won’t give you trouble again…”

“That’s not the point, baby,” Haley spoke softly. “The point is that if you get in trouble, your mother and I will be there to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And it’s me who has to apologise. This should have happened long ago.”

“It’s okay…” Chris mumbled. She knew he was right, but still, it wasn’t properly easy to make logical reasoning when your bottom has just been set on fire.

Haley kept his beloved daughter close for quite a while, he wouldn’t know how much. He smiled inwardly as she reached back with a hand to gingerly rub some of the sting away from her flaming backside, and sighed when she let out a moan upon touching some of the most spanked areas. Then, when her crying subsided to the occasional sniffle, he broke the hug, and kissed her teary cheeks.

“I love you princess. Never forget that.”

There was just no way Chris could forget that. She just nodded, smiled wide and warmly and said that she loved him too, but she understood many more things that afternoon. Probably the worst shock for her was to have seen that her father was a fallible person, and that sometimes, when you make mistakes and aren’t ready to face it, you hold back for fear of doing worse. She didn’t understand all of it; she just knew he was back the way he’d always been, and though her bottom would pay for it, her heart would sing.

by Christy, Haley Brimley)

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