Mary looked up at the board with disbelief she had to write three stories at least four pages long in one week. She knew this was creative writing but there is no way she could get four stories done the week of the Homecoming. There was so much to do before Friday night and the big date with Bob, the best looking guy on the football team, she could hardly wait.
The more she thought about it she was sure she could talk the professor, who was also her uncle and godfather, into letting her slide a little this week and turn the stories in next week.
So that night after dinner she went up to him and put her arms around him about to ask him about that week’s assignment but before she could get the question out he broke in with a firm sounding. “No”, you can’t slide on your assignment this week. She looked at him with a sad sack look asking him please Uncle Ned this is homecoming week and I have a big date on Friday. He looked up at her and reminded her it would be unfair to the other students who have a big week also they all knew that you are my niece. They wouldn’t have to know that you let me slide but I would and that counts a lot to me. Oh please Uncle Ned with a very sad look on her face. I said no and that’s the last I want to hear about it with that Mary with the sad look turned and left the room. The rest of the night she walked around looking like she was going to cry at any moment. When she was younger she would use the sad face look on her parents and it would always led to her getting her way though she couldn’t remember if it had ever worked on Uncle Ned but what the heck it was worth a try. Finally after almost three hours of walking around the house with a sad face Uncle Ned called her into the study which made Mary smiled feeling she had won. When she got to the study her uncle was standing waiting for her but not with a smile on his face as she had expected. Young lady I have had enough of you walking around here pouting because you can’t have your way .So I have decided to give you something to really pout about, ”You are grounded this Friday “WHAT!!!!” she yelled in shocking voice “you can’t do that to me I’m twenty-one and in collage. Oh yes I can as long you live under my roof you live by my rules besides that if you want to act like a five year old then I have no choice to treat you like one, now young lady go to your room before I change my mind and spank you instead with that Mary turned stomping her feet saying a few choice four letter words in a very low voice and left the room stomping all the way up the stairs and then around her room as she got ready for bed. Meanwhile downstairs Ned was listening to the noise that she was making and not paying much attention to it all until a vase fell of the shelf right next to him when she slammed her bathroom door saying enough is enough Ned went over to the staircase telling Mary to tell him when she are ready for bed and he would be up there.
Mary knew now that she had pushed her uncle too far and had earned another punishment. It then came back to her that she did try the sad face trick on him once before when she first came to live with him he turned her over his lap and spanked her bare bottom a bright red which made it very sore for almost a week. That was over seven years ago he told her the same thing if she wanted act like a child he would treat like one she is in collage now definitely too old to be spanked.
She was finally ready for bed, and called down to him; she was sitting on her bed when he came into her room. He went over to her and sat next to her as she put her hands underneath praying she was not going to get spanked.
Mary, when you were growing up you used to pull that pouting act on your parents all the time and got away with it didn’t you? “Yes sir” as she moved back and forth on her hands. You haven’t forgotten about the time you tried it on me don’t you? Yes sir jumping up from the bed feeling very nervous about then. Well young lady I guess you didn’t learn from the first time? I thought by grounding you would be good enough but I was wrong young lady you still what to be treated like a child since you what to act like one. Well you are going to be disciplined like one. Get over my lap young lady she backed up holding her bottom with her hands. “Get back over here or do I have to get up to get you she just kept backing up from him, “I’m too old to get spanked!” You should have thought of that before. You went off and acted like a spoiled brat after I told you no, she kept pleaded with him not to spank her, as she backed up. I am tired waiting for you young lady so he got up from the bed and went over to her and grabbed hold of her arm and turns her around, laying her face down over his lap as he sat down on the desk chair, he took hold of her panties with his right hand and pulled them down. You are going to learn when I say No I mean No
At that Ned starts spanking Mary’s bottom with his large firm hand smacking one check then the other at a study pace as he holds her one hand with his left hand holding her firmly down on his lap. Young lady you are never too old to be spank while you live here and if you what more try me again do you understand what I am telling you “no sir I mean yes sir babbled Mary” as bright red hand prints covered her bottom as Ned spanked it for over ten minutes while she kick her legs wildly and pleading with him to stop when he did stop he pulled out a leather paddle out of his suit pocket. Now young lady since I have your bottom warmed up I am now going to make sure it is nice and sore for a while. No please Uncle Ned please no more at that he started to apply the paddle to her red bottom smacking it soundly making sure where she sit, the checks and thighs got equal treatment. When he was quite sure they would be sore for a while he stop reaching over to her desk and took hold of her mother’s wood brush and told her he was going to give her twenty good swats with it on each check to remind her that she is not too old to be spanked. With each swat of the brush Mary cried out with a loud cry that could be heard though out the house. After finishing with the brush he left her took no time for her to jump up and down as she dance around the room rubbing her bottom with large tears rolling down her face crying out how her bottom hurt so much. Finally her uncle takes hold of her and tells her to go to bed and reminds her she would be smart to take a pillow to class tomorrow if she what to keep your mind off your bottom as gives her a good night kiss as he tells her he had decided she can go out Friday as long as she had all her school work done as he then turns off her light and leaves her room.\ Mary laid in bed on her stomach crying rubbing her sore bottom till she falls asleep.

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