The Caretaker’s Son

The Caretaker’s Son m/f

This is actually a fictional account of a real life experience told to me by a friend of mine. All the characters in this story are fictional although based on actual people. Hope you will enjoy my rendition of events.

I want to tell you about what happened to me when I attended school some years ago. It couldn’t happen now of course, so much has changed. At this time corporal punishment was widely used in schools and at home too. It was mostly boys who received it but a lot of girls did also. I was spanked at home about once a month and got physically beaten at school about six times a year. For serious offences you would be punished in private, that is it was you and the teacher and it would be your bare bottom by hand or cane depending on how serious your ‘crime’.

Some of the teachers elected not to administer the punishment themselves but turned the matter over to someone else and that someone was the school caretaker. You got a note from your form teacher which explained what punishment you deserved and you were sent to the caretaker and after you had presented yourself to him the sentence was carried out there and then. He dealt with the boys while the girls, like me, had to take it from his wife.

The caretaker had two children, a girl and boy aged 11 and 13 respectively. They weren’t allowed to watch while the spankings were carried out but whenever I was in the kitchen where all of them were administered the door was always slightly ajar and I was often aware of one of them seeing me taken over his wife’s knee for a bare bummed smacking. I felt funny knowing they could observe it all and a little excited as well. They were pupils of the same school I went to and I knew they were disciplined in the same way.

On this particular day, when I was 15 and in the last year of school, I was sent there with a note in my hands saying “10c” meaning I due to be taken over the knee for 20 hand spanks. School had just finished for the day and I made my way to the caretaker’s home which was located next to the school grounds as I had done several times before. I knocked on the front door. It was opened by his 13 year old son whose name was Mark. I knew he’s had a touch of flu and had been off from school for the past two weeks. He was more or less over it now but was allowed to stay home for the remainder on the week. He was blond, slim and not bad looking. I stood just a little taller then him. He looked me and said, “My parents are out at the moment!” Well, that had never happened before. He glanced at the note. “So you’ve come here to be punished!”

“Well, yes I have!” I stammered.

“You should come back tomorrow,” he suggested. “they won’t be back until the evening.” I wasn’t sure what to do at that moment. I didn’t want to wait until the next day, thinking about what was to come. I just wanted to get it over with.

I told him, “I don’t want to wait that long actually, you know what I mean!”

He replied, “Yes, I understand. I’d feel the same if I was you. So what should we do?”

I suggested, “Well, I’d like to receive my punishment now. There’s only one thing to do since nobody else is here but you.” It took some time before he realised what I meant.

You mean I should be the one to do it!” he said after a while.

“That’s exactly what I mean!” I grinned nervously.

“Are you really serious?”

“I certainly am!” I could imagine what was going through his head just then. A 13 year old kid had the chance to give an older girl a good spanking on her bare backside. However, if anyone found out he would get the thrashing of his life.

“So come in!” he said after a long moment. My heart was pounding as we went into the kitchen. He asked me what my name was. I told him it was Amanda. He placed the punishment chair in the middle of the room and I knew the procedure by now. He sat down in the chair and I realised how extremely nervous he was. Then he addressed me saying, “Better get started then!” I nodded. “Amanda, you’ve been a very bad girl and I’m going to have to give you a spanking you’ll remember. Now come here and get over my knee!” I slowly approached him with a feeling of apprehension and soon I was positioned across his lap.

I felt him lift my short plaid school skirt above my waist and waited for what was to follow. I felt his fingers in the waistband of my panties and he began to tug them clear of my bottom. “Knickers down for you, Amanda!” He lowered them until they were wrapped around my ankles and then he dropped them on the carpeted floor. I knew that his hand was raised and ready to strike. Well, I don’t really know why I was letting him do this to me or why I had suggested it in the first place. Just a spur of the moment thing I suppose.

“Are you ready for this?” This was not something the woman who normally did this would ask me. His voice was trembling, he was as embarrassed about this as me. I told him that I was. “Now then, young lady!” I felt the first whack of his hand on my bum cheeks. It was a light one and so were the next few. Then he stopped to ask me, “How many am I supposed to give you? Sorry but I am new to this you know. This is the first time I’ve dished it out to anybody.”

I laughed at this and realised how strange that was. “You have to give me twenty good ones on my bottom. So now you know!” Looking back, why was I so honest? I could have said ten.

He resumed spanking me again and now he was doing it harder. He was more relaxed now and he was really warming to his task. The smacks were coming hard and fast. “Ouch, you’re giving me really hard ones now!”

“That’s how my mother does it to me and so does my father!” he said and of course he was right. He delivered hard smack after hard smack and it was really hurting me now. I was starting to cry. I was counting the spanks and when he reached twenty I implored him to stop.

“All right, it’s over now! Please let me up and sign my paper.” But he prevented me from getting off his lap. He was having too much fun and he didn’t want it to end too soon.

He rested his hand on my bottom and told me, “No, not yet! The first four I gave you were much too weak, you know!” I did know and something told me I’d be upended over this boy’s knee a little longer. “I’ll have to give you another four.”

“You really mean that?” I enquired.

“Yes I do! You’ve been naughty, Amanda!”

“That does it! I’m going back to my teacher and I’ll tell him.”

“If you do then you’ll have to go through it all again from the beginning. Do you want that?”

“You’ll get a good hiding too!” I replied.

“I might.” He responded.

I knew I had to give in and let him have his way with me. “All right, make it three!”

“Good girl!” I knew the little swine WANTED to give me more smacks yet somehow I was becoming a little aroused by the situation just as he was. A 13 year old boy was spanking my bare arse and I was telling him how many he should give me. He didn’t even know the reason why I had been sent to his house and he probably didn’t even care. He been given a once in a lifetime chance and he fully intended to make the most of it. Actually, my ‘crime’ was talking too much during class and the punishment was really too harsh in my opinion. As if any adult cared what I thought, I was just a silly schoolgirl.

He gave me two quite hard ones which made me cry out and tears ran down my eyes. My behind was pretty sore now. I was relieved when he told me, “Just one more now! It won’t be very hard because you took the rest of your punishment very well.”

“Thanks, Mark, you’re very kind!” Well, that was the final humiliation, him giving me a light one. I could feel a stiffness in his trousers. The little bastard was getting a boner! I made no comment about that. I then received my final smack.

“All right, it’s over now!” he announced. He lowered my skirt. “You can get off my lap and put your knickers back on. I’ll sign your note.” When I was dressed he handed the signed note to me. It was just like his mother’s signature. A very good forgery I had to admit. Nobody would know the difference.

I grinned at him and said, “Did you enjoy that, Mark?” He blushed when he heard this.

Then came his answer. “Well, you do have a nice bottom, Amanda.” We both giggled at this. “At least I didn’t do it as hard as my parents.” He was certainly right about that. We exchanged farewells and I made my way out and then headed for home.

Next day I was back in my classroom. All my friends were laughing about my latest visit to the caretaker’s house. If they only knew! I couldn’t imagine the shame I would have felt. I didn’t see a lot of Mark for some time after that spanking session. I think he did his best to avoid me and I wasn’t very keen to see him either. We ran into each other a couple of times in the corridor and just exchanged polite greetings. I saw him a few times after we had both left school and we both referred to that incident between us with some amusement. What else could we do?

Looking back the memory of being degraded and abused by a younger boy outlived any other corporal punishment episode during my school years. I know I had given him permission to do it, he hadn’t forced it upon me, and someone going through puberty wasn’t likely to turn an offer like that down. While I have to admit I had kind of liked it myself at the time perhaps I do now regret letting it happen. The mental and emotional scars never really go away, they stay with you always. It’d about the choices you make throughout your life. You often wonder if you made all the right ones.

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