I was in a chastity belt!!

My heart was beating, lungs gasping, legs pumping as I pounded the treadmill.thestart to my routine in the gym. Next to me a muscular woman, not muscle-bound, but firm well shaped, tight behind and firm breasts, ran the mill, a slight sheen of sweat covering her. As I stood gasping for air to recover she slowed down to a stop and looked at me. ‘First time ‘she asked. First time for over a year I replied. It shows she said with a smile. That smile lit up her face. Hi I am Vivian. Andrew I replied

That was about a year ago. The gym was quite old and had a lot of mechanical machines, not the air pressure type, one reason I had chosen to use that particular gym, and the fact it was a 5 minute walk. Slowly we had begun to ‘buddy’ helping each other with weights and encouraging pushing more weights. These days I look a lot better in my shorts as does Vivian. Other men would ask Vivian if she would ‘buddy’ but she stayed with me. Some times I would walk in the gym and find her beating hell out of the punch bag, and I knew it would be a hard day, and she would really be pushing the exercises.
After exercises we would sit and chat over a coffee or protein shake and our life stories came out.

I had been lucky enough to retire early, very early, had sold a patent to an American company, divorced, moved to a new town, so had plenty of spare time, hence being able to spend a lot of time in gym. Vivian’s husband had been ‘something in plastics, he brought a lot of strange things home’ had died in a car accident, and his will gave her a generous allowance, she had to also go to see a grandmother every so often so made it possible for her to also retire, from being an airhostess. ‘You see the world but plays havoc with your legs’ she once said

This particular day I arrived in gym, here was Vivian beating 4 bells out of punch bag, O dear another hard day I thought. We built up a sweat and pumped the weights untill all the lights went out. No electricity, we finished our routine and headed for showers, no hot water we were told. Yuk Vivian said don’t like going home all smelly on train. Innocently I suggested coming to my place for a shower, it’s just across the road. She gave me a strange look. ‘Just a shower’ she asked. Yeah I replied. After a long stare at me she smiled and said OK.
Ten minutes later we were in flat, ‘a bit of a bachelor pad’ I had warned her. ‘You jump in shower whilst I make a drink, only men’s things for shower ‘fraid clean towels in cupboard No problem. Was answer .Whilst I busied around making a drink the shower was active but soon stopped. The door opened and Vivian stood there with a towel around her head and one covering her breasts and most of her bottom. Have you a clean tee shirt or something I can use, she asked, sure will bring you one I replied. She turned to go back into bathroom and I gasped. WHAT! I glimpsed two small chains, each one over a buttock ending in a V between her legs. Vivian hesitated slightly and closed the bathroom door behind her. Thoughts tumbling as to what I had just seen I went into bedroom to find a tee shirt for her. I heard the bathroom door open and footsteps to the bedroom door. I turned to find her standing there, naked. ‘You like’ she said.
Jesus I muttered, me like? This firm body standing in front of me was the best thing I had ever seen. From the hair tumbling down to her shoulders, and her firm 36c breasts with a glow standing out in front, legs all the way up to a Chastity belt?? It was something I had never seen before, a slim band around the waist, that rose above the hips and dipped towards the front and back, so you could just see the start of her shaven pussy and her cleft behind and a slightly inverted front hiding her pussy and two chains from the back underneath to keep it in place. I stood there with mouth open. WOW I croaked. Your turn for shower she purred, I like my men clean and from what I can see I think you like. My penis was at full attention. ‘Shower’ she commanded, nodding dumbly I trotted into bathroom and took a shower… I returned with a towel around my waist. I found her under the sheet of the bed. Climbing in beside her her warm body sent a thrill through me, and my penis arose again, ooh she said as she felt it, we will have to cage that one day. Not thinking about what she said I snuggled up to her and we slowly kissed , I started around her neck and nibbled my way down to her nipples and slowly ran my tongue around one and then the other, then squeezed one and nibbled the other , sucking and squeezing them brought gasps of enjoyment . I worked my way down wards towards the belt and tried to get my tongue into the small slit around the shaven pussy, but no luck. Vivian grabbed my head away and dived towards my penis and gave it long hard suck, licking up and down the shaft and sucking the now bulging head, slowly but surely I found myself Cuming, quietly she eased off then on again building up the pressure untill I could no longer hold back and with a groan of pleasure a long stream of cum erupted. Wow I gasped as we snuggled down together under the duvet. Quietly we talk and I asked about the belt.’ My husband insisted I wear one as I was a
way a lot at first I was resentful that he did not trust me, but started to enjoy it. We had to change it, she giggled as it was setting off alarms at airports, so he made me a traveling one, As soon as home after ‘relief’ with him back into metal one which I preferred. ‘So what do you do about ‘relief’? I asked, well sometimes I get so frustrated the punch bag gets a lot of work, Like today? Oh yes. What about you she asked, you enjoy anything kinky, I dabbled in a bit if bondage, I said ooh perhaps another time we can explore that she answered with a wicked smile. She got out of bed and we dressed each other which was kind of sexy. I have to go now to feed my other pussy, one with 4 legs. See you tomorrow in gym. Next day we met as normal with the exception of a quick kiss. Working together I was able to feel that she had on her belt. which excited me. We continued as normal for a few days, untill she asked,’ shower tonight’. We went straight from workout home, were this time I joined her in shower, lots slippery shower gel as we washed each other .Washing her bum I fingered her anus, quickly she slapped my hand away, ,’that’s mine’, she said. I stared on her front around her neck down to nipples and tried around the shield of belt, no chance she purred as she grabbed my penis and started to rub. She turned around and gyrated into my groin, rubbing up and down, the chains on the belt adding friction. Suddenly I came all over her, and she just washed it off. We stepped out of shower and she powdered her self around belt. This was to become routine, always shower before and after and powder. For a time we enjoyed each other company, going to a movie, after gym romping about, we were comfortable enough to walk around the flat naked, her in the belt and me in a thong or nothing. We sometimes went to her place, cat needs looking after, where one night she stood me in shower and shaved me from neck to crutch, the hairs get in my throat she grinned and took special delight around the crutch and when ‘Percy’ as she now called it stood to attention gave a blow job. That’s for being a good boy.

One night when we were sitting around I tenitivly asked if she would enjoy being tied up? You like it also she asked. Yes. Ok just as long as its two ways. We went to the bedroom where I produced some straps and spread eagled her to the bed. A soft blindfold went on and I slowly liked and nibbled my way down. Getting into the 69 position I gave her Percy to suck and stared on her enclosed pussy. A long thin soft instrument was used to get into the slit of the belt and work her clit. She shuddered at the first touch and moaned but Percy was keeping her quite. As I worked she started to writhe and groan and Percy was soon emptied, taking all the juices down her throat, the groaning got louder and finally she came with a gush of juices and a moan of pleasure. ‘You bastered’ she said what was that. I took of the blindfold and untied her, and showed her a swan’s feather. THAT did it, incredible! You keep that away from me in the future. OK. If that’s what you want I said.

A couple of days later whist working in gym she told me that she would have to go and see grandmother, and to take her cat as we were spending more time together , its no fair on cat being alone all the time, but will come to see you before I go. Later that evening a knock on door and she stood there with a small suitcase. Have to go tonight, but don’t worry pussy is still all yours, she slowly lifted up her dress. A pair of hold-ups came before her ‘traveling belt’ Soft pink leather belt with plastic shield and where before two chains two strips of leather. All finished off with a plastic lock. Hubby was in plastics she said with a smile… A quick kiss and she went out to a taxi. The next few days were lost, cleaning around tidying her things that had started to appear, a bit of on line shopping at Jasna’s wardrobe, and more time in gym. We were now muscular, as we walked or rode bikes wherever we went, no car as public transport was wonderful. After 4 days all I had received was a text to say ‘both pussies have arrived ok.’ Late that night a knock on door and she stood there, looking tired. Grandmother sends love, wants to meet you etc. After shower we went to bed, she still had traveling belt on, and we just slept… Next morning she asked if she could bring some off her ‘stuff’ around. Sure, want some help. No will take taxi and ride back. My flat was a penthouse, well the top flat of a small block so our terrace was not overlooked. We often sat outside in the sunshine or sunbathed naked. Vivian returned with a bag of things and joined me, having changed and I could see that she had shaved, her pussy. Looking up at her, her muscles were firm and formed. The belt now fitted her snuggly and looked attractive. I may have to get a new belt soon , she said as she lay beside me this one is a bit tight now, you really want one I asked, Oh yes she said I enjoy it, don’t you. In a way yes I replied. It was a hard session in the gym that day, and we came home tired but relaxed. We sat around and I could see she had something to say. She got up and went to her bag, and gave me a box. Inside was a key, it’s to my belt, she said, but promise me, only use it if I ask, it’s a promise I said. A few nights later I brought out my shopping for her to see and try if she wanted, a pair of nipple clamps with a bell on each , eagerly she put them on and paraded around to show me how they looked, Percy appreciated them, and she took him by the root and pulled us into bed. Now whenever we were at home she wore the chains they looked good, as her nipples were always perky. Later that week I tied he hands loosely to bed head and started arouse her, pulling slightly on the chains so her nipples were red, then removed one and licked it put it back and repeated it on the other, licking her nipples, her tummy, down to around the belt, can I use the feather I asked yes she moaned please. I placed it into the slit in the belt and worked her clit. Slowly her arousal built, suddenly she shouted ‘the key’ the key’ quickly I unlocked the belt and looked upon her in all her glory. I turned her over so her bum was in the air and as I plunged Percy into her now sopping wet pussy from behind she shuddered with an orgasm, I pumped as fast as I could as I came she shuddered again with an almighty scream OOHH. We lay together that night for the first time absolutely naked, it was wonderful. The next morning I awoke to find her on the terrace showered and belted again. Thank you she said that was wonderful last night. We must go to my place tonight after gym need to sort a few things out .Our session at gym was not too hard so we cycled furiously to her flat, about half an hour. We hit the shower and spent time washing each other. Time to play she said and led me into the bedroom where her large 4 poster bed stood, it was really cool, with curtains around it, nice in winter time, and the top was extended out by about a metre, ‘like a gallows’ I had once commented. She produced a blindfold and covered my eyes. I felt a rope around each wrist and arms were slowly pulled up untill they were upright. A collar was placed around my neck, and each nipple had a clamp attached and tightened, ‘owow ‘I said, ‘Quite’ was the answer. My feet were guided into some thing and I felt it raised up. Percy was gently inserted into tube of some kind and pulled down between my legs, and then everything was tightened. There I stood, Percy entombed and strapped down, I was in a chastity belt!! My collar was attached to a long chain. The nipple clamps were removed and the blood started to flow back into them. Just before the pain of a cane across my nipples a voice whispered into my ear, ‘My time to play… SLAVE!!

Author: zagreb

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