Practice Makes Perfect (DIC-AS)

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Practice Makes Perfect

At the end of my freshman year, I was granted permission to be in the
advanced orchestra the next year under the condition that I practiced
hard over the summer and got private lessons. Well, I did half of
what I agreed to. I practiced every night, literally, until the tips
of my fingers were numb and I couldn’t press down on the strings
anymore. I mean, what else did I have to do? I learned all these
tricky rhythms. After all, it was nifty for a sophomore to be in the
advanced orchestra, since most of the people in there were juniors
and seniors who had played their instruments their entire lives.

The year began before I knew it and I was filled with anxiety and
excitement about the new year. That was the year that my teacher
decided to do a new thing. She told us that we were going to buddy
up, preferrably juniors and seniors would be paired with the
lowerclassmen, but since there weren’t very many of us, it wouldn’t
be so possible. She told us that the person we would be paired with
would kind of like a guide. They would let us know what we needed to
practice and help us out with some tricky stuff. She paired us in
the order of chairs we were in. There were 6 people in my section.
I was fourth chair, which I was very pleased about. I was paired
with the guy who sat in the first chair, our section leader. His
name was Jeremy and he was a senior that grinned a lot and wore baggy
jeans and T-shirts and had semi-long hair that fell down to his
nose. It seemed as if everybody in the orchestra knew him well from
his great sense of humor and awesome personality. Apparently, I was
lucky to be paired with him. My friends told me so themselves.

Thus, the year began.


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