The Kaidia Chronicles 4: Dealing With A Demoness

The Kaidia Chronicles 4: Dealing With A Demoness

Warning: The following story is darker and heavier than the previous three installments. This installment contains darker themes as well as a higher degree of general roughness and a fight scene. Granted, I’m sure some of you out there will like it all the more due to such things. *Wink* But all in all, remember… it’s just a story. Enjoy!

An hour before the first of dawn’s light brightened the sky, Kaidia and Kitiara had slipped into the manor of timber and stone by means of an old, underground passage that had likely been built as an emergency escape route for the noble of the manor.

“Hey, Kaidia? How did you know of this passage?” Kit asked. “My employer, the noble who lives here, told me of it.” Kai replied, silently hoping that Cortessa had yet to discover it. The two walked down the narrow passage, their way lit by conjured flames that burned harmlessly in Kaidia’s gloved hand. The air was chill and old, stale to smell and taste. After several minutes of walking with the only sound being the steps of their boots, Kai and Kit found themselves standing at what looked like a dead end. Kit mewed softly. Kai put her free hand to the wall and simply pushed. At the same moment, she clenched her other hand into a fist, extinguishing her unnatural flame.

The wall swung open silently, revealing that it was, in fact, a door. The warrior and her neko companion stepped out into a large underground chamber. The entire room was bathed in a pale light with no discernable source from what Kai could tell. The mercenary’s attention drifted to the rest of the room and her eyebrows rose slightly. Kit wore a grimace as her golden eyes swept the room. It was a sort of crypt. Stone sarcophagi lined the walls on shelves clear up to the ceiling. A few stood alone on the floor but it was the center of the room that had the warrior’s attention.

Thirteen thrones stood in the center of the room. At the far end was one facing toward the doorway that Kai and Kit had just come through. In that throne were skeletal remains dressed in the faded but rich robes of royalty with a crown perched upon the fleshless skull. The empty eye sockets stared down between two rows of opposing, lesser thrones at the two women. Six thrones were in each row, facing each other. Skeletal remains in each ornate, ancient throne were locked in an eternal staring contest with one another, each dressed in finely crafted armor.

Kaidia started forward, walking between the two rows of long dead knights, toward the king. “Either Cortessa has been doing some major redecorating or my noble employer is linked to a very ancient, royal bloodline.” she said quietly. Kit followed behind, glancing warily at the armored dead. “Either way, this is creepy.” she said with obvious distaste.

Kai nodded in agreement, though she liked creepy decor, and stopped in front of the skeletal king, taking note of an old, sheathed sword laying across his lap. She wouldn’t touch it out of respect for the dead but she would’ve laid several gold coins on the bet that it was still razor sharp. She turned just in time to see Kit reaching out slowly to touch the dust covered armor of the nearest knight. “Kitiara!” she said it in a harsh but low voice. The neko jumped and looked to Kaidia. The warrior pointed to a doorway behind the king’s throne and the neko scampered to follow the unspoken instruction. She padded quickly past Kaidia and bit her tongue to stifle a yelp as the warrior’s hand slapped her rear. “No touching the dead!” Kai whispered harshly.

Kitiara grumbled and rubbed her bottom as she walked to the doorway. She paused as a faint glint of light caught her eyes. The neko’s ears perked and her tail paused it’s near constant flicking as she spotted the reason for her distraction. Leaning up against the wall next to the doorway was a sheathed sword. It wasn’t near any of the coffins or knights. It looked to be unclaimed. Beyond that, upon closer inspection, it proved to be of a younger age than any of the skeletal remains or the room itself seemed to be. The design was too new. The blade couldn’t have belonged to anyone buried here. So the cat girl happily snatched it up and went about getting the sheathe onto her belt while Kaidia watched her with a bit of a smile.

A sudden thought occurred to Kit and she looked up. “How did you know the demon woman’s name, Kaidia?” the neko asked with a mildly suspicious look. Kai shrugged faintly and sighed. “I fought her in the war. Our fight was broken up by a battalion of soldiers and she fled. When we got close enough, I could sense her power and recognized it.” the warrior replied. “I see. But couldn’t she sense your’s as well?” Kit questioned, with a bit of fear. “It’s possible. I’ve been working to keep my power masked. But this close to her, she might be able to feel my presence anyway.” Kai answered quietly.

Kit gave a faintly worried look but figured the demoness would eventually find out they were here anyway and started through the open doorway before her. Kai followed the neko in and then slipped past Kit to lead the way. The hallway they found themselves in was actually lit by torches and went on a short way before coming to a set of stairs that led upward. At this point, both women drew their swords. It was a quiet walk up the stairs. There was a doorway at the top of the steps and Kai pushed it open.

The duo emerged into an empty hallway that Kit recognized. It sent a shiver through her and she pointed to their left. Kaidia started off in that direction, sword at the ready. Both Kit and Kai were unsettled by the silence of the place. The air itself seemed still. Everything was way too quiet. Cortessa knew they were here.

The warrior and the neko crept silently through the manor. Up more stairs, through more hallways. Not a soul to be seen. The pair encountered no one. At least not until they made it to the top of the final stairway. They stepped onto the landing which opened up into a great room that took up the whole of the top floor of the manor. The entire room was made up as a throne room, complete with a red swath of carpet starting at the top of the stairs, leading straight across the stone floor, between pillars of stone that lined both sides of the room, to the throne at the far end.

In that throne sat the object of Kaidia’s hunt. Cortessa. The demoness had rich, golden hair, grey eyes, wore black, steel plate armor, a sword on her hip, and was staring directly at the warrior and her cat girl partner. Cortessa stood with a grace that humans generally couldn’t manage. She smiled warmly, though her eyes held a sinister malice as she started forward.

“Kaidia Valengaard, Dragon of Vortha. Lovely to see you once more.” the demoness said with a voice that reminded one of silk. “I wish I could say the same Cortessa.” Kai retorted in a gruff manner. Kit just growled softly. “Kitiara. You look well. I did not think to see you again.” Cortessa said. The neko simply glared.

Cortessa huffed lightly at the neko’s refusal to speak. The blonde demoness turned stormy grey eyes onto Kaidia again.

“You made quite the name for yourself after we fought in the war, Kaidia. I’ve heard you called by many monikers. Goddess of Wrath was one used particularly often. But my favorite description of you came from a writer in the capital.” Cortessa said with a flourish of her arms. Kaidia looked faintly annoyed but kept her mouth shut, just watching and waiting.

“Creature of fire, shadow, blood, and thunder. Bringer of vengeance, pain, and terror. Embodiment of the darkest impulses that dwell within mortal souls. Angel of purgative fire and the destruction that proceeds creation. Slayer of warriors and gods alike. Born of the darkest abyss with blood of molten steel.” the demoness recited with a theatrical tone. Kai frowned faintly. She’d heard that description of herself before. She liked it better when she wasn’t listening to it from a hellspawn’s mouth. “Do you know why that is my favorite description of you, Kaidia?” Cortessa asked with a gleefully evil tone to her voice.

The warrior shook her head but gave no verbal answer. “Because it is an accurate description of you, Dragon… and it will look wonderful on a plaque beneath your corpse after I’ve killed you and hung you on my wall.” the demoness finished with a sneer.

For some reason, likely her quickly discovered but profound respect for Kaidia, the words of the demoness struck a nerve with Kitiara. The neko lunged forward with a shout, sword at the ready. “You bitch!” rang out in the large room. Both Kai and Cortessa looked to the cat girl in surprise.

“Kit! No!” Kaidia shouted, reaching out a hand as if to stop the neko from attacking. The gesture was useless. Kitiara raised her sword high and swung down with all her might. The heavy blow would’ve cleaved a normal human in two. Cortessa wasn’t a normal human. The demoness raised her armored forearm to meet Kitiara’s strike and the sword blade shattered like glass as it struck the metal plating that covered Cortessa’s limb. The shocked look that came across Kitiara’s face was only there for a moment. Cortessa’s other arm swung around, her fist connecting solidly with the the neko’s jaw. The punch lifted Kit off her feet and when she came back down, she crumpled to the floor, and only just managed to catch herself on her hands and knees. Kit turned to try and scramble away, intent on getting to her feet but she only got turned partially away from Cortessa before the demoness struck again, kicking the neko in the ribs. The force of the blow sent Kit skidding and rolling across the stone floor. When she stopped, she laid her ears back against her hair, coiled her tail about her leg, wrapped her arms around her ribs and coughed, blood splattering the floor near her face.

Cortessa started forward, her focus on Kitiara. She’d let the cat girl get away once, she wasn’t doing it again. The demoness was cut off as a wall of fire erupted in front of her, seperating her from the injured neko. The blonde hellspawn turned her attention toward Kaidia, who still had her hand up from casting the magic that caused the flaming wall.

“So be it. I’ll deal with her after I kill you!” Cortessa shouted as she lunged forward, drawing the sword at her hip. The blade was black and ever so slightly curved. She raised the blade high and brought it down hard. Kai’s sword came up to meet it with an ear splitting crash. Energy crackled between the two blades, each ensorcelled with opposing enchantments.

Kitiara slowly got to her feet as the wall of fire died out. Golden eyes focusing on the momentary stalemate between the two warriors. Kaidia in her hardened leather armor, leather pants, boots, bracers, all black as the moonless night. Cortessa’s armor was more of a blue-black and metal instead of leather. Heavier, harder… but also more difficult to move in than its leather counterpart.

The two combatants broke apart, only to come back together in a flurry of sword strikes that were so quick, even the neko’s eyes had trouble following every slash, thrust, and block. The blades were nearly a blur as the demoness and Kaidia worked their way across the floor, Kai pushing Cortessa back. As the two passed one of the stone pillars, sparks rained down on the floor from the two swords slashing across the stone. The two were truly mistresses of their craft, their swordplay flawless and so evenly matched. Kitiara could only gawk as the warrior and the demoness fought.

The warrior backed the demoness across the room, between two of the pillars and against the wall. Cortessa grunted as her back hit the wall. Kaidia raised her blade high and brought it down in a cleaving blow. Cortessa slid down to the floor before the warrior’s sword could come down on her and Kai’s sword bit into the stone and caught, held fast where the hellspawn’s head would’ve been. Kaidia’s eyes went wide in surprise but before she could pull the blade free or even curse, Cortessa kicked the warrior in the gut with both feet and sent her stumbling backward.

The demoness saw her opening and went on the offensive, slashing and stabbing at the swordless warrior. Kai ducked, dodged, and jumped out of the way of most of the blows. Some she deflected with her hands, using a bit of magical energy as a shield to keep her hands from getting sliced off.

Cortessa then gave a great, lunging stab of her sword, which Kai dodged by moving to the right. The warrior then lunged forward herself, slamming her forehead into the bridge of the hellspawn’s nose. Cortessa’s head snapped back, blood gushed from her nose, a cry of pain tore from her throat and she dropped her sword to the stone floor with a clatter. Kaidia grabbed Cortessa by the front of her armor and with a heave, she flung the demoness across the room and against one of the pillars.

Kitiara’s jaw dropped. She knew Kai was strong but that was damned ridiculous. She gaped as Cortessa got back up and charged at Kaidia.

The warrior grinned as Cortessa charged her. She grappled the demonic woman, dropped back, thrust her foot into the blonde’s gut, and flipped the armored demoness over herself. Cortessa gave a noise of surprise right before she hit the floor with a clanking thud. Both fighters rolled up to their feet. The hellspawn had a surprise in hand as she got to her feet, hands held out toward Kai. A massive bolt of blood red fire erupted from her hands and shot toward Kaidia. The warrior didn’t have time to cast a protective ward and she just crossed her arms in front of her and took the blast head on, the entire side of the room was swallowed by hellfire in the resulting explosion. Even Kitiara had to brace herself against the aftershock of the blast.

When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, Kaidia was against the wall, arms still raised, her armor cracked and broken, and tendrils of smoke drifted off of her and faded away. She had been slammed into the wall hard enough to cause a ring of cracks and breaks in the stone around her. She was half standing, half leaning against the now crumbling stone. Cortessa grinned and walked over to the warrior, brimming with confidence. “So much for the fearsome dragon.” she said with a chuckle.

Kaidia pushed herself off the wall, and stood up straight. Before she could open her mouth to retort, Kitiara landed on Cortessa, biting and clawing at the demon woman’s face. Cortessa gave an outraged cry, angered that her moment of victory had been interrupted. After Kit’s claws had found Cortessa’s neck and face, she managed to toss the neko off to the side. Kitiara landed on her ribs and yeowled, then curled up in pain and gripped her sides, coughing up another mouthful of blood, which she spat out onto the floor.

Cortessa turned her attention back to the bloodied warrior just in time for Kaidia to unleash a monstrous bolt of deep blue magical energy from her hand. The point blank blast engulfed the hellspawn’s entire body and carried the demoness across the room, and into one of the pillars. The sphere of energy exploded on contact, the pillar, and part of the ceiling collapsed into a pile of rubble. The explosion rocked the entire manor.

Kaidia trudged over to the pile of broken stone, jerking off her broken, worthless armor in the process, and throwing it to the ground. Her tunic soaked with blood and sweat, the warrior stopped by the pile of rubble just as Cortessa managed to crawl out of it, looking just as beaten as Kai. The warrior stomped down on the hellion’s armored back and held her in place. “Checkmate.” she said in a nearly hollow voice.

Kaidia held her hands out, palms tilted down toward the bleeding, beaten demoness under her booted foot. “Orileth magi dyret.” she spoke under her breath. A blood curdling scream tore it’s way free of Cortessa’s mouth. An angry red energy seeped from under her armor, through the cracks in the metal, like tendrils of colored smoke, and gathered in Kaidia’s hands. The scream went on unabated. Kai took a hand away and slid it into the left hip pocket of her leather pants. When it came out, a clear jewel rested in her palm. “Viraxen.”

The scarlet energy shot from Kai’s hand to the crystal in the other, turning the clear crystal a blood red. Only then did the inhuman scream trail off into a pitiful whine. Kai tucked the jewel away. “Another for the collection.” she said with a mirthless smirk. She’d just rent part of Cortessa’s soul from her body. Such a thing was traumatic and painful. The essence of the hellspawn’s magic was gone. She’d never cast another spell.

The warrior took her foot from Cortessa’s back only to kick the demoness onto her back. Kai then reached down, took a firm grip around Cortessa’s throat, and lifted the severely weakened blonde into the air. The woman could only claw weakly at the hardened leather of Kaidia’s bracers as she hung in the air by her throat, slowly strangling. Something sinister was clouding the warrior’s eyes.

“Kai! Kaidia! Let her down! You’ve won!” Kitiara shouted as she limped over. The neko paused next to Kai, then leaned in and nuzzled the woman’s cheek. “Kai…” she whimpered softly. Kaidia blinked once, then twice and then her eyes cleared. She dropped the demoness to the ground with a thump and looked to Kit. The neko smiled and licked Kai’s cheek with her rough tongue. “Better.” she said softly.


Kaidia walked into town amid whispers and pointing, Cortessa slung over her shoulder, and a mostly healed Kitiara following behind her. The trio was quickly gathering a crowd as Kai made her way to the town square that she and Kit had passed through before dawn this morning on their way to the manor.

In the center of the town square there was a small stage with several sets of stocks on it. The stage was for public lashings, spankings, and other punishments. Kaidia walked towards the stairs of the stage, her sword and Cortessa’s on her hips. She paused as she was met by the Captain of the town guard. He was a middle-aged but strong man with brown hair that was slowly turning silver. His beard and mustache were following suit. He was dressed in simple but nice leather armor with a sword at his side.

“I will assume it is you we have to thank for eradicating this threat to our city?” the Captain asked. “You assume correctly.” Kaidia said with a small smile. The Captain tilted his head slightly to the side. “And what are you planning to do with her?” he asked. Kaidia smiled and patted Cortessa’s bottom. “I intend to teach her a little lesson and give the people a show. Then I have a place to take her where she won’t cause any more trouble.” Kaidia responded with a little smile. The Captain gave a bit of a smile. “Can’t say that doesn’t sound good to my old ears.” he said, then reached behind himself to the small of his back. He then held his hand out, a heavy leather strap lay in it, with a nice handle carved of strong wood. “I think this would be appropriate for her.” he said with a bit of a vindictive tone. Kai’s free hand reached out and stroked the leather, then took hold of the handle and held the strap up for better inspection. “Lovely. I think you’re correct.” she said with a smirk. The Captain stepped back to allow Kai to pass. “Relax and enjoy the show, Captain.” Kai said as she walked past, Kit close behind her as they went up on the stage.

Kaidia went to the center set of stocks and set Cortessa on her feet as Kit opened the stocks. The demoness seemed resigned to her fate though she blushed as she looked out at the gathering crowd. What a sight she was, beautiful even in her broken armor and torn leathers. She didn’t have a lot of time to gawk though. Kai grabbed the demoness by the shoulders and pushed the blonde into the stocks, bending the woman at the waist, and even being kind enough to make sure none of Cortessa’s golden hair got caught in between the halves of the stocks. Kit closed and locked the top half once Cortessa’s neck and wrists were in place.

Kaidia turned to the crowd and smiled warmly. “This is the creature that took your city hostage, drove your leader to seek me out and obtain my services.” she declared with a gesture toward Cortessa and her shapely, prominently displayed backside. “I have decided that you should see a part of her punishment, since she put your city through hell for a time.” she spoke aloud, so everyone could hear. “What say you, Syrinax?” she asked aloud. A cheer went up from the crowd. Some of the people could only see Cortessa’s backside, some could only see her face. Those to the side of the stage had a nice side view of everything. Honestly, it wasn’t a bad view no matter where a person was. Unless they were short and stuck in the back, of course.

The warrior turned from the crowd and toward Cortessa as Kit perched herself happily atop another set of stocks. Kai set that strap on Cortessa’s back and reached under the restrained demoness, undid the hellspawn’s leather pants, and peeled them down those strong, shapely legs, down to the knees. The pair of black, silken panties soon followed, baring Cortessa’s bottom for all to see. The demoness, of course, blushed scarlet as a few cheers rose up from the crowd.

“Such a lovely, pale bottom. Well, we’ll make it hellfire red.” Kaidia said, chuckling at her little pun. The mercenary picked up the strap and swished it through the air behind Cortessa, then slapped it lightly against the blonde’s pert rear end. The demoness flinched. She couldn’t believe this. For hundreds of years, she’d been one of the strongest demons around, accustomed to power and control. Now, here she was, about to get whipped like a common petty criminal and she couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Suddenly there was the whistle of leather cutting through the air, then the sharp crack of leather snapping against bare skin, and then Cortessa felt the burning stripe of fiery pain that exploded across the center of her bottom. She heard the crowd start to cheer, all of those gathered to witness her downfall, her punishment, and her humiliation. Her howl of pain was cut off as the next lash of that strap fell across the backs of her thighs, stealing her breath before she took in another and let out a cry of pain. The next crack of the leather fell across where that shapely bottom and those strong thighs met, the sit spots. This brought a yeowl of pain from the hellspawn.

Kit watched without a twinge of sympathy, though a hand strayed to her still mildly sore bottom, rubbing through her shorts as she watched Kaidia whip Cortessa’s ass and remembered her own discipline at Kai’s hands. The neko’s ears laid back a bit to muffle the screeches and shouts coming from the demoness as Kai brought that strap lashing across the blonde’s bottom over and over, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Kai had a little smirk on her lips as she dealt blow after blow to the lovely bottom in front of her. Most probably couldn’t make the demoness shriek like she could. But then again, most humans weren’t as strong as the warrior. There was a certain bit of satisfaction in this for Kaidia. Having fought this demoness twice now, having won. Now she got to revel in the downfall and mortification of her enemy. Not only that but she got to do the honors herself, all the way from winning the fight to punishing the hellspawn. Beyond even that, she was getting paid a healthy sum of gold for the pleasure. She smiled even broader as she lashed the strap across the backs of the demonic woman’s thighs once more.

The crowd cheered and shouted, urging the mercenary on as she whipped the wayward hellspawn’s ass. Each slap of the leather on flesh eliciting more shouts and cheers. Cortessa could only writhe in the stocks, blush, cry out her pain, and stomp her feet. Tears streamed down the blonde’s cheeks as she closed her eyes tightly against the pain.

Kaidia kept on and kept on, strapping Cortessa’s ass until it was a deep red and even purple in a couple of places. The backs of the woman’s thighs fared little better. Cortessa was solid red from nearly the top of her bottom to midway down the backs of her thighs and she was bawling at this point in the punishment. On the final stroke, the strap seemed to glow. When it cracked across Cortessa’s ass, the demoness wailed louder than she had since the whipping had started and a deep, dark red stripe appeared across the blonde’s sit spots.

The warrior tossed the strap off the stage and to the Captain who was, of course, in the front row of spectators. She turned back in time to see Kit move from one set of stocks to Cortessa’s, lean over, and give the demoness a couple of slaps on the rear for good measure. She looked up to see Kai, her ears perked, and she grinned real big. “She broke my ribs. I deserved a couple of shots. Thanks for healing those by the way!” the neko rambled for a moment. Kai just chuckled.

Kit got down from the stocks, unlocked them, and pulled them open. Cortessa stepped out of them and nearly fell. Kaidia caught the blonde and hefted the woman over her shoulder like she’d had the demoness on the walk into town. The mercenary gave a wave to the crowd and started down the steps of the stage, only to find the Captain of the guard in her path.

“May I ask where you intend on taking her?” he asked gruffly. Kai smiled. “I have a friend at the monastery in the south. I’m taking her there.” she said, that smile not going away. The Captain had a similar smile on his face once he heard that. “Oh, they’ll take good care of her down there, they will.” he responded with a chuckle. Kai just smiled and walked around him, carrying the bare bottomed Cortessa with Kit following just behind. It was a short distance to her horse outside of town. The creature could take care of itself when Kai left it on it’s own. Of course, like her, the horse was no mere horse but something… more.


After a couple days of riding, the neko running about excitedly as nekos are prone to doing, the trio arrived at the monastery. Cortessa was glad to be off the horse. She’d ridden the whole way basically draped over Kai’s lap. Her pants had been tugged up, at least.

The monastery was a grand structure devoted to the ancient dragon gods. The place was a small city carved into the side of a mountain. Kai was invited inside, along with Kit and Cortessa.

“I need to see the Lady Xerith.” Kai told one of the guards at the door. He nodded and dispatched a messenger to find Xerith. The woman in question was Kaidia’s friend from years past, back before the war. When the war broke out, Xerith swore her oaths and became a priestess. Kaidia took up the sword and led men and women into war. Kai had heard that Xerith had come a long way within the monastery’s order and was rather high ranking now.

“Oh my! Lady Kaidia Valengaard! Dragon of Vortha!” came a shout that brought Kai from her thoughts and Kit from her curious exploration of the area around the gates. Acolytes and guards walking by paused and looked at Kaidia. Some even bowed or knelt. Being what she was, Kai was considered a bit of an icon to those that worshipped the dragon gods. Believed to be a holy warrior despite the fact that she thought every religion, new and old, was a load of goblin crap.

“Shut up, Xerith.” Kai said with exasperation, though her smile hinted at her amusement. “Lovely to see you too, Kaidia.” Xerith responded, stepping up to Kai and embracing the warrior warmly. She stepped back and smiled. “I see you’re well.” she said with a smile, then peered at the other two women. “Strange companions. A neko and an unrestrained demoness.” she said in a questioning tone. “The demoness can’t use magic and she is why I am here. I routed her out of Syrinax about two days ago now and I figured you could take her in, teach her to behave, serve a good cause.” Kaidia explained.

“Oh, we could always use another pair of hands. We’ll have no trouble keeping her in line either.” Xerith said with an grin not quite fitting a high ranking woman of the gods. “Still using the tawse on underlings?” Kai asked with a smirk. “Why yes.” Xerith answered. Cortessa cringed miserably. Kit patted the demoness on the back. Though not exactly in a comforting manner.

Xerith stepped closer to Kaidia and leaned in close to the warrior. “You know, I’ve always wanted to take the tawse to your lovely backside for some transgressions of your past.” the holy woman whispered in Kai’s ear whilst a hand stroked over the mercenary’s leather clad rear. Kaidia growled and calmly pushed the woman back a couple of steps. “No.” was her only answer. Xerith seemed to pout for a moment but then smiled. She pointed to Cortessa. “Guards, take her to the baths, have her washed and dressed. Get her a trainee’s room in the dormitory. Her day starts early tomorrow.” she said curtly. Cortessa was then marched off and out of sight.

Xerith turned her gaze to the two remaining companions. She arched a brow slightly. Kit was chewing on the reigns that were hanging from Kai’s hand. “Strange companion, indeed.” she said. Kai just smiled. “She’s cute. I think I’ll keep her.” the warrior said with a chuckle. Kit glanced up with an arched brow. But the conversation moved on before she could say anything.

“You two must be hungry and weary. Come. We’ll have dinner in my chambers and then you two can rest. We’ll have your horse groomed, rested, and ready to go in the morning.” Xerith said invitingly. Kai and Kit exchanged glances, then Kai smiled and nodded. “Just tell your stable boys to be careful. Shade isn’t a normal horse.” the warrior said. “Oh I know, Kaidia. She takes after her Mistress in that regard.” Xerith said, then turned and lead Kaidia and Kitiara off into the city.

Kit suddenly piped up. “Your horse has a name??”


The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, a last round of hugs and farewells from Xerith, and an awkward moment involving Kit and the tassels on a priest’s robe, the warrior and the neko were riding off for home. Kai was looking forward to relaxing… apparently with a new addition to her happy little family.

Little did she know what awaited her.

Another strange one for you all


Olfactophilia (also known as osmolagnia, osphresiolagnia, and ozolagnia) is a paraphilia where an individual derives sexual pleasure from smells and odours. Given the large body of research on olfaction, it shouldn’t be surprising that in some cases there should be an association with sexual behaviour. The erotic focus is most likely to relate to body odours of a sexual partner, including genital odours.

One bizarre sub-type of olfactophilia is eproctophilia. This refers to a condition in which people are sexually attracted to flatulence. Therefore, eproctophiles are said to spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about flatulence, and have recurring intense sexual urges and fantasies involving flatulence. In trying to research this article, I did a complete literature search and couldn’t find a single academic or clinical paper that has ever been published on the topic – not even a case study. Therefore, all of the material here is based…

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For those who haven’t noticed, i did regain Master’s permission to be on the internet, though i have been swamped with homework, which has put off my explanation far longer than Master intended…

In regards to Master’s “Dacryphilia Vs Drama…” — i basically got too sucked into the distractions Master permits me and failed to abide by His dictation. i put my own entertainment above His orders. Bad, bad, bad!

Even worse, even though i try very hard to own up to my mistakes, i became terribly defensive about these last infractions, and put myself on edge. And, as Master said, though i cried and was ashamed of myself, i reacted during the punishment, and did so badly.

i have no excuse for that behavior. There was no justification. i know exactly what Master expects of me, and i know Him as well as i know myself. Lashing out against Him and bringing up things that hurt us both, years and years ago, did neither of us any good.

Well. Maybe it did me some good. i cannot continue to assume that whenever i do something wrong, that i should give up, that i’m never going to succeed. If Master has continued to pour His love and effort into me, if He values me so highly, then i should also value myself. If He can forgive me for the enormous, hurtful things of our past, then i can do nothing less — and i can forgive myself for making a mistake, as long as i try my honest best.

In that realization, i have nothing. There is nothing i can fling back at Master in my defense, i cannot wound Him with knife-edged-words any longer, for He has given me unfailing love, direction and understanding, even when i did use those bladed words.

And this time, He’s taken them from me. i am truly laid bare, defenseless. Protected only by obedience and His love.

i am responsible for my own failings – but i can only fail if i don’t really try to obey, to please, to serve.
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Enjoyed these thoughts.mwanted to share this article. Enjoy.


Two weeks ago Toronto held its third GrUE, and I attended my second GrUE. My experience this year was totally unlike the year before. I didn’t just get eaten by a Grue. I was chewed up, spit out, and when I went back for more, snuggled. Yet overall I’d say it was a negative experience with positive outcomes. Does that make sense? I’ll try to explain.

I got chewed up:
Ever since the happy sex show education buzz wore off I’ve been feeling disconnected, and overall dispassionate about my kinks. There stuff I want to do – fantasies I’d like to explore, but they no longer fall into the category of things I can do in casual play, so they aren’t an option right now.
I remember how connected and passionate about Kink I felt after last year’s ToroGrUE. I’d met cool people, I’d exchanged cool ideas, I’d lead…

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The Dark Side

The Dark Side

I have my core of blogs that I read regularly (hi everybody – if you see a ridiculously high visit count from my hometown, that’s me, I read compulsively and also use you to check when other people are updated, lol). There are also a few that I read sometimes, but not all that often. It was on one of the latter that I found a post today that really spoke to me.


Now I’m a little interested in the actual fetish itself, but what really interested me from this post was her recollection of the scene that really broke her. The way her “patheticness spurred him on”.

I know that’s in me. To see my slave suffering at my hand and know that the more I break her the more I want to break her, like an exponential increase. It’s not what I want all the time, or really even that often. Honestly as Masters go I’m probably a bit of a cream puff. It’s silly how much I love her.

I love to hurt her and hear her shrieks of outrage, but there’s a difference between a nice clamping and flogging and beating that leaves her buzzing with good pain and swimming in endorphins, and the kind of serious, emotion-triggering intensity present in the scene described. I certainly could never bear to damage her.

But that dark, sadistic side of me… it’s definitely there. I keep a tight grip on the inner Beast, but being with her has encouraged me to loosen that grip slightly. She wants hard, intense, overwhelming. And I know I can give it to her.

I suspect though, that like in the post, if/when it happens for real it will be nothing like what either of us imagined. Are fantasies ever really the same in reality?

And yet I’m curious.

I am drawn to the fire.

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