A Shared Slave

Walking to the door of his apartment, he notices a note taped to the door. He pulls it off and opens it.

“Open the door…And don’t turn around.”

After a quick glance at the note, he realizes someone’s behind him. Slowly he opens his door, then feels a hand at his back, pushing him in before he can hit the lights. He hears the lock click into place, then feels the hand slide slowly from his back to his chest.

The street lights pouring in the windows silhouettes her frame as she places both hands on his chest, pushing him against the door. Slowly she runs her hands down his body, then back up, lacing her fingers behind his neck. She pulls his head down and lightly brushes her lips against his.

She laughs softly, letting go from behind his neck to lace his fingers with her as she pulls him into the bedroom. Taking off his jacket, then his shirt, she places a kiss on his chest, then flicks the tip of her tongue against his nipples.

She kisses down his chest then his stomach, dropping to her knees in front of him. Slowly she unfastens his pants, then slides them and his boxers down his legs. Licking back up the insides of his thighs, she stops at the base of his shaft.

Slowly sliding every inch of his cock in her mouth, she sucks hard just once before standing in front of him. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she pushes him down to sit in the chair behind him. She beckons to the other person, who had come in behind them, requesting that she tie his hands behind him, then to the chair. As she kneels before him again, she binds each ankle to the legs of the chair before rising again.

She walks away from him lighting the candles she had placed in the room earlier. As she lights them on the one side of the room, her accomplice lights them on the other. Once all the candles are lit, the stand in front of him, allowing him to recognize her and their mutual slave. They then turn to each other and she gives a curt order to their slave to undress her.

Slowly their slave removes her shirt, then releases her bra, moving down her body, sliding her pants down her legs. Once naked, she turns to their slave and slowly removes her clothing, her hands brushing against the other woman’s nipples, her fingers lightly brushing down the other woman’s stomach and thighs.

She slides two fingers into the other woman’s pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit. She removes them just before the other girl cums, her moans getting louder. She then tells her to go and kneel beside him and wrap her hand around his cock. A smile slowly crosses her lips as the girl does as she’s told, hearing him moan slightly when she wraps her hand around him.

His cock throbs against their slave’s hand, wondering what his partner’s going to do next. He watches her climb up on to the bed, prop herself up against the headboard and spread her legs. He inhales sharply, as the candlelight flickers on her wet pussy, showing him what happens when she has control. His cock hardens even more when she places her hand between her legs, then licks her fingers.

As she lays there watching him, she places her fingers back on her pussy. She orders their slave to slowly stroke his cock as she fingers herself and slowly starts rubbing her clit. She closes her eyes as she slides two fingers into her pussy, letting out a long, breathless moan. She opens her eyes again to watch him as she rubs her clit faster, sliding another finger deep inside her pussy.

As he watches her finger herself, he pushes his cock into their slave’s hand. Feeling himself get closer to cumming as he watches her and listening to her moan, he whimpers when their slave’s hand lets go of his cock.

As she lays there, she orders the other girl to stop and come over to her. When the girl climbs up on the bed, she lays on her side, spreading the other girl’s legs, slowly rubbing and pinching her clit. She reaches under the pillow, pulling out the vibrator and roughly shoves it into the other girl’s pussy. Thrusting it in and out, she keeps her eyes on him, watching him struggle against his bonds.

He tries loosening his hands, his cock throbbing each time their slave moans. Realizing it’s futile, he sits there helplessly watching as she fucks the girl harder and faster with the vibrator, the moans driving him crazy.

She laughs softly when he finally gives up, finally allowing the other girl the orgasm she deserves. She then positions the other girl so that he can watch, then kneels between her legs. Slowly she licks up and down between the girl’s lips, sucking and nibbling on her clit, knowing the more the girl moans the harder he gets. She allows the girl one more orgasm before ordering her off the bed.

He closes his eyes in an effort to calm his throbbing cock, only to have the image of what’s happend play over and over. He feels the bonds on his wrists loosen and he opens his eyes. One wrist still tied, they’re placed in front of him and re-tied together.

On her knees in front of him again, she leans over as she unties his ankles and with the tip of her tongue traces every inch of his cock before sliding it deep in her mouth. She sucks hard just once, feeling his cock throb on her tongue, then slides his cock out of her mouth and stands up.

She pulls him onto his feet just long enough to walk him over to the bed. Standing on the side, she pushes him back, their slave tying his hands above his head. She orders their slave to get dressed and leave the room, her purpose served for the night.

She then climbs onto the bed and kneels between his legs. Leaning up and placing her hands on either side of his head, she lightly brushes her lips against his. She then places a kiss on his chest, then down his stomach. Giving his cock one slow, final lick, she straddles his waist, rubbing her dripping wet pussy against the head of his cock.

He thrusts up against her, his cock aching. He pulls at his restraints, trying to bring his arms down to touch her.

She laughs softly as he struggles, still teasing his cock with her pussy. She then leans back, slowly sliding every inch of his cock deep inside of her, her pussy tightening around him as she hears him moan. She slowly rides him, pushing his cock deeper and deeper yet.

He closes his eyes as she rides him, thrusting up into her pussy as she comes down. Moaning each time her pussy tightens around him, still struggling against his bonds. Fighting against the urge to cum, slowly losing that battle, when she leans over him.

She reaches up to untie his wrists, with him still deep inside her hot, wet pussy. She places his hands on her hips, and starts riding him faster and harder.

His hands free, he flips her over onto her back and takes her hands and pins them above her head. He starts fucking her harder, faster, bending his head down to her nipples. Biting them, sucking harder and harder as he drives into her, her legs wrapping around his waist as she moans his name.

He slides his cock out of her pussy and flips her onto her stomach. Pushing her head into the pillows, he slams into her from behind, slapping her ass the harder and deeper he drives into her wet pussy.

Feeling her pussy tighten around his cock, knowing she’s close to an orgasm, he flips her onto her back again. Seeing her eyes are closed, he orders her to open them when he stops fucking her. Once her eyes are opened and watching him, he starts slamming into her again, slowly this time. Pushing his cock as deep as it’ll go, he starts fucking her faster.

He brings her legs up around his waist again, her nails digging into his back. Telling him to fuck her hard, faster; she stops long enough to moan his name over and over as intense orgasm after intense orgasm takes control of her.

He slams deep into her one last time, his orgasm taking every ounce of his strength. Laying his head on her chest, he hears her laughing as she runs her fingers through his hair. He looks up at her, as slow smile forming on her lips as she asks if he wants to do it again.

byEvil_Circe_09© 0

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