Garage sale spanking

Garage Sale Spanking

It was one of those lovely spring mornings when the sun’s warm rays dance through the windowpanes and bathe the room with cheerful sentiments. I, having all my housework done, decided to go for a jog around the block. I hadn’t run far when I noticed a sign that read ‘Garage Sale’. I have always enjoyed the thrill of finding something really nice and getting it cheap so I ran up the drive and entered the garage.

A pleasantly plump woman sat in a lawn chair with small stacks of coins in front of her. She smiled as I began to sort through the tables that lined the outer walls of the two-car garage. Then an interesting idem caught my eye. It was made of Bamboo or Rattan, fan shaped, and about 36 inches in length.

The head of it was a mass of tangled loops that formed a design. I was immediately drawn to it because the thought of being spanked with it excited me. As I shamefully stood there holding it, I looked back at the woman. She was eyeing me curiously or so I thought. I was suddenly filled with embarrassment. I felt as if she could see right through me. I started to walk away, but I could not.

I held the thing in my hand and waved it back and forth in the air. As I heard the wind whistle through it, a warm tingling feeling shot up my spine and my bottom felt warm. The more I thought about how wonderful it would feel smacking against my little apple-shaped derriere my vagina began to dampen. Then I dropped it quickly when her voice crowed from behind me, “It’s a vintage rug beater. From France I think.” I looked up red faced and smiled, “Yes, ma’am,” I said as if I knew. “How much are you asking for it?”

She gave me another inquisitive look as she answered, “Five dollars. Not much use for it anymore most people have carpets nowadays.” I said nothing as I reached into my purse and pulled out the cash. I placed my new toy under my arm and raced out as fast as I could still wondering if the woman had discovered my true intentions.

For a 20-year-old I am normally shy in things of a sexual matter. My husband and I have always had good communication on most subjects, but sex is still somewhat taboo. He is the instigator when it comes to sex, however I have my ways of letting him know when I am in need without uttering a single word. You see I am hopelessly submissive.

There is only one rule that I have and I conveyed it to my loving husband with the help of a perfume-stained love note and have not since had to repeat it. When I need to be spanked, I leave a little note for him in his favorite chair. I cannot ask with words because talking about it ruins it for me. Questions like “How hard should I do it, Honey?” or “Are you sure you want me to spank you?” just spoils the whole idea of it. My spankings have to be spontaneous and genuine.

My lover was a bit cautious the first time, but when I tore into him like a tigress afterward, he has since learned to be quite good at it. I spent the rest of the day thinking about the coming evening and was so happy when I noticed the clock striking five o’clock. I had everything in order and since my husband likes to wait a while before having dinner, I left my new toy in his chair along with a note that read, I’m upstairs. Sssssh! I’ve been naughty and signed it with a big lipstick kiss.

I hastily ran up the stairs and tore off my clothes. I jumped into the shower and bathed. There was a tickling in my stomach as I thought of what was coming. I stepped out of the shower and dried. Next, I covered myself with his favorite body spray and dressed in a little white negligee with ruffled panties. I swallowed hard when I heard the front door open downstairs.

It seemed like an eternity, as I waited at my vanity, for him to find my love note. I was brushing my hair when he entered. He walked up behind me, lifted me off my stool with a powerful tug, and took the hairbrush from my hand. Before I knew it, he pulled my left arm around in front of me and placed my hand on my pelvic area. Then he pushed me down over his knee penning my left arm under me. Next, he jerked my right arm back along my back and held it tightly against my neck. His big firm hand crashed down across my ruffled panties making a very loud cracking sound.

He alternated from one cheek to the other and each spank was harder than the last. I managed to wiggle my index finger to my crotch. I was so wet. I fingered my clitoris as he pounded my little bottom good. I could feel his member growing under my belly as I squirmed on it. I wished that I could hold it, but I was busy with my own problem. Suddenly he pulled down my panties with a masterful jerk exposing my little red behind. Then I took a deep breath as the first smack of the hairbrush came.

Again, he alternated sides as he punished me, but good. “What a wonderful lover you are.” I thought as he continued his handiwork. When my warm up was over, he pulled me up and pushed me into a corner. He spread my legs apart and made me put my hands on top of my head. I obeyed.

I could hear him as he took his shower and my vagina dripped onto the floor as he shaved. I stood there with my ruffled panties hanging at my knees for at least 20 minutes. At last, he came out of the bathroom completely naked and smelling great. He walked up behind me and pulled my arms down. Then he leaned in and gave me a long tender kiss.

His grip on my shoulder tightened as he directed me to the side of our bed. I stood patiently, pouting a little, as he tossed a throw pillow onto the bed. I laid over it willingly and buried my humiliated face into it. I flinched when I heard the whooshing sound of the rug beater, but when it made contact with my bottom I squealed.

I counted six swats each expertly placed on my tender buttocks. He repositioned himself and delivered six more much harder swats. Then he stopped. He rubbed my stinging bottom for a minute and then he went to the nightstand. I knew immediately what he was after. The bottom drawer is where I kept the paddle. It is a masterpiece of solid Oak and polished lacquer. I was to get eight more licks and as I had requested in my love note, hard. When he was finished, we made love. He smothered me with hard kisses and ravished my body with tender caresses until I was floating somewhere near Mars and Jupiter. Tomorrow, I’m going to look for another Garage Sale.

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